Thursday, May 31, 2007


I have just discovered that a guy called Lord Ashcroft who is deputy chairman of the Tory party has been paying approx. £500,000 for TV adverts which condemn commercial whaling - well done that man, a Tory ! whatever next I'm tempted to say 'what's his angle' but that would be churlish.

Seriously, the world does not need to endanger these magnificent creatures and countries should unite to ban whaling entirely.

Meanwhile, by contrast an animal rights campaigner has eaten part of a Corgi in protest at the actions of our resident royal fool ( Prince Philip ) known to his friends as 'Phil the Greek' this octogenarian parasite continues to slaughter small creatures for fun, he's the proud head of a family so dysfunctional that they would all be the subject of a collective ASBO.

As a young man newly hitched to the Windsor gravy train he toured India and had the privilege of shooting a magnificent Bengal tiger, a team of Indian 'beaters' had tracked the tiger, caught it, then tethered this beautiful creature to a tree.

The brave handsome young prince then courageously approached the savage beast completely unafraid of what Blake called it's "Fearful Symmetry" and shot it dead from about three feet, had he missed it and shot through it's tether six other guns would have opened up on it, brave doesn't do our Phil justice.

Doesn't it make you proud to have the privilege of looking up to people like this ? "Did he who made the lamb make thee" for 'Phil the Greek' to shoot ye.

People who kill animals for fun should be locked away, starting with this cretin.

UPDATE - JUNE 4TH. 07- As if by magic we see the sickening pictures of Prince Harry ( the clever one ) posing beside a huge dead buffalo type of creature with his high powered rifle, carrying on the family tradition of killing for fun.

It's a depressing thought that we will be subjected to pictures and stories about Harry for years to come, being helped in and out of taxis dressed as a nun or a Nazi by burly body guards, drunk as a skunk and acting tough with the paparazzi.

The decision not to have him soldier in Iraq or indeed anywhere dangerous was greeted with delight by his body guards who didn't fancy going to Iraq with such a waste of space.


I have just found out that a guy called Lord Ashcroft who is deputy chairman of the Tory party pays approx. £250,000 for TV adds which condemn commercial whaling

Monday, May 28, 2007


The ink is hardly dry on the agreement between the con man Salmond and the 'mark' Robin Harper of the Greens, near to the hearts of the Greens of course is the reduction of traffic, the SNP go and right away lift the tolls on the Forth Bridge, ouch ! Robin that was a sore yin, but you ain't seen nothing yet.

Another SNP piece of posturing was hospital reorganisation which saw them blame Labour for proposed closures, nothing wrong with that you might say ? well, what they didn't tell people was that this was Labour policy based on the wishes of the BMA and all other health professionals. These health pro's are now at loggerheads with Nicola Sturgeon and they insist that she is wrong and that their proposals should go ahead.

If she proves stubborn and stupid as I think she will then who are we to blame in years to come if there are problems with the NHS. Can we blame the party (SNP) who went against the wishes of the BMA i.e the experts, to do the populist thing rather than the right thing ? that's the kind of people who are now in charge.

They have been promising people everything for years and now we will see whether they were, as I've said all along buying votes with lies about what they could do. Some people think it will be fun watching them squirm but I don't, the people who will suffer are you and your families and neighbours and that, isn't funny. You were warned !

Thursday, May 24, 2007


When your political opponents present a target it's good to hit it hard, when the target is one of your own party's elected members it's a sad business and usually kept inside the party but, when someone chooses to go public with their own mistaken and reactionary views on an issue, the gloves have to come off.

Step forward then Margaret Hodge MP who wants to change the system of allocating social housing based on need to one which would see a 'British first' system, some people think that immigrants get preferential treatment, this is not so and she has now helped to perpetuate this vile lie. She is a disgrace and should be deselected, there's no place in the Labour Party for this kind of behaviour.

Into the rammy steps the contemptible Frank Field MP (Labour) this socialist paragon wants to sound more reasonable and would like to change from having homelessness as the top priority to giving top priority to those who 'pay their taxes' what a charming man, what a charming phrase.

I have a message for these two cowards, when you feel the heat coming from the BNP racists and fascists, that's the time to get off your knees and do the right thing - both of you are a disgrace to the party - do the decent thing and resign.

How about campaigning for a proper social house building programme instead of capitulating to the racists, there's a novel idea, decent socialists in the party now have to apologise for you, for god's sake go !

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


BARACK OBAMA My previous post called 'yanks n fitba' refers to Barack Obama as being pro capital punishment and pro Iraq. One of my readers takes exception to this saying that I've got Mr. Obama wrong so, here is my source, not something I usually do, I regard it mostly as time wasting diversions.

You will see from a reasonably sound source that I got him right, I forgot to add that Clinton, Edwards and Obama were up to their necks in hedge funds.

Strangely enough I'm not saying that my critic is entirely wrong because the political ground in America is shifting fast and Obama and the rest of the candidates are keeping up with that shift which is becoming more and more anti Bush ( thank god ) thus we see him becoming anti Iraq to suit the public mood.

This is of course a diversion and does not alter what I said, I could have chosen many who are too scared to declare themselves as being on the left because of fear, think about what happened recently to the 'Dixie Chicks' and remember 'Old Joe McCarthy' American democracy still lies bleeding under the reactionary jackboot of the Gangsters Bush and Chaney and not much has changed.

They need a Castro to clean out the thugs and crooks the same as he did in Cuba.

Monday, May 21, 2007


The USA media call Hilary Clinton a communist agitator, that's an indication of where the centre of their politics is. When her husband Bill ran for President while Governor of Arkansas he interrupted his campaign in a blaze of publicity to return home and sign a death warrant for a prisoner on death row who had appealed, this was done to show his 'toughness' on crime. When the condemned man was asked for his last words he asked if he could have ice cream later for dessert, he had a mental age of 8 yrs. 'Land of the Free'.

Hilary and the other democrat hopeful Barack Obama both support the death penalty, and Iraq, in the USA they are left wingers, Edwards, a third so called left wing democratic candidate recently spent 800 dollars on his hair cut, that's normal according to left wing senator Edwards, seriously.

Meanwhile, one of the gangster Bush's hate figures Michael Moore is back in his face with a documentary about America's deplorable health provision 'or lack of it' 50 million without health care and child mortality worse in some areas than some 3rd. world countries, that's the USA today, the world's richest country !

Brave people who helped to rescue and care for victims of 9/11 and suffered injuries and illness as a consequence were told that they were not entitled to treatment because their Medical Insurance did not cover them for such an incident. Moore took them to Cuba to get treatment and he is now being pursued by American authorities for visiting the tiny island which scares them so much.

The Americans want to confiscate his documentary, they don't want the world to see the scandalous situation in the worlds richest capitalist country, this is the Home of the Brave !

Americans should start telling the truth by adding to the Statue of Liberty ' give me your tired , your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breath free.

FITBA - Dramatic contrast was provided by two cup finals one was a non event at the world's greatest and newest stadium between two of the world's richest, most famous teams, that was of course the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United. Cat and mouse tactics by both managers made this a major disappointment, people paid £60 for a ticket and were charged £5 for a programme, £8 for a burger and £10 for a pint of beer, the working man's game eh ?
There were famous rich players on show who didn't enhance their reputation in any way, with the honourable exception of Didier Drogba who is quite simply a force of nature. IMO if you sat down a panel of experts and asked them to come up with a perfect centre forward, Didier would emerge, big, strong, brave, fast, skillful and a mentality which does not allow failure, he gave the fans their money's worth.

The other final at historic Hampden Park, by contrast had the lot, a roaring battle between two relatively modest Spanish teams, Seville and Espanyol, with every player giving everything and a brilliant level of talent and skill.

These players were completely uninhibited, play flowed from end to end at an astonishing speed, a 2-2 score and the whole thing ended in an agonising shoot out ( bring back replays I say ) I watched the penalties from behind the couch. Wembley and Hampden showed the best and worst of the beautiful game, Wembley was awful with a bill of £83 for the game, a programme, a burger and a beer while Hampden was great at £35 for the same, and even that IMO makes it tough for the working man. The Spanish at least showed us the beautiful game. muchos gracias.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


"We, the SNP have the moral right to govern, we won the most seats" ( Alex Salmond ) so when is a moral right not a moral right ? well, if it's in West Lothian apparently where Labour won the most seats 14 to the SNP's 13. The SNP are now in power in a coalition, SNP morals ?

A big Christian rammy is going on in the Church of Scotland, should the clergy bless same sex partnerships ? threats are being made by some who say that ministers who do this will be dismissed, it's not just the Catholics and Muslims etc. who are in a mess over this.

The well known columnist Rev Ron Ferguson rises above this to say he will respond positively to anyone who asks for this blessing and if he is disciplined he will take the consequences, he has in fact reacted IMO in the way that Jesus would, well done that man.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Renfrewshire Council now has a new administration, a pact has been formed between the SNP who were second behind Labour in the popular vote and the Lib. Dems. who were last behind Labour, SNP and Tory in that order.

To my unease and embarrassment, Labour tried to do a deal with the Lib. Dems. as well and failed, the SNP offered more than us, the Lib. Dem. leader Cllr. Eileen McCartin has now been bought and paid for, the Lib. Dems. remind me of the great comedy actress Margaret DuMont, she was asked if she would bestow a kiss on Groucho Marx for money, her outraged reply was "what kind of woman do you think I am" to which Groucho replied " we've already established what kind of woman you are, now we're haggling about your price"

This is the reality of P.R. it's meant to be a better, more democratic system, the Lib. Dems. have just formed an administration with less than 10 % of the vote is there a political prize anywhere for breathtaking hypocrisy ?

Meanwhile Scotland takes a step backwards, at a time when the world needs more integration and cooperation, Scotland takes a regressive slide into parochialism. The conman Salmond makes bellicose statements about the moral right to govern based on a one seat majority gained in an election which could have been run by the aforementioned Marx Brothers, a wee bit of overkill Alex ? LIb. Dems. ? Morality my a - - - . I will return to this.


I want to thank all the people who have read my site over the past couple of years, I hope and trust that the majority found it interesting and stimulating, politics can be rough and I make no apology for going head to head with my enemies, most of them beneath me of course but I've still enjoyed most of it. It's like poking a nest of rats with a stick, and I intend to carry on.

I particularly thank those devious cretins from the reactionary right, their hate campaign against me backfired spectacularly and I won my personal vote easily, I say to them now, KEEP IT COMING. 15,000 new and returning visitors since Jan. 07 thank you. ( IT WAS MY BLOG WOT WON IT )

Thursday, May 10, 2007


The dust is settling, some good people have gone and new ones are here, that's politics, PR is in and deals are now being done. Here in Renfrewshire the Lib. Dems. got 4 seats and they are in a position to tell Labour & SNP ( 17 seats each ) what their demands are, apart from the sheer dishonesty and hypocrisy of their position, we now see what PR really means, with 4 out of 40 seats they get to make policy, that's what the Lib Dems call democracy.

I was delighted to be elected with more first preference votes than anyone else and doubly delighted to defy those reactionary thugs in the blogesphere who have been attacking me for over a year.

Is there no one in the SNP who is prepared to admit to embarrassment and unease with the 'sharp practice' of "Alex Salmond for First Minister" con trick, true leadership SNP style eh ? someone all Scots can be proud of ? a shyster, an absolute fraud, poor Scotland with that kind of political leader.

These poison pen writers all anonymous cowards, are a revolting bunch, they even went to the length of setting up a hate site dedicated to getting me voted out, a sweet victory for me and abject failure for them, ordinary people are disgusted by people like them. The blog sites ought to be looked at with a view to cleaning these diseased individuals out. Why should they be allowed to get away with the kind of opinions and language which would get them locked up if they said these things in the street ? The language they use would make decent people shun them, read some of it and ask yourself if you would want any of them near you, or your family.

THE NUMBERS GAME _ The SNP have never missed an opportunity to tell anyone who would listen that they got more of the overall vote at the last election than Labour therefore they had the moral right to form the administration of Renfrewshire Council. You've guessed what's coming next haven't you ? Labour 25,878 votes SNP 24, 875 votes Tories 8,115 votes Lib. Dems. 6,831 oh dear eh does anyone think that they will comment on this, will they concede that Labour have the moral right etc. I doubt it.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Here's the last post before the election and I'm even happier. The mob who have been attacking me are now suggesting that I have broken election rules by arranging a free night at the fairground for youngsters from my ward, that's the level of these morons. One of them who hides behind the title of 'right for Scotland' has threatened me so often, because of the ridicule I've subjected him to that I've given up waiting for him to do something - he prefers lies and smears, a typical right winger in fact !

This smear is despite the fact that this free night happened last year as well and the fact that on both occasions the contact was initiated by the fairground people. Lots of kids were able to enjoy this gesture and no mention was made in any way shape or form about politics, the contact by the residents association was also initiated by them.

So are they getting desperate ? smear someone on a blog because you can't beat him despite being mob handed and vicious liars and having a year or so to do it.

This is the reality of right wing, nationalist, SSP and so called Libertarians who share a common hatred of Labour, have a good look at this vicious bunch of thugs and get out and, VOTE LABOUR ON MAY 3RD.


I'm even more confident now than when I wrote the article below - John Curtice eminent professor of politics says that Labour have moved in the last week from being behind to nosing in front.

Salmond and the SNP have been rumbled.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It looks like it's between Labour and the SNP and I think we are doing much better than the polls are saying, I'm quietly confident.

I won't rehearse the arguments again here, suffice to say that the SNP have been challenged repeatedly to explain where they will get the money to cover their spending proposals and have failed to do so, so beware.

My final point is this, what candidate worth their salt would allow their name to go forward with the name of the party leader on every ballot paper ie Salmond, it's an insult to every SNP candidate, it says that they are not up to the job without him, it also shouts loudly that they are a one man band.

Having asked lots of people lately to name someone else in the SNP no one managed to do so - Pathetic isn't it ? VOTE LABOUR