Thursday, March 31, 2016


Years ago people of my generation watched in revulsion the TV images of a young naked Vietnamese girl fleeing in pain and terror as her body burned from an American napalm attack. We also watched in disbelief as a South Vietnamese policeman carried out the summary execution of a North Vietnamese man by murdering him with a close up shot to the head from his revolver. The so called civilised western world was horror-struck at what our American allies had become. There can be no doubt that these TV images contributed an enormous amount of damage to the American cause as they lost and deserved to lose the Vietnam War.

Fast forward to now and we see the equally barbaric murder of a captured and badly wounded young Palestinian man by an Israeli soldier in the Palestinian town of Hebron. As the Palestinian lay injured and immobile he was shot in the head at close range, an Israeli soldier is heard saying “is the dog dead yet”.  It was only a matter of time before the world would have to admit to what the State of Israel is doing, this is now happening rapidly they have joined the ranks of war criminals and despots. This is what Netanyahu calls the most moral army in the world and over 60 % of Israeli citizens have backed the soldier’s conduct, this is to say that a majority of people who live in the State of Israel are in favour of summary execution of their enemies even if they are injured. Netanyahu is also fond of describing Israel as the only civilised democracy in the Middle East, if that doesn’t scare you nothing will. This was not an action against terrorism it was murder sanctioned by the War Criminal State of Israel who are fast running out of the high moral ground that they bogusly claim to occupy. I have copied out below a section of the      ---     The Israeli declaration of independence.

“The State of Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of the Exiles; it will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all!  its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.”

The underlining is mine – many of its inhabitants are being persecuted, murdered, and turned into refugees, and The United Nations has just categorised Israel as the worst country in the world for human rights abuses. Do not react by saying there is nothing that you can do because there is, you can join the BDS movement which stands for BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT. and SANCTIONS. Not many have investments so they can’t disinvest and sanctions are done by governments but everyone can boycott!. The Israeli Government are twisting the arms of many countries to get them to ban BDS but the truth is that no one can stop you from boycotting Israeli goods and refusing to have any contact with them, it worked with apartheid South Africa and the State of Israel is feeling the heat so ‘pile it on’.  

Monday, March 21, 2016


The highlands of Scotland are claimed by some to be a beautiful place with the friendliest people in the world. The first claim is said by every country which wants to attract tourists, lots of made up legends and bogus claims about highland dress and bagpipes, highland games where cabers and other capers are tossed and stalls set out enthusiastically to play the game of “fleecing the tourist” a game at which they would win the gold medal if it were ever included in the Olympics. It’s not particular to Scotland of course. In the capital of Irish America Boston you can stroll in and out of bars to your heart’s content but on St. Patrick’s Day its $20 admission to the same bars.

The second claim about friendly people is however under threat due to the behaviour of the yobs in the SNP. One would have thought that the treatment dished out to the late Charles Kennedy MP would have made them stop and think and perhaps say enough is enough time to rejoin the human race but, it appears not. The spite and resignations keep piling up and now those friendly highlanders affectionately known as ‘teuchters’ are joining in with some gusto. Not to be outdone by the rancorous turf wars among the bravefarts in North Lanarkshire SNP, the teuchter branches are determined that they can be as spiteful and malicious as those lowlander SNP backsliders.

At close of play today we had two SNP councillors who have had enough of the ‘witch hunts’ that they have been subjected to, Cllrs. Iain Angus MacDonald and his fellow SNP Councillor Iain Stewart MacLean both from Oban have now resigned, how many SNP resignations has that been?. “Is losing all these elected members unfortunate or is it just carelessness” to paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s Lady Bracknell?. Sturgeon drops 6 points in leadership popularity poll, it’s a ‘funny old game, isn’t it.  

Friday, March 18, 2016


August 2015 and Yen Hongmei Jin, the SNP’s only Chinese councillor ‘Lochar ward on Dumfries and Galloway Council’ resigns over racism and bullying. SNP party officials did not take steps to shield her. She organised a Burns ‘the great internationalist’ night and was targeted by SNP members because she had no Scottish roots. A squalid offensive email sent to her apparently said “Bunch of arseholes – supposedly Scottish too”, “They can stick their (Burns) club right up their rectum” certainly sounds like the SNP doesn’t it.
This abuse and bullying was made known to the SNP’s Edinburgh headquarters it was ignored for 6 months, is it possible that Nicola Sturgeon knew nothing about this one as well? SNP members may well have thought ‘we will learn from this’, well fast forward to 4 days ago and you find this.

An SNP councillor has resigned over? Yes you’ve got it in one Bullying, and a cover up by SNP officials. College lecturer Marie Penman claimed that her complaints against senior figures in Kirkcaldy were taken no further. jealous and suspicious of her education and intelligence perhaps?.
Among those who were aware of this were Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh MP, now being investigated over a charity she was running , SNP MSP Shirley – Anne Somerville, SNP chief executive Peter Murrell and his wife one Nicola Sturgeon, perhaps she knew nothing about this one as well?.  Seven other Kircaldy branch office bearers have since resigned as well due to infighting which is going on. The branch has 1,400 members 30 of whom turn out for branch meetings! Maybe the 30 regular attendees simply won’t tell the other 1,370 branch members where and when the meetings are being held.   

Owen Jones asks Mhairi Black if she would rather see a socialist UK or an indy Scotland. She chooses the latter. She isn't a socialist, never was and will never be a socialist.
Mr. Cellophane John Swinnie absolutely mangled on Question Time from Dundee, SNP cry foul again.

Sturgeon humiliated by Andrew Neil and reduced to the old discredited moan of Neil “talking Scotland down”

Labour ahead in the polling for the Westminster elections. “It looks like the reports of our death are an exaggeration” To paraphrase Mark Twain.  

Thursday, March 03, 2016


Kezia Dugdale tackled Nicola Sturgeon on Fracking at Holyrood and the exchange went like this. “Scottish Labour will BAN! fracking” Kezia Dugdale. “We have imposed a moratorium!” Nicola Sturgeon. This exchange was repeated several times with some inconsequential deviations, much to the obvious delight of Ms. Dugdale and the obvious humiliation and anger of Ms. Sturgeon. One of course is a BAN while the other is not a BAN, seems straight forward to me, how about you dear reader?.

All across the country SNP candidates are telling voters that there will be no fracking under the SNP, this is a lie just as their claims to abolish the council tax were also lies.

Generous man that I am I have provided an unchallengeable definition of these words from an impressive source for all you nationalists. Sturgeon and the SNP are refusing to BAN fracking, we have to ask why?. 

Meanwhile the billionaires who are preparing to introduce it are boasting that they have been told at the highest level that the SNP are not! opposed to fracking and the SNP have chosen not to rebut that statement. It looks like the SNP have “sold the jerseys” taking the p**s out of their gullible followers again, is there any SNP people out there who will defend them? Here are the promised definitions.   

Moratorium –
"A temporary prohibition of an activity" Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Ban - "Officially or legally prohibit" Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016


 Here is an excerpt for the SNP zealots to read from an article by political journalist Alex Massie ex SNP propagandist and cheer leader, in The Spectator March 1st. 2016 under the heading “The Truth About Trident is That No-one Cares About Trident”.
“The extent to which the public do not care about Trident is not as well-known as it should be. Consider the findings of a Daily Record poll published in January. A panel of 1,000 Scots were asked to rank 13 policy issues in order of their importance. Just 11 people put Trident top of the list and only 33 ranked it in their top three issues. Even a third of SNP supporters thought it the least important of the 13 issues listed for their consideration”.

It is also the case that the last time the SNP debated The House of Lords at conference the abolitionists won the vote by 1% .Hardly a ringing endorsement is it? More like a ‘definite maybe’ in fact.  

And right now we have hoaxer in chief Sturgeon doing the rounds telling anyone who will listen that she speaks for Scotland when she says that Scots. want to stay in Europe, a claim that is looking shakier by the day. She is in fact now frenetically backtracking on this insisting that she does not want the EU referendum to determine the way forward for independence which is of course her way of retracting another lie. How long will the deceived Scottish electorate put up with this unremitting duplicity? 

Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Here is what passes for logic with the cerebrally challenged knuckle draggers of the SNP. This simple map shows the lunacy of Scottish independence and the real prejudice and chauvinism of their supporters. This exposes them for what they are, they cannot justify this insanity and they have nowhere to hide. Portugal becomes a neighbour while Preston is not, likewise Paris and Peterborough, Berlin and Bolton, Cologne and Cardiff and Derry and Dusseldorf. There is only one possible good thing about this(getting rid of England)  madness and it is only a good thing to the SNP whose hatred of the English has led them to this ridiculous and embarrassing situation. This easy to follow map, easy even for SNP supporters to follow is completely damning for the Scottish Nationalists.