Saturday, November 26, 2016


What do Dwight D Eisenhower – John F Kennedy – Lyndon Baines Johnson –Richard Nixon – Gerald Ford – Jimmy Carter – Ronald Reagan – George Bush – Bill Clinton – George Bush 2 and Barack Obama have in common? --- They all had the misfortune to be presidents of America while Fidel Castro was in power in Cuba; Fidel has also managed to steal the thunder of President elect Donald Trump by himself passing away, thus knocking the serial crook Trump off the front pages of the newspapers and the TV news screens all around the world. None of the men traditionally referred to as the most powerful men in the world 'The Presidents of America' was never able to get the better of a revolutionary Socialist leader who dominated them from 90 miles away in the tiny island of Cuba with ease. Despite the efforts of the mightiest nation on Earth’s attempts to invade Cuba, to destroy their revolution with sanctions and even assassinate Fidel many times he was able to ridicule and laugh at them for over 5 decades. 

His poverty stricken 3rd world country managed to provide better health care completely free to everyone, and better education, free to all from infancy through to university, better infant mortality rates and so much more than the world’s richest country America.

Cuba exported healthcare throughout Latin America and Africa, 325, 710 Cuban health workers have worked in 158 countries since 19 69. And they also gave military aid to the ANC in their revolutionary struggle. 

Castro and the Cuban revolution above all brought hope to the downtrodden of this world, in every corner of the earth people heard and learned from Cuba that they could in fact defy the odds and win the struggle against the exploiters, capitalist crooks and colonialists if they stood together, displayed loyalty to the cause and believed in solidarity. We may never see his like again, and he joins the list of heroes who have gone before him who were fighters for justice for the poor and downtrodden, like Lenin, Marx, Trotsky, Robespierre, Danton, (La Pasionaria - Dolores Irraburi), Rosa Luxembourg, James Connolly, John MacLean and so many more who fought for the greatest cause in the history of the world, Socialism, it was a privilege to have shared this earth with him and to have supported him and his revolution.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016


“Struggling Americans never admit to being poor, they are brainwashed into thinking that they are only temporarily embarrassed millionaires” – John Steinbeck. This is the “American Dream” which is of course one of the cruellest and biggest lies in history.

Donald Trump, President of the United States! It has really happened; we now know that Americans can indeed be that dim-witted. It’s time to warn immigrants that they will be hunted and deported, Women will be punished for having an abortion if they can find a doctor to perform one, The LGBT community can expect to be hounded and their marriages classed as illegal and those who are not WASPS (white Anglo Saxon Protestants) will face greater discrimination and persecution.   
Climate change will now be relegated, and Muslims will be banned and those already in America will be abused. These things will come to pass because a man who is a racist bigot, a misogynistic pig, and a practiced liar and crook is now the President elect of the USA.
There can be no doubt that these events have occurred because the political establishment in America; Democrat and Republican, have abandoned millions of regular Americans to their fate in the worst ‘dog eat dog’ capitalist society in the world, a place where there is no mercy, no matter how many times they salute the flag or rehearse the mantra that they live in “the home of the brave and the land of the free” Trump’s political instincts and his temperament will show them no mercy, the rich are about to get richer and the poor about to get poorer. And the poorest of the poor, Indigenous Indians, African Americans and Latinos will be trampled on; as Orwell said in 19 84 “imagine a boot stamping on a human face — for ever”.

It hardly seems possible that America could become more lawless, more brutal or more unequal but we are about to see that it will. There is a price to be paid ultimately for exploiting millions of your own people and replacing aspirations with flag waving and national anthems and we will I think see that. America above all is about to pay the price for its failure to properly educate its own people, they are the richest as well as the dumbest country in the world and they could be about to pay a heavy price for their corporate greed and their negligence of their ‘fellow Americans’, God Help America.     

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The sustained attacks on Jeremy Corbyn accusing him of anti Semitism are nonsensical and desperate, nonsensical because he has an unblemished history of unwavering opposition to any kind of racism, sectarianism or bigotry. They are also desperate because they are being hysterically pursued by Israeli Zionists and the reason for that should bring reassurance to Labour and Corbyn supporters. Anyone who clings to the fiction that Corbyn is unelectable should consider carefully why this is happening, it is clear that when it comes to Corbyn's electability there is certainly one very powerful and influential group who know that he is electable and that is the Israeli Zionists. The last thing they want to see is a UK Labour Prime Minister with a long and honourable record of support for the Palestinian cause, hence the slurs and false accusations against him. Their accusations however are becoming less and less credible and the fact that they emanate from the same old sources marks them as completely contrived.   

Friday, September 09, 2016


Has anyone like me been wondering what has happened to the SNP MP’S at Westminster, they all seem to have taken a vow of silence quite a while ago. It seems they have been secretly planning a master stroke to shake the Palace of Westminster to its foundations, no it’s not independence, none of them mention that anymore, it’s not Brexit either, they realise that that horse has bolted and they are left with just the shrieks of Nicola Sturgeon hilariously threatening Theresa May who just looks terrified doesn’t she?.

The secret has been revealed in all its splendour and daring, they have rallied behind their saltire and
advanced on Westminster as a mob demanding that the government officially recognise the 50th. Birthday of Star Trek, this motion to the house was put down by SNP MP Patrick Grady yesterday. Forget homelessness, The NHS, Food Banks, cuts etc. Star Trek is apparently far more important to the SNP trekkies. So the next time you hear anyone asking what good the SNP MP’S are you can stand up for them by stating the SNP MP’S fought like bravehearts to have the country recognise the benefits bestowed on us all by the children’s space adventure series Star Trek. Their next heroic mission I’m told is to force Westminster to recognise the cultural significance of legendary Scottish heroes like oor Wullie, the Broons, Wee Willie Winkie and William Wallace.     

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


There is an interesting similarity in the way Nicola Sturgeon and Owen Smith represent their cases against the democratic decisions of the people they are trying to persuade to support them. Sturgeon continues to barely keep herself afloat by sabre rattling against the verdict of the electorate to leave Europe and still issues empty threats against those who decided that Scotland will remain as part of the UK. Both of their positions are patently untenable when you remove the bombast and empty rhetoric.

In Sturgeon’s case, she is now in the absurd position of telling people she will re run the independence referendum which they lost some two years ago and she also insists in trying to interfere with the decision taken in the European referendum which she also lost just recently, democracy evidently is not her strong point. The unpalatable truth for her and her credulous followers who believe the nonsense she continues to spout is that she has no cards to play, hence the reason that she continues to shout loud and long about repeat referendums without mentioning how she will set about achieving this. The answer is of course that she can’t, if she could we would have heard by now how she will go about doing it. She is now paying the price for the part she played in returning David Cameron to Downing Street, a more intelligent and experienced politician would have been far more aware of how vulnerable Cameron would be in a Euro. Election but she went with Salmond’s orders again, she must be one of the few people who did not realize that Salmond by then was incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time since his career and his reputation crashed and burned among the flames of the SNP’s farcical independence referendum campaign.

The wretched Owen Smith like Sturgeon now looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a bus and he has no way of escaping. How on Earth did they convince him to run? Had I been in his position I might have looked around me and thought to myself, where is Balls? Benn, Burnham, Hodge, Watson, Bryant? Where have all the big hitters who planned this gone? It should have occurred to him that because of the actions of himself and the rest of the PLP he was a dead man walking, even many of those who do not want Corbyn to win were frowning on such deceitful behaviour and so it proved. He has now had to submit himself to a humiliating series of hustings, and rallies which have been totally eclipsed by his opponent’s activities, his opponent who by comparison looks like a rock star at a concert and he is sixty seven years old! Alas the big name instigators of this debacle have left him to swing in the wind. He apes the same tactics as Sturgeon in that he attacks Corbyn over the Brexit campaign without being able to tell the members what it is that he either did not do or did not do well enough. He also says that he will fight Brexit harder than Corbyn without telling us how he will do this, he condemns Corbyn as being useless but as Jeremy pointed out with a sickening thud at a hustings he wants him in his cabinet if he wins!.

Smith and those people who created this awful mess will be lucky to cling to careers as back benchers if Corbyn wins and becomes PM and there will be no drama about the process, it will be inevitable and the Labour Party will unite and emerge stronger as a force for Socialism.      

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Renfrew South & Gallowhill By Election Thursday August 11th. 20 16 – Vote Labour – Vote for Edward Grady.   

Thursday, July 07, 2016


Today I received notification from The Labour Party that my suspension has been lifted. I know that those people who could not stop mentioning it when they wrote to me in glee would like to know the outcome so I thought it right to let them know. This was a classic smear against me and others in the party by a coalition consisting of Israeli Zionist extremists,’ opportunistic right wing Tories and the usual fetid SNP suspects, It failed quite spectacularly. It was doomed to fail because they targeted Labour Party people who had reputations for campaigning against racism and bigotry all their lives. In over 43 years in The Labour Party I have never heard one anti Semitic remark made, it was gutter politics at its worst.

Using tactics that would have disgraced the squalid old Senator for Wisconsin Joe McCarthy they created a climate of fear aided and abetted by the UK media. Despite being wrongly accused by a right wing Tory blogger, I understand why the party put these suspensions in place, the pressure was being built up and to stop that pressure in its tracks the party played safe and they and the other accused have been vindicated. Because of the swift action by the party this vile slur if ever attempted again will gain no traction.

There is a very significant message here as a result of this failed attempt to damage Labour; it’s a message that is very important to the party and the wider country if they care to heed it. The Zionist ‘powers that be’ in Israel are very strong, very determined and utterly ruthless and the last thing they want to see is a Labour Prime Minister in number 10 who has a decade’s long commitment to Palestine, and opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. My suggestion therefore is, the next time you hear anyone say that Jeremy Corbyn is incapable of winning a UK general election, remind yourselves of what Zionist Israel which is one of the most powerful countries in the world backed by American money tried to do to Jeremy Corbyn. The conclusion is clear the Israeli Government know that Corbyn can win and our job is to make sure that he does just that. I want to thank all the people within the party and out with the party for their kind messages of support for me throughout this grubby business.     


 “Labour membership is on course to hit 600,000, a half-century peak”, (The New Statesman). after a second successive day in which more than 100,000 people have applied to become party members.

As far as social media presence is concerned, 'Saving Labour', which is a right wing group funded by private money has over 4,000 likes at time of writing, while 'Momentum' which is a grassroots rank and file Corbyn supporting group has 53,808. 

If this was a fight, the referee would have stopped it by now to save the PLP 

Blairites further punishment. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


If it is permissible for the PLP to challenge Jeremy Corbyn then it must follow that we, the party members can challenge those Labour MP’S who challenged Jeremy, right?. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The suspicion remains that the SNP are not prepared to come clean over their dealings with fracking and this recent  Herald story shows why. I have been sent posts from an SNP apologist called Gordon Walker who has been tying himself in knots in his attempts to defend the SNP’S stance over fracking, I look forward to his view on this.  
 From the Herald. ------ THE former cabinet secretary in charge of planning took thousands of pounds from a family business linked to fracking for his re-election campaign, it has emerged. Alex Neil accepted almost £3000 in donations from the family behind a leading drilling company that stands to benefit if the SNP allows fracking in Scotland.  According to official election records, Hydracrat Ltd donated £490 to Neil on March 21, and five members of the Hill family then gave a further £2420 between them by March 25. Bobby Hill, 54, the company’s director and sole shareholder, gave £485; his 80-year-old mother Jean gave £495; his wife Linda, 52, gave £470; and his sons Robert, 24, and Ross, 21, gave £490 and £480 respectively.
The threshold for reporting a donation to the Electoral Commission is £500.
Neil took the cash while Cabinet Secretary for Communities, which gave him responsibility for planning, despite controversy over previous Hydracrat donations because of its fracking links.In November, it emerged SNP candidate Neil Gray, now the Airdrie & Shotts MP, took £3750 from the firm in 2015, despite taking a public stance against fracking. Hydracrat also donated £17,500 to the SNP in 2010, and Bobby Hill gave £6500 to the Airdrie & Shotts constituency branch in 2011, though not to Neil directly. Over the last 5 years or so this company Hydracat which is linked to fracking have donated nearly £31,000 to the SNP, through the party itself, one of its branches and two of its candidates.

Central Scotland Labour MSP Richard Leonard, who stood against Neil, said: “Alex Neil has some explaining to do. People in Scotland need to know that government ministers are making decisions based on the evidence, not on who is funding their political campaigns. An SNP spokeswoman said: “Alex Neil instructed government officials months ago that any application from any donor to his campaign would have to be decided upon by another minister to avoid any conflict of interest, or suspicion of any conflict of interest. The insinuation here is a red herring." It would appear therefore that according to this SNP statement that even if Neil is squeaky clean that another SNP minister and the party itself are happy with donations being designed to avoid being declared by a company who are linked to fracking. Are their members also OK with this?. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Time perhaps to listen to the singer. Every time a politician makes a disparaging remark about immigrants, asylum seekers or refugees they bring the day closer that another terrible incident like the one which took the life of young Labour MP Jo Cox will occur. We now live in a febrile anti Muslim cauldron of hatred because of the constant fraudulent propaganda being put out by right wing groups and reactionary racist MP’S and their fellow travellers, no one would now be in the least surprised if similar attacks are carried out again, such is the unstable nature of our society today and still, the propaganda and hate speech continues. The crime of inciting hatred is now largely ignored because it has been allowed to fester by the authorities who are afraid to enforce the law.     
The other day we saw a truly nauseating billboard displayed by the fascist Nigel Farage who is responsible for stirring up this poison. This billboard showed a large queue of what were clearly foreigners waiting to enter the UK, it was positively Goebblesesque in its conception and display and reached a new depth of racist malice, created and displayed by people who claim to be white UK Christians!. The ‘mob’ is ever susceptible to this kind of filth and no one knows when the propaganda will reach a point where some vulnerable bigot will decide to take action which will lead to tragedy. I do not accept for one minute that those who provoke such incidents can genuinely claim to be innocent of incitement. Here in Scotland we witnessed a pattern of racist hatred against English people which built up over several years which culminated in Scotland being one of the most hate filled countries in the world as we approached the referendum, this was demonstrated in the awful scenes in George Square when the Nationalists lost, some disingenuously expressed alarm and surprise at the events which took place but those who knew the truth saw it coming over a long period of time. Abusive language and constant displays of hatred perpetrated against people who are targeted for being ‘different’ will eventually bubble over and there is no telling where it will lead.         

Action has to be taken now before it is too late to put a stop to those who pedal hatred, particularly prominent people such as MP’S and leaders of political groups and ad hoc rabble rousers who are not happy unless they are abusing someone or beating up someone who is according to their twisted minds the wrong colour. That process should start with The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, the SUN, The Telegraph and the rest of that ilk. Free speech does not mean that the spreading of hatred and encouragement of racist violence should be tolerated. 

Monday, June 06, 2016


Unedifying obfuscation is now the default position of the SNP and their mob of supporters in relation to Fracking as they twist and turn while refusing to ban it entirely. In the course of the past year they have gone from sabre rattling against Fracking to being terrified to mention it at all, they adopted the prison camp guard’s excuse of ‘we are following orders, we can’t ban it’ when in actual fact they can ban it, so why the tissue of lies?.  

Such was the determination of the SNP hierarchy to stamp out dissent on this that they made sure that it would not be debated at their conference, so to those SNP members who are opposed to it which means most of them before they were stood on by Nicola and her guards the order is ‘whatever you say, say nothing’, or else. This deception got them by the recent Holyrood election but it helped to lose the SNP its overall majority, this in turn led to a situation which could only be described as humiliating for Sturgeon and her now minority government as she instructed her party to abstain and the remaining MSP’S led by Labour recorded a victory for banning over it’s then only supporters the Tories. It all begs the question, how long can the SNP keep going without a rebellion in the ranks, bit by bit the things which the SNP once stood for are being dismantled by the likes of Sturgeon, Swinney and Neil who chose the careerist path a long time ago.  

There is a spectre hanging over this whole business and that spectre is called Jim Ratcliffe the owner of Ineos who, with the help of the SNP destroyed so many jobs at Grangemouth. It was he who smiled to the cameras on leaving a meeting with the SNP as he stated ‘I see no problem with Fracking going ahead’ could the sinister smirking face of Fergus Ewing who was right behind him have had anything to do with Mr. Ratcliffe’s confidence?. I smell an SNP rat and that is why they are in such a mess over this issue. Make no mistake about it when a man like Ratcliffe looks at someone like Nicola Sturgeon he sees what con men call a ‘mark’.        

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Mhairi Black SNP MP “the young clever one” has reappeared from her slumber and shown herself to be even dumber than the rest of the SNP, a heroic achievement by any standard. She complains about work-shy MP’S and Parliamentary Skivers, pity for her then that people can check MP’S activities and here is hers.

She has spoken in 12 debates in the last year, which is well below the average amongst MP’S.

She has received answers to 5 written questions in the last year – below – average amongst MP’S.

She has voted in 59% of votes in this Parliament, well below average amongst MP’S _ (from public whip).  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Scotland: ‘My Community Can’t Eat A Flag Or Pay Their Bills With A Slogan’

Labour MSP Neil Findlay writes below a very informative and heartfelt call for unity and socialism in the
 Morning Star. 
In the wake of devastating results for Scottish Labour, NEIL FINDLAY MSP makes a plea for solidarity and public services to trump petty nationalism. The results of last Thursday’s Scottish election for the Labour Party are, I would suggest, pretty clear. We lost the election and we lost it catastrophically. As we say in Scotland, we were well and truly gubbed.
It was our worst result in over 100 years, losing all but three constituency MSPs. In my area we worked at the seat for five years prior to the campaign. We put out 100,000 pieces of election material, campaigned hard on local and national issues and worked our arses off. But, we still lost by 8,000 votes.
Over the coming weeks and months there will be numerous critical assessments of Thursday’s result but let me be clear: we fought the election on one of the most progressive manifestos in many, many years. It was a manifesto I was proud to stand on.
We fought on a platform of redistribution to tackle health and wealth inequality, of investing in public services and protecting local government. We were committed to taxing the richest 1 per cent who earn over £150,000, we proposed scrapping the council tax and investing in education.
This was not, as the increasingly embittered and irrational Michael Dugher said, a manifesto that was a “hideous, Momentum hard-left experience.” I would invite the bold Michael to come to Scotland and explain his whacky theories to the Scottish party. However, I would caution him that, given his track record in running an utterly inept leadership campaign for good comrade Andy Burnham, he may find his audience somewhat sceptical.
The reality is that it wouldn’t matter if Keir Hardie himself had handed out a million-pound notes to every voter who promised to vote Labour. I think we would still have experienced the same result. It appears that no matter how much Labour tried to move the debate onto the issues of health, education and public services, it was the referendum and the national question that concentrated the minds of voters.
The reality is the rot started to set in for Labour long before the referendum. Over the years we lost the trust of too many of the Scottish people. Increasingly they saw a Labour Party they did not recognise. Too many saw a party that had stopped radically challenging inequality, that had accepted privatisation rather than seeking to revitalise public ownership, and that went along with market logic while ingratiating itself into the Establishment.
Unfortunately, these Scottish people who lost faith, or who were on a journey of losing faith, had many of their concerns confirmed by the catastrophe of Iraq. The final cherry on the cake was the involvement in the Better Together campaign.
This is a decision that I will never understand or come to grips with. Whatever the campaign is, you can’t as a party decry the Tories every day only to then link arms with them.
So last week, following a period of steep decline, we were squeezed between two competing forms of nationalism. Rule Britannia Tory British nationalism complete with Union Jacks being waved from a tank by Ruth Davidson on one side,
and Braveheart Scottish nationalism on the other. In this constitutional din schools, hospitals and the future of our economy hadn’t a chance of a look in.
In most constituencies there were only four parties standing; therefore Yes voters had only one candidate to coalesce around while No voters were split between three parties. There were many big swings away from Labour but also away from the SNP is some areas — Aberdeenshire and Perthshire being good examples.
Many Yes voters see independence as being the only route to solving the problems they face. Yet since the referendum and the oil price fall, independence would have left Scotland facing extremely serious economic problems.
All of this is set against the background of major public service failure across the board. Health and wealth inequality are increasing, local government is in deep trouble with 70,000 jobs gone and services hollowed out, we see a crisis in our GP surgeries and the educational attainment gap widening not narrowing. In all the key areas where governments are normally judged, the SNP have failed and failed miserably.
How can a government that refuses to raise tax on the wealthiest in case they take flight from this country (a favourite Tory argument) be considered progressive?
How can a party that wants to cut corporation tax for the big corporations be considered progressive?
How can a government that has frozen the council tax while decimating local government be considered progressive?
And how can a government that renames PFI to NPD and promotes it with great enthusiasm to some pretty dodgy people across the globe be considered progressive?
But the most chilling element of all of this is the revival of the Tories in Scotland.
As someone who grew up in, and lives in, a mining community, I am truly appalled.
Despite the unprecedented Tory attacks on working people, the legacy of Thatcherism and attacks on all the gains that we have won as a movement, many people in Scotland have turned to the enemy of our class. They saw the Tories wrapped in the Union Jack and unequivocal on another referendum. In a Scotland still dominated by that debate, people voted Tory because they felt they would fight the SNP hardest on the constitution.
Labour lost out to Yes voters who have not forgiven us for not voting with them in the referendum and to No voters who think the Tories will be harder on the SNP in that constitutional debate.
Labour’s progressive message was starved of oxygen in a constitutional headlock. The focus on nation and flag rather than class and community has ultimately moved the Scottish Parliament firmly to the right.
This new political landscape is thoroughly depressing. My community can’t eat a flag or pay the bills with a slogan that cries Yes or No.
But with these really tough times also comes opportunity. We have to push the SNP government to use the powers of Parliament and to stop following the Tory austerity agenda. This, as we all know, is a political, not an economic, choice.
There has never been a greater need for a Labour Party that represents the interests of working people as there is now.
In the next five years we have to challenge the tax and public spending cuts that will result from this election. We need to expose the SNP for what they are saying and doing — anti-austerity last year and de-facto pro-austerity this year by refusing to tax the wealthiest to invest in services. And we need to fight for the funding of the public services that civilise our society.
Now is the not the time to abandon our values. Now, more than ever, is the time to argue for them.
• Neil Findlay is Labour MSP for Lothian.

Friday, May 06, 2016


 Here is something from the “big” election for those who say Labour can’t win a UK General Election, think again, if you genuinely want the Tories out, it has to be Labour.

As well as taking the British capital city Mayoralship from the Tories, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party are set to take control of 2 of the 4 British Parliaments, the Welsh & London assemblies respectively.

This comes on top of winning the National Poll, leading in the number of councillors seats won, and increasing Labour's share of the national vote 4%[as the Tories share dropped 5%]. All of this was achieved as under Corbyn the Labour vote over the tories has been dragged up from 14 points down to 1 point ahead.
LAB: 31% | CON: 30% | LDEM: 15% | UKIP: 12% [Lab vote up 4% / Cons down 5%)]

Londoners the workers of the UK salute you. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Anyone thinking of voting for the snp on Thursday because they claim to be a left wing party will have to think again after Rupert Murdoch gave them his endorsement in his awful right wing rag The SUN. A couple of days after the truly odious Nicola Sturgeon bowed and grovelled to her Majesty the Queen wishing her a happy birthday she happily posed with a copy of the SUN showing its support for her and the SNP. Will the scales now fall from the eyes of the seriously misguided snp camp followers?. The most virulent, racist reactionary right wing paper in the country is backing the snp, how do they wriggle out of this one?

There is nothing they can say to alter the fact that they are lying when they talk about their left wing credentials or their hatred for the Tories, they have been exposed by their own actions, they are beneath contempt and they are treating the people of Scotland with scorn. On Thursday the Scottish electorate have the chance to show them what they think of them and their evil friends from the Murdoch Empire, I urge the Scottish people to take that chance and use both votes for Labour.   

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Ken Livingstone is under attack from David Cameron, Nigel Farage and the SUN’S hate monger in chief the odious Richard Littlejohn as well as the Tory press and the sinister right wing Blairite clique in the Labour Party. Their accusation is one of anti Semitism against a man who has devoted his whole life to eradicating racism and any form of bigotry. The accusations of anti Semitism are based on something he said about Hitler and German Zionists who conspired to relocate German Jews to Palestine this was before he started the wholesale murder of the German Jewish population. This has deviously been jumped on by Jeremy Corbin’s enemies inside and outside the Labour Party and orchestrated by malevolent Labour MP thug John Mann who disgracefully set up an ambush where he viciously and uncontrollably attacked Livingstone accompanied by a film crew and a rag tag assembly of reactionary journalists.
There are not one but two elephants in the conspirator’s room here. The first is that to accept their charge of anti Semitism you have to also accept that opposition to Zionism and Israel means you are anti Semitic. I like many many others fit that bill of being anti Zionist and anti Israel, and also like those others I refute that accusation because I and they are not anti Jewish in any way, nor are millions of Jews worldwide who agree with me. The second is much easier to explain, no one who is attacking Livingstone can tell us what Livingstone said that was anti Semitic, he was referring to a ‘bona fide’ historical fact which was that Hitler and the German Zionists were in accord.

This is the lengths that the underhand Blairites in the Labour Party will go to in their attempts to get rid of Corbyn and they do not care how much damage to the party they do to achieve that. With Corbyn’s landslide support as leader I foresee a lot of deselections coming, they will be democratic deselections and I will be giving them my total support, these people are treacherous self servers who think they own the Labour Party, it’s high time they learned different.           

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It is a time of satisfaction for everyone who supported the families of the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives in the Hillsborough tragedy and that is a lot of people. There is however a group who do not share in that satisfaction and they belong to the SNP which should come as no surprise by this time to anyone. The vicious low life who calls himself  the Rev. Stuart Campbell writer of the blog wings over Scotland or as he is sometimes called ‘Lord Haw Haw‘ heaped blame on the Liverpool fans and blamed them for the disaster declaring the police innocent. He maintains that same position today and today has seen a surge of support for this animal from snp supporters including MSP Roseanna Cunningham despite the enquiry at last vindicating the fans and blaming the police. The popularity among snp supporters of this filthy character and his writing speaks volumes for the kind of people they are. What you make of members of a political party whose supporters behave in this way is for you and your conscience to decide, for my part my conscience is clear, they are vermin. 

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


 Today’s news is full of Nicola Sturgeon holding a secret meeting with the representatives of a Chinese Company about £10 Billion worth of business. The company are called Sino Fortone and China Railway No. 3 Engineering Group (CR3) and the general consensus among commentators is that they are a very dodgy bunch. Strangely enough the Tory Government are engaged in several projects with them so, once again the SNP and the Tories are as one, more embarrassing for the SNP is the fact that the country which can do no wrong in the eyes of the SNP, Norway have refused to have any dealing s with this company, in Norway they are ‘Persona non grata’.    

The humiliation does not stop there however, the Tory Government were castigated by SNP MP George Kerevan in their own comic ‘The National’ for cosying up to the “new Chinese Imperialism” at the expense of the UK steel industry. While Mr Kerevan fulminated against the Chinese his own party hierarchy were meeting them in secret over this issue, he is obviously out of the loop just like the rest of the Scottish people.  

Perhaps the most bizarre detail in all of this was that despite the fact that SNP MP’S knew nothing about it and neither did the Scottish people, one seemingly privileged person was present in the room, it beggars belief but can anyone think of any conceivable reason why wee holy Brian Souter (for it was he) would be involved in this government transaction?. As far as I am aware he has no locus in government issues and he has never been elected to any political position. Is he now because of his money some kind of ‘minister without port folio’? homophobic, union buster and hidebound religious zealot, ‘how are ye’, it’s all going to end in tears, meantime enjoy the laughs.     

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Years ago people of my generation watched in revulsion the TV images of a young naked Vietnamese girl fleeing in pain and terror as her body burned from an American napalm attack. We also watched in disbelief as a South Vietnamese policeman carried out the summary execution of a North Vietnamese man by murdering him with a close up shot to the head from his revolver. The so called civilised western world was horror-struck at what our American allies had become. There can be no doubt that these TV images contributed an enormous amount of damage to the American cause as they lost and deserved to lose the Vietnam War.

Fast forward to now and we see the equally barbaric murder of a captured and badly wounded young Palestinian man by an Israeli soldier in the Palestinian town of Hebron. As the Palestinian lay injured and immobile he was shot in the head at close range, an Israeli soldier is heard saying “is the dog dead yet”.  It was only a matter of time before the world would have to admit to what the State of Israel is doing, this is now happening rapidly they have joined the ranks of war criminals and despots. This is what Netanyahu calls the most moral army in the world and over 60 % of Israeli citizens have backed the soldier’s conduct, this is to say that a majority of people who live in the State of Israel are in favour of summary execution of their enemies even if they are injured. Netanyahu is also fond of describing Israel as the only civilised democracy in the Middle East, if that doesn’t scare you nothing will. This was not an action against terrorism it was murder sanctioned by the War Criminal State of Israel who are fast running out of the high moral ground that they bogusly claim to occupy. I have copied out below a section of the      ---     The Israeli declaration of independence.

“The State of Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of the Exiles; it will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all!  its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.”

The underlining is mine – many of its inhabitants are being persecuted, murdered, and turned into refugees, and The United Nations has just categorised Israel as the worst country in the world for human rights abuses. Do not react by saying there is nothing that you can do because there is, you can join the BDS movement which stands for BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT. and SANCTIONS. Not many have investments so they can’t disinvest and sanctions are done by governments but everyone can boycott!. The Israeli Government are twisting the arms of many countries to get them to ban BDS but the truth is that no one can stop you from boycotting Israeli goods and refusing to have any contact with them, it worked with apartheid South Africa and the State of Israel is feeling the heat so ‘pile it on’.  

Monday, March 21, 2016


The highlands of Scotland are claimed by some to be a beautiful place with the friendliest people in the world. The first claim is said by every country which wants to attract tourists, lots of made up legends and bogus claims about highland dress and bagpipes, highland games where cabers and other capers are tossed and stalls set out enthusiastically to play the game of “fleecing the tourist” a game at which they would win the gold medal if it were ever included in the Olympics. It’s not particular to Scotland of course. In the capital of Irish America Boston you can stroll in and out of bars to your heart’s content but on St. Patrick’s Day its $20 admission to the same bars.

The second claim about friendly people is however under threat due to the behaviour of the yobs in the SNP. One would have thought that the treatment dished out to the late Charles Kennedy MP would have made them stop and think and perhaps say enough is enough time to rejoin the human race but, it appears not. The spite and resignations keep piling up and now those friendly highlanders affectionately known as ‘teuchters’ are joining in with some gusto. Not to be outdone by the rancorous turf wars among the bravefarts in North Lanarkshire SNP, the teuchter branches are determined that they can be as spiteful and malicious as those lowlander SNP backsliders.

At close of play today we had two SNP councillors who have had enough of the ‘witch hunts’ that they have been subjected to, Cllrs. Iain Angus MacDonald and his fellow SNP Councillor Iain Stewart MacLean both from Oban have now resigned, how many SNP resignations has that been?. “Is losing all these elected members unfortunate or is it just carelessness” to paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s Lady Bracknell?. Sturgeon drops 6 points in leadership popularity poll, it’s a ‘funny old game, isn’t it.  

Friday, March 18, 2016


August 2015 and Yen Hongmei Jin, the SNP’s only Chinese councillor ‘Lochar ward on Dumfries and Galloway Council’ resigns over racism and bullying. SNP party officials did not take steps to shield her. She organised a Burns ‘the great internationalist’ night and was targeted by SNP members because she had no Scottish roots. A squalid offensive email sent to her apparently said “Bunch of arseholes – supposedly Scottish too”, “They can stick their (Burns) club right up their rectum” certainly sounds like the SNP doesn’t it.
This abuse and bullying was made known to the SNP’s Edinburgh headquarters it was ignored for 6 months, is it possible that Nicola Sturgeon knew nothing about this one as well? SNP members may well have thought ‘we will learn from this’, well fast forward to 4 days ago and you find this.

An SNP councillor has resigned over? Yes you’ve got it in one Bullying, and a cover up by SNP officials. College lecturer Marie Penman claimed that her complaints against senior figures in Kirkcaldy were taken no further. jealous and suspicious of her education and intelligence perhaps?.
Among those who were aware of this were Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh MP, now being investigated over a charity she was running , SNP MSP Shirley – Anne Somerville, SNP chief executive Peter Murrell and his wife one Nicola Sturgeon, perhaps she knew nothing about this one as well?.  Seven other Kircaldy branch office bearers have since resigned as well due to infighting which is going on. The branch has 1,400 members 30 of whom turn out for branch meetings! Maybe the 30 regular attendees simply won’t tell the other 1,370 branch members where and when the meetings are being held.   

Owen Jones asks Mhairi Black if she would rather see a socialist UK or an indy Scotland. She chooses the latter. She isn't a socialist, never was and will never be a socialist.
Mr. Cellophane John Swinnie absolutely mangled on Question Time from Dundee, SNP cry foul again.

Sturgeon humiliated by Andrew Neil and reduced to the old discredited moan of Neil “talking Scotland down”

Labour ahead in the polling for the Westminster elections. “It looks like the reports of our death are an exaggeration” To paraphrase Mark Twain.  

Thursday, March 03, 2016


Kezia Dugdale tackled Nicola Sturgeon on Fracking at Holyrood and the exchange went like this. “Scottish Labour will BAN! fracking” Kezia Dugdale. “We have imposed a moratorium!” Nicola Sturgeon. This exchange was repeated several times with some inconsequential deviations, much to the obvious delight of Ms. Dugdale and the obvious humiliation and anger of Ms. Sturgeon. One of course is a BAN while the other is not a BAN, seems straight forward to me, how about you dear reader?.

All across the country SNP candidates are telling voters that there will be no fracking under the SNP, this is a lie just as their claims to abolish the council tax were also lies.

Generous man that I am I have provided an unchallengeable definition of these words from an impressive source for all you nationalists. Sturgeon and the SNP are refusing to BAN fracking, we have to ask why?. 

Meanwhile the billionaires who are preparing to introduce it are boasting that they have been told at the highest level that the SNP are not! opposed to fracking and the SNP have chosen not to rebut that statement. It looks like the SNP have “sold the jerseys” taking the p**s out of their gullible followers again, is there any SNP people out there who will defend them? Here are the promised definitions.   

Moratorium –
"A temporary prohibition of an activity" Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Ban - "Officially or legally prohibit" Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016


 Here is an excerpt for the SNP zealots to read from an article by political journalist Alex Massie ex SNP propagandist and cheer leader, in The Spectator March 1st. 2016 under the heading “The Truth About Trident is That No-one Cares About Trident”.
“The extent to which the public do not care about Trident is not as well-known as it should be. Consider the findings of a Daily Record poll published in January. A panel of 1,000 Scots were asked to rank 13 policy issues in order of their importance. Just 11 people put Trident top of the list and only 33 ranked it in their top three issues. Even a third of SNP supporters thought it the least important of the 13 issues listed for their consideration”.

It is also the case that the last time the SNP debated The House of Lords at conference the abolitionists won the vote by 1% .Hardly a ringing endorsement is it? More like a ‘definite maybe’ in fact.  

And right now we have hoaxer in chief Sturgeon doing the rounds telling anyone who will listen that she speaks for Scotland when she says that Scots. want to stay in Europe, a claim that is looking shakier by the day. She is in fact now frenetically backtracking on this insisting that she does not want the EU referendum to determine the way forward for independence which is of course her way of retracting another lie. How long will the deceived Scottish electorate put up with this unremitting duplicity? 

Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Here is what passes for logic with the cerebrally challenged knuckle draggers of the SNP. This simple map shows the lunacy of Scottish independence and the real prejudice and chauvinism of their supporters. This exposes them for what they are, they cannot justify this insanity and they have nowhere to hide. Portugal becomes a neighbour while Preston is not, likewise Paris and Peterborough, Berlin and Bolton, Cologne and Cardiff and Derry and Dusseldorf. There is only one possible good thing about this(getting rid of England)  madness and it is only a good thing to the SNP whose hatred of the English has led them to this ridiculous and embarrassing situation. This easy to follow map, easy even for SNP supporters to follow is completely damning for the Scottish Nationalists.


Friday, February 26, 2016


The SNP assembly line which regularly spits out its MP’s, SNP,s Councillors and members underneath a dark cloud today gave us Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh SNP MP for the unfortunate constituency of Ochil and South Perthshire. This woman has a chequered political history having been a member of several political parties and also having a reputation of being a bull in a china shop with a mouth like a clown’s pocket.  

She obviously saw the opportunity to form a charity called The Scottish Asian Women’s Association at a time when bizarre groups were springing up everywhere claiming to be Scottish butchers, bakers and candlestick makers etc. for independence most of whom were eventually found to be unsubtle SNP fronts. This “charity” appears to have been “failing to apply funds for charitable purposes” which begs the rather obvious question, what was it’s real purpose?. The Scottish Charity Regulator is quite justifiably concerned that they might have breached their “legal duties”. One can’t help but wonder given the rabble of the SNP at Westminster in particular if the SNP have been recruiting within the Scottish Prison System. When will the dam burst with the Scottish voters, how long can these people survive?. Surely Scotland can elect better people than this.   

Sunday, February 21, 2016


A national newspaper today carries a story about SNP MP Tommy Sheppard failing to declare his links to the firm which organises Europe's largest comedy festival; in total he has declared one of his three financial interests in entertainment agencies. The paper also states that he is an admitted user of amphetamines thus strengthening the strong suspicion that the SNP do not have any vetting system for candidates. Comedy celebrities such as Paul Merton, Ardal O’Hanlon, Julian Clary & Jenny Eclair, as well as known comic supporters of independence like Frankie Boyle,  Janey Godley & Hardeep Singh Kohli, are mentioned as being performers in these shows, many of which carry an ‘overtly political’ message. You must decide for yourself what political leanings they have.

The clearly very busy Mr. Sheppard is also being pursued by Companies House for not declaring his accounts and returns in time which could result in him being fined. He is being investigated by The House of Commons commissioner, an SNP spokesman said “This was an error that has now been rectified. In the interests of transparency Tommy Sheppard is referring himself to the Commissioner." So that’s all right then. The SNP in Westminster look more like ‘Fagin’s gang’ from Oliver Twist with each passing day. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016


       Here is an interesting little piece of information for the Ethnic Scottish Nationalists who like pretend that the SNP would never as Salmond said “do a deal with the Tories”. 
These are the unchallenged words of Scottish Tory leader Annabelle Goldie in the Holyrood Parliament between 2007 as the SNP kept power despite being a minority. Taken along with the role they played in bringing Thatcher to power when they helped to bring down the Labour Party by voting with the Tories right up to today when they voted with the Tories on taxes and with the Tories again while reneging on promises over organ donors it is impossible not to conclude that these people are rogues and liars, Scotland deserves better.                                                                                                                                                  

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sturgeon's mendacity, or dishonesty, or fraud or perhaps she is a LIAR.

In 2014 the SNP claimed it would cost £200 million to set up a whole new state today Nichola Sturgeon says it would cost £600 million to set up a Scottish welfare state alone!

Anyone who can work that out - Answers on a postcard please!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The bill to make organ donation after death an opt out system as opposed to opt in as it is at the moment, was defeated 59-56 in a free vote in Holyrood yesterday.
Msp's are entitled to vote as they see fit. They can object to bills for any number of reasons based on the bill's merit. They can table amendments if there is part of the bill they think can be rectified.
Last night on Twitter it emerged than the MSP John Mason along with colleagues opposed the bill based solely on a personal dislike of Labour MSP Jackie Ballie who proposed the bill. If this is the case. If members of any party choose to oppose a motion that will save lives, that will change lives, and base their objection solely on party political agenda's.
Shame on them!
We have been told we are in the era of a new kind of Politics free from the horrible tribal nature of the establishment in WM. This episode is a horrible example of it in Holyrood.
We deserve better. The 600 people on the donor list in Scotland deserve better.

Thursday, February 04, 2016


So we are back to normal here in Scotland with the Tories and the SNP back “in bed together”, they are always in bed together of course but this time there is nowhere to hide, no stone big enough for them to crawl under, there is no lie available to hide their betrayal and deceit. The Tory/SNP cabal which runs Holyrood have circled the wagons and supported each other in their drive for austerity, is anyone really surprised?. The only difference between them is the Tories are professional crooks and the SNP are enthusiastic amateurs, hence the SNP scandal a day has become a regular show in Scotland.

The issue could hardly be more grave or straight forward, we are heading for draconian service cuts, job losses and austerity with a capital A, with major damage to be done to education making our Scottish children’s futures more difficult. Labour, supported by the Libdems proposed a tax rise of 1 penny to mitigate the impact of what is going to be savage austerity and the SNP supported by the Tories voted the Labour/Libdem motion down, the SNP have been smoked out and as the Tory spokesman rightly said, we (Tories) are happy to be “better together” with the SNP in opposing the 1 penny tax rise.

The phrase “better together” resonates and has come back to bite the wretched SNP, it was underhandedly used by the SNP to link Labour with the Tories and now they are “better together” with the Tories, “in bed with the Tories”, and there is a massive difference between both descriptions.

The SNP accusation related to the referendum which of course had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the constitution. The Tory/SNP pact on taxes is a nakedly political act which cannot be dressed up as anything else, it’s a Tory policy borrowed by and supported by the Scottish traitors of the SNP. Will the Scottish people at long last take a hard look at these shysters?.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016


SNP MP Angus Brendan MacNeil, the guy who was caught plying underage girls with drink in his hotel room while his pregnant wife was in hospital is a busy lad. He jointly owns two properties in Scotland. He also owns a flat in London which is a fifteen minute walk from the House of Commons. Despite this he has over the last three years claimed £42,177 for hotel stays in London, that’s over £14,000 a year to stay in hotels in London while he has a house in London. Can anyone think of a reason why someone would stay in a hotel while having a house nearby?. Is Angus Brendan MacNeil an example of the SNP’s squeaky clean new type of politician I wonder?.    

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


In Tennessee America in 19 25 a great “stushie” took place which resulted after a legendary trial in a young school teacher named Scopes being sent to prison for teaching his students ‘the theory of evolution’ according to Charles Darwin, it became famously known  as “The Scopes monkey trial” and Tennesee is still trying to live down the shame of it all. 91 years later, after man has conquered space and walked on the moon we, yes we here in Scotland, are re-enacting the same weird pantomime brought to you by the SNP. Today’s contribution from the SNP concert party at Holyrood is a parliamentary attempt  by the very, very holier than thou SNP MSP John Mason and 2 other SNP MSP God bothering dinosaurs to make it compulsory for our schools to teach children what is now referred to as ‘creationism’. This flies in the face of evolutionary science as researched by Charles Darwin and subjected to such derision 91 years ago in America. Mr. Mason has previous when it comes to God whom he seems to be on intimate terms with, he and 4 other SNP backwoodsmen continue the “good fight” to allow Gay people to be discriminated against by allowing individuals to refuse them the right to be married, they seem to me to have a very bitter, twisted concept of god, is he perhaps a big guy with a broken nose, shaved head multiple tattoos and carrying a baseball bat?.  What shocks me and has shocked me for some time is that these people continue to be selected as SNP candidates by their constituency members.

Meanwhile the SNP SG continues to stumble from pillar to post.

Leaning on Lothian Health Board to postpone news of health service cuts until after the election is sleazy. John Swinney slithering away down to Westminster to plead for mercy from George Osborne because of the SNP lies about oil have been brutally exposed is a humiliation for the SNP. The public are now familiar with an almost daily diet of SNP lies and misdemeanours, SNP elected members fulminating about tax avoidance and MP’s with second jobs while they the SNP are guilty of tax avoidance and having second jobs as well. The very superior and condescending SNP MP Mr. George Kerevan is revealed to be employing his wife and paying her £25,000 a year, I thought they didn’t do such things.  They keep claiming to be on the left but recently awarded a large contract to a firm who are known blacklisters of union members. How much longer will it be before those who bought their lies decide that enough is enough?

Friday, January 22, 2016


Meanwhile at the Queen Elizabeth, domestic staff go without mops, wards go without enough nurses and doctors are overworked caring for more people than they're supposed to on their shifts. Don't worry though, the SNP are spending millions of your cash teaching people Gaelic.
The common theme? Staff doing the best they can despite SNP under-funding, under-resourcing and poor management. When will they take responsibility and fix this?