Friday, May 30, 2008


Class sizes to reduce in P1, 2 and 3 to 18 said the SNP and they put aside £40 m. to do it. Now we know the cost is £360 m. a £320 m. shortfall, let's not beat about the bush here that figure means the SNP are either liars or they are seriously incompetent either way the promise is 'Scotch Mist.'

Meanwhile here in sunny Renfrewshire the Education Board heard the following betrayal at it's meeting, P1 will be 25, P2 - 30 reducing to 25 in August and P3 - 30.

When you consider that the SNP are cutting £4.5 m. from education, and teachers are leaving in droves as well as children sitting highers not being given the subjects of their choice, you can only conclude that the people of Renfrewshire are being betrayed by the SNP particularly the children.

This is what happens when people with no political anchor get their hands on power, they believe in nothing they stand for nothing and nothing is sacred to them even our children's futures.

Their flagship policy of a local income tax is also looking like toast as well, law experts are lining up to tell them what Labour has been saying is correct, that it will not work and it is more than likely against EU rules and will be the subject of legal proceedings.

The SNP say it will bring in £1.6 billion and the Council Tax at the moment brings in £2.5 billion that's £900 m. short in the school I went to.

Is it more incompetence or more lies ? you decide.

For years we have sat in Renfrewshire Council listening to the SNP damning PPP, every meeting saw more censure and condemnation it became their favourite hatred and, believe me, they have many.

They even went so far as to say that the new Council Headquarters would never happen because the PPP scheme would collapse. Salmond (the spiv) of course opened it with great joy, no mention of PPP that day, just a plaque saying 'First Minister Salmond MSP opened this place. No mention either of his other job as an MP - (the spiv) eh !

Now we have their replacement for PPP and they are forced to admit that it is no different to PPP, more incompetence or lies ? did they really not know that they would be found out ?

They probably did know but the prospect of power as it got closer pushed aside any pretence at truth or decency. To grab that power they were and still are willing to say and do anything, no scam too nasty, no lie too big, no principle that can't be dumped.

This is the SNP today, in power lead by a con man and dragging Scotland into the mire with them.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Can the eventual race for the presidency of the USA turn out to be more controversial and fascinating than that between Clinton and Obama for the democratic nomination ? I doubt it, and I also feel that McCain can't win, his age and the deplorable Bush presidency will do for him.
This is despite the fact that McCain has the support of a minister who is a nut case but who will be seen as good by millions of Americans and Obama has the support of a minister who is intelligent, honest and outspoken but will not be supported by millions of Americans, who consider him as a traitor.

"God damn America for mistreating her citizens, and acting like a supreme God" the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (for Obama) I say, well said that man, Obama of course has run a mile.

"God sanctioned the Holocaust - the Jews caused much of their own suffering, including the Holocaust - Catholicism is a "false cult system" - Hurricane Katrina was caused by God because of a planned Gay parade in New Orleans. Pastor John Hagee (for McCain) McCain has also ran a mile, even although he knows that this guy has massive clout in the 'Bible Belt' 40 % of Americans don't believe in evolution, be scared, be very scared.

In recent times, Bush Jnr. Bush Sen. Nixon. Reagan, Ford. were all republican presidents, I believe that America has the potential to be a great country but not while people like these lead it.
I prefer Clinton and remind myself that this is American politics where she is vilified as a communist and subjected to constant misogyny, Obama has time on his side and people are already talking (Gore Vidal yesterday) of the danger he will be in as the first black American president.
He is certainly courageous because there is no hiding the fact that the USA is still segregated on racial grounds and is awash with guns.

It's time for Americans once again to do the right thing and get rid of the corporate gangsters like Bush and Cheney from public life, they shame their great country.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Thursday saw the SNP administration realize further that they have to take responsibility for their actions, particularly the savage cuts in education. Letters, emails, surgery visits, public meetings etc. have reached unprecedented levels all with one purpose, to get the SNP to think again about the harm they are doing to the educational prospects of children in Renfrewshire.

A simple straight forward Labour motion calling on them to stop the education cuts and revisit their budget proposals was even supported by the Tories who supported the budget but can now see the damage being done, this was shamefully voted down by the SNP Lib. Dem. administration. Those people who have children in the education system are being sold out by the SNP they are being betrayed by the party who claim to put Scotland first, they have no shame, they are abandoning Scottish children and damaging their futures.

A contemptible amendment was produced by the SNP which claimed that the unrest was being caused by Labour scaremongering, a calculated insult to those concerned parents involved in this campaign, disgraceful. The spineless Lib. Dems. of course jumped when told by the SNP.

Education convener Cllr. Cameron SNP produced the amendment which started out by praising the rising standards of Renfrewshire's education system and either forgot or deliberately omitted to say that these results were as a result of the previous Labour administration.

This is similar to them posing happily while cutting the ribbons to open new schools which they forget to mention were built by the previous Labour administration, the Scots. word for that is 'sleekit'

Cllr. Hall, (Labour) in a quite devastating intervention pointed out that the amendment referred to £1.1 Million being spent on education and leisure without a single penny going on schools, a lot of angry shouting by now was coming from the direction of the education convener.

I call on everyone who is concerned about the future of Renfrewshire's children to keep the pressure on the SNP/ Lib. Dem. betrayers, they must not be allowed to get away with this.

I have used the term 'Janus faced' before to describe the SNP's underhand ability to look both ways at the same time and we saw it again with the Labour motion on Post Offices moved by me.

The SNP candidate for Paisley North Mags McLaren in the local paper was complaining about Post Office plans and supporting the Royal mail, both according to her were sacrosanct and not to be touched.

The Labour motion called on the SNP/Lib. Dem. council to follow the lead of councils up and down the country by investigating whether councils can save Post Offices by incorporating them into council activities. e.g. Libraries and P.O.'s in same buildings thus saving libraries as well, likewise under threat Housing area offices, also village halls/ community centres etc.

The question put by me was " will you follow other councils and see if we can prevent Post Office closures" ? Their answer was NO ! through an amendment moved by SNP Cllr. Kenny McLaren, yes they are husband and wife, honestly I couldn't make this up, they (the SNP/Lib. Dem's) have also taken the council's mail contract from the Royal Mail and gave it to the private Co. TNT The SNP candidate for Paisley North Ms. McLaren wants your vote ! she really does.


What does it mean, when one party leader demands the resignation of another party leader ?

Cries of "he/she must resign because he/she is incompetent / useless / unfit to lead" etc. etc. well, perhaps they say these things because in some strange way, they want the opposition to succeed.
It's a bizarre thing to say but how else can it be explained ?

In Scotland Alex (the spiv) Salmond wants the Labour leader Wendy Alexander to go because he thinks she is a failure and Tory leader David Cameron want's P.M, Gordon Brown to resign because he thinks the same, he is unfit to govern etc. It's a well quoted sound bite but is it true ?

If I was trying to defeat an opposition political party who had a leader whom I thought to be useless and incompetent that would make him / her 'defacto' an asset to me and my party, or am I missing something.

When Salmond (the spiv) and Cameron call for Alexander and Brown to go they are saying that they want their opponents to pick a better leader which would by definition make them more successful and more likely to beat them. Something not quite right here. I'm sure some of you can see where I'm going with this.

To the Labour Party I say, stand firm Alex (the spiv) and Cameron are being disingenuous, if Brown and Alexander were as useless as they say they would be happier for them to stay.

Wendy and Gordon are by far more competent and able than their accusers in the Tory and SNP parties and the right wing media who echo the same lies.
They should carry on and stick to their policies and the tide will turn, there is a long way to go and we can and will win.
"It ain't over until the fat lady sings" think Fir Park Motherwell, Pittodrie Stadium Aberdeen and Tannadice Park Dundee and ask any Old Firm fan if that statement is true.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The Reverend Father John Fitzsimmons died on Sat. A big title for a big man, "Big Fitz" , allthough I don't remember anyone calling him that to his face, I certainly wouldn't have.
Putting it simply he was a formidable man, a man with great physical and intellectual presence. His sometimes slightly gruff exterior couldn't hide his basic decency and above all unshakable honesty.
I read today that he was the rector of the Pontifical Scots. College in Rome which I had forgotten, for none Catholics that means he was a high flyer indeed.
He also anchored a music and chat show for Radio Scotland for years and demonstrated a confidence,control and sense of humour which suggested a glittering career had he not found his vocation earlier in life.
He was a huge character and was loved by everyone, he was the Parish Priest at St. John Bosco in Eskine.

An example of his courage and honesty was his willingness to fall out publicly with Pope John Paul, the most famous man on the planet at the time, he had the courage of a burglar.
Maybe that's what happened to the job in Rome.

He also publicly disagreed with the Church on contraception and stood four square behind the banning of the notorious clause 28 describing it as "the most malicious piece of legislation ever placed on a statute book in a civilised country"
Poor old Bishop John Mone ( a lovely man ) could have been forgiven for wondering if Big Fitz might go the same way as that other famous "Turbulent Priest" Sir Thomas More, while loving and respecting him all the while.

I had the great privilege of knowing him and he was always great craic, several years ago I attended a funeral Mass in St. John Bosco for a Labour Party friends dad, it was a blazing hot day and the church is an amphi theatre with it's main doors located behind and to the side of the altar where Fitz was the celebrant.

Suddenly a large black Labrador dog appeared in the doorway and gazed up at the congregation who immediately froze in fear, the dog ambled away and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, Fitz. gazed at us a bit bemused and then did the dog not appear at the other door, being a friendly creature he ambled in slowly tail wagging and ears up, he walked round and sat in front of Fitz. who was sitting at this time.
The congregation by now were in the horrors as Priest and dog eyed each other suspiciously I was in pain trying not to laugh when he rose, stepped forward, pointed his finger at the dog and firmly pointed to the door the dog decided to go and off he went perfectly amicably, he knew instinctively who was boss.

Fitz. raised his gaze to us with a face like thunder and held us in his sights, he then turned for a minute of quite prayer where I could see from my sideways seat he was praying with a private smile on his face.
It was pure magic and the congregation for whatever reason enjoyed the episode, or was it relief ?

At a time when the Church is embroiled in much controversy over political issues I'm conscious of the differences which exist among Catholics, as well as others, sincerely held beliefs on all sides, my own position in these matters is well known and I believe Fitz. would have been on the side of science, may god be good to you big man.


I have recently received posts from anonymous sources which apparently come from SNP insiders who want to damage their own members or indeed praise other members.

Some of this stuff is abusive and quite personal, it confirms what we all knew that the SNP have a deep split in their ranks between those who fight for independence to the exclusion of all else and those who use independence to further their careers in politics.

Anyone familiar with Renfrewshire SNP politics will know that this is very much the case here, I have decided to keep these posts but I will only print what they write if they identify themselves properly.

I will remove the couple of posts of this kind which I have let through, on reflection I should not have printed them.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Today May 19 Th. 2008 and I have had to delete another post from June, she writes in support of Toryboy RFS and she shares his distinct vocabulary, maybe she's his sister and was raised the same way.

To put it another way she has a mouth like a sewer and therefore can not be printed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


June, the money your parents spent on that Finishing School has been wasted.
If you want to be published on this blog you will have to clean up your language.

I appreciate that you get frustrated and angry and I'm sure everyone is aware of your obvious limitations but, using that kind of language leaves me no choice, I have some standards you know, you probably wouldn't understand.

Try looking up the word decorum or decency.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Some of you may remember a strange right wing blogger who used to write to me in a style cobbled out of Alf Garnett and J Goebbels, he used the letters RFS (Right For Scotland) to hide his identity.
I received an email from a friend who advised me to read his latest blog entries and they are priceless.

I took him to task once for his language and the content of his blog, suggesting that he should be ashamed. I also asked what his own mother and father would say if they read it, he stunned me by saying they do and, they are proud of him.
Call me old fashioned but if I wrote such stuff and I found out that my mother had read it I would go and find a cave to live in out of shame, read it for yourself and wonder like me what kind of people they are.

He is also a founder and contributor to 'terrywatch' which I encourage people to read to show what these people are like, I urge you to try it. Maybe his mum does enjoy this kind of thing, it takes all kinds and they are Tories after all.

You can perhaps try to form an opinion of this fellow by something he has just penned, he writes about the terrible events in Manchester City Centre after the UEFA Cup Final and says the following :-

"What Manchester Police do have to be ashamed of is the CCTV footage of the cop being set upon by the fans after someone sweeps his leg.
This cop was jumped by tens of fans and was on his own as some of his fellow officers not only looked on but continued to retreat. They should hang their heads in shame"
he then swiftly transfers his underpants to the outside of his trousers and, da da da da da da da it's a bird, it's a plane no it's TORYBOY da da da da, he then states :-

"If that had been my buddy on the ground I would have turned on my heels and ran straight back into the mix either to get him out or give the mob another target to pick on. That is what being in a team is all about"

What a guy, in a hypothetical and dangerous situation he knows he would have been a brave hero, no doubt about it RFS is your man, fearless and loyal to his buddies.
What a self serving cringing braggart, if this tough guy can fight like he can talk the bad guys have had it.
You and I, and most other honest fallible human beings might perhaps say something like this, ( it's known as the truth)

"I sincerely hope and pray that in a situation like that I would have the courage to run back and help my buddy, but I will never know unless it happens"

Not Tory Boy though, he knows he would do the right thing, he knows he has the courage, he knows he wouldn't fail.
This is a guy who is afraid of admitting that he might bottle it, he talks tough because he can't accept the fact that he might be a coward when the danger happens.
This is a guy who in fact shows all the signs of being afraid of a moment like that, this is Tory Boy in all his pomp, if you ever come across a big brawl among a lot of rugby players and one of them is on the fringe shouting " somebody haud me back" chances are you have found him, his parents will no doubt be proud of their son's latest brave boasts. Values ? oh he has them right enough doesn't it make you feel humble ?

Friday, May 16, 2008


I have sympathy for the guy in the Rangers top seen on TV hurling abuse at the rioters in Manchester, he shouted "you b******* are a disgrace, you are not fit to call yourself Rangers fans, you are nothing but f****** scum" his frustration was obvious he was close to tears and he was in real danger doing this.
My guess is he is a real fan, possibly a season ticket holder who loves his club and was devastated at what was happening, seeing his club dragged down by the behaviour of some morons after a period of relative good behaviour home and abroad.
Notwithstanding the periodic outbreaks of violence which still accompany old firm games it would be fair to say that the dark days of football hooliganism have passed and then, just when you thought it was safe to go out, bang, up it goes and we are back 20 Yrs.

The same old platitudes are now being brushed down, police brutality, thugs disguised as Rangers Fans, some people try to minimise the horror by referring constantly to a small minority of trouble makers, this used to wash years ago before there was a CCTV camera on every corner, now it's on screen and we can't pretend anymore.
The rioters from a crowd this size were indeed a minority but TV showed a very sizable minority some quoted thousands being involved and the scenes were sickening.

Rangers achievement in contesting this final like Celtic's in Seville should have been a cause for celebration despite losing the trophy but that has been ruined by this madness.
Football clubs owners directors and above all fans should reflect seriously on this event, quite frankly it was fortunate there were not more injuries or even deaths, a robust enquiry is necessary and hopefully there will be serious measures taken but, what can realistically be done ? apart from banning all away supporters I'm at a loss to find a solution.

Rangers will survive and they will continue to work with other agencies to remedy this.
I know they will survive because above all, when the dust settled and the real Rangers fans were back home, many made their way to Celtic Park to pay their respects to Celtic's Tommy Burns a tragic loss to Celtic and Scottish football, a dedicated and talented player from their oldest opponents and fiercest rivals.
In Manchester we saw the worst and at Celtic Park we saw the best, a credit to their club.

That is why, despite everything, it is and will continue to be,
"The Beautiful Game"

Thursday, May 15, 2008


While we have mainly been concentrating on the wee world of Scottish politics (dangerous parochialism)
I missed the emergence of the Tory think tank which came up with the following suggested policy.

In Vitro Fertilisation treatment (IVF) should not be made available to Lesbian couples.

Yes folks this the modern Tory Party in 2008, lesbian women cannot be trusted with children, standing four square behind them is the Catholic Church, now there's a shock.
I sometimes despair at these people but we mustn't give up. We must continue the battle for fairness and justice, we must carry on shining the light of decency in the hope that these seriously misguided people will some day see it.

The Tories and religious campaigners regard it as wrong for two women who are committed to each other in a long term loving relationship to have children, I believe that to be wrong, discriminatory and down right un-Christian, not for the first time I find myself asking what the gentle Jesus that I learned about as a child would say to such a couple.
It's a fanciful question I know but, without claiming any religious insight I am utterly convinced he would have said "bless all three of you"

With no disrespect to those who differ, the desire to have children is something that most women would recognise, it can become obsessive in some cases and can ruin lives as a consequence, speaking as a male I regard the birth of my children as the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I think that to deny that joy to someone because of their sexuality and prejudice of others is unspeakably cruel.

A lesbian couple are planning a 'shared baby', by IVF, one will have her eggs fertilized and the resulting embryo will be implanted into her partner's womb, this means one would be the birth mother and the other the genetic mother.
Is this child wanted ? these women have clearly spent time deciding this and are determined to carry it through, surely this suggests that they are every bit as as suitable as anyone else to be parents. I wish them well.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith called it a "nail in the coffin" of the traditional family, big on tradition the Tories.
Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor has called for a free vote as he campaigns against this bill. I find it very tempting to cut loose at these people but, I've counted to ten and I accept that they are genuine, at least the Cardinal is. The Tories ? could they be electioneering ?

There are 3 million single parents in Britain but they want to exclude lesbians.
The overwhelming majority of sexual and physical abuse cases happen within families, traditional families.

To suggest that a child with lesbian parents would be denied the influence of an adult male is disingenuous, they would have to go and live in a cave for that to happen, the argument doesn't stand up and the Tories and the Church are clutching at straws.

The argument is simple, I say that children should be raised in a home where there is love and protection and that excludes no one.
I hope the Bill is passed and we take another step away from prejudice and into the light.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


With apologies to old 'Supermac' for the above tital.
Last week was unprecedented in the small world of Scottish politics, I challenge anyone to find a comparable orchestrated attack of such a personal nature on any politician on a level as that which has been directed at Wendy Alexander, this was hatred and it was personal, it was a dark shameful week for Scotland's politics and, just when you think that journalists can't possibly get any lower they do just that, what a profession.

It's not so easy to determine why we seen this outburst of poison it was positively McCarthyite, Salmond (the spiv) was always confident that he could deal with other Scottish leaders like McConnell and McLeish, not so Wendy, hence the personal abuse, the sneering, the orchestrated laughter and cheering from the mob, he needs that, he's scared to leave anything to chance he's a bully and a coward.
Not an easy man to like, this is a man who can strut sitting down but, there has always been a suspicion that he's not what he seems, something lacking, he needs the odds piled up in his favour, last week the mask slipped, suddenly he blinked, suddenly he didn't look so tough.

Wendy's offer to put up or shut up is now beginning to be seen for what it was, a shrewd and courageous move which wrong footed him and the SNP, I think that's the main reason for the hysterical reaction, when the leader of one party Salmond (the spiv) resorts to calling for the resignation of another party leader it usually means that he has been damaged.

The press and TV have her finished 'again' if Wendy gets hit by a bus the wretched Herald's Ian Macwhirter's life will flash past her, this guy must be just about punched out, what the hell did she do to him ?
'holy' John McLeod of the Daily Mail wrote about her in a way which suggests that he harbours a personal hatred of her, it's worth reading just to see how low some people can sink. This guy shares a kind of similar religious background to the Alexanders and he doesn't confine his vicious comments to Wendy, it might be some historical fall out, both dads are ministers. The "wee free big free" thing so loved by music hall comedians years ago perhaps.
I think he also called down a "plague of boils" on Wendy over clause 28.

Salmond (the spiv's) raison d'etre is independence he was given the chance by Wendy and 'quit on his stool' he aint so tough after all.

The Herald, The Scotsman, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The News of the World, the TV news muppets and the other parties all have her down and out, a real parcel of rogues.
They base this on word from 'someone high up in Labour' 'some Labour insider' 'a source close to Wendy' etc. etc. meanwhile she has the support of all MSP's and the Scottish Labour exec. and I suspect a growing number of shrewd observers who are now beginning to see Salmond (the spiv) and the SNP for what they are.

Would Salmond (the spiv) have jumped at a referendum if he was confident of winning ? that's a tough one eh ? He's a charlatan and a coward.
The SNP seem to be a party with no trace of dissent whatsoever, the last person with that kind of power was Don Corleone an apt comparison for the 'spiv, maybe that's "why they fear him"

Friday, May 09, 2008


Having spent a year strutting around Holyrood like a brutal prison guard, with a sycophantic anti Labour media urging on the bully.
Salmond (the spiv) has been forced to go "homeward to think again" following his accusations that Wendy Alexander was useless, that her position was untenable, that she should resign etc. etc. he is suddenly challenged by her to 'put up or shut up' and he 'shuts up'

He stitches the Scottish people under independence to allegiance to the British Throne. (bonny Chairlie's noo awa) that's for sure now, no way back for the wee man, the 'spiv's gied him the mallet. (no dissent ?)

He publicly states that a pact with the Westminster Tories is on the cards, (history repeating itself)

He accuses the PM of cowardice for abandoning election plans because he doubted he could win ! isn't that a cracker ? who has just backed away from a referendum because he knows he can't win ? despite claiming that 80 % of Scots favour independence ? Yes it's Alex (the spiv)

Stir in the right wing budget and you can't help but feel the pain of those old nationalists who believed in the cause, where are they ? has Alex (the spiv) banished them to the 'Utter Hebrides' along with Sillars and Margo, "will they no come back again"

If the 'spiv' is ever sworn in as PM of an independent Scotland he will do so in the presence of the British Monarch under the fluttering Union Jack and applauded by Tories and the business community.
Ochone, Ochone will no one in the SNP speak out ? Scotland lies bleeding and the 'spiv' is twisting the knife.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Will "the spiv" and the SNP people who called Gordon Brown a coward for not calling an election because they say he thought he could not win it now apologise to the PM ?

Wendy to "the spiv" "OK you've done enough boasting, let's have that referendum asap bring it on" (the spiv) "I want to wait for 3 yrs. and then have one"
This is because he knows he can't win and he is a coward, Brown never even said a word about an election and was called all sorts by Alex (the spiv) while he has been banging on about being free by 93 and 2003 and anything that ends in a 3 for donkey's years.

Here it is Alex (the spiv) step up to the plate, show the people of Scotland what a real Braveheart looks like. Banners waving kilts flying, onward to freedom Alex (the spiv) we are waiting for your leadership.
Have you gone deaf ? has your bottle completely crashed, "now's the day and nows the hour just 3 more years and another hour"

Who would have believed that it would be so easy to expose this guy as a shell, the first big test and it's crash and burn, Salmond (the big Feartie) from now on, how can he avoid the accusation of running away ? even with the anti Labour Alexander witchhunt going on there is no doubt that this is a howler for him, 'bring it on'

Under independence will wee Alex (the spiv) keep the Union Jack seeing as how he intends to keep Scots. loyal to British Queen Betty, can anyone of you SNP contortionists out there advise me on that.
It seems pointless to Fight (figuratively speaking of course it is after all the SNP) for independence and keep the sovereign of the invader and their flag, someone please have a go at answering this.

Monday, May 05, 2008


One year on from the SNP minority win and we seem to have stopped talking about Queen Betty.
I remember years ago when Nationalism was the preserve of what was called the lunatic fringe of politics, the Queen was to be first against the wall, she was Queen of England and she would have to go, come independence.
Please don't make the mistake of thinking this was funny, this was deadly serious, every Nationalist held fast to this part of the faith, she was not the Queen of Scotland and never would be.

"Scotland hasnae got a King and she hasnae got a Queen
how can there be a second Liz. when the first wans never been"

This elegant little piece of doggerel was sung to the tune of "The Sash My Father Wore" at SNP gatherings everywhere and they gave it laldy, big hairy rough Nationalists with wee daggers and big bottles of whiskey belted it out, and the men were every bit as bad, 'wee fund raising ceilidhs' regularly turned into tartan 'Nuremberg Rallies' only a wee bit less aggressive.

What has happened to that fervour, how did we get from that to " we can see no reason for not having the Queen, (Betty that is) as the head of the Scottish state" (Alex 'the Spiv' Salmond) SNP leader.
In those days there would have been "blood and hair on the walls Salmond (the spiv) would have been filleted by a hundred of they wee daggers that they hide down their socks.

The serious side of course is that those Nationalists were indeed the lunatic fringe but, they were sincere, absolutely no shades of grey, they meant what they said about the English and their bogus Queen, they were proud of their beliefs and their beliefs were sacrosanct.
Where are they now? some are still around, some in fact are in the council chamber, skulking and neutered of course but no doubt still dreaming of the future Scottish Kings and Queens but it's only ever going to be a dream now, they won't be carrying anyone "over the sea to Sky" not ever.

Like many other things, such as SNP claims to be on the left as well as the monarchy it's all been dumped by 'the spiv' he is afraid to even suggest that Betty is not the rightful monarch of an independent Scotland, to him and many Nationalists of a more modern stripe it was never going to happen.

Singing and stamping the feet is one thing, restoring the rightful Scottish heir is a different kettle of haggis, it's not even funny any more, in a strange way it's rather sad, all those passionate wooly headed sincere Nationalists have been conned by (Alex the spiv) will they ever rise again ? I doubt it.

IT never rains but, The highest prize for the manufacture of Malt Whiskey has been won by, wait for it, a Japanese company.
"Yoichi 20 year old" has won Whisky Magazine's first prize, there will be a lot of "ochoneing ochoneing" as well as girning in the hills and glens. That wee guy Nackawhatsit ? that plays with the Celtic, him that can open a tin of peas with his left foot, he better get a body guard.

Still they can take our lives, our whisky, our oil, but, will never, ever take our stinking weather !


The Royal Princes are following in the footsteps of some 'greats' 'Flanagan and Allan' 'Mike and Bernie Winters' and 'Morecambe and Wise' to name a few, great entertainers all.

They should be proud of keeping up the tradition, it's in the genes, look at Grampa Phil. uncle Andy, uncle Eddie and the late 'barking mad Maggie' who was kept in the attic, family parties must be a hoot.

I've said before that if these people didn't exist I'd have to invent them, the baton of lumpen stupidity has been passed to a new generation, and the puppet masters who orchestrate this 'end of the pier' farce seem confident that an easily led public, urged on by a craven establishment and sycophantic media will allow it to survive 'ad nauseam'

Why do I return to this now ? well another stunt has just been pulled by getting 'Wingco Willie' to fly to Afghanistan for a couple of hours, do a photo shoot and fly back.

Something had to be done following his antics with the helicopters which he used 5 times to joy ride with his pals, costing us thousands of pounds, he landed at the main air base, nowhere near danger and was away again before anyone knew he was there.

He returned with the remains of a dead soldier on board, Trooper Robert Pearson, does it get any more revolting than this ? a shallow stunt and an insult to Trooper Pearson and his family as well as the other military personnel who face real danger, this is not the Prince's fault it's the corrupt decadent system of Monarchy that is to blame, these people have no sense of shame or decency and some fawning, grovelling people still salute them.

This was closely followed by an announcement that Harry was to be awarded a medal for dropping in on Afghanistan surrounded by personal bodyguards in another shameless stunt.

Will William get a medal to ? it's only fair, he went as well and was in as much danger as Harry, which is to say, no danger at all.
It has become impossible to conclude anything other than that the Monarchy holds the people of this country in contempt.

I remember as a kid wearing war medals with my brothers which were won by my dad, he was not concerned in the least that we were running around with these medals pinned on and he kept them in a shoe box, they were inevitably lost and he didn't give a damn about that either, the older I get and the more I observe, the more I learn to understand his attitude. .

Saturday, May 03, 2008


It's Thursday evening 7pm May 1St. 08 and the streets outside the Mossvale Church Hall in Shortroods in my ward are witnessing a strange invasion, cars, not the usual Shortroods cars though.

These were cars of a more expensive variety, big cars with fancy names and flashy designs, what could it mean ? and so many of them.

The church hall had been booked for a public meeting by the Renfrewshire Schools Parent Councils to discuss the devastation being wrought on our school pupils by the actions of Renfrewshire Council's SNP/Lib. Dem. administration.

What would the reformer Knox have made of them ? this inexperienced incompetent bunch announced a reduction of £4.5 Million in education spending at their budget, we are now seeing the effects, these are cuts, savage draconian cuts which will damage children, teachers, schools and families across Renfrewshire, hence the exotic cars in Shortroods, the parents, pupils and teachers were not amused.

Young people are preparing for one of the most important times of their lives, 'the highers' these exams will shape their futures, that's how important they are. Consider the fear and worry therefore when the kids and families start to realise that these cuts mean them, it's their lives, their futures we are talking about.

When the curriculum is chopped, when supported study is cut, when class room behaviour projects are closed etc. these children and their families will pay the price.

The EIS warn of the following - larger class sizes, fewer subject choices, less specialist support, social exclusion instead of inclusion, fewer books and pencils, five or six fewer teachers next year in Renfrewshire,the undermining of any aspiration for improvement, less choice in Advanced Highers, teachers threatened with disciplinary action for speaking about these cuts, that last one is a beauty isn't it ?

The meeting was packed and I personally spoke to doctors, lawyers, university professors, teachers, engineers, architects etc. who are incensed at what is happening.

Nicola Sturgeon accuses Labour of scaremongering and I am left to wonder if this crowd at the meeting were there because they were 'scare mongered' a pathetic reaction, let her face these people and see what their feelings are, can you guess who were not at the meeting ?
From education convener Cllr. Cameron SNP down to every Cllr. in Renfrewshire Council, invitations were sent and the only Cllrs. to show face were Labour.
We opposed this at the budget and we will continue to oppose it, I urge everyone who cares about the future of young people in Renfrewshire to write to Cllrs. MP's, and MSP's about this scandal, visit the surgeries of SNP, Lib. Dem. and Tory Cllrs. yes the Tories are in it up to their necks as you would expect.

This is the real face of the Nationalists and the £4.5 Million has just been scraped, there is a lot more to come.


A defeated American presidential candidate once said, when asked about the election result, "the people have spoken, --- the B------s"
That's how I feel right now, following the England/Wales local elections and the election for Mayor of London, particularly the Mayor, how could they ? Boris Johnston ! he will bring the same gravitas as the 'Lord Mayor' brings, the 'Dick Whittington' one.

It wasn't that long ago that parts of London were going up in flames with nightly rioting caused by racial tension.
Now they have elected a Mayor who is to put it bluntly, an ignorant, arrogant racist, his pronouncements at the time of the riots would have poured petrol on the fires. I hope I'm wrong but I fear a long hot summer to come.

The Tories are back in the game and no mistake, an aspect of this which dismays me is the fact that they are just about the biggest collection of privileged politicians ever assembled in the same shadow cabinet, yes it was local elections but these people are not representative of the British people, we have taken a step backwards, we must try to ensure that we turn this round before the next general election.

The result also reminded me of how much money plays a part in the election process, the Tories were able to spend lavishly on the well to do suburbs where their supporters live and the 'Evening Standard' ran a relentless campaign of vilification against Livingstone while the rest of the country were bombarded by an anti Labour media campaign. Add to this mix the fact that Labour are 'mid term' in a 3rd. term Govt. and it becomes predictable, we shall of course be back.

The whole business in fact gets more and more like the USA every time we have elections. Not a healthy thing I.M.O. Remember, 'some of the best political jokes get elected'

Friday, May 02, 2008


It seems according to the 'smart money' that the oil refinery workers at Grangemouth have scored a success.
Their strike if we consider it was about an enduring trade union principle, 'solidarity' the difference with this strike was, solidarity with whom ?

It wasn't a 'sympathy' strike or secondary action because nobody else was out, it wasn't for a pay rise (greedy workers) it wasn't for shorter hrs. (lazy workers) in fact, and here is the principle it wasn't even for themselves. They went on strike to protect the pension rights of workers who have yet to be employed by the company, their future union 'brothers and sisters' The multi national billionaire company wanted to withdraw pension rights from future new employees, lovely people eh ?

The company showed typical capitalist greed, there is no such thing as enough profit when someone can be exploited, that's the law of capitalism, they hoped that the workforce would behave like them and say to hell with who follows us, I'm doing OK let them fight their own battles.
A just cause, a determined workforce and a well organised union and it can still be done. This is at a time when BP and Shell anticipate profits of £68 bn. between them.

I hope other groups of workers will pay attention to what happened at Grangemouth and take encouragement from it, we need to remember that every advance made in this country for workers was as a result of struggle and sacrifice by the Labour and Trade Union Movement, a movement for good and a movement with lots to offer for the future.

We can and must fight back against corporate greed, the unions are still our hope for the future, as the famous Union song goes "there is no power weaker than the feeble power of one, but the Union makes us strong. solidarity for ever" etc. well done Grangemouth workers.