Friday, December 29, 2006


I just knew that we had not heard the last of my dear chum 'Old Bill Martin' he has come up with a wheeze that would have been applauded by the great 'Arthur Daly' remember " Terence my son, hitting old ladies over the head with a half brick is a crime, everything else is just business " listen up, here's the cunning plan, Old Bill, he of the perfectly coiffured hair ( some cruel opponents maintain it's an Irish Jig ) and the smile like the tin plate on a coffin will resign, i.e. take the 30 pieces of silver and concentrate on ironing people's smalls while his fragrant wife Caroline will stand for election in his place. Thus will a lump sum ( £20,000 )? be secured and the remuneration from the council be maintained, can the SNP afford to lose a man of such initiative ? surely not. Can sweet Caroline win the seat? will the people of Glenburn stand for it? anyone who has met her or seen her at council meetings could not help but be won over by her, the perfect manners, the friendly smile, the sweet disposition and the recent ringing endorsement from the Standards Commission ( look it up ) must surely stand her in good stead. Surely it's the SNP's loss ! Old Bill, Sweet Caroline and of course the Boay Vassie are now the keepers of the independence flame while the Faint hearts led by the Boay Mackay have deserted the cause, poor bonnie Scotland, broken and abandoned by the SNP fearties, you would need to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The above is a site which comments on other blogs, they seemed in the past to be harmless enough, if a bit pedestrian. Unfortunately I'm writing this on my blog because I'm on my own and have no computer expertise/back up and I couldn't figure out how to reply to what they have been saying about me. I sometimes check who has visited my site and see what they have been commenting on, mostly it's predictable right wing/nationalist drivel with a few exceptions, some of the exceptions are in fact right wing, but as yet no nationalists. Anyway I have no problem with that, there is however a pattern emerging which shows a hint of collusion which emerges when several of them accuse me of stifling debate and cutting out comments. I have tried to explain before that I will try to print comments if they are not abusive, in the past couple of weeks I have only removed three of these and printed everything else, no matter how puerile. This site seems to have joined in with these liars and is now, as far as I'm concerned not to be trusted, how easy is it to accuse me of this? they have nationalist stamped all over them, perhaps the site will put the record straight but I won't hold my breath. I intend to print everything that's printable. Why wouldn't I when so much much of it makes my case for me.

Friday, December 22, 2006


To those foul mouthed racists, bullies and anonymous cowards who have, for some time been sending me and my family abusive, racist and sinister letters, emails and blog comments I say, as the new year approaches, crawl back under whichever rock you came out from, I would dearly like to meet some of you face to face, eye to eye kind of thing. Anyway for the rest of you, for and against me, best wishes, as in 'peace on earth ' etc. and remember we are almost one more year closer to seeing the red flame of Justice, Peace and Socialism.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Tannahill Centre Ferguslie Park, Saturday 12.30 this is me and chief Elf Margaret Canning with the well known Christmas tree Maggie McCulloch ( a thorn between two roses ) the picture below is Wendy Alexander doing the count down to the switch on, she's having more fun than the weans. We are all waiting for that other big guy with the beard, not Fidel this time but Santa, the atmosphere is such that you could throw your hat in the air and it would stay up there. A team of Elfs ( some wag called them 'the national Elf service' ) + fairies and folk dressed as Xmas trees seem to be everywhere, he arrives, not in a sleigh, but in a beautiful vintage car, as he exits I mention that I was not aware that Santa had heavily tatooed arms, cue bedlam. My friend and comrade, local MSP Wendy was there with her lovely twins and equally lovely husband Brian, Wendy and I then done a local radio interview and were questioned by two smart young girls, it really was happy chaos, stalls selling everything and anything and a band blasting away, it was like 'the old bazzar in Cairo' a great start to Christmas. Meanwhile our Prime Minister is in the Holy Land trying 2,000 yrs on to bring about 'peace on earth' no pressure there then. Jesus Mary and Joseph were Palestinians, what a thought, all this time and instead of the Romans in occupation we now have the Israelis and the innocents are still being slaughtered, the Roman occupiers used torture and crucifixion while today the Israelis use torture and tanks. I hope everyone's God is watching, peace in Palestine ? wouldn't that be a great start.

Friday, December 15, 2006


The Bay of Pigs, exploding cigars, exploding pens and much more, yet the big guy with the beard is still standing, or, perhaps lying in his sick bed but, gloriously, still with us and still defiant. America looks across at the audacious Cubans and their indomitable leader Fidel with hatred and not a little envy, what a contrast, the draft dodging coward Bush who arrived just recently in Vietnam 35 yrs. late and Castro who has fought with hand and heart for his people since 1959 when the American puppet Batista was deposed. Back then Cuba was the playground of the CIA and their bought politicians, mafia crooks also held sway and every perversion known to man was available against a backdrop of grinding poverty and oppression for ordinary Cubans. Now the richest country on the planet ( America ) lags behind it's tiny enemy Cuba in health care ( more doctors per head, and free ) better infant mortality and better education standards, so, what else has Castro ever done for us ? Compare him also with the reviled Pinochet who died a blood soaked crook and puppet of the CIA who murdered and tortured thousands, he stole millions from the people and lived the life of Reilly feted by the likes of the wretched Thatchers ( Britains shame ) Castro is accused of having millions, so if that's true he's left it late to live it up, 60 yrs of struggle 7/24/365 mostly wearing battle fatigues, while Pinochet strolled around London and New York, who do you believe ? Latin America is fighting back against the American gangsters thanks in no small measure to El Commandante Fidel, a great man.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Scottish Symbolism ?

The huge number of inadequates in Scotland are at it still, they now want the Golden Eagle to be Scotland's national bird, poor creature, what did it do to deserve that ? why not the starling ? While we are at it who decided on Flower of Scotland as a national anthem ? what's wrong with 'Stop yer Ticklin Jock' imagine a large crowd, shoulders moving together to 'tickalickalickalin, stop yer ticklin Jock' national dress ? the kilt, says who ? 'going cheap at £600, haggis or Ruby Murray ? I go for the latter. St. Andrew, eh ? blue n white flag ? chosen by whom ? national poet Burns ( 2nd rate plagiarist ) who picked that lot ? My god it's absolute rubbish eh ! but at least it's Scottish rubbish. If you want a glimpse of Scotland under the SNP look at the Glasgow Herald's letters page, think of Salmond ( all time holder of most lost elections and still leader ) in his see you Jimmy Wig and be afraid, be very afraid, Scots who need this drivel are in a bad way. DEC. 13 TH. 06 I forgot about the national drink whiskey, as in 'freedom and whiskey gang thegither' If Burns was copying people and crawling to the upper classes today, he would have to relegate whiskey to somewhere way behind Irn Bru and Buckfast.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Labour have held Elderslie with a greatly reduced majority, despite all the squalid SNP ( who stand for nothing ) bragging they have failed again. The Gnats stank the place out again with their tactics and for that reason alone they deserved to lose, they are quite shameful and can't see a belt without trying to hit below it, they bring shame on Scots everywhere. So we have sent them homeward to stink again. Oh and the SSP, or was it Solidarity ( it's confusing when thieves fall out ) got 50 votes, the revolution isn't quite here yet it seems. The reviled Tories ( who stand for something ) beat the awful Lib. Dems. ( who stand for nothing ) but most importantly we won and youse didnae !

Friday, December 01, 2006


This item is over - I've given it a good run, I received a comment from someone who suggested that Pinochet was preferable to Allende, I think that's enough. Mr. Hutchison of the SNP insists that the SNP are not anti English, that's surely enough of that as well. Our old friend rightforscotland remains convinced of the benefits of a flat tax he is consistent but wrong and our exchange has seen us both moderating our language, I must be getting old, he does however promote the most awful, squalid blogs, stuff to make your skin crawl, that worries me. Anyway as this is the last comment on this subject I will say again. I believe that the rich should pay more than the poor that means a larger percentage of their income should go in tax, I think that that, makes us more civilised, the end.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The SNP's Alex Salmond ( all time winner of the most lost elections ) has decided that a flat tax is a good thing. The usual group of monetary crazies have predictably given their support, one known to us is our old friend 'rightforscotland' no show without punch eh! his logic is that 20% means £200,000 tax for a millionaire and £4,000 tax for a plumber on £20,000 there is a certain simplistic logic to this farce, particularly if you are not political. The millionaire will certainly vote for rightforscotland who will leave him with £800,000 to spend and the plumber with £16,000 - being involved in politics and as a socialist I would leave the former with less and the latter with more. I have the uncomfortable feeling though that I shouldn't have to explain this to our libertarian right wing monetarist, his philosophy is 'the devil take the hindmost' a brutal way to treat people, he's a nasty ! someone told me he claims to be twenty eight, what cruelties must have been visited on him in his childhood to produce this ?


I want to clarify what has been happening with the comments to this site. I was warned not to take comments and I now admit that I should have taken that advice, most of what is sent is unprintable and quite sinister, I have been shocked by the number of people out there for whom the web is a way of releasing their bitterness while remaining anonymous, I suppose that they are mainly to be pitied but mostly they are inadequates who are quite worrying and I don't want to encourage them. Some cowardly creature calling himself rightforscotland really fancies himself, you should check it out, he wants a debate with me. Let me make it clear for him, having read the filth which he peddles I would no more enter a debate with him than I would with Nick Griffin of the BNP. From now on I will delete anything which is crude, abusive or offensive, in short the stuff from the libertarian nationalist right wing cabal, ( think Mark Thatcher and you get the picture ) Much as I dislike telling anyone to read his site, if you go to it and also try some of the other sites which he recommends you can make up your own mind.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


DEC 5TH. 06 - Check this, the SNP are again refering to Elderslie ( the by - election ) as the birthplace of the mythical Wee Willie Wallace - the Kilmarnock SNP maintain he came from there, while the crazy Alex Neil SNP MSP said in the St. Andrew's day debate that out of Scotland's three great heroes Burns, Wallace and St Andrew, the saint was the only one who didn't come from Ayrshire. Is that the sound of white coats flapping in Renfrewshire SNP circles ? I reckon Wee Willie Winkie is far more likely to have been the real deal. The sad death recently of Labour Cllr. Jean Goldie has meant a by election in her beloved Elderslie, Jean held the seat for years and was greatly respected by everyone, except of course the SNP who over the years put out vicious leaflets about her, for her part Jean treated them ( the SNP ) with the contempt they deserved. That contempt it seems, is still valid, the SNP candidate once stood against Labour Cllr. John Hood and asked voters in Johnstone Castle not to vote for him because he didn't live in that ward, ( he is of course a Johnstone man ) She now lives in Howwood and is standing for election in Elderslie that qualifies as HYPOCRISY from the SNP so what's new ? They have been guilty of this in the past, their ex Cllr. the reviled Old Bill Martin stood in Glenburn and didn't even live in Renfrewshire he lived in Barrhead ! What has happened to old Bill ? I've heard he is now leader of his own party and the boay Vassie is his total membership, I knew these two were destined for great things, at least they still keep the tartan flag flying unlike the present SNP lot who are fainthearts and backsliders, they no longer talk about the 'I' word, what a bunch. People of Elderslie, Vote Labour and reject these hypocrites.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I've published some comments from an anonymous coward writing under the name rightforscotland. I've looked at this site and decided now to have no more to do with him or his site, those of you with a strong stomach and protective gloves should have a look, you will conclude that he is for real because you couldn't make this one up. NOV. 29TH. 06 I have been advised to change the following text by someone who advises that 'rightforscotland' is clearly not to be trusted, as a so called 'libertarian' he is threatening me with the state which he professes to despise because he can't take the heat. He's forced me to publish his latest comment by doing this, ( see 'the far right' ) can you smell the fear ? So, An enthusiastic hanger and flogger, consumed by hatred and a self confessed Zionist ( no anti semitism intended ). A mixture of Alf Garnett old Adolf and Bob Monkhouse. Having read some of this poison I'm left to wonder how much business is being lost to psychiatrists by the web.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


The infamous libertarian economist Milton Friedman has passed away, is the planet better or worse off without him ? I go for the former. I'm sure that a great many people would concur, In Chile the murderous regime of Pinochet embraced his economic philosophy while murdering and torturing thousands as they did so. The brutal Thatcher and Reagan regimes also loved him, what a legacy, I think that if the Chilean people thought about him at all, it would only be to wish him a lingering, miserable painful end. Big business and vast profits always came first and people came second with this monetary hoodlum, he was an evil man, just like his fellow Nobel Laureate the peace loving Henry Kissinger. What I ask myself is, was it unconscious evil or did they really believe in what they were doing and saying ? Strangely enough I reckon that the loosely wrapped Friedman was enough of a 'space man' not to know, but Kissinger ? never ! he knew alright.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Israel just recently wiped out an extended Palestinian family of eighteen in the Gaza Strip, an unfortunate mistake they called it, meanwhile the Iraq debacle goes from bad to worse. I think that public opinion is at last beginning to understand that the Middle East is the most volatile place on earth with the potential to spill over into major warfare from which no - one will be spared. That slow understanding also shows signs of realising that the reason for this is the rogue state of Israel, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees all over the world can still remember their homes, farms and villages which were taken by force by the Israeli terrorists. Like most Palestinians I would like to see a return to 1948 Palestine with Jews being accepted as fellow citizens of equal stature no matter where from. This now looks unattainable and a return to 1967 borders looks like the best solution, the Israelis however have shown that they can't be trusted to agree to that, despite the revulsion of the rest of the world ( excluding the USA ) and countless UN resolutions against them, they continue to brutalise the Palestinians and, with the help of the worlds biggest bully, America, they ignore the international cries for justice. Someday the decent nations of the world will put a stop to this historical war crime, let's hope it's not too late.


First an apology to 'MAX' I wrongly accused him of anonymity, I have now traced his page and guess what ? he really is some piece of work, a more foul mouthed reactionary would be hard to find, you won't be hearing from him again, I also misquoted him, he wants the record strait he actually said ' burn the witch' ? it must be something from their strange wee world. Neil Craig ? complains about my language, check out some of these blogs and their links and you will see how risible his complaint is. More importantly his comments under my article called 'Israeli book burners' has him defending the indefensible, he has the arrogance to say that Palestine is dependent on subsidy, comparing it lamely with Scotland under Labour. Mr. Craig, are you having a laugh ? if America pulled the plug today there would be no Israel tomorrow and it would be a good thing, your arguments are just not credible. I was warned about allowing comments on my web and I should have listened, from now on I intend to cut some of the reactionary nutters out.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The article below has three comments attached, I urge you all to read them, see for yourselves the level of our opponents, one other comment, again anonymous simply said 'kill the witch' which didn't print for some reason. Someone calling himself 'reactionary snob' complains at not being published, I've never, until today received anything from him. Anyway I'm beginning to realise that there are lots of these people out there who get involved in this type of thing, it's rather sad really, anyone writing filthy personal abuse is really to be pitied, particularly when they don't have the nerve to identify themselves. Now that I am more aware of these inadequates I intend to leave them to their own squalid little world, from today anyone who writes in that vain will be ignored. The rule is simple I.D. yourself or don't bother writing.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today, Nov. 14 th. 06 saw the arrival of another of those anonymous comments which I have reluctantly agreed to publish but they really are trying my patience, what are you afraid of ? the idea of attacking someone anonymously is complete anathema to me, what is the point of having opinions and hiding ? Anyway this writer suggests that I have described Mr. Farrer unfairly as a 'barking right nutter' I have spent some more time on his web and I'm not inclined to change my mind. He refers to people he disagrees with as 'scumbags' ( where did he go to school ? ) he regards The Telegraph' as not right wing enough to be considered a Conservative paper and points readers to a blog called 'Devils Kitchen' which he allows to do some of the more obvious dirty work from him. Anyway it's clear that some people out there are, in political terms, quite 'loosely wrapped' and I hope they will continue to read what I have to say but, if they can't find the courage to identify themselves they are not likely to get through, this latest weakling calls for the Internet to be used as a forum for serious political debate and then won't tell us who he is ! what's that all about ? so come on right wingers crawl out from under your stones. I urge everyone to read the comments attached to the article below called 'The far right' I'm happy to let readers judge these people for themselves.

Monday, November 13, 2006


When you write a political web page you expect feedback, some of it hostile, some supportive and some disturbing. I was told that some guy had written about me on his blog in a very uncomplimentary way, this complete eejit ( David Ferrens from memory ) writes very well which makes him even more sinister because he's a barking far right nutter. He uses Burns's phrase "whiskey & freedom gang the gither" as his title which I'm sure would have the second rate old Ayrshire plagiarist spinning in his grave, his views however and the views of the incestuous sycophants who write to him are capable of making your skin crawl. These people peddle very dangerous and disturbing views, they come across as being capable of almost anything which doesn't require courage, they describe themselves as libertarians of the right to which I have to say, I've never met or heard of a right wing libertarian who wasn't well off and self obsessed.
NOV 14 TH. 06 - READ THEIR COMMENTS BELOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF ! Mr. Leinen is a Yank like Robert Duvall's character in Apocalypse Now " the smell of napalm in the morning " ( nuff said ) & I have advice for Martin, ' You are not a well man sir - seek help ! I might return to some of their comments later but I fear they are already too far gone.
NOV. 14TH. 06 - 11.15 a.m. I really wish I was more up to speed with computing I've just read Mr. Ferrer's remarks in response to my web, you have to read them. I challenge anyone to read his heroic account of his struggles without wetting yourself laughing. Mr. Leinen makes a jibe about our unemployment ! recently in the land of the free 25,000 people applied for 300 jobs stacking shelves in a new Wal Mart in Chicago, exactly the situation loved by the libertarian right like Mr. Ferrer.

Friday, November 10, 2006


In my younger days I had no time for any mainstream American politicians, my view was that they were all paid for by the corporate right wing agencies. I have been taught a lesson since then by politicians like Nixon, Ford, Reagan and dad & son Bush, that lesson is that there is always a choice, 'the lesser of two evils' becomes valid when you are talking about these five disgraceful presidents and the Republican Party. We are now wondering if the great lurch into right wing barbarism in America is at last weakening, the American public are beginning to turn toward decency, the Senate/House of Representatives results are a joy for mankind, I hope it continues. "he is the most ruthless man I have ever met" said Henry Kissinger, what must Donald Rumsfeld be like to deserve this accolade from one of history's great war criminals, this thug ( Rumsfeld )has been at the top of American public life for years, it says it all, I never thought I would ever say this but ' come on the US Democrats'
NOVEMBER 10 TH. GAY ISRAELIS ! Who would have thunk it ? we have just learned the way to stop the Israeli war criminals from persecuting the Palestinians, organise a large Gay event, a march/demo/concert etc. and the Israelis will turn their attention to abusing their gay citizens and give the Gaza Strip a break. That's what's happening right now in Israel, gays being hounded and set upon in the streets of Jerusalem and elsewhere, it's surely only a matter of time before the SNP offers Israel it's support for these actions.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Some people have been writing comments to my web which are still being held and not printed. They are abusive and squalid mainly but that's not the only reason for not printing them. The reason is that they don't identify themselves, call me old fashioned but, if I'm going to insult and abuse someone then I won't crawl under a stone to do it, these spineless cowards have the unmistakable aroma of the SNP/SSP alliance about them.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


"Send in the clowns, don't bother their here". Judy Collins could have been singing about the circus trial of Saddam Hussein, he is to be hanged and the yanks, who helped him into power are cheering and some Republicans are salivating at the prospect, and the boost their electoral prospects will get. Is that a coincidence, am I being cynical ? We in Britain do not allow capital punishment and, consequently there should be no problem in distancing ourselves from the decision to execute Saddam. Capital Punishment is barbaric and uncivilised, that's why it's so popular in backward societies like the USA, leave them to it, no capital punishment means exactly that with no exceptions, that's how we can describe ourselves as a decent country.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gnat Scribblers - A must read

Feeling down ? Had a bad day ? look for the Gnat scribblers at freescot - you will cheer up ! hilarious ! Harry Lauder, Fran n Anna, Rob Roy, Wee willie Wallace, Wee Willie Winkie et all. The SNP are priceless, big beards, wee knives doon socks, big tartan frocks, all bearing the expression of the first person in the movie to see the monster, ignore the embarrassment to their fellow Scots. it's a must read.
NOV 1ST. 06 - I've had another read at freescot, I couldn't believe what I saw the first time, it really is that bad. It's a collection of what seems like likeminded, wayward schoolchildren who vie with each other to see who can be the daftest. I spent some time on it and couldn't find any dissent, I would describe the site as incestuous.


Thursday's full council meeting already has a depressingly familiar look. Unfortunately for you the Council Tax payer the Gnats are about to cost you plenty, again ! This time they ( the SNP )have seven motions to council so you can look forward to a session of approximately six hrs. with the bill of around £5/6,000 going to you from the SNP, don't you just love paying to let these nonentities show off like a bunch of weans? You might want to know that 6 of the 7 motions would also cost you the tax payer plenty if implemented, we in the Labour Group however intend to make sure that they don't succeed. You, dear reader should come along and watch their antics, then reflect on the fact that they want your vote.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Gnat scribblers for freedom och aye the noo Jimmy

I've just been told about a web site run by some crowd who are having a go at me, they are of course Gnats and as you would expect absolutely dire and typical of the dreadful image which decent Scots. keep trying to shake off. When you read their stuff you are clearly reminded of their pact with the Tories which brought us the Thatcher years and the Tory/SNP coalition here in Paisley when wee braveheart Cllr. Jim Mitchell sold his so called principals for a convenership ( Paisley people still remember the shame ) As Groucho Marx said to Margaret Dumont "would you sleep with me if I paid you ?" she replied indignantly "what kind of woman do you think I am " " we already know what kind of woman you are " said Groucho "now we're haggling over your price" Ms. Dumont could have been the SNP's role model, what a bunch !


Tory leader David Cameron's recent visit to Scotland was attacked by the SNP's increasingly crazed leader soapy Salmond. Does this mean that they ( the SNP ) will refuse to help them ( the Tories ) to get back into power in the way they did in the past ? can we also assume that the SNP in Renfrewshire will not join a coalition with the Tories as they did in the past ? We deserve to know.
SNP EMBARRASS US YET AGAIN. When you see on TV someone make a statement to the effect that Scots are more compassionate than people south of the border ( they're too feart to say English now ) how do you feel ? do you squirm and say what a loony ? do you think, he's just a loose cannon with nothing between the ears ? Well, the speaker was Kenny McCaskill SNP MSP the same Tartan Army ' come ahead, bovver boy' Kenny who got thrown in the slammer by the London rozzers when he went to see Scotland play England at Wembley, he was tired and emotional at the time apparently. Do you, like me, wonder what kind of scientific analysis prompted him to come to this conclusion ? maybe he's been on the ' gargle ' again, people of Scotland should ponder the fact that this dissolute fool is one of the SNP's big hitters, what's that all about ? he also wants your vote !

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Old Bill Martin while a member of the SNP tried to gag me by reporting me to the Standards Commission and the Police because of my article on the scandal of the SNP and the homophobic Mormon Brigham Young University. Just to let you know that he has failed. More about this later.
OCTOBER 31 ST. 06 It seems like ages ago since Old Bill Martin (SNP no more) clyped on me to the Police and the Standards Commission, this, like the rest of his ghastly political life has been an abject failure. So the SNP ! still in bed with the American Mormon bigots, supporting the Glasgow firemen homophobic bigots, attacking the gay and lesbian community on adoption and gay marriage. Let's get serious here, SNP MSP's Brian Adam, Roseanna Cunningham and Fergus Ewing, homophobes all, are still spinning around within the SNP. Why is Salmond so quite about this scandal ? my guess is that, just like his fear of the monarchy issue, he's a coward. Meanwhile the Cllrs. ousted by the SNP because of their commitment to independence Martin and Vassie continue to stand up to the Renfrewshier SNP bullies led by Cllr. MacKay, that's another Nat mess !

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Where are they ? the intrepid pair ! the crusaders for justice have gone underground, the world waits with baited breath and pines for news of the much loved music hall entertainers Vassie & Martin. When you have been ejected by the truly awful SNP where can you go ? what can you say ? shunned by all decent people, they've gone from the concert hall to the end of the pier. Cast aside like an old worn out garment or an unwanted once faithful retainer, oh the cruelty ! the shame ! destined to wander in the wilderness like a broken down old pantomime horse, which one though is the horse's a--e and who will have the last horse's laugh. Why did it take the SNP all those years to clean them out how did Vassie survive with a suspension years ago when he was caught with the poison pen letters, how did the turgid, popinjay Martin survive as their candidate following repeated multiple gubbings ? the answer is in the SNP itself it is weak and rudderless. Salmond has also been gubbed many many times, he stood down and they still had to accept him back as leader, how embarrassing is that, in any other party he would be history. Anyway the missing Burgess and McLean of Renfrewshire politics are now the leader and deputy leader of their own party with a membership of two, I've heard though that lots of people still think that these two represent the true heart of the real SNP not the wishy washy backsliders led by the boay Mackay, they, it is being said have gone soft on independence, they've joined the 'parcel o rogues' oh their shame ! Bonny wee Scotland lies weeping while traitors like the Renfrewshire SNP have betrayed her but old Bill and Young Dick will never surrender they firmly believe that vaudeville will some day come back !

Monday, October 23, 2006


The depths to which Israel will sink in their persecution of the Palestinians should never be over estimated. One of the ways a young Palestinian can progress and help his people is through education, that is why the brutal Israeli Govt. operates a ban on Palestinian students attending Israeli universities. Students from all over the world can attend but not students from Palestine, how appalling is that ? they have taken everything from them and now they won't allow them to pursue an education, this is part of their policy of genocide, Israel should be ostracised by the rest of the world community starting with us. They (the Israelis) should ask themselves if there is any difference between burning books (remember that ?) and discriminating against Palestinians by refusing them access to Israeli universities, they can't get much lower, or can they ? They have just admitted to using Phosphorous weapons in Lebanon, these are regarded as chemical weapons by many organisations, so I ask again can they sink any lower ? If I was Jewish I would be ashamed of Israel.


Black History Month is running in Glasgow with lots of events taking place. The STUC HQ in Glasgow hosted an event on Friday Oct. 20 th. 06 which I just couldn't miss. 'How to involve young black people in the political process' addressed by Jarvis Tyner, Jarvis who ? I hear you ask, so did I, well his CV made it a must go, he's an African American civil rights worker from the early sixties to today, ex candidate for the American Presidency and currently the vice leader of the American Communist Party, you just couldn't make that up. He took us through a fascinating journey from the time that he was organising blacks in Montgomery Alabama along with Doctor Martin Luther King and getting thrown in jail and beaten by the good ole boys of the Alabama National Guard, this guy literally had the scars to prove it. His message was still one of hope despite the present president ( he refuses to use his name ) he told us of the great work being done in the USA and some quite disturbing anecdotes about his family and their history of slavery, not the kind of thing you get on Fox News, try this on, a newly elected senator settling in Washington bought a house in the very affluent neighbourhood of Georgetown, he was presented with a legal document which prevented him from ever selling his house on to a black person which he gladly signed, that senator was John F Kennedy of the sainted Kennedy family, Dad the crooked rum runner, brother Bobby the McCarthyite witch-hunter and wee brother Teddy ( nuff said ) it was a fascinating evening and I came away feeling that the fight can still be won.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ferguslie Park

Ferguslie Park has been named 'the worst place to live in Scotland' by a deprivation survey from the Scottish Exec. Attacking poverty and deprivation is laudable but who ever is in charge of their public relations should be sacked. Did anyone spare a thought for the good people of the area ? the school child now being pointed at by other pupils, the person at work being looked down on, the damage to the morale of everyone who lives there and fights to make their area better, the damage to property prices, has anyone at the Scottish Exec. in fact got a thought to spare. Heartless, unfeeling and crude, that's what they are, how anyone can treat people like this is beyond me, and to compound the felony their information is two years out of date so we can add in lazy and amateurish, did they look up, or make up these statistics ? The SNP in the shape of the truly awful and malicious Christine Graham MSP, slithered on to the bandwagon saying Labour ministers should hang their heads in shame. So for her and the SNP and their shameful past, I say this, Ferguslie Park more than most estates, suffered greatly under the dark, awful Thatcher years, most of the area's employment came from the Mills and the Car factory, all gone ! We will never forget that the SNP brought Thatcher to power, communities were decimated and we are still trying to recover. Any heads hanging in shame should start with Christine Graham and the SNP. Folk around here still refer to " Paisley's shame " when the Paisley SNP joined a co - alition with the despised Tories to form the administration, wee braveheart SNP Cllr. Jim Mitchell was first to capitulate, the price of his principles was a convenership ( parcel o rogues indeed ) We, the people, know who the guilty one's are, the class traitors of the SNP.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

John Malcolm re. Israel Article Oct. 12 th. below.

I'm still learning to use this new system and I'm not sure how to publish comments. I think I've managed to publish Mr Malcolm's though. Why wouldn't I publish the inarticulate foul mouthed rantings of an opponent who desn't ( his word ) have the bollock ( also his word ) to tell us which political colour he is ? if he purports to be a supporter of the Palestinian cause then god help them.
OCT. 24TH. 06 COMMENTS - I hope that anyone reading the above comment from Mr. Malcolm (see Israeli's shame article ) will note that he still hasn't found the courage to tell us where his political allegiance lies, I wonder why that is ? shame perhaps, embarrassment maybe ? I do know this though I've never hidden my politics and I've never, unlike some of the cowards who are now writing to me ( check them out ) written an anonymous letter in my life, this leads me to suspect the cowering Gnats and the craven SS.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Church and SNP in common cause

Think about the recent scandal of the SNP employing young Mormons from the Homophobic Brigham Young University at Holyrood - Add SNP MSP Fergus Ewing rushing to the aid of the anti gay bigots from the Fire Service - Stir in SNP MSP Roseanna Cunningham's recent attack on gay marriage and adoption and then consider, is it any wonder the Saltire waving Cardinal O'Brien publicly utters his words of comfort for the SNP. I say again, is there a pattern emerging here ?

Housing Stock Transfer

Renfrewshire tenants have just voted by a majority of 36 to remain with the council. We will now have to wait to see what happens next, we have said all along that there is no plan B. Perhaps Messrs. McCartney and Hogg and their fellow revolutionaries in the SSP will tell us, they conspicuously haven't told anyone what will happen following a no vote. I'm more than ever convinced that no matter what happens to the tenants, if they suffer terrible housing problems, these people will have no trouble sleeping at night, they will see this as a success, not for democracy, not for the tenants whom they despise ( they refer to them as the lumpen proletariat ) but because they have damaged Labour, that is why they exist. Those cheering the loudest will be the Private Landlords who have been gifted their future prosperity by the SS fools, they will sit and wait like capitalist parasites and watch more council houses being bought by people who don't want to risk large rent rises and the council struggles to bring the houses up to the required standard, there are some utterly shameful people out there and they treat ordinary working people with contempt and they even have the cheek to call themselves Socialists. Perhaps Hogg will see a gap in the council house sales market and, with his expertise at buying and selling council houses become an adviser, or, he could, as a long time voluntary member of a Housing Association advise people not to join one. But surely no one, even someone as Janus faced as Hogg would stoop that low ? 'do as I say not as I do' is Hogg's advice to those beneath him which, I suppose means all of us.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Israel's Shame

Israel continues to dish out merciless collective punishment on the Palestinians while we, under America's malevolent gaze, stand by and wring our hands. First they drove them out of their homes and land " the old will die and the young will forget " so said the blood soaked war criminal David Ben Gurion who became the first Israeli Prime Minister, he was wrong of course and the young Palestinians will never forget, not as long as the Israeli Jack Boot continues to stamp on them. The West should treat Israel the same as we treated the Apartheid evil in South Africa, their abuse of the Palestinians is nothing short of genocide. The silence of the international Jewish community is shameful where are the protests ?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Here's how the USA gets it's political prisoners for Guantanamo. Just like the old Westerns they have a form of bounty hunters - they put up sums of reward money for the capture of terrorist suspects, criminals and thugs in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan abduct people from the streets and torture them until they make a confession. They are then handed to the Americans who then take them to their Cuban based concentration camp allowing the gangster Bush to tell his fellow 'Amurkins' about how he is fighting those 'turrist folks' 'those big guys with the beards' Bushwhacker Bush says " I'm lucky that our saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ is a fellow Amurkin and I will continue to smite these evil axis's folks with his help" says Dubya. Only 5% of Guantanamo victims were caught by American forces, the rest were sold to them at a minimum of 5,000 dollars, how sick is that ? how squalid ? how typically American. How embarrassing it must be to be American.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Salmond Caught

Check this for a conversation :- Alex Salmond to Mike Russell - Mike I have decided that your new book needs changing and I've written about the bits I want changed or taken out.
Russell to Salmond - But Alex what about my integrity ?
A.S. do what I say or you won't be the candidate.
M.R. Surely the membership decide who will be candidates.
A.S. Don't make me repeat myself.
M.R. OK I'll do your bidding.
A.S. That's a good lad.
M.R. What about my suggestion of a flat tax where even big Sean Connery would pay the same as my butler, or cleaner I'm sure Sean would come back and stay here if we pleaded with him.
A.S. Nae problem laddie.
M.R. What about my suggestion re. co-operating with the Tories ?
A.S. Right on son., they're good wi money an profit.
M.R. How about my wheeze about the Scottish people having a veto over all Holyrood decisions, that way we could take the money and let them make the decisions, that way we don't get the blame.
A.S. Yer bang on with that one - now gie ma boots a wee lick before ye go !

Dear reader the above is of course tongue in cheek but make no mistake it's based on facts as revealed in the Sunday press, Salmond can, like old Joe Stalin make and break SNP careers as shown by his Freudian slip about Russell toeing the line or else he's out. He ( Salmond ) did advocate dealing with the Tories and he's also sanguine about the ultra right wing flat tax. He and his pathetic party have been rumbled again, the least said about the groveling Russell the better but he is, incredibly enough an ex SNP leadership contender, and, still regarded as one of their big hitters. How do you like the glimpse of Salmond the political gangster ? Remember also that the SSP are in bed with this lot.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Messrs. Hogg & McCartney of the SS are quoted in today's Paisley Daily Express as saying that the Labour Council are damaging sports and recreational facilities, Hogg is pictured at Millarston with a pathetic placard claiming that these fields are well used which must be as big a surprise to the people of the area as it is to me. Along with others in the labour movement I have learned through bitter experience what Hogg's word is worth and that is less than nothing. I know the place well and even when my children attended St. Mirin's High School which stood there until six years ago the place was very rarely used at all and is used even less now, that's a fact, but it doesn't suit the ambulance chasing Hogg & McCartney of the SS. They are not about to let the truth get in the way of their latest trumped up story to try to damage Labour. According to the logic of the SS and these two fantasists, the Labour Council's investment of £4.5 million in sports facilities, mainly football, is a bad thing, that is their ludicrous position. Is it any wonder that their mountain of lost deposits is beginning to constitute an environmental hazard. One final thing, who are the mysterious two small boys who seem to appear in every picture of Hogg where children can be used to shore up his dodgy arguments, they are there again in the background, pretending to be locals, who can they be ?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Today’s Paisley Daily Express has a picture of SNP Cllrs. demonstrating against the proposed housing transfer, the SS have also been on this case for some time. The SS membership consists of the highest level of middle class activists of any party, they are also overwhelmingly home owners who have never done an honest days work in their lives. They continue to bray about privatising housing, and they know that’s not true but it’s all they’ve got, one of their activists Ian Hogg ( his name is now a byword for treachery ) is so keen on council housing that he personally has been involved in the buying and selling of two council houses in the past ! The SNP’s stance is nothing short of contemptible they made up their narrow minds a long time ago to oppose no matter what, I have been on the RHA Shadow Board since the beginning and I have gone to great lengths to try to understand the issues in order to do what I believe to be the right thing for our tenants. These two odious groups have the same thing in common, they are both willing to risk the future security and comfort of thousands of tenants for their own narrow political ends, that is an example of the utter contempt that they have for real working people. Ask yourselves why there is constant argument and debate in the Labour Party about this issue while the SNP and the SS all agree, is there not one dissenter ? This stinks of duplicity, they are a disgrace, I want people to make an informed decision and I recommend a yes !

Friday, September 22, 2006


This is topical with the Lib. Dems. And Ming ( the mediocre ) Campbell, They long for cheerful Charlie Kennedy who is cruelly displaying his superiority over old Ming at every opportunity, not difficult I hear you say. This party used to stand for something, they once had a ‘liberal tradition’ what happened to that party which once included famous Labour names like Foot and Benn. They are now like the old right wing Tories and they are a disgrace to their own history, old Ming can no longer hide his instinctive reactionary views, he was part of the Glasgow University group which included John Smith, Donald Dewar and Jimmy Gordon, all Labour stalwarts, young Ming weighed up his chances and decided with rat like cunning that he would not thrive in those shadows and decided to become a big fish in a mediocre small Liberal pool. Ming Campbell serves to remind us all that ambition can creep as well as soar.

WHAT ABOUT MY OWN PARTY’S AND THE COUNTRY’S LEADERSHIP - Well should he go or stay longer, I say go in the near future, for the good of party and country. The squabbling now going on is great for the gutter press but it doesn’t concern me much, it’s the biggest job of the lot and as such any senior Labour politician should want it, anyone within touching distance of the ‘greasy pole’ would hardly be worth their salt if they didn’t desire the job. We in the Labour Party have nothing to fear except fear itself, we have half a dozen or more excellent people in and out of cabinet who would cut a swathe through any opposition parties, I say let’s get the gloves off and have a proper robust election in full view of the public I would like to see it done at conference complete with hustings and big crowds, that would knock our opponents out flat. My choice would be Gordon Brown, Britain's best ever Chancellor and destined to be a great Prime Minister and World Statesman, as a party member for nearly forty years I have come to admire him and trust him implicitly, he’s a gut socialist and a Labour Party man to his fingertips so, go for it Gordon you have everything to gain for the country, the party and to fulfil your burning desire to serve and bring about a better society, here and in those places where people less fortunate than ourselves are suffering. Gordon Brown’s only flaw is Raith Rovers but we can all be afflicted by that kind of insanity at any time.


Unlike Cagney and Lacey or Dalziell and Pascoe these two are for real. Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson and Deputy Justice Minister Hugh Henry are tackling crime with a vengeance, they are doing exactly what it says on the Labour tin, and I’m delighted with their commitment to the struggle, particularly the fight against illegal drugs. This evil trade destroys lives, families and communities. Paisley welcomed our own Hugh Henry recently as part of the ‘ Shop a Dealer ‘ campaign, proving again that he has his finger on the pulse of local communities who are suffering because of drug crime. Along with Cathy Jamieson he is to be congratulated on this and other projects not least the initiative to confiscate the profits of the dealers and suppliers, there’s nothing worse for a community than to see these evil people drive through in big fancy cars with no visible means of support, it’s galling for them, and the Scottish Exec. to their credit are tackling it, my advice is to do as Deputy Justice Minister Hugh Henry says and join the fight by ' SHOPPING A DEALER ' they are doing a difficult job very well and I say, more power to them.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Through the miracle of modern technology I have just discovered that I can look at a world map and see indicated where my web visitors come from. Canada has many entries, Ontario to be precise, not because my web is a big hit over there but because I have relatives who live there, it was great to realize that my cousins were reading my articles, they have probably concluded however that I'm a nutter but it still gave me a buzz. My uncle Pat Boyle married my aunt May and went there a long time ago, I can still remember my brothers Arthur, Hugh and myself pleading with him not to go and breaking down in floods of tears, he stayed with us at that time and it was like having another dad, one who was less strict than our real dad and a never ending source of stories, songs and adventures, we loved him and thought the world had ended when he left, poor aunt May got the blame I'm afraid, life at that age is more black and white and she was taking uncle Pat away and was therefore the villain. We reunited in later years when travel became more accessible and by then he had three lovely daughters, my cousins Suzanne, Janice and Maureen who I think are now leading their own lives and have children of their own. A wee while ago I received an email from a Canadian cousin which contained photographs, unfortunately I never managed to get the computer to let me see them and I lost the email and pictures, I would love them to have another go at sending me some stuff, if they read this I might be lucky, anyway best wishes to all of them along with my other cousins from the Power family.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hi dog lovers everywhere this is Bessie here, as you can see big Molly and me have called a truce, I intend however to wake up before her and give her a wee nip just to keep my paw in. I'm in the bad books again because I stole a bag of sweets from the shopping bag of a family friend who visited us, I call that initiative, I've also decided to offer a paw for a treat after them trying to coax me to do this for about a year, it's beneath my dignity but it keeps them happy. We still roam around like the Kray twins when we get off the lead, we gang up on other dogs and joggers are a favourite, also family picnics, 'weans mean grub' cyclists are fair game as well, sometimes we can get them to career off the track into the bushes, that's great fun, what a life ! Hi big Molly here wee Bessie has much longer and sharper teeth now that she's grown up, she's still a midget though, she's a strong fast wee brawler though who would fight with her shadow and often does, she knows no fear and it's me who has to back her up when she starts a rammy with other dogs, usually big ugly brutes like Alsatians and lurchers with teeth like crocodiles. When this happens I immediately slip into Staffie mode and put the arm on them, some of them need a good slap before minding their manners, once I sink the choppers in I can hang on like a 'scrap yard mongrel' and that puts them off. Anyway the weathers been great and we are swimming and getting filthy and lying in the sun the boss says we stink but who cares, this beats Cardonald, I often think of my mates whom I left behind up there, I wish more people would rescue them, I can still hear their cries in the night when they are feeling lonely and unwanted. You can't guarantee a magnificent specimin like me but they are worth the effort, they just need another chance.