Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gnat Scribblers - A must read

Feeling down ? Had a bad day ? look for the Gnat scribblers at freescot - you will cheer up ! hilarious ! Harry Lauder, Fran n Anna, Rob Roy, Wee willie Wallace, Wee Willie Winkie et all. The SNP are priceless, big beards, wee knives doon socks, big tartan frocks, all bearing the expression of the first person in the movie to see the monster, ignore the embarrassment to their fellow Scots. it's a must read.
NOV 1ST. 06 - I've had another read at freescot, I couldn't believe what I saw the first time, it really is that bad. It's a collection of what seems like likeminded, wayward schoolchildren who vie with each other to see who can be the daftest. I spent some time on it and couldn't find any dissent, I would describe the site as incestuous.


Thursday's full council meeting already has a depressingly familiar look. Unfortunately for you the Council Tax payer the Gnats are about to cost you plenty, again ! This time they ( the SNP )have seven motions to council so you can look forward to a session of approximately six hrs. with the bill of around £5/6,000 going to you from the SNP, don't you just love paying to let these nonentities show off like a bunch of weans? You might want to know that 6 of the 7 motions would also cost you the tax payer plenty if implemented, we in the Labour Group however intend to make sure that they don't succeed. You, dear reader should come along and watch their antics, then reflect on the fact that they want your vote.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Gnat scribblers for freedom och aye the noo Jimmy

I've just been told about a web site run by some crowd who are having a go at me, they are of course Gnats and as you would expect absolutely dire and typical of the dreadful image which decent Scots. keep trying to shake off. When you read their stuff you are clearly reminded of their pact with the Tories which brought us the Thatcher years and the Tory/SNP coalition here in Paisley when wee braveheart Cllr. Jim Mitchell sold his so called principals for a convenership ( Paisley people still remember the shame ) As Groucho Marx said to Margaret Dumont "would you sleep with me if I paid you ?" she replied indignantly "what kind of woman do you think I am " " we already know what kind of woman you are " said Groucho "now we're haggling over your price" Ms. Dumont could have been the SNP's role model, what a bunch !


Tory leader David Cameron's recent visit to Scotland was attacked by the SNP's increasingly crazed leader soapy Salmond. Does this mean that they ( the SNP ) will refuse to help them ( the Tories ) to get back into power in the way they did in the past ? can we also assume that the SNP in Renfrewshire will not join a coalition with the Tories as they did in the past ? We deserve to know.
SNP EMBARRASS US YET AGAIN. When you see on TV someone make a statement to the effect that Scots are more compassionate than people south of the border ( they're too feart to say English now ) how do you feel ? do you squirm and say what a loony ? do you think, he's just a loose cannon with nothing between the ears ? Well, the speaker was Kenny McCaskill SNP MSP the same Tartan Army ' come ahead, bovver boy' Kenny who got thrown in the slammer by the London rozzers when he went to see Scotland play England at Wembley, he was tired and emotional at the time apparently. Do you, like me, wonder what kind of scientific analysis prompted him to come to this conclusion ? maybe he's been on the ' gargle ' again, people of Scotland should ponder the fact that this dissolute fool is one of the SNP's big hitters, what's that all about ? he also wants your vote !

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Old Bill Martin while a member of the SNP tried to gag me by reporting me to the Standards Commission and the Police because of my article on the scandal of the SNP and the homophobic Mormon Brigham Young University. Just to let you know that he has failed. More about this later.
OCTOBER 31 ST. 06 It seems like ages ago since Old Bill Martin (SNP no more) clyped on me to the Police and the Standards Commission, this, like the rest of his ghastly political life has been an abject failure. So the SNP ! still in bed with the American Mormon bigots, supporting the Glasgow firemen homophobic bigots, attacking the gay and lesbian community on adoption and gay marriage. Let's get serious here, SNP MSP's Brian Adam, Roseanna Cunningham and Fergus Ewing, homophobes all, are still spinning around within the SNP. Why is Salmond so quite about this scandal ? my guess is that, just like his fear of the monarchy issue, he's a coward. Meanwhile the Cllrs. ousted by the SNP because of their commitment to independence Martin and Vassie continue to stand up to the Renfrewshier SNP bullies led by Cllr. MacKay, that's another Nat mess !

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Where are they ? the intrepid pair ! the crusaders for justice have gone underground, the world waits with baited breath and pines for news of the much loved music hall entertainers Vassie & Martin. When you have been ejected by the truly awful SNP where can you go ? what can you say ? shunned by all decent people, they've gone from the concert hall to the end of the pier. Cast aside like an old worn out garment or an unwanted once faithful retainer, oh the cruelty ! the shame ! destined to wander in the wilderness like a broken down old pantomime horse, which one though is the horse's a--e and who will have the last horse's laugh. Why did it take the SNP all those years to clean them out how did Vassie survive with a suspension years ago when he was caught with the poison pen letters, how did the turgid, popinjay Martin survive as their candidate following repeated multiple gubbings ? the answer is in the SNP itself it is weak and rudderless. Salmond has also been gubbed many many times, he stood down and they still had to accept him back as leader, how embarrassing is that, in any other party he would be history. Anyway the missing Burgess and McLean of Renfrewshire politics are now the leader and deputy leader of their own party with a membership of two, I've heard though that lots of people still think that these two represent the true heart of the real SNP not the wishy washy backsliders led by the boay Mackay, they, it is being said have gone soft on independence, they've joined the 'parcel o rogues' oh their shame ! Bonny wee Scotland lies weeping while traitors like the Renfrewshire SNP have betrayed her but old Bill and Young Dick will never surrender they firmly believe that vaudeville will some day come back !

Monday, October 23, 2006


The depths to which Israel will sink in their persecution of the Palestinians should never be over estimated. One of the ways a young Palestinian can progress and help his people is through education, that is why the brutal Israeli Govt. operates a ban on Palestinian students attending Israeli universities. Students from all over the world can attend but not students from Palestine, how appalling is that ? they have taken everything from them and now they won't allow them to pursue an education, this is part of their policy of genocide, Israel should be ostracised by the rest of the world community starting with us. They (the Israelis) should ask themselves if there is any difference between burning books (remember that ?) and discriminating against Palestinians by refusing them access to Israeli universities, they can't get much lower, or can they ? They have just admitted to using Phosphorous weapons in Lebanon, these are regarded as chemical weapons by many organisations, so I ask again can they sink any lower ? If I was Jewish I would be ashamed of Israel.


Black History Month is running in Glasgow with lots of events taking place. The STUC HQ in Glasgow hosted an event on Friday Oct. 20 th. 06 which I just couldn't miss. 'How to involve young black people in the political process' addressed by Jarvis Tyner, Jarvis who ? I hear you ask, so did I, well his CV made it a must go, he's an African American civil rights worker from the early sixties to today, ex candidate for the American Presidency and currently the vice leader of the American Communist Party, you just couldn't make that up. He took us through a fascinating journey from the time that he was organising blacks in Montgomery Alabama along with Doctor Martin Luther King and getting thrown in jail and beaten by the good ole boys of the Alabama National Guard, this guy literally had the scars to prove it. His message was still one of hope despite the present president ( he refuses to use his name ) he told us of the great work being done in the USA and some quite disturbing anecdotes about his family and their history of slavery, not the kind of thing you get on Fox News, try this on, a newly elected senator settling in Washington bought a house in the very affluent neighbourhood of Georgetown, he was presented with a legal document which prevented him from ever selling his house on to a black person which he gladly signed, that senator was John F Kennedy of the sainted Kennedy family, Dad the crooked rum runner, brother Bobby the McCarthyite witch-hunter and wee brother Teddy ( nuff said ) it was a fascinating evening and I came away feeling that the fight can still be won.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ferguslie Park

Ferguslie Park has been named 'the worst place to live in Scotland' by a deprivation survey from the Scottish Exec. Attacking poverty and deprivation is laudable but who ever is in charge of their public relations should be sacked. Did anyone spare a thought for the good people of the area ? the school child now being pointed at by other pupils, the person at work being looked down on, the damage to the morale of everyone who lives there and fights to make their area better, the damage to property prices, has anyone at the Scottish Exec. in fact got a thought to spare. Heartless, unfeeling and crude, that's what they are, how anyone can treat people like this is beyond me, and to compound the felony their information is two years out of date so we can add in lazy and amateurish, did they look up, or make up these statistics ? The SNP in the shape of the truly awful and malicious Christine Graham MSP, slithered on to the bandwagon saying Labour ministers should hang their heads in shame. So for her and the SNP and their shameful past, I say this, Ferguslie Park more than most estates, suffered greatly under the dark, awful Thatcher years, most of the area's employment came from the Mills and the Car factory, all gone ! We will never forget that the SNP brought Thatcher to power, communities were decimated and we are still trying to recover. Any heads hanging in shame should start with Christine Graham and the SNP. Folk around here still refer to " Paisley's shame " when the Paisley SNP joined a co - alition with the despised Tories to form the administration, wee braveheart SNP Cllr. Jim Mitchell was first to capitulate, the price of his principles was a convenership ( parcel o rogues indeed ) We, the people, know who the guilty one's are, the class traitors of the SNP.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

John Malcolm re. Israel Article Oct. 12 th. below.

I'm still learning to use this new system and I'm not sure how to publish comments. I think I've managed to publish Mr Malcolm's though. Why wouldn't I publish the inarticulate foul mouthed rantings of an opponent who desn't ( his word ) have the bollock ( also his word ) to tell us which political colour he is ? if he purports to be a supporter of the Palestinian cause then god help them.
OCT. 24TH. 06 COMMENTS - I hope that anyone reading the above comment from Mr. Malcolm (see Israeli's shame article ) will note that he still hasn't found the courage to tell us where his political allegiance lies, I wonder why that is ? shame perhaps, embarrassment maybe ? I do know this though I've never hidden my politics and I've never, unlike some of the cowards who are now writing to me ( check them out ) written an anonymous letter in my life, this leads me to suspect the cowering Gnats and the craven SS.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Church and SNP in common cause

Think about the recent scandal of the SNP employing young Mormons from the Homophobic Brigham Young University at Holyrood - Add SNP MSP Fergus Ewing rushing to the aid of the anti gay bigots from the Fire Service - Stir in SNP MSP Roseanna Cunningham's recent attack on gay marriage and adoption and then consider, is it any wonder the Saltire waving Cardinal O'Brien publicly utters his words of comfort for the SNP. I say again, is there a pattern emerging here ?

Housing Stock Transfer

Renfrewshire tenants have just voted by a majority of 36 to remain with the council. We will now have to wait to see what happens next, we have said all along that there is no plan B. Perhaps Messrs. McCartney and Hogg and their fellow revolutionaries in the SSP will tell us, they conspicuously haven't told anyone what will happen following a no vote. I'm more than ever convinced that no matter what happens to the tenants, if they suffer terrible housing problems, these people will have no trouble sleeping at night, they will see this as a success, not for democracy, not for the tenants whom they despise ( they refer to them as the lumpen proletariat ) but because they have damaged Labour, that is why they exist. Those cheering the loudest will be the Private Landlords who have been gifted their future prosperity by the SS fools, they will sit and wait like capitalist parasites and watch more council houses being bought by people who don't want to risk large rent rises and the council struggles to bring the houses up to the required standard, there are some utterly shameful people out there and they treat ordinary working people with contempt and they even have the cheek to call themselves Socialists. Perhaps Hogg will see a gap in the council house sales market and, with his expertise at buying and selling council houses become an adviser, or, he could, as a long time voluntary member of a Housing Association advise people not to join one. But surely no one, even someone as Janus faced as Hogg would stoop that low ? 'do as I say not as I do' is Hogg's advice to those beneath him which, I suppose means all of us.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Israel's Shame

Israel continues to dish out merciless collective punishment on the Palestinians while we, under America's malevolent gaze, stand by and wring our hands. First they drove them out of their homes and land " the old will die and the young will forget " so said the blood soaked war criminal David Ben Gurion who became the first Israeli Prime Minister, he was wrong of course and the young Palestinians will never forget, not as long as the Israeli Jack Boot continues to stamp on them. The West should treat Israel the same as we treated the Apartheid evil in South Africa, their abuse of the Palestinians is nothing short of genocide. The silence of the international Jewish community is shameful where are the protests ?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Here's how the USA gets it's political prisoners for Guantanamo. Just like the old Westerns they have a form of bounty hunters - they put up sums of reward money for the capture of terrorist suspects, criminals and thugs in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan abduct people from the streets and torture them until they make a confession. They are then handed to the Americans who then take them to their Cuban based concentration camp allowing the gangster Bush to tell his fellow 'Amurkins' about how he is fighting those 'turrist folks' 'those big guys with the beards' Bushwhacker Bush says " I'm lucky that our saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ is a fellow Amurkin and I will continue to smite these evil axis's folks with his help" says Dubya. Only 5% of Guantanamo victims were caught by American forces, the rest were sold to them at a minimum of 5,000 dollars, how sick is that ? how squalid ? how typically American. How embarrassing it must be to be American.