Thursday, October 24, 2013


24/10/13 - "Broken workforce fight for jobs"

The above is today's Herald headline on the Grangemouth dispute, it is designed to destroy the morale of the workers. I have written to their comments site and suggested the following:-

How about, 

"Courageous workforce still standing with heads held high 

and the fight goes on, the message is boycott everything to do 

with this revolting company and join the Union"

Are Ineos paying the Herald? 

Will they print it though? 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


“The trade union should accept the no industrial action demand from the company with no strings attached” (Alex Salmond) 20/10/13 speaking live on ‘Sunday Politics’ show.
Here is the snp’s anti trade union agenda red in tooth and claw, he wants a servile toothless trade union movement where the bosses can do anything they want without having to worry about industrial action and the workers will be no better than slaves. Can you imagine the management regime at Grangemouth tomorrow. Monday morning; faced with a work force whose trade union is completely emasculated? That is what salmond is demanding, a nice place for shop stewards and conveners who have stood up to managers before to work eh? How long would they last without the protection of industrial action when they need it? This statement could only come from a reactionary anti union Tory, in this case one who calls himself a nationalist, Alex Salmond. Will any snp members denounce his treachery? I have heard of an ‘snp trade union group’ but I haven’t heard ‘from them’. Have they nothing to say about this blatantly pro management anti union stance from their toadying leader, he is a disgrace to the Scottish people.     

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Brazil in 8 months time and it's the world cup, we can at last put aside the diversionary activities of tennis players, golfers, rugby players, cricketers and people running round in circles etc. and enjoy not the greatest game in the world but the 'ONLY' game in the world but first there was the small matter of England having to qualify. 

England V Poland, it was for real and the chips were down. The superb setting of Wembley stadium; jam-packed and intense with expectation and not a little trepidation saw the evening start with an emotional tribute to the Polish airmen who fought with the RAF in WW2. As the Polish fans unfurled a massive banner depicting the Polish emblem which adorned their fighter planes when they took on the Luftwaffe, their English hosts paid tribute to the indomitable spirit and heroism of our Polish allies, a wonderful and poignant moment and the match turned out to be superbly entertaining as well. Sometimes the pressure and expectation of the fans can ruin such events but this was always going to be a cracker.

I promptly found myself wondering how England could all of a sudden become such a force after suffering such mediocrity for so long. Players like Rooney, Baines, Townsend and the phenomenal Danny Wellbeck swept forward with strength and skill and threatened to finish the game in a matter of minutes such was their dominance. The Poles however are no makeweights and they started to break forward with skill and the kind of speed that would alarm any defence, after 20 minutes both teams could have had a couple of goals each, pulsating stuff. The camera cruelly honed in on the elderly England manager Roy Hodges every time their goal survived a scare and the poor guy looked like he was ready to faint away, was it my imagination or were his minders keeping a particularly close eye on him?

The longer the game went on the more England started to dominate, a mixture perhaps of their resolve and the fact that psychologically the Polls were handicapped by the fact that they could not qualify but they bravely gave everything until the second goal went in late in the game from the determined play of Gerrad, the first was a classic overlap by Baines and a trademark Rooney finish with his head. Make no mistake about it this was a tremendous show by England against very talented opponents and it augers well for their World Cup hopes.

Mr. Hodges has 8 months to polish up the team and he will be aware that in players like Rooney, Wellbeck, Baines, Townsend, Sturrige and the re-emerging Wilshere he has a bunch of talented young players who would get a game with almost any team in the world. This is the time though when he has to be ruthless if he wants to triumph, there are some players still around who should be replaced such as Cole who is no match for Baines, Milner and Carrick who are strong and willing but can't cope with the skill and pace that is likely to be waiting in Brazil, Gerrard alas no longer has the wherewithal to dominate the midfield at this level and Lampard who in my opinion has become a liability as wily foreign coaches now prepare for breakaway attacks every time he smashes a free kick against the defensive wall and they pounce on the rebound some 40 or 50 yards back to form an attack.
It would be great to see England bring the world cup back to Britain and I'm sure that everyone in the UK would celebrate that. It would be a great party here in Scotland as well, how would wee Eck cope with it though?

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Alex Salmond and the snp at his behest lied about EU legal advice. At his behest also they spent £20,000 of tax payer's money trying to cover up that lie hiring lawyers to keep it out of the public domain. They have finally failed in their blatant attempt to cheat the Scottish people whom they claim to care so much about, that care though does not stretch to telling the people the truth.
How much longer will the snp sheep allow this spiv and political shyster to use them like cannon fodder? What does he have to do to for these poor people to realize that he is a wrong un? Half a million pounds to go and see the Ryder Cup in America for Salmond and his pals! Another half a million pounds for Salmond and his pals to go to the Olympics. What will it take for the snp members to get off their knees?
Could the "affair of the tartan breeks" be the final straw for a long suffering Scottish public? On top of his football hooligan behaviour at Wimbledon, who knows? £20,000 is a lot of money to throw around especially when it isn't your money, in fact it's our money, it's even worse than that FFS it's my money, well a wee bit of it is kinda, and the tiniest wee wee bit of my money going to that baw faced wee bampot rips ma knittin, so it does.
This sum could have bought wee Eck 80 pairs of tartan breeks at £250 a pair, if you are going to be a fraudster and a crook you are as well doing it right, who pays £250 quid for a pair of troosers anyway and come to think of it who would wear such an outfit in public, tartan strides? He looked like Fran or was it Anna. There are weans running about in my ward with the arse hinging oot of their troosers and he's poncing about wearing £250 tartan breeks and trying to skip paying for them. It just isn't good enough.







October 3 rd. 2013 08.50 am, fortified by strong coffee and an unshakeable belief in our just cause I approach the chamber of Renfrewshire council with trepidation,
a full council meeting is about to start and with it the now commonplace 3 ring Circus provided by the assorted opposition members. The snp, + a single Tory, a malevolent pompous Libdem and an independent who has been practicing all his life for the moment when the actor playing Iago is taken ill and the public announcer asks if anyone in the audience knows the lines. As they assemble opposite my world weary gaze, I momentarily think I have wandered in to a casting session for extras in "Pirates of the Caribbean part 3" there are some rum characters here and no mistake, big bruisers, heavily bearded angry looking deviants, rough hewn and foul spoken and as aggressive and mean as Kilkenny Cats who have been on the gargle all night, and the men folk are every bit as bad.

We settled in for the long haul as the agenda was loaded with dim-witted spurious motions from them designed to waste time and cause the meeting to be chaotic. We have some interesting characters in the opposition benches, not I hasten to add interesting in a nice way but interesting in the way we find impossible to train dogs and members of the 'tinned people for cannibal's society' interesting. All above board never the less and it has to be suffered in the name of democracy, although one sometimes feels that Al Capone had his good points.
The meeting promptly descended in to a rabble of low degree largely orchestrated by the snp, they clearly had a game plan which was to see how far they could push the boundaries of decency and normal behaviour without being locked up and in some cases sectioned. Most spectacular was the orchestrated outburst by Cllr. A Doig ( a difficult man to like ) one can't help but sympathise with his good lady wife Audrey notwithstanding the suspicion that she is able for him. He got himself in to a synthetic rage and leapt to his feet roaring and bawling like a fighting mad drunken navvy, gesticulating with a handful of papers and pointing menacingly in our direction, this went on for some time and; by the time he had twisted himself in to a black knot and then sat down we all had to go for a pee such was the sustained laughter in the chamber. As a side issue I took the trouble of asking my comrades and no one heard a word of his incoherent rant let alone had a clue what he was on about but at least he knackered himself with his efforts and slipped in to a kind of nebulous tranquil state for a while. This behaviour was replicated by other snp brave hearts but their efforts were not as funny or indeed so loud, he is clearly a rising star in the snp.
The other side show at such meetings is now being staged by a couple of old codgers who have been round the block a few times and who now present a most entertaining if sometimes sad diversion for our entertainment, I refer of course to our one Libdem who is a she and our one independent who is a he, a more contrasting couple would be hard to imagine as they fight shoulder to shoulder and gaze devotedly in to each other eyes, it's a mutual admiration society as they face the world together from the furthest pitch out at the very end of the pier. The Libdem is a living legend and the independent isn't but as a team they can raise a chuckle, the former is convinced that she matters and cannot be convinced otherwise while the latter knows that he doesn't matter hence the resentment harboured by both. The independent is indeed so needy and meretricious that he is incapable of speaking without littering his discourse with tortuous quotes and references to great writers, poets and people that he has decided are worthy of his praise. It's a cry for attention and a plea for love. Some rather churlish people have started referring to them as the "Chic and Maidie" of the council with the sexes of the great Scottish comics reversed, a cruel taunt I know but it takes all kinds. This show is well worth a visit and it's free which is most remarkable in Paisley.
Finally a sombre note for you the taxpaying public to mull over, due to the self indulgent antics of this crowd of political clowns this meeting ran for 6.5 hours. Based on my own investigations through the council's finance department we have a ball park figure of £2,000 an hour to hold these meetings, any other council in Scotland would regard 3 hours as a marathon but the snp/Libdem/independent opposition here in Renfrewshire (the Tory does not get involved in this) are happy to see in this case 'which is not unique for Renfrewshire' approximately over £6,000 of your money wasted so that they can indulge in this puerile behaviour. Perhaps some people will feel the urge to ask them why they are doing this.