Thursday, August 01, 2013


My struggles to get printed by The Glasgow Herald's comments site despite having improved are still giving me grief. I replied to a post by my old 'friend' Paisley's own snp/Tory hybrid iain Lawson (more old than a friend of course) about an article written by the Herald journalist Iain Macwhirter, a man who makes Chic Young look like a cross between James Cameron and Alistair Cooke. It is quite difficult for me sometimes to get printed being anti snp and almost impossible if you criticise either Mr. Macwhirter or the other Herald cure for insomnia Ian bell who is guess what? He's a distant relative of the Irish revolutionary Marxist James Connolly, honestly. So being 'binned' again by them was not really a surprise, I have therefore decided to reprint my comments here, to make me feel better. n.b. For the sake of clarity, Iain is Macwhirter and iain is Lawson, I've no idea why.  
The oil flowed south, Scots went on the dole ... no-one cared. Sunday 28 July 2013- iain Macwhirter.

It's the same bunch of words mixed up and recycled like so much fictitious refuse by Iain and iain again, they can't change them because they have nothing to change them with; hence their torpor and crushed demeanour. It was great fun for them when they could wind up the crazy Nat. rug chewers and grasp some counterfeit celebrity while doing so. Now it's gone too far, it's serious and they can't now prevent what they know is going to happen, this is where weakness leads. Hardly an article or a post from them now appears without bets being hedged and premature blame being apportioned; these two though will survive the carnage; don't worry about that; they will endure, they are not the type of fellows to go down with the ship. The people that they led to the top of the hill though? The expendables?. That will be another poignant story but Iain and iain will no doubt survive; with heavy hearts they will carry on. Iain will no doubt be taking notes right now, the better to assist with his best seller about the heroic defeat of the Scots. freedom fighters, his version of course.