Friday, October 30, 2015


It is quite clear that the snp are so malicious and sectarian that they can't bring themselves to applaud the damage inflicted on the Tory government over the issue of tax credits. 

They are proving once again as they did with the bedroom tax that they would rather watch Scottish people suffer so that they can blame the hated English. They are poison. 

Friday, October 23, 2015


Nicola Sturgeon is again trotting out demands about Trident and lying to people on an industrial scale. It could be 7 or 8 years before another referendum if there is ever going to be one and then there is no guarantee that Scotland would vote for separation, and then they would have who knows how long to set it up if they gained that separation.To get rid of Trident Scotland would first have to be independent and the SNP are in retreat from even discussing independence, This makes their sabre rattling about Trident rather futile does it not. They (the snp) do however definitely need a distraction. They are also guilty of over estimating Scottish support for getting rid of Trident. They also refuse to mention that this issue is about ‘means to an end’, I do not know a single person who does not want to get rid of Nuclear Weapons throughout the whole world, including Scotland, and that makes their whole argument a tissue of lies. The biggest lie of all which is perpetrated by the snp and their supporters is ‘if you don’t vote to get rid of Trident then you are in favour of nuclear weapons’ this is a deliberate deception. Those who say it will make us safer if we get rid of Trident are either misinformed or deceitful, to accept their analysis you would have to believe that nuclear weapons based in England, N.I. or Wales would not present any danger to Scotland and that is clearly untenable. These weapons could be relocated close to Scotland’s large population centres by placing them on the N.I. coast or near the English border Trident has been flogged to death as an excuse for voting for separation, it is a massive lie and it’s about time the SNP started telling the truth about it.   

Conference time - During and after the Labour conference people like Corbyn, McConnell and John Prescott were hounded by the press and TV, Neil V Prescott is a must see for lessons on how to take the wind out of the sails of an arrogant interviewer, the ebullient  Prescott was “floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee” hilarious stuff.

Sporting Scotland? - It is noticeable that Nicola Sturgeon has been dragged kicking and screaming in to castigating the SNP cybernats for their attacks on Scottish rugby supporters mainly JK Rowling and Muriel Gray after Scotland’s defeat at the hands of Australia. These people are thugs and it is ironic that no one did more to create these vile characters than Salmond, ably supported by the increasingly distressed Sturgeon. This latest outburst of nationalist poison was caused by a game of rugby! a game played in Scotland by those who are not good enough to play football, the paucity of rugby pitches emphasises that the coverage this sport gets is out of all proportion to it’s popularity. The reaction of these ‘tartanshirt clowns’ suggests that if there was a World Cup for girning and whining Scotland would win it. It would appear that any person who attains a high level in sport, science, entertainment or discovery is according to these morons not entitled to call themselves Scottish if they disagree with the SNP!       

These people live in a delusional tartan bubble where Sean Connery is a far better actor than Laurence Olivier, Robert Burns is superior to Shakespeare and Bobby Charlton couldn’t lace Jim Baxter’s boots. “Nationalism is a disease, it’s the measles of the planet Earth” said Albert Einstein. SNP apologists plead that their kind of nationalism is not like that, they claim to be ‘civic’ nationalist not ‘ethnic’ nationalist when all the evidence clearly shows that they are indeed ethnic nationalists of the worst kind. It was Billy Connolly who said “when the best thing you have going for you is where you come from, you are in deep s**t” I can’t put it any better than that. Just over four and a half years of this to go before the next general election, the rest of the world might just have died laughing at us before then.      

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


What will happen first, will Scotland win the World Cup or will the SNP put independence on the agenda. I wonder what the new members think now, surrounded as they are by shysters and crooks and a leadership which is afraid of pursuing what was once their single political issue, whisper it, shshshsh “independence". 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Manchester Cathedral was packed last night to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak and 7,000 people gathered outside to hear him on loud speakers. The last time a huge political gathering of this kind took place in Manchester it led to what became famous as “The Peterloo Massacre” which was much bigger and it was where Mounted State Troopers wielding sabers charged the crowd killing 18 and injuring 700 of the estimated 70,000 who were there to hear an MP known as “Orator Hunt” speak on behalf of parliamentary reform. Many of the crowd had not long returned as heroes of the battle of Waterloo hence the ironic name of Peterloo was adopted by the people. The great radical poet Shelley wrote about these events in his epic poem “The Mask of Anarchy” it is an inspiring tour de force and well worth reading it contains this famous verse which has inspired workers in  strife ever since.

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you-
Ye are many - they are few."

The people are stirring, the crowds are getting bigger, the Tory capitalist press are panicking as people flock in their thousands to Labour’s banner. Now is the time for everyone to play their part, Tories out! Crush capitalism!. 

Thursday, October 01, 2015


Over 4 years as Scottish Health Minister and sturgeon, when asked about the state of that health service says, ‘I know nothing’. When caught lobbying on behalf of serial fraudster Abdul Rauf who was found guilty of an £80,000 benefits fraud Nicola Sturgeon said ‘I know nothing’. She also described his previous pensions and benefits frauds amounting to £60,000 as ‘mistakes’. There’s more, when asked about serial wife beater SNP MSP Bill Walker who was jailed for a year managing to get through the SNP’S vetting procedures, Nicola Sturgeon said ‘I know nothing’.

When home owners are struggling to pay their mortgages and going through a period of despair along comes SNP MP Michelle Thomson and screws them into the ground, purchases their homes for knock down prices and trousers the profits and guess what?, you have got it haven’t you?, Nicola Sturgeon announced ‘I knew nothing’ about it’, “it” by the way which Nicola knew nothing about was a property portfolio worth £1.7 million accumulated by cruel, pitiless, capitalist abuse of people who are vulnerable.
We now come to SNP MSP and Minister for culture Fiona  Hyslop who is under investigation about a Scottish Gov. £150,000 gift to the T in The Park music festival?. The owners of the festival have made £12 million profit over the last 3 years. Jennifer Dempsie who was an aid to Alex Salmond and is married to Angus Robertson SNP’S Westminster leader brokered the meeting between Ms. Hyslop and the festival, she has now decided to withdraw her candidacy for an MSP’s job, I can’t help but wonder why, can you?. Incidentally Nicola Sturgeon ‘knew nothing’

Thursday October 1st. 2015 – 09.00 am. And this morning’s newspaper revelations are that 16 SNP MP’S at Westminster have second incomes from property deals. Nicola Sturgeon has not yet been asked to comment but, I suspect that she may well say ‘I knew nothing about this’.   4 years and 7 months to go until the next general election and the SNP are off to a flier.