Saturday, March 31, 2012


On March 23rd. 20 12 I posted a question for the SNP and their supporters about the monarchy which you can see below. I deliberately couched the question in language which a child could understand because I am all too well aware of the mentality of the SNP members and followers.

Alas I have to tell you that here we are 8 days later and not one SNP member or supporter has replied. I think this is yet another example of what the SNP call discipline but the rest of the world call cowardice. They boast of an ever growing membership but when a fundamental question is asked, a question which I know for a fact causes anger and a feeling of betrayal among the SNP ranks we can't find one! not one! who is prepared to say a word against Alex Salmond's diktat, which assures the brave - hearts that if Scotland ever becomes independent our head of state will be the Queen of the UK. Here is a hint for those nationalists who are perhaps struggling, look up the word 'diktat'

Friday, March 23, 2012


Here is a question for SNP politicians, members and supporters, I have asked this in various ways over the past months since in fact this deed was done and I can't get a single nationalist to comment.

Some time ago I heard the SNP leader wee Alex (the spiv) Salmond say; no that's not quite right as we have subsequently found out he "declared" "Affirmed" "Stated" choose your own description, that if Scotland became independent the Present Queen Elizabeth 11 or to give her her proper name, "the full bhuna" as it were. Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas Queen, Defender of the Faith, would be Queen of Scotland and subsequently 'Head of State' She has literally hundreds more titles and can appear wearing more bling than Idi Amin Dada that other famous democrat, but I just want to give you a flavour of her power.

I want to ask Scottish nationalists everywhere what they think of this decision by wee Eck (the spiv) and also ask the following 1/ were any of you consulted about this in any way? 2/ if you were would one or more of you describe how that consultation took place? 3/ what do you feel about wee Eck (the spiv's) actions? 4/ are any of the tooth and claw nationalists that I grew up fighting with still out there, do any of you remember those shibboleths which were sacred to you? I remember them, I heard you sing about them often enough "Scotland hisnae got a King and hisnae got a Queen" remember?

I will print your answers if any of you have the courage to write, I will print them in Technicolour if you dare to give your names.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Below is a short but sensible and powerful letter to a national newspaper.

"Only a cabinet of millionaires could come up with the self - serving notion that workers in the
poorer areas of the UK should be paid less"

Or put another way (my way) "encourage the poor to work harder by paying less and encourage the rich to work harder (cut the 50p tax) by paying more"

This is the policy being introduced by the Tory/Libdem Alliance U.K. Government.

Renfrewshire voters should take a minute to remember that our council is run by an SNP/Libdem Alliance Administration. Think about this when you go to vote in the upcoming Local elections.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


There are quite a lots of people in this country who are convinced that we are dominated by America, I am one of them but I don't believe that American influence is entirely baleful. They have many good points, the occupy movement, baseball, the constitution, no monarchy to name a few. The size, wealth and power of Uncle Sam however is something which requires vigilance by those enthralled by it. The potential for America to be a force for good is immense but so by contrast is its potential for bad. Watching the Republican Presidential Nomination Race has reminded me of the latter. I regard the 3 front runners as right wing cavemen who ought to turn any potential voter against politics but there is the rub, they don't! When I see them try to outbid each other for the hellfire right wing Christian Nazi vote at public rallies I think of Nuremberg.

Gingrich, Santorum or Romney? Take your pick, rat race Protestant, rat race Catholic or rat race Mormon, each capable of actions which have the potential to drag the planet Earth back in to the dark ages and one of these 3 will win and go on to face Obama in the race to be President of the USA there is no plan (B) it's going to be one of these 3 who runs, scary or what? Go Obama Go !

Romney the fabulously wealthy Mormon who pays very little tax on his vast fortune due to the smart lawyers he employs is the favourite; he considers his tax affairs to be his business and thinks it's OK to dodge vast sums of money which should be going to Uncle Sam, he still gets away with wraping himself in the Stars n Bars like a patriot and the red necks buy it. Before you laugh at these backward half witted "good ole boys" you should consider that in America there are an estimated 60 Million of these whackos who prefer Adam n Eve to Darwin.

I came across this example of Mitt Romney's style of reaching out to the 'ordinary Joes' from a recent Republican Rally in Detriot, once the motor capital of the word which now has more unemployed auto workers than you could shake a stick at. He was attempting to fly the "I'm one of you guys at heart kite, just an ordinary patriot like you guys" incredibly he dug deeper "I drive American cars, heck, my wife even drives a couple of cadillacs"

Romney is favourite to win the Republican Nomination and that was a true story, the other 2 are as bad if not worse. F.F.S. if you know anyone in America or you have any influence in the coming Presidential Election please use it to support Obama.