Sunday, May 30, 2010


Lauren Booth*

If you’re hoping to see news about the extraordinary events taking place in the Med sea around Cyprus on either the BBC or Sky this weekend. Forget it. For now.

Despite the fact that almost three dozen Brits are amongst the 700 brave souls heading to Gaza on a fleet of ships laden with essential aid. Or the incredible military and political manoeverings surrounding Israels response to the peaceful attempt, major news channels in the West remain silent.

This despite the fact their news editors have the direct numbers of spokespeople on board and access to the live news feed.After calls to newsrooms across the UK it is clear to me that the first ever sea bound fleet of international aid to Palestine is not of itself a big enough story for our media - until if fails. On Israel’s terms. The BBC has been taking some 200 calls in an hour from viewers wanting news of the mission - to no avail.

So what’s going on?
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[For complete article reference links, please see source at the Writings of Gilad Atzmon here.]
The news agenda has been decided in advance that’s what. Dictated by the well oiled Israeli propaganda machine being nothing if not helpful to all tiers for foreign press right now.
I speak to Greta Berlin, in Cyprus, an organiser of the Freegaza Movement about the BBC’s attitude that ‘nothing is happening.’ She tells me ‘I just got off the phone with the BBC in Jerusalem. They want to send a camera crew to Ashdod. It was all I could do to tell them they will be in the wrong place!!’Ashdod. Yes you guessed it; the port in ‘Israel’ where, its military have previously towed Freegaza boats and where now makeshift detention centres are supposedly waiting for the activists of the Freedom Fleet.Right now, the flotilla teams from Turkey, Ireland, Sweden and beyond are battling all kinds of last minute difficulties. As Israel has been busy with its own ‘goodwill’ campaign. At an impromptu press conference given by the army department in charge of supposedly delivering goods into Gaza, the message was simple; ‘the flotilla is unnecessary as there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.’ Journalists have been taken on a tour of the Karem Abu Salem crossing, virtually the only crossing into Gaza that goods still pass through. Fact sheets handed to journalists outlining the’thousands of tonnes of food’ that enters the strip each year. The problem being with these impressively large looking numbers is that nowhere was there, a handy graph of what is ‘allowed’ in to feed the 1.8million Palestinians of Gaza and what is actually needed by the malnourished populace.According to the army 156,000 tones of food has been delivered in the last six months. That’s roughly 4kg per Gazan per week. A tiny amount compared to what you and I get through, but far, far worse is the quality of the crap that Israel pours into the region. The kind of fizzy drinks, low vitamin junk food that if eaten on its own, without the requisite fruit and veg for a healthy diet- still leads the consumer to be malnourished.But let’s get back to the fleet of ships and Israel’s devil and the deep blue sea, moment.
Some of you may believe that rather like the infamous London football supporters of Millwall, Israel’s regime is happy to inhabit the world stage with the political equivalent of the chant ‘nobody likes us we don’t care doo dah doo dah!’ In fact nothing could be farther from the truth. For like all bullies the Zionist regime is agonised by dislike. It simply cannot stand not to be loved. Altogether ‘Ahhh.’
It asks us time and again as it attacks unarmed villagers in the West Bank and school children in Gaza, to believe that as a state, Israel denounces violence and acts in a controlled military manner, purely (indeed solely) for self defence. Understand this core system of lies and you will understand the current complex machinations the Israeli government is undertaking to avoid an armed stand off with the Freedom Fleet tomorrow or Monday. A stand off it is however, fully in preparation to win. The Israeli navy, the fifth most powerful and heavily armed on the planet, is itching to blow the Turkish led fleet out of the water. Its comrades onland would just love to duff up and arrest all those onboard. What they don’t want is the bad press this would get them in this post Goldstone world. So. What to do?Israel has said it is determined to intercept and search the vessels, then tow them to an Israeli port.Israel has prepared a makeshift detention center in its southern port of Ashdod, and officials have said the activists sailing on the ships face deportation or arrest.
"We will not let this flotilla get through. It harms Israeli security," Israel TV's Channel 10 quoted Ayalon as saying.The ground work then has been laid for a violent boarding of the vessels in international waters. Ground work to allow its idiot supporters to say, it didn’t want such a thing and tried to avoid it. Thus, Israel's deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon, reiterated Saturday that the ships would be intercepted, denouncing the sea convoy as a ‘provocation and violation of maritime laws’.Still, the aid convoy poses a serious dilemma that was debated at the highest levels of the Israeli government this week.Scenes of Israeli naval commandos taking over vessels with aid shipments and detaining high-profile activists would further harm Israel's image. This must be balanced with the determination in Tel Aviv to avoid setting a precedent and eroding the blockade by letting the vessels dock in Gaza.Back to this weekends events. Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Ministry Director General Yossi Gal held a round of pressurised calls with foreign ministers from countries whose citizens are participating in the flotilla, and also with foreign diplomats on Thursday.ON entering waters near Cyprus the fleet were disappointed, though unsurprised to find themselves turned away by the port authorities. Yet they need to both refuel and pick up important VIP passengers for the final leg to Gaza. The complex system of alliances and counter-alliances of the Middle East has been used by Israel’s diplomatic team to good effect. It is unclear if it will be terminal to the mission as yet.
The Cypriot government did not allow smaller boats to carry the group to the flotilla. Organizers must now find a way to have two dozen would-be passengers, including 19 European legislators and an elderly Holocaust survivor, to join the ships anchored in international waters off the island. Greta Berlin said; ‘our two passenger boats have had mechanical problems under suspicious circumstances, both are now out of order- at the same time and pretty much in the same place. They are unable to go’. Mossad dark ops yet again in operation.Last week and Israeli government source quoted in the regional press said "Israel will try to pick off the boats before they even join the flotilla." Success!

Their second success is that according to my latest news from Cyprus, Hedy Epstein, the wonderful, brave, lady in her eighties whose parents died in the Holocaust will now not make the journey.Success two for Israel.
Authorities in Cyprus have been amazingly upfront in admitting their reasons for making the journey of the humanitarian mission so hard. Saying the decision was made to protect the island's "vital interests" — including economic ties with Israel.Success three to Israel!
Organizers have since appealed to the Turkish government to get the group out via a Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus port. Turkish Cypriot officials have said they want to help the group as much as they can. The rest of the Freegaza Movement passengers are right now being transferred from Famaghusta at GMT 1700 on the 29th June.A diplomatic tangle and mechanical problems have forced the flotilla to shrink from eight ships to five.To add to this Ameen Abu Rashid, a member of the campaign, one of the founders of the fleet of freedom’s coalition, said that the Israeli authorities, are trying to disrupt the means of wireless communication which is used between ships. Just as the ships attempt to rendezvous avoiding the pre-defined lanes of the ships.The final tier of Israel’s attempts to disrupt the fleets mission of mercy and avoid yet another bloody PR own goal, are to use its mad right wing elements. Yes the loonies the Zionist regime tells Obama it despises, yet funds and considers its outriders for God.Six StandWithUsInternaitonal boats departed yesterday from the port of Ashdod on Friday, May 28 at 1pm. Each including journalists from major international outlets. The boats had a massive banner draped on the side "FREE GAZA FROM HAMAS." Those on board were wearing blood-stained t-shirts that say "FREE GAZA FROM HAMAS." SWU handed out copies of it's (version of) the Hamas charter booklet. They did on-board interviews in English, Spanish and Hebrew. They carried signs to "Release Gilad Shalit." This has become a duel at sea of facts versus propaganda,” said the far right Jewish flotilla organizer Roman Baron.Speaking from the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, Viva Palestina's Kevin Ovenden outlined some of the concerns and realities currently been faced by over 750 people on board the 9 ships sailing towards Gaza.“People are very aware that the Israeli authorities and indeed others are playing all sorts of mind games, with threats alternating with so called offers, which would include surrendering the aid into Israeli hands, something which the participants of the flotilla find entirely unacceptable”
The last of the ships departed from Turkey at midnight on Thursday night, and they are all currently in International waters in the Mediterranean Sea. Their journey is faced with incredible danger, given the threats that have been issued by the Israeli Government. They have stated that they will stop this Flotilla at all costs, even by force if necessary. Their safety is in grave danger, and the time has come for the international community to stand up for their safety and well being.The Flotilla needs our help to succeed. And it must!
*Lauren BoothBroadcaster and JournalistMail on SundayPress TV, UK


08:00 am Sunday May 30th. 20 10 - Woke up to a chorus of hypocritical bleating in sympathy for the wretched David Laws, a pretentious conceited little sod full of self importance and a classic case of a politician who is quite happy to admit that he can be bought. Along with the other senior Libdems he sold his soul for ministerial office; he didn’t bat an eyelid as he jettisoned so called sacrosanct policies like Trident and PR to gain office under the Tories who knew instinctively that they were dealing with a spineless bunch of disingenuous chancers.

Listening to Paddy Ashdown singing the praises of this man and harping on about his integrity; his honesty; Ashdown for God’s sake! another creep who stands for nothing and is the last person to decide who has integrity and who doesn’t, perhaps he thinks that we suffer from some kind of collective amnesia and can’t remember his own squalid past. We now have a blast of voices who are trying to tell us that this little swindler has done nothing wrong and could have kept his job! absolute rubbish, they are trying to suggest he fell on his sword for the good of the country, aye right!

We know enough about this guy and his Libdem colleagues to know that they have no claim whatever to integrity and honour; they showed us that when they sold out to the Tories, to suggest that a man like Laws is “doing the right thing” and to claim that such a man is deserving of praise is an insult. To suggest as Vince Cable (another charlatan) does that he could have stayed on is a crude deception. If as is claimed he did nothing wrong and made no gain from his actions a man like Laws would never have walked; he does not do honourable; no Libdems do, he walked for one reason only, the grubby little shyster is guilty it’s that simple, good riddance to him.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


19:00 Saturday night May 29th. 20 10 and as we settle down for a quiet evening watching TV or perhaps taking a stroll to the pub to meet friends, a flotilla of small ships carrying a collective cargo of 10 tons of equipment bravely approaches the beleaguered huge open prison holding 1.5 million prisoners known as the Gaza Strip. The ships carry nothing more dangerous than medicines, hospital equipment and baby’s nappies; these things are badly needed in Gaza where Arab life is held so cheaply by the Israeli occupiers, that is why the vast majority of people worldwide who know about this regard the Flotilla as an act of compassion and humanity; it is hard to believe that such a mission could present a problem to anyone but it does, It presents a problem to Israel and by association it’s shameful benefactor America.

You might wonder at why this could be a problem and when you do you should also consider that Israel regards it as a problem big enough to justify its intention to arrest; imprison and deport those on board; perhaps the baby’s nappies are dangerous. This of course becomes a no win situation for Israel in the long term, if they do stop the delivery of aid and arrest and imprison those on board they will look like cruel lunatics and if they let it in they will have to answer the questions about why this is happening in Gaza, either way the pressure on them will increase. What Israel can no longer avoid is the fact that these people are not terrorists or even enemies of Israel, they are humanitarian activists and they are harmless and the world knows that, many Israelis and Americans included. How much more patience will the rest of the world show Israel; stories abound this last week about the Israel Government offering to sell nuclear weapons to the South African Apartheid State which was run by Nazi sympathisers! Where do you begin to try to explain that? And; Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear whistleblower, who spent 18 years in prison since he revealed existence of Israeli nuclear weapons, has been locked up again; his crime? Continuing to tell the world that Israel has illegal nuclear weapons!

The Obama Whitehouse is strangely quiet about this; they quite incredibly won’t comment on a defenceless and completely unarmed flotilla of boats that are under threat from Israel because they want to deliver humanitarian aid to a people who are in desperate need, why? Have you stopped to ask why? It’s because the American Jewish Lobby is extremely powerful and it has it’s boot on Obama’s neck that is why America still bankrolls Israel despite it’s crimes against humanity. That is why they have just given them millions more in military aid; history will record this along with many other shameful episodes as America and Israel’s shame.


17.30 p.m. and the peace and quiet of our small world is disturbed by a loud screeching sound; accompanied by a violent rumbling which sounded as if something big and dangerous was about to come through the window. Even at my age and in my general state of disrepair I amazed myself at how fast I could still move as I jumped out of my chair and ran to the window; something had obviously happened and it probably wasn’t pleasant I thought as I tried to unscramble my brain into action mode. There was debris on the road and as I looked out a motor cycle seemingly in slow motion went sailing serenely past the window on its side with no one on board and bits flying off it as it went past; rather worryingly I could not see the rider who was on the ground hidden behind my own car in my driveway; my daughter and me found her there after crashing into each other in the hallway like a Marx Brothers scene as we tried to get out to her.

The young woman was obviously distressed and injured and we made her as comfortable as we could; without moving her of course; (we watch Casualty) I just thought I would mention all this because it gives me an excuse to mention the response of the emergency services; the Police and Ambulance were there within 5 minutes and everything immediately calmed down as we instantly relaxed a little and let them take charge. My wife was picking up debris and putting it in a bag as we moved the bike off the road and she came back with bits of the bike as well as a belt, radio, baton and police woman’s hat, yes; the poor girl was a police officer on her way to work and she was a wee bit embarrassed being rescued by her colleagues. She seemed OK (God willing) albeit with injuries to her legs but; was able to chat away to us and the ambulance crew as they packed her off to the RAH.

Thankfully we do not often get involved in such incidents but it is reassuring to note that when we do the emergency services are so able and professional when something does happen. It is also worth mentioning that the public also automatically respond in the right way; motorists stopped to offer help and neighbours were also on the scene to do what they could, I found the attitude of everyone very encouraging and cooperative just as a society should be.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dear readers an update on man of Mystery George Laird “of the campaign for human rights at Glasgow University” alas I have to report that he still hasn’t managed to send me the letter (exciting isn’t it) which proves that Glasgow University abuses human rights despite saying he would do so and despite me reminding him twice; thrice if you include this.
However eschewing our usual blog forum and for reasons only he will know he has decided to email me with what he claims were copies from his stat counter which show ‘hits’ from Glasgow University proving of course (to George that is) that the University are liars and they do know him. I have answered him by stating the rather obvious; that the hits might have come from students or the Janny and the people who actually run the Uni. have told me they do not know him, if that is so they do not know what they are missing; comic talents like George do not come along every day.

Anyway he is still threatening to bring the University down when he reveals the dramatic evidence which he is preparing to send to politicians and he says that rather than send me that letter as promised he will include me in his correspondence when he contacts the politicians with the dramatic evidence; the waiting is killing me; give em hell Georgie boy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Mr. George Laird ‘braveheart’ saviour of the world, scourge of Labour and Glasgow University wears his underpants outside his trousers and can apparently “leap tall buildings at one jump” but he still can’t find a way to send me a very important document (he claims). The internet, the telephone, the email system, fax machines, mail are all mysteries to him; perhaps he lives in a cave. He still refuses to disclose the nature of his stooshy with Glasgow Uni. or tell us about his grandiose organisation which campaigns for human rights at Glasgow University, which the University know nothing about; they seem to want to embrace him as you would a dodgy virus.

He supports the SNP (thank God for small mercies) and takes himself very seriously indeed I have now printed in my comments section and blog on two occasions my address at Renfrewshire Council and for George’s sake I do so again.

Cllr. Terry Kelly (Labour)
H.Q. Renfrewshire Council
Cotton Street

Does anyone else out there think they would find it difficult to send something to me; am I missing something here or is Mr. Laird as I suspected from the beginning a complete “Bengal Lancer” who is using the name of Glasgow University to "big himself up"


The supreme tournament of the greatest game in the world is upon us once again thank God; no need to watch that c**p like rugby, tennis and golf why don’t they have the W.C. every two years? Anyway the UK will be represented only by England so; what’s new I hear you ask; occasionally they are there unaccompanied and sometimes with others from the UK but they are in effect our only representatives who have ever had any prospect of winning it. The Irish over the past 10 – 15 years have left the rest of the UK apart from England way behind and they only have 3 million of a population and Uruguay actually won the thing and their population is 5 million like ours. It is a great source of torment to Scots. that a place that is so fanatical about the beautiful game is so inept when it comes to playing it at international level; that’s a cross we have to bear but; at least we can still watch and get pleasure from it.

Another mystery which endures is why America although they qualified this time has never embraced the game. It is the most popular game on the planet and it generates billions of pounds but it lags way behind other American sports particularly Baseball and American Grid Iron Football, I think this adds strength to the theory that Americans are Philistines at heart. My uncle who played professional football before emigrating to America told me that the Yanks as he called them would never take to football because 0-0 - 1-0 - 1-1 - 2-1 - 2-2 etc. is simply intolerable to them hence the attraction of baseball; grid iron and basketball where points goals and runs are happening every couple of seconds, their attention span is just too short. Every World Cup throws up heroes who prior to the tournament were relatively obscure and they are worth watching out for although this is more difficult nowadays because of up-to-the-minute technology and new communications methods; if a kid living in an obscure 3rd. world impoverished village shows promise at kicking a ball you can bet that he will be found by someone who will turn him into a money making star.

Watching England qualify despite not finding them totally convincing led me to believe that they would come close to winning it if they continued to progress. Alas I have been forced to change that analysis; their last game before leaving was a good example of why. Perhaps a strange thing to say as they beat Mexico 3-1 but the style of the victory was unimpressive and exposed serious flaws in what was as close as you might get to a “serious friendly” so close to the big kick off. England scored two goals with the kind of football which the rest of the world discarded long ago, well done to the 6ft, 5” tall Peter Crouch but that tactic will not sustain them through a full tournament. It is regarded today as the last throw of the dice as time is running out and the opposition penalty box comes under an ariel onslaught which often includes the losing team’s goalkeeper charging up the field carrying the kitchen sink. It simply won’t do but Cappelo will know that; watching the effortlessness with which Mexico made them chase around after them will have troubled him and the Mexican missed chances even more so, Mexico are not world beaters but if these two teams meet during the tournament the Mexicans will fancy it big time. I hope England can improve; they are going to have to. With Gerrard; Ferdinand and Rooney they will always be a threat but the pressure on them to repeat past glories will be intense and the bottom line is despite his talent and desire Rooney is no Bobby Charlron who almost won the World Cup for England single handed all those years ago.

So who will win? I am unusually tentative; the usual suspects Argentina who have the world’s best player in the diminutive genius Messi and Brazil will be fancying their chances as will Germany, Italy and Holland but; based on what I have seen over the past 2 or 3 years any country who can pick a team based on the combined talents of players from Barcelona and Real Madrid must be in with a big chance. Particularly the Barca delegation who quite simply moved the game to a new level and lit up the world with their irresistible flamboyance and zeal over the past 2/3 years. Will Argentina find a way to supply the incredible Messi who will have markers closer to him than his after shave? Will Brazil turn up or will it be Brazil from another planet? (Which means bets are off) Will Rooney storm the tournament in his own unique way? It should be dazzling and may the best team win; if that turns out to be England then so much the better and I will eat my hat.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I urge anyone who reads my blog to check out this George Laird character; comical doesn’t do him justice; he and I have been swapping comments. He has a lot to say particularly about how wonderful he is but he is finding it difficult to admit that his flamboyantly titled “Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University” does not exist except perhaps in his fevered imagination. He also finds it difficult to tell all about his fall out with the Uni. despite me asking him about it, I wonder why. Maybe he would have to kill me if he disclosed the reason; oh and he claims to be unable to write to me to send information which I asked him for; I’m an elected Labour councillor at Renfrewshire Council and he can’t figure out how to write to me so, I’ve sent him the address.

On a more serious note I wonder if I should take the p**s out of him much more he has created an alter ego for himself and seems a wee bit loosely wrapped, another thing worrying me is that Billy Carlin from the site “Paisley Expressions” via the planet Mars has leapt to his defence. Perhaps they are one and the same person; is it possible that there are two people like this on the go?

Monday, May 24, 2010


The above mentioned person wrote to me a couple of times and took me to task in a rather insolent way and I confess it didn’t register; he made some malevolent remarks and again it didn’t register; he was obviously a narrow-minded supporter of the SNP and a hater of Labour and in due course it sunk in, I got there eventually. I asked myself some questions after a while noting that this guy was about as subtle as a rubber cosh; definitely a bit loosely wrapped and politically very partisan so, I asked myself what the hell has happened to standards at Glasgow University?

Being an inquisitive sort of guy and always ready and willing to take on the SNP fools and thugs I decided to make enquiries and; after moving around several departments at the University I was called back by a charming woman who was quite prominent in the Public Affairs and Publicity Department. When I started to tell her my story she interrupted me and said “what is this man’s name” when I said “George Laird” I was met with an outburst of barely suppressed laughter and the forceful statement that “Mr. Laird has nothing whatever to do with Glasgow University and you are only one of many who have called to ask about him. All seeking reassurance that the University had not suffered a collective breakdown and lost its collective senses.

So folks here we have a nationalist (what else) who is speciously claiming to have an association with Glasgow University and, writing to me and others as well as the press in a way which makes him feel important and suggesting that the Glasgow University campaign for human rights; is sympathetic to the SNP and hostile to Labour. Except of course that the organisation does not exist and he is a Walter Mitty character with a malicious streak who is not known to the University. I get the sense though that his anonymity might not last much longer. Glasgow University is a world famous centre of learning with a proud history and it has a big reputation to protect; while this fantasist and the SNP have none.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The above quote could be used now by George Osbourne as he describes what is about to happen and unfortunately he would be telling the truth not paraphrasing a line from a movie.

1,200 Scottish NHS jobs under threat; free bus travel for over 60’s also under threat; Royal mail under threat of privatisation; 25% defence cuts; £6Billion service cuts on their way immediately, 60,000 Scottish job losses forecast and this is just the start. The Libdems will no doubt be as proud as the SNP were at bringing in Thatcher, some people are about to learn the hard way that they and our country are better off under Labour, and there is more, much more to come due to the treachery of the spineless Libdems. As my sweet old mum (God be good to her) used to say when you had done something stupid which was causing you grief “hell mend ye”

Friday, May 21, 2010


By chance I caught a TV debate between one of the guys I mentioned in my last post about Israel, Professor Norman Finkelstein and an Israeli writer called Benny Morris. The conduct of the two debaters was very illuminating; Finkelstein argued his case rationally and calmly loading what he had to say with references to the World Court, Amnesty International, the United Nations etc. while Morris spent the whole time shouting over Finkelstein’s voice.

It was a display of ignorance and attempted bullying which you would expect from a drunken thug and it made Morris look desperate. He is well known and respected in Israel and I would urge everyone to catch up with these guys to see just how aggressive and arrogant the Israeli spokespersons are; they clearly are not prepared to enter into any rational discussions and they resort to harassment and aggravated abuse to prevent their opponent being heard. That’s when they are not too busy denying their opponents the right to enter into and travel in Palestine which they illegally occupy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Israel declares itself a democracy in an undemocratic region; a proud but ultimately corrupt boast; notwithstanding the Apartheid state that it has become we see again it’s true disdain for democracy with it’s banning of Professor Noam Chomsky from entering the West Bank (Palestinian Land) on May 16 2010. He tried to visit the West Bank travelling from Jordan (not Israel) and was prevented by the Israeli forces who are illegally occupying the territory.

Professor Chomsky is an internationally renowned scholar and giant of the American left; he is also 81 years old so what threat is he? Well; physically none but; intellectually he packs a bigger punch than anything that the Israeli Defence Force can throw. Quite simply they fear him and like tyrants throughout the ages they want him silenced, silenced because they can’t deny the truth he speaks and the intellectual rigour that he is rigthtly famous for. Israel tried to backpedal saying that someone at the border had made a mistake but; this was shot down by Chomsky who said he was held for hours while the border guards took instructions from their superiors.

”People like Professor Chomsky, do not have to be granted permission to enter” said Knesset member Mr. Schneller read this again; he is saying that Chomsky has no right to enter one sovereign country from another sovereign country neither of whom is Israel, democracy to be sure. In December 2008, Israel barred Richard Falk, an American who is a United Nations investigator of human rights - earlier that year, Norman Finkelstein another brilliant left wing American intellectual was also banned; this is Israel’s version of democracy and free speech and it stinks.

Make no mistake about it Israel is losing the battle of ideas and minds; that is why they have resorted to tactics which are similar to dictatorships past and present; speak against Israel and we will silence you and not only in Israel. Finklestein was also fired from a university in that apparent home of democracy America following a vicious campaign by the all powerful American Jewish Lobby. Is it not about time that the Israeli’s and their supporters answered this question; if your cause is just why is it necessary to behave in this way; why is it necessary to silence people to imprison and torture innocent Palestinians why is this going on if you have right on your side?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I argued years ago that we (Labour) should never go in to a coalition with anyone; that was when we formed a pact with the Libdems in Holyrood, also at the last Council elections as Cllr. McCartin the Libdems loosely wrapped leader hawked herself around the hall between us and the SNP inviting bids for her services, I argued that we should tell her where to stick her offer; we didn’t but she joined the SNP anyway. That gave us a situation where the party who came last in the popular vote and 3rd. in the number of seats was in power. Likewise we have seen Clegg and his harlots swaggering around Westminster selling their loyalty to the highest bidder and again we see the party who came 3rd. and last in the popular vote go into Govt. this is the party who complain that the system is undemocratic the Libdems they have no shame. As I have said before they stand for nothing and they believe in nothing a more dishonest bunch of spineless characters would be impossible to find.

Politicians of every party throughout history have been caught doing “U Turns”; sometimes through dishonesty and sometimes because of changing circumstances but; what we have just witnessed by the Libdems is the equal of any barefaced display of hypocrisy and opportunism that I have ever witnessed. As I said earlier they believe in and stand for nothing; what would have been a deal breaker for these people? Can you think of anything? It’s a perfectly legitimate question. let’s try and find something; what are the big issues; not mine; not yours but their’s? Trident; well that’s pretty big eh – conceded to the Tories – Proportional Representation; they shall not be moved; not quite – conceded to the Tories, cuts not to start for a year – conceded to the Tories, Europe where the Libdems accused the Tories of being in league with nut cases homophobes and racists – conceded as well; let’s be sincere there is no deal breaker they would have accepted anything because they don’t actually believe in anything.

If you disagree with my portrayal of them consider this. Today Charlie Kennedy made the headlines as a big Libdem beast by trumpeting that he disagreed with the coalition. These are incredible times for this country said Charlie; so much so that he made a heartfelt speech to their members meeting today telling them why he did not support the leader’s decision. “Good for you Charlie” I hear you say; “that’s telling them Charlie boy” he finished his dramatic speech; an ex party leader opposing his party line enthralling stuff right? well not quite; he went on to abstain in the vote! a truly momentous decision and what gallantry what bravery, what a crock of bulldung. This folks is the Libdems and they are now in power it’s going to be a long and painful time with nonentities like this in control even if they only last a couple of months it will still be a long long time.

Labour should not deal with these people or anyone else; they will do a deal with anyone no matter what they stand for; they cannot be trusted. Just like the SNP when they did a treacherous deal with the Tories and gave us the Thatcher years and Salmond (the spiv) inadvertently told us that Thatchers economic policies were not really all that bad, they are all the same; we 'Labour' should stand alone and trust none of them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The intense coverage of the election inadvertently gave us an insight in to what might be heading our way if Rupert Murdoch gets his way. The Murdoch Empire have been arguing strongly that the BBC should be officially stripped of its influence and its rivals given a less regulated playing field, suggestions have been made that there was a ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement with the Tories when the Sun came out in their support, we will see if legislation sympathetic to Murdoch is brought forward.

Meanwhile Murdoch’s Sky News gave us an example of what to expect when we witnessed the offensive behaviour of its political editor Adam Boulton and one of its anchors Kay Burley when they were interviewing politicians unsympathetic to the Tories. Ms. Burley displayed an arrogance and lack of professionalism when she allowed her aggression to spill over as she told an interviewee that he “would be better going home and watching the election on Sky TV than arguing with her” while Boulton was seen on three occasions losing his temper; with Alistair Campbell twice and Ben Bradshaw.

They were furious at the suggestion which more or less everyone agrees with; that Sky News were biased in favour the Tories and anti Labour; with their treatment of Gordon Brown particularly vicious. Boulton in particular flew in to a rage at Campbell and totally lost his temper, I formed the impression that his rage was synthetic and his resentment was borne of humiliation and shame at what he has become. Make no mistake about it this was the closest I have seen to an interviewer inflicting violence on someone; his shocking behaviour made Campbell’s case for him as he twisted himself into a frenzied scarlet faced ‘Mr. Angry’ while Campbell only had to stand there calmly telling him to calm down like a compassionate school teacher with a foul tempered pupil, Boulton will be looked at differently by viewers I suspect from now; I doubt that any non Tory observers would believe anything he says now about the Tories opponents. If I were responsible for PR in the Labour Party these two; Burley and Boulton would not interview any Labour people again.

Murdoch’s Empire will continue to assail Labour and sycophantically promote the Tories while bought and paid for journalists will continue to do his dirty work. I find it impossible to accept as true that these two so called journalists were really shocked to be confronted by accusations of prejudice it really is so palpable. What we saw was an overreaction to the fact that the public can see through them and their shameful behaviour; if Boulton wishes to insist that he and Sky News are neutral he had better find a better way than this; all he did here was confirm what all and sundry already know; he is Murdoch’s instrument the wretched Burley likewise.

This was a dark reminder of where we are heading under the Tories and their friends in the right wing media; check Fox News from America if you want to see where it leads but be warned it’s not a pretty sight.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A rather depressing thought has just occurred to me along with a few others, we can now look forward to the revolting sight of “the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable” (Oscar Wild). Fox hunting will be back with us; unless of course those very liberal; liberal Lib./Dems. bring down the Bullingdon Boys and stop it’s reintroduction; what’s the chances of that do you think.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Today at 5 pm. we saw the downfall of one of the most decent honourable and brilliant politicians that this country has ever had the good fortune to be served by. The power of the wealthy and privileged has finally succeeded in bringing down Gordon Brown. If you want to know why the attacks on him were so unrelenting and cruel it is because they; the rich and advantaged feared him, they knew that when he talked about the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor he meant it, when he talked about eliminating child poverty he meant it, feeding the world and eliminating 3rd. world disease and ignorance; he meant it and they knew that to do these things the world would have to change and they would as well and they do not want that.

Quite simply Gordon Brown was the first PM who actually wanted to change the world in favour of those less well off than ourselves and was committed to actually doing it, what made him different was his grasp of how to do it. Within that stern gruff demeanour there was a man dedicated to the cause of socialism and equality; he knew that the only way to make progress was gradually and that’s what he set out to do. In our society standing on a barricade waving a banner and making threats to bring down the establishment only gets you arrested and ridiculed by the capitalist media and he knew that and those who dedicated themselves to destroying him knew that he knew that which made him a much more dangerous enemy. They looked and saw a man of great substance who could not be persuaded to take holidays in Berlusconi’s villa or some tycoon’s yacht, a man who lives by a different code from people like Lord Ashcroft who tried and failed to blatantly buy the election. The big unyielding Fifer scared them all right and their pursuit of him was never ending and brutal.

Look for instance at Sky political editor Adam Boulton on U TUBE who completely lost the plot when forced to confront the accusations of Alaister Campbell about anti Labour anti Brown bias. Here was a man who speaks for Sky TV on political matters realizing that he had walked in to a land mine in the shape of Campbell. All Campbell had to do was prod him and all the guilt and dishonour attached to what he is obliged to do and say when told to by Murdoch came spilling out, he found himself in the untenable position of having to defend the TV station and it’s political bias which he is responsible for. He unravelled by the second as he preposterously tried to claim that Brown was treated fairly by Sky news during the election. His undoubted powers of duplicity are mighty but the great lie caught up with him here, he tried to defend the indefensible and the whole vicious travesty that he represents crumbled. If he knew anything about decency and honour he would admit what he and his employers are really about and walk away from the cesspit while he has a shred of dignity left.

Gordon could have settled some scores but he didn’t, how he managed to get through his resignation speech without mentioning the horrible treatment he has been subjected to by people like Boulton and Sky TV is beyond me but he did. Despite it all he leaves with his head high, his speech and his demeanour displayed dignity courage and bearing. His last thought was not revenge on his tormentors but to deliver a powerful blow against his natural enemies, the ones who feared him most the Tories; he has left and deliberately thrown a spanner in the works of the Tory campaign to form a coalition, loyal to Labour and his country to the end, thank you Gordon.


Dear readers I’m afraid you are missing out at the moment, I know that you; like me enjoy a good chuckle and you are being denied a barrel of laughs just now from someone who has started to write to me calling himself/herself ‘rossmc’ he/she maintains for instance that the press has always been biased toward Labour, that might give you an idea of his/her grasp of politics but still; he/she is entitled to have his/her say. What he/she is not entitled to do however is use the filthy language that he/she uses, he/she seems new to this blog so I will offer him/her this advice.

I try to print everything that is sent to me and I always answer everything but I refuse to print any unacceptable language so Mr./Ms. 'rossmc’ the solution to getting printed is in your hands if your vocabulary stretches to writing without the offensive foul language then go ahead, I suspect that might be too much of a challenge for you though.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


When Groucho Marx asked the wonderful Margaret Dumont for a kiss she said no, when he offered her $5 she said “how dare you $5, what kind of woman do you think I am” to which replied “we have already established what kind of woman you are, we are now just haggling over the price”
Tomorrow, on general election day; Margaret Dumont will be played by the Liberal Democrats.

Whatever anyone says about politics I have always believed that it comes down to a fundamental choice between two philosophies; I have no idea how many political parties there are in the UK but I know how many basic causes there are and that is two.

Left or right; rich or poor; boss or worker; capitalist or socialist; progressive or regressive; privileged or underprivileged; working class or the rest; exploiters or exploited; sharers or hoarders; equality or inequality, choose your own but this is what it is all about. This is also why it’s between Labour and Tory; only one of these two will form the next Government, although political pacts are abhorrent to me I would always try to choose the lesser of two evils but, I will tell you what I think of the one that might finish up sitting with us anyway.
Generally speaking this is not a difficult choice; Tories, UKIP, National Front, BNP, all of that right wing little England or little Scotland mob are beneath contempt while Labour, Scottish Socialists, Respect, Solidarity, SWP, CPGB and the other 17 parties of the left which exist in the UK would be acceptable under severe circumstances.

That leaves the most unconscionable party of the lot the Liberal Democrats; the party which stands for nothing and believes in nothing save achieving power, the party with no political anchor or conscience whatsoever. If you look at the differences between the two tribes as it were that I describe above you will find lots of disagreements but; The Labour tribe and its associates if I may use that word would never join the Tory tribe; the disagreements are too deep and too fundamental. Could Michael Foot make common cause with Enoch Powell? could Norman Tebbit make common cause with Tony Benn”

Here is where the Lib. Dems. show their lack of basic decency and their naked opportunism; they would sit down and deal with any of them; they are prepared to form a coalition with Tony Benn and Michael foot and also form a coalition with Norman Tebbit and Enoch Powell. This becomes more than just a political matter it’s a matter of honesty and truth; put simply their support is up for sale to the highest bidder is that what you are prepared to vote for? Give me the good old “semi house trained polecat” Tebbit any time I at least know and loath him and he won’t try to lie to me.



A few gems from our rancid bought off media before Election Day. After the election debate ‘youguv’' released a poll which declared Cameron a clear winner; one of this morning’s papers exposes them as having set the poll up to talk to targeted people who fitted the Tory profile e.g. well off; home owners; well paid; residential areas; who would have thunk it? The Sun withdrew its financial offer to Mrs. Duffy because she refused to say she would swap her vote to the Tories. A poll was dropped when it came up with the result that over 50% of people in Rochdale regarded the Mrs. Duffy incident as a “storm in a teacup” A poll after the debate showed a huge support for Brown stating he had dominated Cameron and Clegg on the economy and plans for stability; analysis of the poll showed that the swell of support for Brown came mainly from Scots. The majority of those who fitted the Tory profile however from out with Scotland carried it for Cameron; Brown at the debate was using a crib sheet; so was Cameron and Clegg. Sky News chose to sneak behind Brown’s back and film it ignoring Cameron and Clegg doing the same; they turned this in to another attack on Brown.

Yesterday the media were sidelined by a huge gathering called by ‘Citizens UK’ Sky and the BBC and others were allowed to film it but not organise it they had no input nor did the press or radio; they were forced to show it without bias or any dirty anti Brown tricks; result? Had it been a fight the referee would have “thrown in the towel” to save the two novices Cameron and Clegg further punishment. Brown was for some reason released and on fire; he took the roof off making Cameron and Clegg look like 5th. formers at their first school debate; they literally trembled before his passion and anger and the crowd roared him on to a standing ovation at the end; there was no need to do an exit poll here and the corrupt media have been reduced to trying to keep it as quite as they can today. This is the media who label politicians as corrupt!
The only ones who can expose this fraud which dominates our media are the guilty ones; the media themselves and with very few exceptions that is not about to happen; this is Murdochism just like we had McCarthyism in America and a Tory victory will make it worse; the dirty digger has done a deal with the dirty Tories and he will demand his reward if the Tories win. Perhaps students of politics will; sometime in the future write papers about the manipulation of the election debates and the corrupt polling which produced the ludicrous result of Gordon Brown last in each one; the fact that so many people were willing to accept that farce rather than challenge the methods being used is very worrying indeed; it demonstrates the power that sleazy journalism has.

Everything Brown has done and said in the past 3 weeks has been met with an orchestrated and predetermined chorus of abuse insult and derision. He is still standing though and still fighting despite the onslaught of vicious media attacks. The British like to see themselves as a fair people and the treatment meted out to the Prime Minister might just backfire on his tormenters. Think of the malignant attack mounted by the ‘Sun’ who else? over the hand written letter he sent to the bereaved mother of a young soldier that backfired spectacularly on the gutter Murdoch journalists; most people accepted Brown’s sincerity and they were left looking like malevolent backbiting frauds. It could happen again in fact I detect that it has already started to happen as people say “hold on here this has gone far enough; time to look at policies and bin this vicious nonsense it is embarrassing the whole country”

For all the attacks on the PM a proper analysis shows them to be mainly counterfeit; Clegg and Cameron can mumble away inanely repeating their sound bites like ‘change’ and ‘old politics’ safe in the knowledge that the right wing press will damage the PM enough to avoid them having to take him on about policy; is this what the British voter really wants? Does it matter that he doesn’t have the social skills of his rivals; is his smile that important? Do you want a ‘Bob Monkhouse’ Prime Minister with a smile like a game show host; or someone who has genuine substance a man of honesty; drive and integrity who believes in fairness for all? It’s either one of two rich privileged silver spoon charlatans who will rule on behalf of the elite or a man who will fight for a fair deal for all no matter what background a person comes from? Remember the Tories past and remind anyone who is too young to remember; it has to be LABOUR and GORDON BROWN.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


I asked a couple of days ago if anyone from the SNP could explain to me the completely incongruous stance of Alex (the spiv) Salmond. He supported the release of mass murderer Mr. al – Megrahi the Lockerbie Bomber and now declares that had another mass murderer Thomas Hamilton the Dunblane killer survived he would never have been released by the SNP Govt. A rather grubby position, I said then and I repeat it now; he reacted to a surprise question with an answer which he assumed would be populist; that is his character; no cheap shot; no stunt or sham is low enough for this man not to use it if he sees an advantage.

He has now broken cover with a blatant and appalling distortion to excuse his Janus faced statement; he claims now to have made that statement because Mr. Hamilton would not pass the “first principle” of Scottish Prison Service guidance for release on compassionate grounds that - the offender’s release – should not create the risk of re-offending or endanger public safety. That is simply a cop out; he was asked if he would release Hamilton if like Megrahi he met the correct criteria; would he be treated the same; with an intuitive display of rat like cunning he immediately saw the danger of saying Hamilton should be released like Megrahi; Salmond (the spiv) reverted to type the deceitful populist politician dodged the truth.

He; the (spiv) Salmond is trying to get us to let him away with this nonsense. Has he; as his answer suggests the medical knowledge; the psychiatric training; the expertise in criminology to make such a decision? Did he agree to Megrahi’s release because of his vast knowledge of cancer? Would he know how long a man would have to live in Megrahi’s circumstances? No of course he wouldn’t; he accepted the word of the experts and rightly supported the release. Notwithstanding the fact that he should never have been released out of the country it was right to release him.

Two things are now happening; Salmond believes that he can get away with anything; hence the egotism which leads to the adoption of such a crude position and the greater conceit of trying to brazen it out. He also shows himself to be a coward because; if you support the compassionate release of a prisoner based on decisions taken by those who have the experience and proficiency in such matters then; if you have any integrity and honour that should remain your position you can’t pick and mix for your own shameful political advantage.

Let me ask this serious question again, imagine two prisoners; both mass murderers; both incurably ill and both close to death; neither is considered a re-offending risk nor do they represent a danger to the public. Is it the case Mr. Salmond that you would support the release of both using the criteria which you supported in the case of the Lockerbie Bomber or would one be denied release by you if you considered that person’s release to be politically damaging to you. If Mr. Hamilton had survived and later presented with identical circumstances as those in al- Megrahi’s case would you support release and if not why not.