Friday, November 27, 2009


When is 28% a better electoral turn out than 33%? For some newspapers it’s when the SNP win apparently. A piece was carried recently Nov. 13 Th. 09 in the Glasgow Herald headed “Democracy is the loser in by-election” this referred to Labour’s victory on a 33% poll at the Glasgow North East By Election it describes Jim Murphy’s optimism for a possible 4Th. term as ‘opportunistic politicking’ claiming that 33% makes predictions unreliable. It praises the Tories for scraping past the BNP; The message is that Labour should not take much from this because YOU can’t extrapolate future results from a low poll such as this; not a completely unheard of suggestion but!

Rewind to the Herald of June 8Th. 09 and we find the headline “Euro Elections: SNP humiliates Labour in Scotland” by ‘heraldscotland staff’ labour’s humiliation is reflected by their percentage of the vote 20.8% - the SNP got 29.1% on a 28.6% turn out. Without demur they (The Herald) quote the SNP; "This is a fantastic result for the SNP and a ringing endorsement of our success in government” "It's a vote of confidence in our record speaking up for Scottish interests in the European Parliament." "Communities across Scotland have stood up and given us their confidence in our ability to lead Scotland forward." "We will also work to take Scotland to the normal status of independence for this nation." Salmond is quoted as saying "This is an historic result for the SNP, up 10 points on the last European election and the first time we have ever won a UK-wide election in Scotland." And "This is Labour's worst share of the vote since before World War I and the emergence of the modern Labour Party." The Herald gave the SNP the freedom to say anything they wanted without any argument.

What has happened between June 9 09 and Nov. 12 09 to make a 28.6% turn out OK and a 33% turn out not OK? Is it any wonder this once decent newspaper is on its knees? On a 28.6 % turn out everything is going great for the SNP winners and labour are finished while some 5 months later in almost identical constituencies with a 33% turn out the victorious Labour party have nothing to shout about what is going on here?

I would describe the Herald today by paraphrasing James Joyce; I think; it sounds like him anyway; when he described the Dublin Times as “the a**e wipers weekly”

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The fact that John Swinney has been awarded the “politician of the year” award leads me to suspect two things 1/ that there is a convention that the award goes to someone in the Govt. and 2/ that Alex (the spiv) Salmond has allowed him to accept it. I can imagine Swinney approaching ‘the spiv’ crawling and scraping while saying he was in the running and would it be alright because everyone knows that he (the spiv) was the real “politician of every year “ with eyes lowered and forelock well tugged. The mighty leader loves having his ego massaged and toadying nonentities like Swinney have practiced it to perfection the guy is a man of straw. In a healthy political party having opposed (the spiv) as leader he would have retired gracefully to the back benches but Alex (the spiv) took him under his wing and promoted him; it is rather obvious evidence of the lack of ability in the SNP that he remains in a prominent position; he also embodies the policy of ‘no dissent’ which also characterises the party; he is the epitome of loyalty with a dash of craven cowardice.

It says it all when the SNP at this moment are on to their 3rd. policy position over the Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL) here in Renfrewshire council the hapless leader Derek Mackay SNP has opposed the link; then supported it and now opposes it again. here is a man of no substance whatever; he has been humiliated by Salmond (the spiv’s) orders to perform U Turns; a lightweight fawning character whom Salmond will encourage because of his sycophancy rather than his talent, we will here more of Derek; Alex (the spiv) always has room for another lackey. Just like the lackey Fiona Hyslop at education; recent figures reveal that under Labour teacher numbers rose by 2,000 and under the SNP last year 1,000 teaching jobs were cut; here in Renfrewshire teaching morale is at record lows and we now have the worst teacher pupil ratios in Scotland for our secondary Schools and the second worst for primary Schools; Fiona Hyslop continues to enjoy the benefaction of (the spiv) Salmond she is another non boat rocker; where is the dissent? Does no one in the SNP disagree?

Perhaps the single incident which best illustrates the vacuity at the heart of the SNP is the Trump affair or Trumpgate as it’s becoming known. The misty eyed maudlin element which makes nationalism so pathetic was brutally trampled on by Salmond (the spiv) when he did his upmost to assist this American to rape one of the most beautiful and remote parts of what the syrupy overemotional bravehearts call our beautiful wild highlands; now the people who live in this remote part of the country are to be evicted because of Salmond (the spiv’s) deference to a super rich Yank who wants to replace people with golf and houses for the rich; Another version of the clearances really; this time we get golf instead of sheep. How does that play with the mawkish ‘grannies heilan hame’ wing of the party; is there no dissent even from them.

“grannies heilan hame and wild beautiful highlands my joe Royle as you say here in England Mr. Salmond” (D Trump)

“Your right on the money as usual boss” (Alex ‘the spiv’ Salmond)

Will no one in the SNP show any backbone; what kind of party is that? can it possibly be that every one of them are cowards? Can Salmond (the spiv) really be more powerful than Hitler and Stalin?

Ronnie seems to be stuck.

The person writing to me calling himself Ronnie has had the reason for him not being printed explained several times yet he continues to write with unsubstantiated allegations against people without yet finding the nerve to say who he is. If he says who he is I will print his accusations and forward them to the accused along with his details; thus giving the person being attacked the chance to respond; I think that's the fair way to proceed don't you?

This your last chance Ronnie; go on I dare you; stop quaking and do it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A message to Ronnie.

Read the post below this and either comply or you don't get printed; you are censoring yourself if you remain in hiding and accuse someone of doing something illegal.


At 11:26 am today I received yet another anonymous blog from some creeping coward calling himself Ronnie. So let me write it down again for the avoidance of doubt among the community of people out there who can’t summon the nerve to identify themselves; to the great quivering shadowy anonymous writers.

Anyone who writes to me accusing someone of any improper behaviour or impropriety will only be printed if they give full and verifiable details of there identity. You must put up or shut up; I think that is the fairest thing to do.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The lines above from Newbolt's famous poem were used as propaganda to tell the world that the British Empire always played the game i.e. would never cheat; it was of course a crock of bulldung; the sentiment that is not the poem.

Technology similar to that used in tennis and cricket would have certainly disallowed France’s winning goal in the World Cup play off with Ireland; Thiere Henry’s pass for the goal was certainly preceded by a hand ball. There is now a clamour for the game to be replayed; this is understandable from the fans and players but not from those who should know better; those who are responsible for the rules should know that the precedent that it would set would turn every game into a farce. Does Henry deserve to now carry the label of cheat? I don’t believe he does; he certainly committed a deliberate foul and he got away with it but he is not a cheat. I regard a cheat as someone who decides consciously to cheat before any opportunity happens in a game; the prime number one example of this is Sir Alex Ferguson; he has a deliberate policy of intimidating officials to gain unfair advantage for his team; he has been doing this for years and the only word for it is cheating and in his case it’s premeditated. The legendary Angelo Dundee deliberately cutting a rip in the then Cassius Clay’s glove to buy time when he was dazed after Henry Cooper knocked him down was premeditated cheating while Mike Tyson biting off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear is a foul but not premeditated cheating; OK an extreme example but that’s how I see it.

Henry’s reaction was instinctive; in a fraction of a second he handled a ball which was going out of play and missing the goal by inches; this was an instinctive reaction not in any way planned by a great player and a true sportsman he has always been a model to look up to and I hope he survives this with his reputation safe. I will always remember him facing down a crowd of rabid bastards who were giving the black French players racist abuse when they played Spain. He scored a goal and then did something which I think was premeditated; his team mates strangely did not rush to congratulate him; he walked slowly over to his abusers and stood arms akimbo and head held high and stared at them. with unconcealed contempt he gazed at them for about 10 secs. a defiant figure of grace, power, courage and pride; he then turned to be greeted by his team mates; absolutely electrifying; time stood still.

The simple fact is that these things happen in most sports; many Scots. football fans were in denial when Joe Jordan handled the ball against Wales and Scotland were incredibly given a penalty; big Joe knew it was taking Scotland to the world cup and kept shtum it took some fans years to admit that he had cheated. The great Maradona did something similar to England on the way to knocking them out of the world cup; he still claims it was God’s hand and not his; the fact that he scored a genuine wonder goal later in the game merely rubbed salt into English wounds and many many Scots. of the moron variety still cheer when they see it now on Tele.

Unless and until technology is introduced (as it will be) we will have to continue with the rule we all learned as kids “the referee is always right; even when he is wrong he’s right” OK. France were lucky on two counts in Paris the other night 1/ they were fortunate to beat an Irish team who matched and often outplayed them against the odds and every prediction and 2/ in more general terms they were lucky that it was Ireland who were the victims of such misfortune. The Irish fans in their thousands in the face of terrible treatment and in the play off for the World Cup and in extra time took it on the chin; I can think of other fans who would have left their mark on Paris had it happened to them and it would not have been pretty, well done Ireland and well done the Irish fans.

At the risk of upsetting my Rugby Friends I will comment on Ireland V Australia ; don’t worry I didn’t watch the game; only the last ten minutes and guess what they were a very exciting ten minutes. The excitement did not entirely come from the play; it came from the closeness of the score and the fight against the clock by the Irish. These guys seemed to do very little except wrestle with each other and I thought sometimes the tele. picture had frozen; it was like the taxi rank at County Square late Friday night; then the drama which only sport can supply happened. With 20 secs. Left this bloke called O’Driscoll for Ireland took a pass and ran through a big gap and planted the ball between the posts; then someone; maybe him; booted the kick over the bar to reach a score of 20 – 20 with 2/3 secs. left an incredible finish so; if they can find a way to make the rest of the game as exciting as this I might go and watch it; I’ve given up looking for skill but this was good fun; it has not been all bad for the Irish this week.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"The old men march slowly all bent stiff and sore.

Forgotten heroes from a forgotten war.

And the young people ask what are they marching for.

And I ask myself the same question"

anti war song; (The Band played Waltzing Matilda) Eric Bogle.

The marching bands; the proud veterans; the cheering crowds; the silent tributes; the sea of poppies; it was all on show as it is every year. These are the usual things we bear in mind from Remembrance Day but I will remember something else from this year and it wasn’t something I seen it was something I read and it was truly horrendous. At a Remembrance Day Parade in Essex a local Scout Troup of boys aged 14 to 18 started shouting death threats and racist abuse at group of Jewish Second World War Veterans. Fully dressed and on parade when they saw the Jewish Ex Soldiers they started chanting “lets kill the Jews” the Police are investigating allegations of racially aggravated harassment” the Scout Association has ordered one of the boys to apologise to the local Rabbi; I am left to wonder about the local Scout Association; perhaps a life’s ban and a hand over to the Police might have been more in order but what do I know I’ve never been a scout or a Cadet of any kind nor have my kids; if I wanted to teach them militarism I would just let them watch old John Wayne movies. I am rarely lost for words but what can anyone say here; Nick Griffin would applaud the young Anti Semites with a Sieg Heil but what about the humans what do we have to say?

These well adjusted Essex boys are on the side of the Nazis and Holocaust perpetrators! Can that be right; is there some other way I can put that? I wish there were; I really do; I don’t want to accept that this happened but it did. One has to wonder what their families are like; what are there attitudes to the handicapped to Gypsies to black people; I’m no expert but are Scouts not supposed to be Christians? Do they not swear allegiance to God and Her Majesty? How isolated is this; it seems Just incredible that this happened. It is an extremely serious and worrying incident and should be treated as such; I don’t know how to deal with it; it is just so awful I haven’t got a bloody clue but I hope someone takes it on.

I confess that I long for the day when the war dead can be remembered in a less militaristic way; the last survivor of the great war Harry Patch did not fall for the propaganda and shortly before his death he gave us this quote “war is legalised murder” those who glorify war were given a massive thumbs down by this old soldier; he had a long time to consider what he had done and seen in the trenches and he showed his contempt for the whole squalid business; “well said that man” had he said this in uniform in 19 16 he could have been shot such was the mentality of those of our ‘betters’ who were running the show; some of them; too many of the same clowns are still running the show. Consider this omission from the Remembrance Day parades; it was decided that the war would end at 11.00 am. This was decided several hours before 11.00 am but officers continued to order men to attack right up to the exact hour while knowing it was all about to end and men lost their lives at a couple of minutes to 11.00am. Would it not be more truthful and relevant to read out the names of the officers who gave these orders when the dead are being remembered; ‘lest we forget’ remind everyone of the futile stupidity of the war and those who thought it was the honourable thing to do to fight until the last second; in the history of stupid futile behaviour by men in war this should be for ever highlighted when better than on Remembrance Day?

Training groups like Cadets and Scouts are part of our society and there has never been any doubt in my mind that they instil militarism in young minds and that is dangerous and wrong; marching; drilling and saluting officers is not a healthy way to pass leisure time for young people. Many of their activities are no doubt valuable but playing at soldiers is not one of them what influences did these Boy Scouts come under?

The armistice events are also heavily biased in favour of militarism; the emphasis is on heroism; medals and valour. I hope for a time when Remembrance parades will be less triumphant and more realistic. War should be remembered for what it is ”man at his most base” reduced to no more than a savage; perhaps if the world was reminded more often of the terror and horror of war there would be less of them. Do you want responsible adults to develop from today’s teenagers or would you prefer adult versions of the Essex Boy Scouts?

Friday, November 13, 2009


In the hall where electoral votes are being counted those with long experience of such matters can tell long before the result is announced who has won and who has lost; the communications revolution also makes it possible for studio guests to know as well. The expressions and body language therefore of Alex Neil and Nicola Sturgeon were a right give away in the studio; they are a graceless pair at the best of times and last night they were like a couple of particularly bad tempered night club bouncers. Anyone who wanted to wallow in an SNP victory could have gone to bed hours before the declaration if they had realized they had lost; it was obvious; why? well; someone was missing from the coverage; someone who would have been sitting there strutting and bragging had they won; I refer of course to Alex (the spiv) Salmond.

(The spiv) doesn’t do defeat he’s had enough of that over the years; he holds the record for a leader who received the most gubbings and still kept his leadership; no one brave enough to face him. His absence was an act of cowardice and a dereliction of his duty as a leader; how painful must it have been for the SNP supporters most of whom don’t actually understand politics to have to witness their leader cut and run. No swagger; no boasting; no strutting; no insults; no arrogance; no bottle and no wonder; an empty chair was all there was, like most bullies he is not really so tough when things get difficult he remembers he has to be somewhere else. This is the man who would lead an independent Scotland on the world stage; the man who would represent Scotland in the conference chambers of Moscow, Washington and Berlin; he’s having a bloody laugh right? If he can’t handle last night’s drubbing what chance has he got of facing Putin; Obama and Merkel; they would swat him like a fly.

Single issue politics sometimes spends some time in the sun but in the long term it’s the serious parties who prevail; I believe that that is what is now beginning to happen with the SNP the novelty of independence and the infantile slogans and anti English rhetoric eventually will fade and when they do there is nothing left to sustain a political argument; populist slogans eventually get exposed as empty jargon. This was a very good night for Labour and a serious defeat for the SNP; the Tories just managed to save their deposit and the wretched Lib. Dems. were beaten by the BNP vermin; it was a cracker of a result; “A brammer” of a By Election as Salmond (the spiv) said a wee while ago when his mouth ran out of control again.

Down among the dross of the parties who regularly stand for election we find the Greens; only just breathing because of PR. And also we see the death struggle between the SSP and Solidarity; destined to fight over who will eventually accumulate the larger amount of lost deposits; despite the flamboyant and completely specious intervention of Mr. Galloway who makes Benjamin Disraeli look like a ‘rough sleeper’ Mr. Sheridan provided a ‘no show’ maybe they are not using enough make up. What this result and the Glenrothes result tells us is that the next general election will again be Labour V Tory and the stakes will be high; the Tory Toffs are waiting with the knives to cut deep into the services which people rely on and Labour are committed to protecting them.

Above all it tells us that it aint over not by a long way; that’s what the Tory media have been trying to get you to believe; that all is lost the Tories have it in the bag but they haven’t; Brown incredibly after the worst onslaught of lies character assassination and vilification by the right wing establishment is still standing and he will lead us into the election; what a victory that would be; a 4 th. successive Labour Govt. it can be done; it will be tough but we can still win; we must give it everything; imagine waking on the morning after the election to the realization that Cameron and his cabinet of braying Eton donkeys are the Govt.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


How prophetic the great dramatist was when he made those remarks about the cancer which was to eventually take his life. "My cancer is named after Rupert Murdoch" Spot on Dennis!

The extent to which Murdoch and the Sun are prepared to go to damage the Labour Govt. and particularly Gordon Brown has become obscene; this latest vile charade about his letter of condolence and his bow at the cenotaph is a clear example of the utter contempt that the Murdoch Empire and the Sun and Sky T.V. has for the British People. I watched a press conference today where journalists; none of whom would have had any truck with such lies and poison before the cancer of Murdochism took hold, pursue the Prime Minister over his hand writing; his spelling and his method of bowing at the remembrance parade; these people are the lowest of the low. What do these people say they do for a living when asked? Do they admit to being a Sun journalist or to being employed by Sky? would you? I would lie and claim to be employed at something more dignified like a child trafficker.

The woman who is involved in all of this is not in a position to make any sense of this and the Sun has been publishing her story and the Prime Minister’s phone call has been taped without his knowledge and also printed in the Sun; this poor woman will one day look back on this and regret the day she ever heard of the Sun Newspaper and Sky T.V. Her dead son has been used ruthlessly for political reasons; there is nothing redemptive in any of this; no hope of decency; nothing which can justify the behaviour of the journalists and their loathsome employers; our society can’t go much lower and this woman will have to live with this from now on. The reptilian employees of the Sun and Sky will not be around when she realizes what she has done to her son’s memory.

These odious creeps would have us believe that the Prime Minister is so incompetent that he can’t spell the word ‘yours’ he is so stupid that he called the woman Mrs. James instead of Mrs. Janes a mistake which most of us would make I checked and couldn’t find a single Janes in my phone book. The persecution and vendetta against Brown has now reached the stage where his every move is scrutinised at the remembrance ceremony to try to pick up something to use against him; it’s outrageous behaviour but; guess what? he’s still standing and he still displays more dignity than the whole bunch of twisted media lackeys who pursue him; subjected to what he is going through most of us would not be able to lift a pencil let alone write a letter to a bereaved family.

One good thing which is emerging is the feeling that the British people might be beginning to say enough is enough; do we want our politics to be run by self serving thugs like Murdoch or by the Govt. the discovery that he takes the trouble to write to every family who have lost a loved one in combat was a blunder by the Sun/Sky that plays well for him and it plays even better when people realize that he has always done this without anyone knowing.

A decent honest man is being traduced here and my hope is that the British people will eventually see through the lies and poison being put out by Murdoch and his running dogs. One of the most evil and detested names in the history of politics is that of Senator Joe McCarthy the American witch hunter who gave us the name McCarthyism; a bitter insult when levelled at anyone; we are fast assuming the name Murdochism in to our society; a name which stands for lies; cheating and the corruption of the British political system; If we let it. Brown will stand up to this ‘rat pack’ because he believes in what he is doing; he believes that Labour provide the way forward; if you don’t believe him or me; look carefully at our enemies; would you prefer Cameron and the Eton Toffs backed by ‘Murdochism’ would that provide decent honourable Govt.?

Thursday, November 05, 2009


To Renfrewshire Council for the full council meeting; valedictory addresses were made for departing lead planning officer Crawford Russell regarded as a “lifer” with the council and a most genial and helpful officer. You knew you were on safe ground when you were taking his advice and he was scrupulously fair in his dealings with everyone; he will be very difficult to replace. The council business goes very smoothly and meetings are better behaved and much quicker now; this is because Labour is in opposition and we are far more reasonable and have better manners than the past SNP opposition who were a howling spitting mob of hooligans; it was a regular occurrence to have the police called in to quieten them down and sometimes eject some of them. The police have not been called in once since Labour became the opposition; make of that what you will; during the 8 years that I was part of the administration I reckon the SNP cost you the tax payer tens of thousands of pounds with their outrageous behaviour disrupting meetings and calling spurious emergency meetings to try to get headlines; a thoroughly obnoxious and disreputable bunch of thugs.

Today there were a couple of items which you might find interesting; on the Glasgow Airport Rail Link the SNP/Lib.Dems. voted down our motion of support for the link; the hapless Cllr. Mackay SNP leader had to sit through the humiliation of having his cowardice thrown in his face when it was pointed out to him that he was first against the link; then for it when Alex (the spiv) Salmond told him he was now for it and; he is now yes; you’ve guessed it against it again because Alex (the spiv) has changed his mind again and when the (wee spiv) changes his mind so does Derek and the rest of the SNP; not one dissenter; again. Derek made the point that although we had lost a £450M project and 1,300 jobs we had gained 2 football pitches that’s it from the council leader the ‘quid pro quo’ for the rail link and 1,300 jobs is 2 football pitches; this man is the council leader honest. Just when you thought the administration could not look any dafter in stepped Cllr. Mc Gurk of the Lib./Dems. an SNP collaborator; getting rather excited she blurted out “I don’t know how the Labour Group can support this rail link; there is no benefit to Renfrewshire from it” lets see Marie;1,300 jobs let’s say £15,000 per annum each; that’s approx. £20M a year going into the Renfrewshire economy which Cllr. McGurk thinks is “no benefit” her party in Holyrood support but; lets get real here what's in it for them if they back their party? she is also running the council; honest she is.

A motion was put forward by the Labour Group which demanded safety improvements on the Erskine Bridge following the recent suicide tragedy of the two young girls; we all thought this would not take two minutes as it will be agreed on but; guess what the SNP/ Lib. Dem. administration opposed it and changed the wording with an amendment. They made some embarrassing excuses for changing the motion which were lies; the reason they changed it was because they had not thought to mention the tragedy and they did not want the council decision to be made by a Labour motion. That is how contemptible the Renfrewshire Council SNP/Lib. Dem. administration is.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public" (H. L. Mencken) Mr. Mencken as usual was spot on. The extent of the hatred against President Obama has to be seen to be believed by sections of American society; try going to U Tube and typing in “Tea Bag Protests” Using the Boston Tea Party as their inspiration crowds of red neck Americans are assembling at so called “Tea Party Protests” against big government, high taxes, free health care etc. A spontaneous outburst of protest against the Obama Govt. that’s what Fox News and the sewer full of right wing radio jockeys want us to believe. We have all heard the one about “the majority of the people being more likely to believe a big lie as a little one” (A Hitler) that is what’s going on right now in the “Home of the brave” which is more like “The Home of the Gullible”

You will find on 'U Tube' a guy who has been visiting these protests with his video camera and tape recorder asking completely bland unremarkable questions and letting the protestors say what they want; the result? You can only stand and stare and listen; the depth of ignorance and hatred is astonishing. On taxes he tells them that Reagan had higher taxes than Obama; as did Bush and so would McCain; they don’t answer they stand and mumble and try to get away; they mention the war; he tells them it was Bushes’ war same reaction it is very worrying indeed that the world’s richest country has these levels of unawareness and; they are as mad as hell and blaming things which are untrue; why is this happening?

Teabag crowds are invading town hall meetings; they are well funded and they are not local, they are being financed but; they won’t say by whom. The truth is that they are being paid by invested interests who will lose out under Obama, 98% of people will not pay higher taxes under Obama and those remaining 2% are mad as hell. Many of them have been asked where they come from and whether they are being paid and they won’t answer. The corporate gangsters who hate the President are seething and fostering hate; fear of minorities; hatred of Govt. and the glue to keep them together Racism is there in abundance.

Among these people there is a deeply ingrained racism which some do not admit to but it is there and those who are manipulating that latent racism know just the right buttons to press to see it emerge; they know just how stupid these people are and feed them stuff like Obama is a communist; a Stalinist; a Nazi; unpatriotic; an anti white racist; he is not really an American; he is a terrorist etc. these slogans can be clearly seen on the demonstrations. The problem isn’t health care; it’s not taxes and it’s not big Govt. otherwise we would have seen these morons on the street long before Obama; I think we all know what’s left; race and he can’t change that; this is “The American Nightmare” As they did when they took the heroic step of electing the first black American President Barak Obama the majority of decent Americans will once again be required to show their courage and confine this evil to the scrap heap.