Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The SNP's Alex Salmond ( all time winner of the most lost elections ) has decided that a flat tax is a good thing. The usual group of monetary crazies have predictably given their support, one known to us is our old friend 'rightforscotland' no show without punch eh! his logic is that 20% means £200,000 tax for a millionaire and £4,000 tax for a plumber on £20,000 there is a certain simplistic logic to this farce, particularly if you are not political. The millionaire will certainly vote for rightforscotland who will leave him with £800,000 to spend and the plumber with £16,000 - being involved in politics and as a socialist I would leave the former with less and the latter with more. I have the uncomfortable feeling though that I shouldn't have to explain this to our libertarian right wing monetarist, his philosophy is 'the devil take the hindmost' a brutal way to treat people, he's a nasty ! someone told me he claims to be twenty eight, what cruelties must have been visited on him in his childhood to produce this ?


I want to clarify what has been happening with the comments to this site. I was warned not to take comments and I now admit that I should have taken that advice, most of what is sent is unprintable and quite sinister, I have been shocked by the number of people out there for whom the web is a way of releasing their bitterness while remaining anonymous, I suppose that they are mainly to be pitied but mostly they are inadequates who are quite worrying and I don't want to encourage them. Some cowardly creature calling himself rightforscotland really fancies himself, you should check it out, he wants a debate with me. Let me make it clear for him, having read the filth which he peddles I would no more enter a debate with him than I would with Nick Griffin of the BNP. From now on I will delete anything which is crude, abusive or offensive, in short the stuff from the libertarian nationalist right wing cabal, ( think Mark Thatcher and you get the picture ) Much as I dislike telling anyone to read his site, if you go to it and also try some of the other sites which he recommends you can make up your own mind.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


DEC 5TH. 06 - Check this, the SNP are again refering to Elderslie ( the by - election ) as the birthplace of the mythical Wee Willie Wallace - the Kilmarnock SNP maintain he came from there, while the crazy Alex Neil SNP MSP said in the St. Andrew's day debate that out of Scotland's three great heroes Burns, Wallace and St Andrew, the saint was the only one who didn't come from Ayrshire. Is that the sound of white coats flapping in Renfrewshire SNP circles ? I reckon Wee Willie Winkie is far more likely to have been the real deal. The sad death recently of Labour Cllr. Jean Goldie has meant a by election in her beloved Elderslie, Jean held the seat for years and was greatly respected by everyone, except of course the SNP who over the years put out vicious leaflets about her, for her part Jean treated them ( the SNP ) with the contempt they deserved. That contempt it seems, is still valid, the SNP candidate once stood against Labour Cllr. John Hood and asked voters in Johnstone Castle not to vote for him because he didn't live in that ward, ( he is of course a Johnstone man ) She now lives in Howwood and is standing for election in Elderslie that qualifies as HYPOCRISY from the SNP so what's new ? They have been guilty of this in the past, their ex Cllr. the reviled Old Bill Martin stood in Glenburn and didn't even live in Renfrewshire he lived in Barrhead ! What has happened to old Bill ? I've heard he is now leader of his own party and the boay Vassie is his total membership, I knew these two were destined for great things, at least they still keep the tartan flag flying unlike the present SNP lot who are fainthearts and backsliders, they no longer talk about the 'I' word, what a bunch. People of Elderslie, Vote Labour and reject these hypocrites.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I've published some comments from an anonymous coward writing under the name rightforscotland. I've looked at this site and decided now to have no more to do with him or his site, those of you with a strong stomach and protective gloves should have a look, you will conclude that he is for real because you couldn't make this one up. NOV. 29TH. 06 I have been advised to change the following text by someone who advises that 'rightforscotland' is clearly not to be trusted, as a so called 'libertarian' he is threatening me with the state which he professes to despise because he can't take the heat. He's forced me to publish his latest comment by doing this, ( see 'the far right' ) can you smell the fear ? So, An enthusiastic hanger and flogger, consumed by hatred and a self confessed Zionist ( no anti semitism intended ). A mixture of Alf Garnett old Adolf and Bob Monkhouse. Having read some of this poison I'm left to wonder how much business is being lost to psychiatrists by the web.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


The infamous libertarian economist Milton Friedman has passed away, is the planet better or worse off without him ? I go for the former. I'm sure that a great many people would concur, In Chile the murderous regime of Pinochet embraced his economic philosophy while murdering and torturing thousands as they did so. The brutal Thatcher and Reagan regimes also loved him, what a legacy, I think that if the Chilean people thought about him at all, it would only be to wish him a lingering, miserable painful end. Big business and vast profits always came first and people came second with this monetary hoodlum, he was an evil man, just like his fellow Nobel Laureate the peace loving Henry Kissinger. What I ask myself is, was it unconscious evil or did they really believe in what they were doing and saying ? Strangely enough I reckon that the loosely wrapped Friedman was enough of a 'space man' not to know, but Kissinger ? never ! he knew alright.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Israel just recently wiped out an extended Palestinian family of eighteen in the Gaza Strip, an unfortunate mistake they called it, meanwhile the Iraq debacle goes from bad to worse. I think that public opinion is at last beginning to understand that the Middle East is the most volatile place on earth with the potential to spill over into major warfare from which no - one will be spared. That slow understanding also shows signs of realising that the reason for this is the rogue state of Israel, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees all over the world can still remember their homes, farms and villages which were taken by force by the Israeli terrorists. Like most Palestinians I would like to see a return to 1948 Palestine with Jews being accepted as fellow citizens of equal stature no matter where from. This now looks unattainable and a return to 1967 borders looks like the best solution, the Israelis however have shown that they can't be trusted to agree to that, despite the revulsion of the rest of the world ( excluding the USA ) and countless UN resolutions against them, they continue to brutalise the Palestinians and, with the help of the worlds biggest bully, America, they ignore the international cries for justice. Someday the decent nations of the world will put a stop to this historical war crime, let's hope it's not too late.


First an apology to 'MAX' I wrongly accused him of anonymity, I have now traced his page and guess what ? he really is some piece of work, a more foul mouthed reactionary would be hard to find, you won't be hearing from him again, I also misquoted him, he wants the record strait he actually said ' burn the witch' ? it must be something from their strange wee world. Neil Craig ? complains about my language, check out some of these blogs and their links and you will see how risible his complaint is. More importantly his comments under my article called 'Israeli book burners' has him defending the indefensible, he has the arrogance to say that Palestine is dependent on subsidy, comparing it lamely with Scotland under Labour. Mr. Craig, are you having a laugh ? if America pulled the plug today there would be no Israel tomorrow and it would be a good thing, your arguments are just not credible. I was warned about allowing comments on my web and I should have listened, from now on I intend to cut some of the reactionary nutters out.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The article below has three comments attached, I urge you all to read them, see for yourselves the level of our opponents, one other comment, again anonymous simply said 'kill the witch' which didn't print for some reason. Someone calling himself 'reactionary snob' complains at not being published, I've never, until today received anything from him. Anyway I'm beginning to realise that there are lots of these people out there who get involved in this type of thing, it's rather sad really, anyone writing filthy personal abuse is really to be pitied, particularly when they don't have the nerve to identify themselves. Now that I am more aware of these inadequates I intend to leave them to their own squalid little world, from today anyone who writes in that vain will be ignored. The rule is simple I.D. yourself or don't bother writing.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today, Nov. 14 th. 06 saw the arrival of another of those anonymous comments which I have reluctantly agreed to publish but they really are trying my patience, what are you afraid of ? the idea of attacking someone anonymously is complete anathema to me, what is the point of having opinions and hiding ? Anyway this writer suggests that I have described Mr. Farrer unfairly as a 'barking right nutter' I have spent some more time on his web and I'm not inclined to change my mind. He refers to people he disagrees with as 'scumbags' ( where did he go to school ? ) he regards The Telegraph' as not right wing enough to be considered a Conservative paper and points readers to a blog called 'Devils Kitchen' which he allows to do some of the more obvious dirty work from him. Anyway it's clear that some people out there are, in political terms, quite 'loosely wrapped' and I hope they will continue to read what I have to say but, if they can't find the courage to identify themselves they are not likely to get through, this latest weakling calls for the Internet to be used as a forum for serious political debate and then won't tell us who he is ! what's that all about ? so come on right wingers crawl out from under your stones. I urge everyone to read the comments attached to the article below called 'The far right' I'm happy to let readers judge these people for themselves.

Monday, November 13, 2006


When you write a political web page you expect feedback, some of it hostile, some supportive and some disturbing. I was told that some guy had written about me on his blog in a very uncomplimentary way, this complete eejit ( David Ferrens from memory ) writes very well which makes him even more sinister because he's a barking far right nutter. He uses Burns's phrase "whiskey & freedom gang the gither" as his title which I'm sure would have the second rate old Ayrshire plagiarist spinning in his grave, his views however and the views of the incestuous sycophants who write to him are capable of making your skin crawl. These people peddle very dangerous and disturbing views, they come across as being capable of almost anything which doesn't require courage, they describe themselves as libertarians of the right to which I have to say, I've never met or heard of a right wing libertarian who wasn't well off and self obsessed.
NOV 14 TH. 06 - READ THEIR COMMENTS BELOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF ! Mr. Leinen is a Yank like Robert Duvall's character in Apocalypse Now " the smell of napalm in the morning " ( nuff said ) & I have advice for Martin, ' You are not a well man sir - seek help ! I might return to some of their comments later but I fear they are already too far gone.
NOV. 14TH. 06 - 11.15 a.m. I really wish I was more up to speed with computing I've just read Mr. Ferrer's remarks in response to my web, you have to read them. I challenge anyone to read his heroic account of his struggles without wetting yourself laughing. Mr. Leinen makes a jibe about our unemployment ! recently in the land of the free 25,000 people applied for 300 jobs stacking shelves in a new Wal Mart in Chicago, exactly the situation loved by the libertarian right like Mr. Ferrer.

Friday, November 10, 2006


In my younger days I had no time for any mainstream American politicians, my view was that they were all paid for by the corporate right wing agencies. I have been taught a lesson since then by politicians like Nixon, Ford, Reagan and dad & son Bush, that lesson is that there is always a choice, 'the lesser of two evils' becomes valid when you are talking about these five disgraceful presidents and the Republican Party. We are now wondering if the great lurch into right wing barbarism in America is at last weakening, the American public are beginning to turn toward decency, the Senate/House of Representatives results are a joy for mankind, I hope it continues. "he is the most ruthless man I have ever met" said Henry Kissinger, what must Donald Rumsfeld be like to deserve this accolade from one of history's great war criminals, this thug ( Rumsfeld )has been at the top of American public life for years, it says it all, I never thought I would ever say this but ' come on the US Democrats'
NOVEMBER 10 TH. GAY ISRAELIS ! Who would have thunk it ? we have just learned the way to stop the Israeli war criminals from persecuting the Palestinians, organise a large Gay event, a march/demo/concert etc. and the Israelis will turn their attention to abusing their gay citizens and give the Gaza Strip a break. That's what's happening right now in Israel, gays being hounded and set upon in the streets of Jerusalem and elsewhere, it's surely only a matter of time before the SNP offers Israel it's support for these actions.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Some people have been writing comments to my web which are still being held and not printed. They are abusive and squalid mainly but that's not the only reason for not printing them. The reason is that they don't identify themselves, call me old fashioned but, if I'm going to insult and abuse someone then I won't crawl under a stone to do it, these spineless cowards have the unmistakable aroma of the SNP/SSP alliance about them.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


"Send in the clowns, don't bother their here". Judy Collins could have been singing about the circus trial of Saddam Hussein, he is to be hanged and the yanks, who helped him into power are cheering and some Republicans are salivating at the prospect, and the boost their electoral prospects will get. Is that a coincidence, am I being cynical ? We in Britain do not allow capital punishment and, consequently there should be no problem in distancing ourselves from the decision to execute Saddam. Capital Punishment is barbaric and uncivilised, that's why it's so popular in backward societies like the USA, leave them to it, no capital punishment means exactly that with no exceptions, that's how we can describe ourselves as a decent country.