Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Two months after the referendum and as I predicted we see the first snp splinter group flexing it’s muscles, I thought it would have happened sooner. Next door to Nicola’s coronation we saw the another meeting by the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) ready to rumble now that they have lost and how long will it take before the new members realise that people like Swinney, Sturgeon, Constance, Matheson, Brown etc. are in essence apolitical?. A mixture of women in grey skirts and men in grey kilts, they would slip seamlessly in to any corporate or bank boardroom, this could be entertaining. It could be great fun, all those new members to win over plus all the many fundamentalists who were persuaded to toe the line and did so grudgingly only to see themselves beaten anyway, they have a score to settle with the leadership and their supporters who "sold the jerseys".  And what do they see now? An snp government and cabinet bristling with revolutionaries right?. What they see is an established snp leadership made up of gradualists and time servers armed now with membership of NATO, the British Monarchy and right wing policies to please the capitalist bosses. How many of the new members from God knows where are going to buy the tactics and policies which failed?, the clue is in the name ‘radical’.  

The snp government consists of the same people who crushed what I prefer to call ‘the real snp’ nut cases and head bangers for sure but commited to independence or, as they would have it ‘freedom’. This mob who are now licking their wounds and planning treason will not be willing to agree to the same old gradualist tactics that salmond and the right wing sold them, their promises failed and the big hairy bearded whisky sodden foul mouthed violent snp shock troops are bloody angry and the snp male shock troops are just as bad. I reckon there could be some internecine jiggery pokery ahead and “them that dies will be the lucky ones” (Long John Silver). At this stage I expect there to be a minimum of at least 2 snp parties on the go within 2 years, The snp liberation front for Scotland and The Scottish Liberation Front, just like Judea in Monty Python. Stand aside everyone the ferrets are entering the sack.   


Interesting reactions in the Herald’s comments site to Gordon Brown’s decision to retire from front line politics. 32 years in Parliament, Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer,  victor of the referendum, ender of Alex Salmond's Career holder of a 30,000 majority but. Some Herald readers it seems 'kent his faither' and they try to traduce his achievements with obnoxious criticisms, these are the cretins that we associate with the phrase which welcomes visitors to Scotland, “you’ll have had your tea”.  Scotland must have some of the meanest nasty pinch faced characters in the world. He is regarded world wide as one of the great statesmen and politicians of our times except in the country of his birth by the knuckle dragging nationalists. No doubt they are ‘boaking’ in to their sporrans at the memory of ‘Irn Broon’ kicking their ‘erses’ at the climax of the referendum where he strode the land swatting nationalists like flies and looking like a giant among snp pygmies.

The truth of the matter is that these people are actually pretty dumb and do not see how toxic and embarrassing they are. The fact that Brown has strode the political stage for such a long time and to such effect is not what winds them up the most. He is renowned worldwide, he is one of the cleverest men of his generation, He is 100% solid Labour and 100% solid Scottish. The hatred felt for him by nationalists comes from that last point about his Scottishness, they simply regard anyone who is not a Scottish nationalist with hatred and when that great Scotsman Brown is opposed to nationalism their rage becomes unmanageable. I hope he will be around for a long time to come and I hope he will continue to cast his giant shadow over Scottish nationalism and it’s totalitarian and racist ideals.   

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Do you ever like me stop and wonder at the gullibility of the average supporter of the Scotland football team?. The player pool available for international matches has only two above average players Brown and Fletcher (not Darren). Neither of these two however would get in to the English pool of players and neither would any other Scottish players either. Despite this almost 60,000 of them attended the match between Scotland and England at Celtic park last night to witness what a predictable drubbing was dished out by the English. Yes I know a 3-1 defeat does not seem like a drubbing but that is what it was, this was an under strength England playing at half pace and they should have scored double the goals that they did. Scotland played it was a cup final and England played it like the friendly that it was and Scotland still couldn’t land a glove on them if you will pardon the mixed sporting metaphors.

Rooney and Wiltshire alone are worth as much as any 6 or 7 of Scotland’s best players, international football is now an embarrassing farce and it needs overhauled. We ought not to be seeing countries with populations of 3 or 4 million people playing against countries of 60 + million. International football should be hurriedly sorted in to leagues like domestic football and teams like Scotland, Ireland and Gibraltar for God’s sake would be in lower leagues from England, Brazil and Italy thus avoiding humiliation. Scotland can of course  always produce players like Law, Bremner, Johnstone, Baxter, Souness and Murdoch but until we can come up with a way of producing them at the same time as each other we will continue to be regularly gubbed. Our sporting press however will continue come what may to wind up the idiots with fancy tartan dress outfits who cause us humiliation by telling them that, this time we are real contenders, garbage, utter garbage..    

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


When alex salmond waxed lyrical about what a wonderful country Scotland was he resolutely avoided any mention of ugly issues such as racism and sectarianism, he was of course and still is an habitual and devious liar. The present controversy about certain footballers deciding to play international football for countries other than the country of their birth reminds me once again of Scotland’s disgrace when it comes to the twin evils of racism and sectarianism. It is difficult to find a more hypocritical stance than that taken by people who willingly encourage and support footballers who decide to play for Scotland who were not born here while levelling criticism and abuse at a couple of footballers who do exactly the same thing by deciding to play for Ireland despite being born here in Scotland, I refer of course to the Irish internationalists McCarthy and McGeady, what kind of an idiot is Gordon McQueen who actually encouraged Scottish fans to abuse both these players despite he himself  having played with players for Scotland who were not born here?. Is big Gordon an idiot, a bigot, a hypocrite or is he a mixture of all three?. Incidents like this give the lie to those who claim bogusly that Scotland is not a country infected by these issues and they are still mainly directed at Irish Catholics, and McGeady and McCarthy fit the bill nicely.

During the Jock Stein years at Parkhead Celtic brought unprecedented glory to Scotland by being one of the dominant teams in Europe and over a period of about 6 or 7 years they won the European cup reached another European cup final and contested semi and quarter finals regularly, there was not a team in Europe at this time who did not fear coming to Glasgow to face that mighty Celtic team. It is also my contention that Celtic did not get the credit or respect that their achievements deserved because of the aforementioned twin evils of racism and sectarianism in Scottish society, this was and still is down to their history of being an Irish Catholic institution in Scotland. The 11 players who won the European cup were all eligible to play for Scotland and indeed they all did so, and here are the stats. Ronny Simpson 5 caps, Jim Craig 1 cap, Tommy Gemmell 16 caps, Bobby Murdoch 12 caps, Billy McNeill 29 caps, John Clark 4 caps, Jimmy Johnston 23 caps, Willie Wallace 7 caps, Steve Chalmers 5 caps, Berti Auld 3 caps and Bobby Lennox 10 caps. Check it out, Murdoch, Wallace, Chalmers, Lennox, Johnston, McNeill etc. dominated Europe but were not considered good enough for Scotland, are there people out there who think these guys actually were not good enough?. These eleven players could have gone to the world cup as Scotland’s first choice players and based on their ability to do so well in Europe where Man U, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Ajax, the Milans etc etc played they could have made their mark and done very well indeed. Can anyone explain that?, perhaps McGeady and McCarthy got the impression that they, like the players I have spoken about were not welcome.   Oh just a thought did I mention one Jimmy McGrory?, he got 7 caps, ken?.