Friday, September 09, 2016


Has anyone like me been wondering what has happened to the SNP MP’S at Westminster, they all seem to have taken a vow of silence quite a while ago. It seems they have been secretly planning a master stroke to shake the Palace of Westminster to its foundations, no it’s not independence, none of them mention that anymore, it’s not Brexit either, they realise that that horse has bolted and they are left with just the shrieks of Nicola Sturgeon hilariously threatening Theresa May who just looks terrified doesn’t she?.

The secret has been revealed in all its splendour and daring, they have rallied behind their saltire and
advanced on Westminster as a mob demanding that the government officially recognise the 50th. Birthday of Star Trek, this motion to the house was put down by SNP MP Patrick Grady yesterday. Forget homelessness, The NHS, Food Banks, cuts etc. Star Trek is apparently far more important to the SNP trekkies. So the next time you hear anyone asking what good the SNP MP’S are you can stand up for them by stating the SNP MP’S fought like bravehearts to have the country recognise the benefits bestowed on us all by the children’s space adventure series Star Trek. Their next heroic mission I’m told is to force Westminster to recognise the cultural significance of legendary Scottish heroes like oor Wullie, the Broons, Wee Willie Winkie and William Wallace.