Thursday, November 29, 2012


It cheers me no end to learn that in these tough times when the word on everyone's lips is austerity that some folk can still manage to enjoy themselves and spend some money while doing so.
I refer not to a pop star, or a film star or a rich footballer , not even a Tory cabinet member. "Can you guess who it is yet?" as Rolf Harris used to say, it is none other than our own dear leader Alex (the spiv) Salmond and that is 'dear' as in expensive not 'dear' as in loved.

Figures released today by the snp Government who could stall their release no longer show that the wee shyster ran up a bill for his junket to London for the Olympics of approx £500,000 and following that we can add after today's figures something very close to the same sum again for his junket to America to see the Golf tournament, a million pound bill for you and me and other tax payers to pay for. We can always boast that our first minister has more expensive tastes than other Government leaders can't we? do we want to though? How much more do we not know about! There is a trip to California still not counted and a junket to Wimbledon likewise, make no mistake folks when champagne and caviar are about wee Eck displays rat like cunning and also the speed of a rat going up a roan pipe chasing a mouse.

I suspect that the biggest and most dishonest of his con tricks is none of those mentioned, consider if you will the case of "Mr. Salmond's Flying Circus" otherwise known as the "Holyrood Travelling Cabinet" A clever ruse by Eck to get the tax payer to pay for extensive snp campaign costs by calling it an extension of democracy. How much does it cost to take the Scottish Cabinet on the road, how many are in the concert party, where do they stay when on the road, how much to feed them, (remember wee Eck can eat £800 worth of grub provided by his London allowance when Parliament is in recess) how much for travel, clerks, secretaries, security, advisers, etc. etc. etc. all to show people what they can see by reaching out their hand in the comfort of their own living room and switching on the TV set.

This particular 'shakedown' of his allows Salmond to babble on about bringing democracy to the people while maintaining a high profile for him and his concert party at the expense of tax payers most of whom are not even supporters of the snp, in other words it is a Scandal and should be investigated, the Scottish people deserve better than this duplicitous charlatan leading the Government.

Friday, November 23, 2012


'We can no longer term our military a Defense force.

"A defense force does not conquer lands of other people. A defense force does not assist in the building of settlements. Pointless occupation of millions of people only leads to radicalization of opinions, hatred and the escalation of violence. Violence is a cycle that feeds into itself. This cycle will not stop until someone stands up and refuses uncompromisingly to take part in it.

Maya Wind,

Israeli Conscientious Objector.






Sunday, November 18, 2012


Israel uses sophisticated attack jets and naval vessels to bomb densely-crowded refugee camps, schools. apartment blocks, mosques and slums to attack a population that has no air force, no air defences, no navy, no heavy weapons, no artillery units, no mechanized armour, no command in control, no army....and calls it war, it is not a war, it's murder.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Corruption in American politics is endemic and legendary yet last night we saw again that the American people can still do the right thing. The mighty conglomerates and corporate Titanic's despite their wealth, power and willingness to deceive and lie, to use character assassination and foul tactics lost again to the ordinary people. The contrast could hardly be more stark a multi millionaire with a ruthless streak who once said " I like being able to sack people" a religious fundamentalist who would take women back a couple of hundred years without blinking while making life richer and easier for the wealthy while punishing the poor. Romney lost to a black man from Chicago's South Side called Obama, America has shown the way, again.

There are those who will say with some good reason that a Democratic White House and a Republican White House are not so different and if you look at the rich and powerful they will still be there but; oh how much worse it would be with Romney, this election showed up the different philosophies of left and right in America like no other in my memory. Right here in 20 12 I learned from US TV that in New York City before the storm there were 50,000 people homeless and before Obama there were 40 million Americans without health cover as well as 2.4 million people in prison, more than any country in the world, if this is the greatest country in the world what the hell are the others like? Yet America remains our great hope because it is still "new" still the great melting pot and there is still the chance that when it eventually stabilises in perhaps another hundred years or so it will be the beacon of democracy and equality which it has always promised to be. The re election of Obama and everything that means particularly the symbolism that inevitably attaches itself to that re election is massive and unavoidable. The more Americans see it and learn that in the greater scheme of things "it's a giant leap for mankind" the more hope for the future there will be.

The USA's own 'Captains and Kings', particularly Trump (he of the flamboyant "Irish Jig") is furious of course and demanding civil disobedience to get rid of Obama, despite all their great power and wealth he could not buy the American people. What a contrast that is with his effortless triumph when he dealt with Salmond and the snp Scottish Government over his Golf Course. "Jump said he and "how high" said a whimpering forelock tugging Salmond. Donald knows a spineless shyster when he sees one and Wee Eck dutifully rolled over like a friendly wee Scottish Terrier to have his tummy tickled by the great man. How Donald must be wishing that the Americans were as supine as the snp and their leaders who did everything but salute and curtsy when he graced them with his presence, oh and of course his great wealth, what a bunch of "Bengal Lancers"