Sunday, June 30, 2013


Following the Dunblane mass murder the wee shyster Salmond struck with indecent haste to get himself on the TV to share his grief with the people, and of course he made sure that he was first to call for a ban on guns. Not all guns of course nor did he know what guns should be banned but he was first that was what mattered. He also latched on to the case of the 3 broken-hearted wives of the fishermen whose boat sank with them on board, he made it his personal crusade to raise that boat, he apparently was convinced against his better judgement that he should not claim that he would bring the men back to life but he took some convincing. The other sea graves, oh yes! there are hundreds in the same circumstances; were ignored, you see the others unfortunately did not have 3 distraught grieving widows who were running a high profile campaign to have the boat recovered, that's just tough luck for the others, strike while the iron is hot said wee Eck. When he was rumbled and embarrassed at taking a wage from Holyrood and Westminster at the same time he vowed to bestow one of the wages on good causes. Then; with rat like cunning he 'found an angle' and came up with an idea for a good causes foundation. It's name? Well; how about "The Mary Salmond Foundation" I kid you not; he made certain that if he was to do something good then the world would hear about it. Hence the idea to exploit his late mother's name, now every time the foundation does good he gets the credit, what a guy, what a super Scotsman, what a low life Del Boy Shyster. As Billy Connolly once said about that other Scottish thug, union buster and capitalist hero Andrew Carnegie "he gave money away as quietly as a waiter falling down a flight of stairs with a full tray of glasses"

Today we hear it trumpeted that he is to "boycott" the open golf at Muirfield in Ayrshire because it is a male only preserve. The most entrenched section of voters against independence it turns out are women; now, call me an old sceptic but could there be a link, would anyone honestly sink that low? Read the first paragraph again please. The story emerged that the snp Scottish Government led by wee Eck (the spiv) would not darken the doors of the offending Muirfield dinosaur park but, there's always a but isn't there. It turns out that they will send a representative in his place similar to a colonial governor if you will to be a symbol of "his eckness" so they will not in reality be boycotting anything, just kind of boycotting it, so as not to cause any offence to anyone ken?

The great leader emphasises his personal sacrifice by telling the world that his devotion to golf is such that he has attended every open championship in Scotland for 40 years and, wait for it, in another exhibition of the famous Salmond hubris he forgot that more than a few of those tournaments have been at Muirfield. Take 40 years away from my own 64 years and I am 24 and I remember at that age campaigning for female equality and women's rights including a 2 month strike which I was proud to help to lead so he can hardly claim that when he was there these things were not important.

In a final piece of delicious irony which completely buries any integrity he might have had Mr. Tom English of the Scotsman newspaper offers a column today headed up by a photo. of the dashing first minister driving out of the rough on a rather splendid golf course named The Royal St. George's Golf Course in the beautiful English County of Kent from where he wrote to "congratulate" the snp supporting Ayrshire couple who won £161 million on a lottery. That golf course he was playing only 2 years ago was guess what? I think you might be ahead of me by now; it was a famous fortress of the male only variety, a proud sexist establishment.

Would you Adam n Eve it? You could not make it up could you? Has any politician ever shown such arrogance? Has any politician ever shown such contempt for the electorate? Has any politician ever treated women with such patronising disdain? Ladies and gentlemen I give you wee Eck the first minister of Scotland and, catch this one; he wants to rule an independent Scotland where his word will be law. Be careful when you vote.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


snp MSP and Scottish Government Minister for paper clips Richard Lochhead has been rumbled, (grassed up by his snp pals no doubt, one of whom insists on referring to him as a "wee heilan stoat") He is trying to cash in on his Holyrood housing expenses by selling his house at a huge profit. It was in the now time honoured fashion
largely paid for by the tax payer. 

Perfectly legal of course but, the snp have been accusing Labour and everyone else of this kind of dastardly thing, portraying it as a hanging offence and trying to lie about it happening in their own ranks, they have gone uncharacteristically quiet about this case, I wonder why? the word for this is hypocrisy, an snp trait for sure.
On another uplifting note from the snp, this time it's ex snp MSP Bill Walker who is contesting his heartless kicking out from the party and who presently sits as an independent has been charged with 24 crimes of assault on 4 women over a period of 28 years. A hugely impressive? average of almost one a year! one can't help but admire his diligence and vigour, some women can be downright dangerous you know, I've heard of other politicians who have gone toe to toe, eye for eye and tooth for tooth with the weaker sex and lived to regret it. He managed despite this charge of a catalogue of violence against women in his background for which he now stands trial to get selected by an snp panel for the job of snp MSP. The snp people responsible for interviewing him said they didn't know about it, and; by the way, these same snp politicians are now running Scotland! no honestly.

No doubt such events as these play their part in the following independence information. The odds set by your local Turf Accountant or (Bookie) on the issue of separation and the forthcoming "laugharendum" are as follows. 

For the NO to separation campaign 1/6 on.
For the YES campaign 7/2 against.

As we say here in Paisley "It's all over bar the shouting" 






Saturday, June 22, 2013


Thursday night, saw an snp majority in the Aberdeen by election slashed by 5,000, and Labour took a council seat in Edinburgh from the snp as well as holding a Labour seat in Fife with an increased majority. Meanwhile the polls continue to record a large lead for the No campaign in the separation referendum, a lead which has been solid for approximately 2 years.

Why should I have a problem then? Well I do; and it takes the form of a battle against complacency. The snp and the separatist campaign are so rudderless and dreary that enthusiasm for attacking them is hard to sustain. The urge to stand back and watch them unravel and suffer the certain humiliation which is coming to them is almost irresistible. I mustn't do that though and neither must any No campaigner, these people (snp) would take Scotland backwards and it would not be long before we were in the midst of parochialism and despair. With the snp nutters no longer able to blame the English and if the country voted for separation our minority communities would soon feel the lash of the snp patriotic gauleiters who would blame them for every failure, problem or insult; real or imagined.

That is only one of the dangers of separation but it is one which should fill every decent Scot. with dread, If you want to live with your head held high, do not let it happen, VOTE NO TO INDEPENDENCE.


A recent poll by Edinburgh University of 14-17 year olds, shows overwhelming support for Scotland remaining a part of the UK. It is the future of young Scots that we are voting for. Their choice is clear.

Another spectacular own goal for Salmond (the spiv) who was banking on support from teenagers who are turning out to be smarter than he insultingly gave them credit for. Will (Del boy) Salmond manufacture a reason for cancelling the referendum rather than face humiliation? That is now a valid question.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Derek Mackay snp msp, does not seem to be aware of how decisions are taken at a Council planning meeting which is quite a gap in his knowledge; since he is what is laughably called the snp Scottish Govt. Minister for Planning. Here is what he had to say, not just about Renfrewshire Council's special planning meeting on Tuesday June 18 2013 but about me personally.

"Renfrewshire Council Labour Planning Convenor ignores hundreds of local views on Local Development Plan submissions at meeting today" I am the Planning Convener he refers to. 

The Local Plan is a document which outlines the council's planning framework for the next 5 years and as such is very significant, hence the large public attendance at the meeting. Visitors to the meeting were there to see what would be decided with regard to mainly green belt land in their area, which they had been campaigning to have retained as green belt. 

This was the third meeting held to discuss the proposals in public and it came at the end of a meticulous consultative process which drew correspondence from nearly 2,000 different groups. These contributions were reduced to 46 distinctive separate subjects which covered all the areas of interest as well as providing a substantial document which dealt with each individual contribution. Despite the consultation period closing some months ago Renfrewshire Council continued to accept communications on the proposals up until Tuesday. 

Planning Minister Mackay regards this as a case of local people's views being ignored by me. 

It might aid your understanding of his rather muddle headed comment if I tell you that Mackay and me have "previous" When he rose without trace to become the leader of Renfrewshire Council with the aid of the wretched Libdem Cllrs. led by the most disingenuous and thoroughly nasty Libdem Cllr. Eileen McCartin in a coalition I had a few laughs at his expense and roughed him up a bit. I quite enjoyed for instance telling him that the snp had never in history won a majority in Renfrewshire and had formed the council administration twice, once with the help of the Tories and once again with the help of the LIbdems. Nothing too serious but he is obviously a sensitive and vindictive soul as his reaction here shows. Unfortunately for him though it also displays behaviour which is petty and unbecoming a government minister. I wonder if the people at the meeting he gave his support to along with the snp Cllrs. and the single Tory really buy their story. I think not, I suspect if they haven't already done so they will read the record and find out that this Local Plan Document was passed unanimously and without demur by the same councillors on the same Planning Board some time ago, that might just leave a bad taste in their mouths. 

Mackay's actions do not shock me however; he has always displayed a lot of ambition and rat like cunning. I refer to him as the snp Government "Planned Minister" rather "Planning Minister" as I suspect that Mr. Salmond having spotted his willingness to be a yes man promoted him in the same way as he has "planned" the progress of other obsequious nonentities whom he has deliberately surrounded himself with, all of them malleable and none of them a danger to him.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Is the separatist campaign wilting? Is it unravelling? Going down the stank?
If today's facebook expose is anything to go by it looks as if they might be "heading homewards tae think again" they might even be thinking now that they should have tried tae think some years ago; thus avoiding such humiliation. You see some diligent No campaign supporter has posted a picture of Renfrewshire yes campaign's latest inspiration! There in glorious colour is a picture of their latest wheeze to get people to support them, the irresistible lure is the offer of a ticket in a raffle to win, and no; I'm not making this up; nor have I been on "the gargle" the beyond belief 1st. prize is £20 worth of 'messages' at the Braehead Centre with a staggering 2nd. prize of £10. You read that right folks the snp are bribing people to support their separatist ambitions with raffle tickets, it's true; honestly!

The exhausted snp numpties urging you to vote for separation are involved in what most people describe as the biggest decision in Scotland's history. It seems that these same people (proud Scots.?) have now decided that this judgment is so momentous that they are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice of of donating the magnificent sum of £30 to turn people's heads. Who said Scots. were mean? "£30 quid for my vote? it's a deal pal, make it 40 and I'll throw in a couple of my weans, now I cannae say fairer than that can I?" 

The next time you hear any half witted braveheart buffoon telling you about how significant independence is remember this humiliating, cheap, and offensive little stunt. Those fighting for freedom all over the world will, when they learn of this be rushing to lay down their arms and embrace this revolutionary new method of overthrowing tyrants and despots. 'To hell with all that rioting, all that slaughter, all that sacrifice' I hear them say, 

Is there an inadvertent message in all of this? Well actually there is. The significance could hardly be clearer, the snp's evaluation of the Scottish people is laid bare. It appears that according to the snp we are the kind of people who care so little about our futures and the futures of our families, neighbours and friends that we can be persuaded to vote in a certain way by the chance of winning a raffle for £20 or if it's the second prize £10. I personally think they are wrong and I also regard their tactics and the implication complicit in those tactics as a grave and arrogant insult to the people of Scotland. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013


Mr. Dickson of the snp/separatist/cybernat tendency has quite predictably waded in to the argument between me and the Herald. He volunteered the information that I was blocked because of my bad language and bad attitude to other posters. I don't know how he would know that but he is an snp fantasist and he is now bombarding me with lengthy comments on my Blog despite saying he did not read the thing, and so it goes.
Here is an example of one of his posts which of course was printed and my reply which was of course not printed. I have asked him if he could have a go at explaining why, I've urged him not to just claim it's nothing to do with him, I said to him "I want your opinion as to what it was in the language or anything else which caused it to be blocked?" since he himself claimed that that was the reason.
The Herald article was headed "Indy Scotland 'would need to guarantee savings" 'Sunday 26 May 2013.
His post which was printed was as follows.

"An independent Scotland will need to be able to guarantee that umbrellas will still be available for purchase in the event of it raining.
We have the right to know this stuff"

And my reply to his post which was not printed was as follows.

"Shock news, snp/separatist/cybernat concedes that Scotland would still get rain even if separation happens. This is serious, what else will he admit to, beer will not be free after all? No cigarette trees? no soda water fountains?
This is quite amusing Robert but; not nearly as funny as when you try to be serious".  









Tuesday, June 04, 2013


On The 28/05/13 the herald printed an article under the heading, "Yes vote would lead to boom in investment , says SNP research" Separatist campaigner Iain Lawson posted saying.

"I believe Scotland through its already high reputation in education and innovation is even better placed to make the most of new opportunities that Independence would create"

I replied as follows,

"Was this "high reputation in education and innovation" achieved as a result of Scotland being part of the UK or was it established more than 300 years ago Iain? Just asking, ken? 

My comment was banned by the Herald! Despite over 300 comments on this article being printed!