Monday, November 27, 2006


I've published some comments from an anonymous coward writing under the name rightforscotland. I've looked at this site and decided now to have no more to do with him or his site, those of you with a strong stomach and protective gloves should have a look, you will conclude that he is for real because you couldn't make this one up. NOV. 29TH. 06 I have been advised to change the following text by someone who advises that 'rightforscotland' is clearly not to be trusted, as a so called 'libertarian' he is threatening me with the state which he professes to despise because he can't take the heat. He's forced me to publish his latest comment by doing this, ( see 'the far right' ) can you smell the fear ? So, An enthusiastic hanger and flogger, consumed by hatred and a self confessed Zionist ( no anti semitism intended ). A mixture of Alf Garnett old Adolf and Bob Monkhouse. Having read some of this poison I'm left to wonder how much business is being lost to psychiatrists by the web.

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