Wednesday, August 31, 2016


There is an interesting similarity in the way Nicola Sturgeon and Owen Smith represent their cases against the democratic decisions of the people they are trying to persuade to support them. Sturgeon continues to barely keep herself afloat by sabre rattling against the verdict of the electorate to leave Europe and still issues empty threats against those who decided that Scotland will remain as part of the UK. Both of their positions are patently untenable when you remove the bombast and empty rhetoric.

In Sturgeon’s case, she is now in the absurd position of telling people she will re run the independence referendum which they lost some two years ago and she also insists in trying to interfere with the decision taken in the European referendum which she also lost just recently, democracy evidently is not her strong point. The unpalatable truth for her and her credulous followers who believe the nonsense she continues to spout is that she has no cards to play, hence the reason that she continues to shout loud and long about repeat referendums without mentioning how she will set about achieving this. The answer is of course that she can’t, if she could we would have heard by now how she will go about doing it. She is now paying the price for the part she played in returning David Cameron to Downing Street, a more intelligent and experienced politician would have been far more aware of how vulnerable Cameron would be in a Euro. Election but she went with Salmond’s orders again, she must be one of the few people who did not realize that Salmond by then was incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time since his career and his reputation crashed and burned among the flames of the SNP’s farcical independence referendum campaign.

The wretched Owen Smith like Sturgeon now looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a bus and he has no way of escaping. How on Earth did they convince him to run? Had I been in his position I might have looked around me and thought to myself, where is Balls? Benn, Burnham, Hodge, Watson, Bryant? Where have all the big hitters who planned this gone? It should have occurred to him that because of the actions of himself and the rest of the PLP he was a dead man walking, even many of those who do not want Corbyn to win were frowning on such deceitful behaviour and so it proved. He has now had to submit himself to a humiliating series of hustings, and rallies which have been totally eclipsed by his opponent’s activities, his opponent who by comparison looks like a rock star at a concert and he is sixty seven years old! Alas the big name instigators of this debacle have left him to swing in the wind. He apes the same tactics as Sturgeon in that he attacks Corbyn over the Brexit campaign without being able to tell the members what it is that he either did not do or did not do well enough. He also says that he will fight Brexit harder than Corbyn without telling us how he will do this, he condemns Corbyn as being useless but as Jeremy pointed out with a sickening thud at a hustings he wants him in his cabinet if he wins!.

Smith and those people who created this awful mess will be lucky to cling to careers as back benchers if Corbyn wins and becomes PM and there will be no drama about the process, it will be inevitable and the Labour Party will unite and emerge stronger as a force for Socialism.