Monday, February 25, 2013


It's now 25/02/13 and I attended the debate on the 21/02/13 at the UWS on the question of Scotland breaking up the UK. Though expecting to see hundreds in attendance after the boasting about numbers on facebook, there were only about 50 people there if that many. I have to say that as a first attempt to blatantly rig a meeting and make sure that the Uni's favourite side (snp) got every advantage it was embarrassing. Planted snp speakers in the audience with prepared speeches were ushered in by the chair at regular intervals and Derek Mackay snp MSP was given 3/4 times more opportunities than anyone else to speak, he was also able to interrupt others and speak over anyone else when he wanted to. The audience of mainly snp students played their part by trying to shout down anyone who disagreed with the snp line and broke into orchestrated applause and cheering when one of the snp said anything. It took me a full 25 minutes with my hand raised to be asked to speak , despite me sitting right in front of the chairman and my Labour colleague Jim Sharkey who was sat next to me spent the whole evening with his hand raised trying to come in to the debate to no avail. This was marketed as an attempt to start a debating society in the University of the West of Scotland and I can only advise anyone who might have been interested in such a venture not to waste their time unless you want to get involved in an snp mutual admiration society where they only talk among themselves and then only to sing the praises of the snp and traduce labour. You would be as well to go the pub and join in arguing with the saloon bar politicians once you have all had a bit too much to drink. On returning home I was relieved to see that students in another university (Glasgow) not very far away from this shambolic stitch up had voted against independence, their poll involved over 2,500 and the WSU mustered about 50. Something that the WSU should perhaps think about before trying such an obviously disingenuous stunt again.

The hall looked as if a fire alarm had gone off leaving a handful of rough sleepers dotted around. The turnout was a humiliation for the UWS yes campaign, their immature deceitful conduct and most of all for the university. They now have an even bigger problem with credibility and integrity than they had before and believe me it was already pretty appalling. The snp people present were an inarticulate mob rehearsing the arguments of the seventies. I did what I usually do in a hostile and ignorant environment, I wait to see if I am going to be allowed to contribute on an equal basis and whether I will be heard with respect and when it becomes clear that I am not being treated equally and not being shown respect I respond in kind but; I always give the opposition a fair chance to reveal how they want to conduct the debate. The steward present made a show of speaking to audience members who said anything anti snp while allowing the snp supporters to behave like a drunken rabble. If that is how the snp want to run a so called debate then they should not imagine for a second that I and others will roll over and let them get away with it. The debate was won easily by the NO side but there was no chance of that being acknowledged by the snp gang in the hall, most of them silly and too inexperienced to realize that shouting the loudest does not mean you are winning it more often than not means you are masking your incompetence, that is not winning a debate it is an orchestrated deception.

Any way I look forward to the next occasion if there is one. BTW along with others I expected the chair to announce the result of the Glasgow University referendum vote which was declared a full hour before this farce ended but, alas they didn't do it. If the No vote had lost instead of winning at Glasgow Uni. is it possible do you think that we might have heard it announced?

Saturday, February 09, 2013



How many people will be clearing their diaries to celebrate independence day in March 20 16? No it's not a shaggy dog story; it's what the snp and their leader wee Alex (the shyster) have announced. No they don't know the result of the referendum and no they do not know the date of the referendum either, nor do they have answers to many basic and fundamental questions about independence because; no they don't know the answers to them either. In the frantic world of misrepresentation and bluster that Salmond lives in he knows he can get away with such absurd behaviour among his own simple slogan ridden flag waving members and supporters who have nothing left to cling to except this discredited shell of a man. He is all they have left in a world of make believe fashioned by him. A world in which he unexpectedly found himself by winning a majority in Holyrood.

That victory and the lies and spin which caused it has also put him in the position of having to deliver, something he knows deep down inside that he never thought he would have to do and by God it shows. Self-important claims. Downright lies and outrageous deceptions are now what sustains him and his increasingly delusional followers, mainly people who bought the dream from this swindler, they have invested so much in to it and allowed themselves to be kidded that it was possible, it's difficult not to feel sorry for some of them.

"Let's have independence day in March 20 16" says wee Eck and none of his followers bother to ask: but when is the voting day oh great leader? And is it not risky to set a celebration day before we have counted the votes? It's more like being afraid to ask rather than not being bothered, afraid of the great leader but even more afraid of what such questions mean to them as individuals. Such questions sow the seeds of uncertainty and lead to more questions, and consequently fear has taken over. It is also interesting to note that this latest hoax was reported first by a Murdoch Red Top Rag, coincidence? Aye right.

Once this fraudulent snp farce is over and they have been humiliated, the job of putting Scotland right will be difficult. It is however crucial that such people are confined to history and their hateful and poisonous brand of politics with them. Time to clean up Scotland's politics and remove the malcontents and malevolent bullies.

Sunday, February 03, 2013


I remember reading in an art history book that cartoons and graffiti are as old as paintings, drawings, Books etc. I found an example where Michael Angelo had painted 'The Last Judgement' and he painted the faces of his enemies among the church hierarchy, the cardinals, bishops etc. the damned who were shown descending to hell after being judged, he was also a brave man. He was also a great painter 'the Sistine Chapel? 2 coats in 1 afternoon" what a guy.
Fast forward many many years to the roaring fun loving years of Nazi Germany and we find that certain cartoons or jokes or famously books were very dangerous things indeed. A fine example of this was a luminous avante garde left wing cartoonist and painter called George Grosze. He specialized in lampooning the Nazis and upper classes in bohemian Berlin. He rightly decided at one point though that it would be prudent to head for America while he was still alive. I digress but his son Marty Grosze became a celebrated jazz guitarist and band leader a brilliant and hilarious entertainer, he might still be alive you can catch him on U Tube.
So what is this all about I hear you ask? Well; in the past couple of days we have been forced to reflect on the fact that there are still people who think like the ancient cardinals who had it in for Michael Angelo and the censorious protectors of German decency who wanted to jail George Grosze, and they are right here among us. I refer to the 'stushies' surrounding the two great current cartoonists and satirists Gerald Scarfe of The Sunday Times and Steve Bell of The Guardian. Scarfe did a cartoon of Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu building part of the famous apartheid wall where the cement between the bricks was seen to be Palestinian blood. This brought an all too familiar orchestrated cry of Anti Semitism against Scarfe by Zionist liars who trot this scurrilous charge out against anyone who says anything bad about Israel, I have been subjected to this myself despite never having made an anti Jewish statement in my life and it can be very nasty, they are nothing if not powerful and organised.
This brings me to the side-splitting Steve Bell of the Guardian who chose to produce a cartoon of Alex Salmond which was very funny and a bit monstrous at the same time. these words were written behind his huge plump head and his face which had a big blue saltire painted on it "Scotland should go and **** itself" the top of Salmond's head obscured the blank space. Well!!! I kid you not dear readers, the snp/separatist/cybernats have gone 'doo lally' they want Steve Bell's head on a pike, he has traduced our noble country, he has insulted our glorious dead , he has peed all over oor grannie's hielan hame, stolen oor wullie's bucket, this insult must be avenged. Guardian readers will be aware that there is no such thing as an off limits target to Steve Bell; above all among those who like Salmond can strut while seated. Salmond has sensibly chosen to fume in silence but his gullible troops are chewing the carpet. This is yet another example of the state of mind of the nationalists. Just about every significant public figure from Prime Ministers to Popes to US Presidents to the Queen and Phil. to the rest of the royal oafs; to pop stars and you name it have all had their arrogance pricked by Steve Bell's unerring eye for the absurd but, Salmond and Scotland? Oh no Mr Bell you have gone too far. Well Scots. are you on the side of the cardinals, the Nazis and the snp or, do you prefer freedom of expression? It's a difficult one isn't it?

As the late Scottish folk singer Hamish Imlach used to sing

"to whistle or be merry or travel on a ferry.
Would get ye hung on Scotland's Sabbath day" 

This is a vision of an independent snp Scotland, be warned.