Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Cllr. Cameron SNP (P.D.E. Dec. 29 2010) shamelessly suggests that replacing 60 primary teachers with unqualified sessional workers will benefit our children; I find it difficult to accept that anyone could actually believe this let alone Cllr. Cameron who is convener of Education. This is what the SNP/Libdem coalition intend to do, sack 60 primary teachers and replace them with unqualified sessional staff. Not satisfied with cutting over £12m. from the education budget in 3 years, closing schools, cutting music tuition, leaving us with the worst pupil teacher ratios in Scotland, removing school transport and causing the worst teacher morale in living memory they intend to continue wielding the knife.

These unqualified staff will work on subjects like citizenship, better health, sport and cultural activity. As far as I'm aware these things already form part of the learning experience in our primary schools so what is this really about? At the Labour Group meeting where these proposals were put £1.2 million of savings was mentioned: not by me I hasten to add; it was said by Mr. Naylor the Director of Education for Renfrewshire Council.

Claiming to improve education by sacking 60 teachers and bringing in unqualified sessional workers is the most bizarre suggestion I have heard since Cllr. McCartin Libdem leader stated in a letter to the Glasgow Herald that our music students would benefit once the SNP / Libdem coalition cut their music tuition in half. That is a true statement, from the woman who is deputy council leader and convener of social work services.

This is about cuts, not improving our children's education. The SNP/Libdem administration on Renfrewshire Council are morphing into a version of the Tory/Libdem Government at Westminster, they clearly share the Governments enthusiasm for vicious cuts to services and they also share their determination to make the most disadvantaged pay the price. It is another example of the contempt that the SNP/Libdem administration have for the electorate; compounded by their arrogant attempts to convince us otherwise.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Being the kind of person I am, I am loving every minute of Vince Cable's humiliation, this being Christmas I hope that what is happening to him is even more painful and embarrassing than it would normally be. Modern British political history has been tainted by the emergence of squalid little self serving groups of liars and backbiting groups since the gang of 4 formed the Liberal Democrats. Rogers, Owen, Williams and Jenkins: each one with a personal grudge set the scene and later merged with the Liberals, a historically significant party sold out by weak politic lightweights like the wretched David Steel, a man who missed his vocation in life, he was born to play Uriah Heep. Dennis Healy summed the lot of them up with his description of the truly treacherous and disingenuous David (Lord) Owen "the good fairy made him handsome, charismatic and intelligent, then the bad fairy came along and made him a shit" Dennis whom I rarely agreed with certainly got that one right!

A year ago most people could not have told you who Cable: Clegg: Moore: Alexander etc. were. People like me who devote a lot of time to politics knew the reason for that and more and more members of the public are now discovering that reason. They were and still are nonentities and we are now seeing the consequences of such people being put in power, those who knew these cowards knew they would roll over for anyone who would give them a sniff of power, the same thing happened in Renfrewshire when the Libdems rolled over and were bought by the SNP add the arrogant Libdem leader in Renfrewshire the Bully McCartin to that list of infamy.

While McCartin and her lap dogs are happy to cut schools, libraries, swimming pools, school transport etc. etc. Clegg and Cable swore on a stack of Bibles that they would never concede certain dearly held principles. Does the term dearly held principles mean the same to Libdems as it does to other people? Let's have a look and see: I would suggest that among all the crap spouted by the Libdems the best known is PR this we were assured was their Raison d'ĂȘtre their reason for being in politics they abandoned it for a job with the Tories. No rise in Tuition Fees was a solemn promise to students and they sold the students down the river as well. I remember arguing in the council with Libdem leader McCartin who was vehemently opposed to nuclear power: it was her party's policy and she was proud of it: now as part of the Tory Govt. They have ditched that as well. Then we have Trident, non negotiable they said well guess what? They lied about that as well and have accepted the Tory Trident position.

Here in Renfrewshire we have the awful spectacle of the Libdems supporting the Tory Govt. while in coalition with the Local SNP who oppose the Tory Govt. two parties clinging to power despite having to tell all kind of stories to stay there it is humiliating for them but they don't have the courage to do the right thing. Blatant hypocrisy fits them like a glove: the inexperienced and cowardly council leader Derek Mackay SNP in a moment of blind terror at a council meeting stuttered out from panic stricken lips that the Tory/ Libdem Government cuts "were about right" while the vicious Libdem leader McCartin sails on like like a Mafia Don prepared to sink to any depths for the money and a taste of power: for her there is nothing: Cuts, Tuition Fees, Trident, PR etc. etc. that would interfere with what benefits her she would happily send weans back up chimneys if there was something in it for her.

Let's face reality here, the Tories, the Libdems and the SNP deserve each other, when the chips are down there is no difference between them and they will eventually pay the price for such deception and absence of any morality. We will remember them at future elections.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Watching the establishment close ranks against the students has been exasperating and entirely predictable. The overwhelming consensus from the sewer that is Murdochland is that the students are a gang of thugs who are out of control and only interested in violence and destruction, readers of this blog will recall that that was what I predicted when the first demonstration took place. To put it all into some kind of perspective we now have a situation where spraying graffiti on Winston Churchill's statue is a far greater crime than assaulting a young student by hitting him over the head with a truncheon and causing him to be admitted to hospital to undergo brain surgery and this after refusing him medical attention. Stories as expected are now being invented and credited to "sources" among the student protestors and lies reported as "an insider told us" etc. etc. Theresa May the Home Secretary is now blatantly stating that the students were a disgrace and bent on violence, due process anyone? Will a judge throw out any charges because the Home Secretary has prejudiced the outcome? Will we see any charges brought against any Police Officers?
"honest M'Lud it was the horse's fault that the protestor got trampled not mine"

Meanwhile one or two papers are telling different stories but they are being dwarfed by the Murdoch Empire and you will look in vain to find any TV or Radio programme prepared to break ranks. Dig deep; persevere; and you might find references to unprovoked brutal police tactics; not necessarily from students but from adults who were there and many of them are of exemplary character some were parents of some of the students and many were education professionals, teachers, lecturers etc. Very little evidence is caught on film of the violence reported by the obsequious media but that doesn't stop them from painting word pictures for us that are shameless in their bias and pro establishment leanings.

Let me delicately throw in another part of the jig saw that has not been mentioned, I am doing this because I have experience of such matters. I have been on many picket lines and demonstrations in my 62 years the most obvious would of course be the coal disputes (coal disputes not Miners Strikes) the fawning media insist on 'miner's strikes' because that description avoids telling us that there are two sides to every dispute and perhaps it's possible that either side could be wrong, even the employer/government side. There was a thing called the "picket line shuffle" we would link arms and so would the cops and we would shove each other back and forth with lots of threatening noise etc. the only injuries sustained at this were toes trod upon, we used to chat away to the cops during this performance. They took great delight in thanking us for the overtime pay they were making and we would wind them up by asking where their ID numbers were.

The ID numbers were missing again in Parliament Square, pickets were told on the coal dispute lines by some numberless cops that they weren't in fact cops but military, who would have thunk it? In democratic Britain as well with a law abiding Tory Govt. running the country. Here is another mystery from those days. When hostilities were done for a while miners and their sympathisers would debrief and discuss the day's events and it became obvious after a while that we were asking ourselves who some of our own team were. Many of them were not known and they were mostly unwilling or incapable of taking instructions from the union marshals, they appeared and disappeared with the trouble, they were not the usual suspects, Anarchists: Socialist workers; Maoists etc. they were well known to us so who were they?

"Agents Provocateurs" are people who incite crime to get someone else arrested and have been used by Govts. For centuries for this purpose and I'm not talking about the political agitators here I'm referring to the forces of the state. Many believe including me that It was done during the coal disputes and I have no reason to doubt that the present Govt. would do it again, Is it possible do you think that we might have seen them in Parliament square the other night?

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Who remembers Vince Cable raising a laugh by describing Gordon Brown as Mr. Bean ? I guess that Brown being the man he is would not have taken any great satisfaction were he watching Cable today leading the Govt. on his bill to raise Student fees. Cable was more "Mr. Has Been than Mr. Bean" and me being the kind of man I am, unlike Gordon Brown revelled in his wretched performance at the despatch box. A hesitant shifty exhibition from a man whose political star is falling as fast as the snow surrounding us; and very few are more deserving of a spectacular fall from grace than this quack of a politician. Round here we have a saying to describe a person who simply can't be trusted: we say "He/She has more faces than the town hall clock" and Mr. Cable displays every devious one of them. His already collapsing body language was such that we half expected to see a crumpled suit with no one in it as his masters P.M. Cameron and Deputy P.M. Clegg left the chamber before the debate started, a case of rats leaving a sinking ship surely. Whether the Govt. carries the day is now neither here nor there as far as the Liberal Democrats are now concerned, their mendacity is clear for all to see; they no longer have anywhere to hide and are staring into the political void and it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of crooks and backstabbers.

It would be difficult indeed to find a clearer cut case of a political party being so palpably caught out and shown as a bunch of fraudulent shabby crooks. They have been exposed for the way they conduct politics, which is to promise everything to everyone safe in the knowledge that they will not be in the chair when the music stops as Pat McFadden Labour MP so eloquently put it in the debate. That is why they signed the NUS pledge but they are in the chair and they have been exposed as opportunists who stand for nothing. It was not as they are trying to say now only one part of their manifesto it was a central plank and deliberately designed to buy student votes. It is now 18:47 PM and we know that 28 Libdem shysters voted with the Tory Govt. the bill to raise tuition fees and cut the education teaching budget by 80% has been agreed because of the support of the Liberal Democrats, will people remember this act of treachery.

Will any of you; like me; spare a thought for the bright boys or girls who because of what happened today in Parliament will not manage to access higher education. Perhaps the one who would have discovered a cure for cancer or the common cold could have been one of those youngsters who missed out because of what the Tories and Liberal Democrats did today, we can't say can we? Perhaps one of them could have become the ordinary hard working teacher who inspired a young pupil to enter higher education and go on to achieve things which could be of benefit to society. We will never know but we do know that it is possible and that makes them (the Govt.) guilty of vandalism against us all. When talent, intelligence and diligence fails because the Govt. for ideological reasons places financial penalties in the way of young people we, you and me and all of those protesting students and their families have a right to damned angry. The gutter media has already started to trash the protestors and it will get vicious. That makes it even more important that progressive forces and progressive people stand four square behind the students and refuse to be lied to by Murdochism. If we allow the Govt. to carry on down this road we will be back to the vicious eighties and the evil shadow of Thatcher will descend on us again. Time for the whole Labour movement, parties unions and the rest of decent society to stand firm, raise our voices so they can be heard in the Camen Isles and the Bahamas where the tax dodging Tories are wintering.

Another shameful step has been taken towards a society long desired by the Tories and most Liberal democrats where those who are fit and well off don't pay for the poor and sick while those parents who do not have children or are well off do not pay to educate the children of parents who are less well off, and our society slips back again under these political fraudsters. Once again we here in Renfrewshire are left wondering at the completely untenable position of the SNP in the local council. Today in the fees debate the SNP were fierce in their anger against the Liberal Democrats. SNP MP Pete Wishart was particularly aggressive and angry he treated the Libdems with scorn and not a little contempt, one can only assume that Mr. Wishart was performing a little cameo for the cameras. This situation again shows the contempt that the Renfrewshire SNP/Libdem cabal have for the voters; how can they (SNP _ Libdems) be at each other's throats in Westminster and in bed together in Renfrewshire? They are now following a pattern; recently the SNP led administration in Renfrewshire refused to condemn the Tory/Libdem budget of savage cuts from Westminster when the SNP leader and Holyrood candidate Derek Mackay said at a council meeting and I quote "the cuts are about right"

Today saw a new low for the Tories and an even deeper low for the Liberal Democrats at Westminster, young people in future will pay the price of their duplicity, for the sake of a whiff of power and a ministerial car. Nonentities like Danny Alexander and Michael Moore both Liberal Democrats prove to be as handy a pair of MP's as money can buy, while here they continue to enjoy the support of SNP council leader Derek Mackay and his 'minder' deputy council leader the Libdem Leader Eileen McCartin. In all honesty readers can any of you bring yourselves to vote for these people again?