Thursday, November 26, 2015


Angus Brendan MacNeil snp MP once again pops up to grab a headline for the increasingly disgraced snp, by demanding “Scots. Votes for Scots. Laws” a cheap headline from a cheap nasty politician, this odious piece of work is an example of not only the most unpleasant type of person in politics but the worst kind of person you will find anywhere, he is a shameless populist and is completely without a thread of dignity. Angus Brendan MacNeil will forever be known as the SNP MP who not only exposed his own squalid character but he also exposed the gross duplicity of the people of the Western Isles who voted for him.
The people of the Western Isles were renowned for being honest, upright, devout Christians and, young  Angus, with rat like cunning never missed an opportunity of demonstrating that he was one of them, the better to win their votes.

Most young married men would consider a time when their pregnant young wife was in hospital to be very worrying and stressful, but not young Angus, like the “hielan stoat” that he is, he saw his young wife’s pregnancy problems as an opportunity to betray her in the most repellent way. His concern for his pregnant wife and their unborn child was such that he managed to contrive a situation where he was caught plying underage girls with drink and kissing and fondling them in a hotel room. The sanctity of marriage, the pregnancy of his wife, their unborn child, his devout religious beliefs, all trashed and shown up as a pitiless facade, what a guy eh?

“He is finished” said most observers “the people of the Western Isles will not stand for that kind of unforgivable unchristian behaviour” but they did. They voted for him again, proving if any proof were needed that the Western Isles were no more self-righteous or Christian than anywhere else. He has of course thrived in the SNP where such behaviour is apparently of no consequence, this man and his party are as we are now seeing utterly beneath contempt.    

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


My dear Nicola, to lose one MP may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two MP’S looks like carelessness. Only 4 & ½ years to go to the next General Election. Who would have ever thought that politics could be such fun? Is it true that The House of Commons restaurant staff have been told to count the spoons before any SNP diners leave the restaurants? Have they installed cctv cameras to makes sure no SNP MP’S creep out without paying? Is loose change going missing in the cloakrooms when SNP members are lurking around?.

Meanwhile we ‘honest decent Scots’ back home here have to hide our faces in shame at the appalling antics of the SNP rabble in Westminster, “the buck stops with you Nicola” it’s time already to consider your position before Scotland’s reputation is traduced any further, it’s time to do the decent thing. Appoint wee Mhairi Black as leader ASAP and bring back some chic, sophistication and elegance before its too late.      

Sunday, November 15, 2015


"Can i just take this opportunity to remind you all that Mr Mohammed from your local shop wasn't involved in Friday nights attacks on Paris. Neither was Mrs Azeer from Lloyds Bank or her family. Kamal from down the road has never been to Paris, and his brother Abdul, the taxi driver, was watching the news in horror along with everyone else.

The people behind last night's attacks weren't Muslims, they were extremists using religion as vindication for their cowardice.
Please, I urge each and everyone of you, do not lay blame at the doors of the innocent just because of what they believe. They are no more to blame for Paris than you are.

We are one world and one family. Treat each other as such, because what happened last night should bring us closer together, not make us lash out against our neighbours for a perceived religion affiliation".

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

"we feel in England that we have treated you (Irish) very badly, it seems history is to blame" James Joyce Ulysses.

The young Irish footballer James McLean is once again in the news for refusing to wear a poppy and, I am glad to see that his resolve is as strong as ever and support for him continues to grow. Ireland looms large of course in this matter for James McLean as it does for many Irish people and their descendents, like me in fact and my large extended family. He hails from a place he and many others call Derry which is called Londonderry by those who want to highlight their Britishness over their Irishness and Derry by those who want to emphasise their Irishness over their Britishness. It was historically known as Derry and renamed Londonderry by the British after their invasion and occupation of Ireland which, continues to this day. The relationship between Britain and Ireland has been a fraught one and young Mr. McLean is from the tradition that sees itself downtrodden, just as I do. He has his cause and he is going to stand up for it and I for one salute him for that.
My Father was one of 5 brothers who all fought in WW2, I never once saw him or any of my uncles wear a poppy. He was in the 8Th. Army and served in Greece, North Africa and Italy. The only time I ever heard him say anything about WW2 was when he periodically declared his hatred for Field Marshall Montgomery, Winston Churchill and the Monarchy, all of whom were part of the conspiracy to make his life perilous and uncomfortable. He would have behaved in exactly the same way as James McLean and so would I; he is doing the truth a favour when he reminds us of Britain’s brutal past. The usual armchair generals and right wing journalists will continue to go for him but I reckon that this young man will not break. The annual remembrance day events lost any dignity they might have had many years ago and are now jingoistic military celebrations which are in denial about Britain’s history. It’s time for it to be stopped and replaced by something dignified and a bit more low key. We ought to start with getting rid of the poppies and the odious “poppy police”.    

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Stuart Hosie, Angus Robertson, Angela Constance and Mhairi Black. Make it the BBC 4 the SNP 0.

How is it possible to make the Tory prince of Darkness Ian Duncan Smith look genial, gentle and generous? Put him up against the hopelessly out of her depth Mhairi Black and watch him show his fatherly chivalrous side. What a humiliation, her and Angela Constance should form a comedy duet. Did you see her  car crash TV interview today?. A couple of weeks ago it was SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson and SNP Holyrood Deputy Leader Stuart Hosie being traduced and shown up as incompetent idiots by Andrew Neil. Only another four and a half years of this mortification and squirming embarrassment for Scotland to suffer through.