Saturday, January 31, 2015


Any hopes that the hatred of the unions long demonstrated by the snp would dissipate following the exit of union hater in chief alex salmond has been dealt another blow over the living wage. The snp government in a spiteful will now deliberately punish low earners in retaliation for the £1.5 Million donation to the general election fighting fund to the Labour Party by the UNITE UNION. Make no mistake about it the snp are every bit as anti trade union as their Tory friends and their fellow nationalists in UKIP, here is the union response to the snp’s latest sell out and betrayal of the Scottish low paid workers.

STUC Anger at Scottish Government Delay on Living Wage Guidance January 30th 2015 The Scottish Trades Union Congress has reacted angrily at proposals by the Scottish Government to delay the introduction of statutory Scottish Government Guidance on the Living Wage. Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said
“We are deeply disappointed that the Scottish Government has failed to deliver on its previous promise to consult on statutory guidance on promoting a Scottish Living Wage through procurement of public sector contracts.
“The STUC were always of the view the Scottish Government misinterpreted EU regulations and ECJ case law and was, as a consequence overly cautious in its approach to the potential for the inclusion of Living Wage clauses in public contracts although we were somewhat comforted by the fact that the Scottish Government committed to a consultation on the issue, we presumed this would be sooner rather than later.
“We accept statutory guidance is still on the table but our anger is at the timescale proposed and it is unlikely we will see such guidance until 18 months after the Procurement Reform Act has been passed and we consider this a serious breach of faith and are calling for a meeting with the Scottish Government to discuss this as a matter of urgency.
“Workers on low pay need lifted out of poverty now and very few contractors delivering goods and services to Scottish public bodies are living wage accredited employers. All too often the reason for non-accreditation is uncertainty over procurement rules and that progress cannot be made until Statutory Guidance is issued.

“The Scottish Government needs to rethink this timetable urgently, proposed non-statutory guidance will not force public bodies to address poverty wages in companies seeking public sector contracts, only well promoted and statutory guidance will achieve the commendable aim of the Scottish Government for the Scottish public sector to be a champion of the Scottish Living Wage.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


On reading an interesting blog called ‘Niko’s Bar’ I discovered the following story and investigated it. Fergus Ewing the dismal snp MSP and Scottish Energy Minister and, more significantly, member of the snp’s own Royal Family The Ewings has apparently and belatedly discovered that the price of oil “now involves the most serious job situation Scotland has faced in living memory” (Fergus Ewing).

Former labour MP Brian Wilson writes “Can this be the same Fergus Ewing with whom I took part in an energy debate in Aberdeen before the referendum when he insisted that planning Scotland’s economic future on the basis of oil at $113 was not only prudent but – as the White Paper said – “cautious”?. It would appear that Prince Andrew is not the only over promoted Royal beneficiary of blatant nepotism. Queen Winnie Ewing, King Stewart, Prince Fergus, Princess Margaret and Princess Annabelle have all at one time or another been employed and paid for by the public as snp representatives. Not only representatives but cabinet positions must be found for them as well if Queen Winnie demands it.   

When considering Fergus Ewing’s damascene conversion to the truth about oil as acknowledged by the rest of the world Mr. Wilson recalls a public meeting where he and Fergus Ewing argued about oil in of all places, Aberdeen and writes “I looked back in the light of Mr Ewing’s apocalyptic change of tune to the immediate aftermath of that encounter”. “As you might expect in Aberdeen,” I wrote, “it was a knowledgeable audience and an authoritative voice from the floor told him that the entire oil industry is working on a forward curve of $90 a barrel. ‘Your numbers are not taken seriously. Your numbers are simply wrong.’ Nobody demurred.”

Only one conclusion can be drawn from this snp oil fiasco, either they are guilty of telling a big big lie as Hitler famously advised or they are grossly incompetent and unfit for office. The whole of Scotland dodged a bullet when it voted NO, remember that when these people ask you to vote for them again.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The forces of darkness are out in their hate filled numbers condemning Muslims, all Muslims, because of the atrocity in Paris, their position as is often the case is completely untenable. The backgrounds of the perpetrators are depressingly analogous, they are immigrants or children of immigrants who occupy the lowest rungs of society and are stigmatised. The children of immigrants have a tendency not to accept the suffering that their parents did, this is because they are not in fact immigrants but still treated as if they are, this causes resentment and becomes a breeding ground for fanaticism and it is not of course peculiar to France. It cannot be emphasised enough that the overwhelming majority of immigrants and their families of all kinds including Muslims are hard working decent law abiding citizens; this description is being challenged by the usual twisted suspects like UKIP, The National Front, The English Defence league, The Scottish Defence League and others including the undisputed king of squalor and hatred himself Rupert Murdoch. Never ones to miss an opportunity to widen their sinister power our own nest of spooks in MI5 and MI6 are demanding more power to spy on everyone, people should consider carefully that the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were already known to French anti terrorist organisations who were unable to stop them, more spies monitoring all of us clearly is not the answer.
One of the most worrying aspects of this situation is the apparent increase in danger for the Jewish people, angry zealots are not known for being rational and the threat to Jewish people stems from the treatment of the Palestinians most of them Muslims by the State of Israel. It is vitally important to emphasise that Israel and the Jewish people are not the same thing and that Israel does not speak for Jews across the world, many Jews are in fact as opposed the actions of the State of Israel as I and many others are. Not enough is being done to publicise the fact that Jews are not responsible for the problems of Palestinian Muslims Israel is. Action by world leaders against Israel would go a long way to ease tensions with Muslims worldwide.   
There are very few dangerous and brutal events in the world today which cannot be made worse by the arrival of Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister, and Paris proved no exception. The orchestrator of the slaughter of 1,400 Muslim men women and children in the last recent atrocity by Israel called ‘cast lead’ appeared at the French funerals as if his hands were clean, and Israeli representatives used the situation to blame Palestinians thus demonstrating wretched opportunism. Meanwhile Jewish people in various parts of the world are living in fear; this is a scandal which has to be tackled as a matter of urgency.  
We would do well to consider that ‘free speech’ does not exist in any country that we know of, all countries can find a reason for locking people up for incitement of one kind or another, some do so more than others. There is only one way to eradicate such incidents and that is to rid societies of the circumstances where such hatred and fanaticism breed. The atrocities committed in Ireland by Christians against Christians and the slaughter of all those young people by that clean cut intelligent  Norwegian Christian fanatic do not mean that all Christians are like that, nor are all Muslims like the killers in Paris.
Not so long ago a satirical piece appeared in a magazine here in the UK, the target of the satire was Scotland, it called Scotland ‘Skintland’ along with other similar jokes, I thought it was clever and funny. The first minister alex salmond however found it worthy of becoming Incandescent with rage and he stated that “they (the magazine) would rue the day that they insulted Scotland”. He was of course posturing as usual but, did he stop to wonder who was listening to him and what some people might have thought he meant?.

Here is The Guardian cartoonist Joe Sacco from Sat. 10 January “what makes Muslims unable to laugh off a mere image. If we decide it’s because there is something deeply wrong with the killers – then we must drive them from their homes and into the sea...for that is going to be far easier than sorting out how we fit in each other’s worlds”. Is that really what we want?.