Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The title above this post is meant to highlight the decline and shame that people like Chisora, Haye and Warren are inflicting on boxing.


It was not my intention to watch the so called boxing match on Saturday night; I did not bother to check the pay per view cost as I did not consider any cost no matter how low as worth paying. 15 minutes before the start of the fight my daughter who knows I am a boxing fan came down stairs from her room where she had been watching TV and switched the TV we were watching to the live bout between Vitali Klitschko and Dereck Chisora while explaining that the pay per view system had malfunctioned and the bout was being shown free so, Paisley man that I am I watched it.


Had you asked me on Sat. Feb. 11, 2012; one week before the fight; who Dereck Chisora was I would have been unable to tell you; I humbly submit to you that as a quite keen boxing fan the fact that I had no idea who the 'contender' was for the heavy weight boxing championship of the world which was about to start gave me pause for thought. The thoughts going through my mind were of no great comfort to me as I watched him in his corner looking like a night club bouncer and a dead ringer for Charles Laughton as Quasi Modo in the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" The broadcaster had helpfully shown us his antics at the weigh in where; face covered in a mask he slapped Vitalo Klischko like a big girl whose makeup had been stolen, he then went on to spit in the face of Klitschko's brother Wladimir. I don't want to sound hysterical here because I have watched all kinds of shenanigans and stunts between competitors but he should be finished for this.


The parasites who are never far away from professional boxing like Frank Warren, will now try to get him back in the ring, no doubt hoping that this episode will sell more tickets and sadly he might just get away with that. In British heavyweight boxing at the moment there is no show without 'punch' or as he's known in the profession 'punch bag' David Haye. His humiliation against Wladimir Klitschko who used him like a sparring partner in their recent title fight and threw him around the ring like a rag doll when his fists got sore punching the back of his head as he ran away is back because he can smell money from a gullible public, this should not be allowed to happen! enough is enough.


Chisora who is 28 years old is being praised by some people who should know better for his showing against Vitali Klitschko who is 40 years old FFS and has not fought much since serious back surgery 2 years ago, Chisora took 1 round out of 12! As I said FFS! we laughed at stunts by Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Liston Etc. but this is not in the least bit funny, Chisora and Haye are embarrassing and people are paying to watch them, neither of them could fight sleep. John L Sullivan, Gentleman Jim Corbett, Bob Fitzimmons, Dempsey, Braddock, Jack Johnson, Joe Lewis, Marciano, Ali, Frazier, Tyson and the blameless Klitschko brothers who do what it says on the tin by beating everyone who gets put in front of them are being spat on by these bums and now it has come to this. Where is it going to end? not since the days of Primo Carnero "The Ambling Alp" and "Two Ton Tony Galento" whose catch phrase was "oil moider da bum" has heavyweight boxing sunk so low, is it time to pack it in I wonder? Or what would be more acceptable, is it not the time to say people like these and the others who are dragging the sport through the mud have had their day and kick them out once for all. Heavyweight Boxing has been around for hundreds of years graced by some of the names listed above, it would be a shame to allow a bunch of shysters and shake down artists like these people to drag it in to oblivion, can people like Warren, Haye and Chisora continue to bring shame on the sport that gave us Ali, Dempsey, Marciano and Joe lewis.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Liverpool V Manchester United Race Row. The losers in this horrible episode are the football fans. People will argue about who was right and who was wrong for a long time and the bad feeling which already existed between these two clubs will only get worse.

By far the worst result of this is that the most nasty, venomous bully in the history of the game has managed to position himself at the top of the moral high ground and the obsequious FA and sporting press are afraid to tackle him, and not for the first time. Ferguson would use anything and I mean anything to gain an advantage and in this case he sees an opportunity to do down Liverpool, the racist backdrop means nothing to him, nothing does.

Had Alex Ferguson taken up golf or athletics as a youth the beautiful game would today be far more able to hold its head high, his influence on the game particularly as the manager of one of the world's richest and most powerful clubs has been unremittingly ugly and sinister. The guy who watched and learned from him while at Chelsea Mourihno is following his example and traducing the reputation of a similarly great club. .

Thankfully the influence of Ferguson on football is drawing to a close, old age will eventually succeed in doing what the authorities have been too spineless to do for a long time and confine him to the dustbin of history. Manchester United might then once again become one of the world's best loved football clubs instead one of its most loathed. It is to be hoped that this great football club will be able to erase the malicious Ferguson influence which has polluted Old Trafford and the English game for too many years. This is the "beautiful game" and no amount of malcontents like Ferguson will ever change that. Now would be an appropriate time to create an award for the most cynical person in sport and award it to Ferguson in perpetuity.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Dear Mr. Trump in the interests of Scottish American relations can I with all due respect offer you a way toward a peaceful solution to the problem of wind and Mr. Salmond. Have you considered a donation to the Scottish Nationalist Party? A couple of big family type suitcases full of used fivers and tenners. These should be given in the spirit intended which is of course for the good of your and wee Eck (the spiv's) beloved Scotland where I believe your maw was born. Catch a bus to the north driven by wee holy Brian Souter who knows a thing or two about donations. He can drop you on the (wee spiv's) doorstep. Think back to the ever so pleasant planning thingmy when you had something he (the spiv) wanted. Think back to when wee holy Brian also had something which wee Eck (the spiv) wanted as well.

Take heart Mr. Trump not only are you and wee eck (the spiv) patriotic Scots. you are cut from the same tartan cloth. In your position I would be thinking along the lines of Edinburgh Castle becoming "Edinburg Trump Castle – Luxury hotel and conference centre and seller of genuine locks of Bobby Burns's hair" sample Willie Wallace's blue face paint, visit Loch Lomond on a wee holy Brian tour and kiss the Blarney Stone before leaving for the USA, remember Tonald, money talks and I've heard it said when it gets to wee Eck (the spiv) it bawls and shouts. We know that we can rely on you Tonald and you Eck (the spiv) to always put our beloved Scotland first, just like big Shawn who described you both I'm told when he last threw you off his Island in the Bahamas as a "Shite for Shore eyes"

Saturday, February 11, 2012


The PR people and spin doctors who are charged with the gargantuan task of presenting the halfwit prince; Captain Harry as a young man around whom they can create a believable myth are once again in despair. Their latest wheeze following his most recent portrayal as a brave young patriotic combatant is to once again show us his ordinary side, his ordinary guy, man of the people persona if you like. They must surely be reaching the point where they have to pack it in. Today he appears clad in fatigues joshing with the ordinary chaps with whom he will; it is inferred risk his life. This is a rerun of their attempt to show us the heroic Prince Harry fighting in the desert against the horrid Johnny Foreigner an episode which quickly and predictably descended into lies and farce when it was discovered that he never got closer than 6 miles to the actual combat zone and he was at all times ensconced in a heavily fortified concrete fortress. In addition to which he never spent a second without his personal body guard of 6 highly trained combat ready troops.

In today's pictures he has typically forgotten to remove his wrist watch before throwing on the combat fatigues to pose with the squaddies whom someone has volunteered to have their picture taken with their new chum. I'm sure that all his chums in the unit he will be in will be proud of the fact that Soldiers serving in the British Army are issued with watches like the one that Harry is displaying on his limp wrist. The watch? what that old thing? It's a Rolex Explorer 11 – a snip at between £4,000 to £15,000, It'll all be over by Christmas right?

Friday, February 10, 2012


What are we to make of wee Eck (the spiv) hawking himself around the radio and TV stations to muscle in on the Scotland V England Rugby match? Forget the fact that he dodged a bullet when Scotland decided to field their ladies team, that's a separate issue. Is it not simply the case that senior politicians regularly show up at these events on the understanding that it is apolitical and should not be exploited? That; based on the evidence available rules out (the spiv) Salmond whose reputation over many years is that of a man who cannot see a belt without hitting below it.

Would anyone trust this charlatan whose instinct was to score political points when he witnessed houses and business premises being burned as well as injuries, loss of life and arrests being made when the recent riots occurred? His comments and his repugnant behaviour over this when he tried to suggest that such events were peculiar to England and did not happen in Scotland were all too typical of a man who as first minister has brought shame and embarrassment on his office and on the Scottish people. Are the people of Scotland beginning to rumble him? Let's hope so.


Thursday, February 09, 2012


A grateful nation waiting with bated breath has today learned that Prince Harry (worth over £10 Million and counting) has qualified as the number one helicopter passenger in his squadron. His "Wingco" Flight Officer Charlie (whiffy) Brown congratulated him and expressed his confidence that he would be ready to move from the Lego chopper to the Tonka model soon. We have learned that he has already dealt with one emergency in typical "Hooray Henry" fashion. When a junior officer reported an unfamiliar noise coming from his chopper blades the Prince showing his legendary daring and razor sharp decision making skills said "OK let's jolly well get her flying for a couple of hours and the noise will then be familiar won't it? Carry on chaps"!

Monday, February 06, 2012


Having had a well known interest in the penal system for years and indeed had plenty to say about it's inadequacies; I found it impossible several years ago to say no to the request from Labour Group Leader Jim Harkins and my colleagues in the Renfrewshire Council Labour Group to become Renfrewshire Council's representative on the Barlinnie Prison Visiting Committee. In actual fact I wanted the job and strangely enough there was no rush to challenge my nomination, it did not go to a vote in fact. I had strong opinions on our prison system and very few of them if any were positive, it is a huge disappointment to me that that remains the case, even more so as prison numbers increase.

It became apparent to me very quickly that the prison Visiting Committee was valued by prisoners and resented by most prison officers. I'm writing this now to put on record my strong opposition to the Scottish Government's proposals to do away with the Prison Committees and replace them with an advocacy service. The advocacy service would be selected and controlled by The Scottish Prison Service who would decide who gets the contract; begging the obvious question 'will the advocacy service stand up to those who pay their wages?' Recent consultations on this issue saw returns by 60 relevant organisations; only one of whom agreed with abolishing the Prison Committees; it will be no bombshell to readers to find that that was the Scottish Prison Service. In the judgment of this ex prison visitor that should have been game set and match in favour of the P.V.C'S but; the increasingly more and more absurd Kenny Macaskill SNP justice minister still wants them scrapped. He cites the low number of 14 requests last year to see the PVC from Barlinnie, this low number was something I was aware of when I was involved and I know the reason. During my time there I had occasion to meet prisoners on various occasions out with PVC prisoner requests and I always made a point of talking to prisoners and always asked what they knew about the PVC's and the overwhelming majority of them had no idea what I was talking about and most of those who did know about us suggested that it made for an easier life not to complain. That puts the blame for lack of response from prisoners with the prison regime itself and shamefully nothing has ever been done about it.

Two consultations have been done recently in 2005 and 2010 which revealed overwhelming support for the PVC's and a recent article quotes one of Scotland's national treasures Tory MSP Annabele Goldie (no bleeding heart liberal she) as saying ---- "their work (THE PVC'S) monitoring prisoners and investigating complaints is as welcome to the Scottish Prison Service as "a thistle in the backside" That sounds like cross party support to me if we include the SNP?

The cost? To maintain the PVC'S; to be able to say we are a fair and decent society; to refuse to go down the road of a banana republic; to ensure that members of the public appointed by local authorities can visit a prison any time; day or night; and demand to see a prisoner? £75,000 a year for the whole of Scotland, is it a price worth paying? I would spend more and make the service more modern with training for members etc. Oh! and training for Governors and prison officers as well. If prisoners cannot speak to people whom they consider to be completely impartial, if they cannot speak to people whom they can trust implicitly then we should stop criticising others who we condemn for bad treatment of prisoners like Zimbabwe and America. Without a free, honest and robust Prison Visitor's Committee Service we will have to buy in larger supplies of soap for prisoners to slip on. I wish I could take every person who writes or says or believes the "The Sun/Daily Mail" propaganda about how easy prison life is on a tour of some of the jails I have been in. Thousands go in every year illiterate and innumerate and come out years later still unable to read or count, what is the long term cost of that in money and human misery?

Contact your MSP's and let them know that you want the PVC'S kept.


Sunday, February 05, 2012


Fidel Castro makes the newspapers today; yet again. At the age of 85 he has released a memoir of his life which is approx. 1,000 pages long that of course could be the first of 20 or 30 volumes though. He launched the work at a 6 hour conference where observers described him as animated and very sharp; his grasp of world events was apparently comprehensive and formidable. What can you say about the man? people will be fighting in queues to get hold of the book and his enemies will be fighting their way to the head of those queues. I am reminded of a delegation that gave Fidel a pet it was a South Sea turtle with a life span of a hundred years and he turned it down saying "that's the trouble with pets, you become fond of them and then they die on you" or was that American Presidents he was talking about?

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Sometimes unexpected gifts fall in to your hands unsolicited. This guy on facebook decided to have a go at me as I was having an argument with a Scottish Nationalist at the time. It took about 2/3 days for this fellow to reach the stage where I just had to let a wider audience read it. I won't and don't need to add anything further, just read on. A word of warning though, he's ex military and if he can fight like he can talk you might want to be careful in commenting. Oh! and he also says he is dyslexic.

Ian Clark 

I take it you think all us Scottish are idiots and that why we need your party to keep us from getting what is ours . I.e/ oil, wavepower, water to hydro, taxes, better rates from the council so that businesses can afford to have more staff and do more business. Scotland can no longer support your party and its lifestyle Scotland may still have some weak and tired people who cant get inspired about this Gray country but I believe that without London it can prosper and in that there is no place for English insults spoken through your party with London blowing wind up your ass that produced tonight nothing but a smell called fear of change. Feel free to throw your insults and take longer pauses to TRY to look good but your point is not being forced up my ass no matter how much you and London try. Scotland is about to have its day and your fear of that is because your party didnt see it coming.

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  • Ian Clark 

    I admired the parts about Scotland not needing nukes and would have admired anyone that or will join us to free Scotland from slavery under the English rule. As for royaly most of them were my officers in command and to this date as far as I can see do a great job but they in my eyes were my bosses with the respect that their rank deserved in my job and possition however in my eyes I could not care less for them as my royalty but do not dismiss their good management and welcome them if they too help Scotland prosper with its own goverment.

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  • Ian Clark 

    Is there anything else I can help with cuntselor Kelly, Maybe help you find a job in Banking or give you a reference or is your place set for another 12 years insulting Scotland and its people...I think not/ feel free to correct any spelling mistakes you know how stupid I am or could it just be a mental defect produced by time in the army after being pumped with drugs to combat weapons given to enemys by the English or lack or care when lleaving the army to fellow commrads

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  • Terry Kelly I wouldn't change a word of any of this, it's priceless, in fact I will show it to people on my blog.

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