Thursday, June 30, 2011


The death penalty continues to disturb America and it has sprung back to prominence in a way that has bewildered, pleased and incensed lots of people depending on their point of view. The news waves are humming with debate which has been surprisingly mature in some instances considering the issue at stake. The main cause of the maturity of the debate seems to be the actions of one victim who does not want his assailant who also murdered two other men before severely wounding him, executed. Not only that but he is campaigning against his execution. I have been reading the story from several view points and it is quite fascinating.

The victim in question is a man called Rais Bhuiyan who was shot in the face causing serious damage including the loss of an eye, he is an immigrant from Bangladesh and the two men murdered just before him were from India and Pakistan all three are immigrants to America and all three legal, and all three killed by a man called Mark Stroman using his own personal all American shotgun. Mr. Stroman's sister died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, an event which clearly unhinged him somewhat. The accused is known to fly the flags of America and the Confederacy from his prison cell, he is described as a 'white supremacist'

America today is going through hard times and when this happens there are always those who will do everything they can to fan the flames of hatred, people like Murdoch's Fox News and evil twisted so called journalists like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Bill O'Reilly are partly to blame for such events happening but; will they accept culpability? They will no more accept responsibility than the odious Sarah Palin did after targeting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was shot following political propaganda put out by Palin showing an image of Giffords seen through cross hair rifle sights. When asked why he did this Stroman perversely said he wanted to "kill foreigners who threatened the American way of life" By the American way of life I think we can assume he did not mean the random murder of 2 and the attempted murder of another innocent man. Men who ironically came to America to be part of the American way of life, what a mess.

Polls show that a majority of Americans still support the death penalty so shamefully does President Obama; or so he says. I think if he could find a way of opposing it without suffering a huge backlash he would do so and that does him no credit at all.

The case shines another big light on the barbarity of the death penalty which shames a modern country like America and hopefully another nail will be driven into its coffin by the publicity. Is it not the case perhaps that this man who committed these atrocious crimes did so while the balance of his mind was disturbed? Unhinged by grief and taught to hate by evil media forces. I find it inconceivable that he was thinking straight when he took these two men's lives and wounded the other one, will they kill someone who did not know what he was doing? America would be better served by trying to get to the bottom of why such things are happening and the first people to be investigated ought to be the hate mongers and racists who preach such poison. Low life vermin like Limbaugh, Beck and O'Reilly how are ye?

Monday, June 27, 2011


1 pm, July 27th. 2011 to the house of shame on the banks of the River Cart for a full meeting of Renfrewshire Council.
It was evident from the conduct of the SNP/Libdem coalition that they came in mad as hell. This is becoming more and more noticeable as we get closer to the Council Elections and motions are put condemning their actions, choices and priorities. Their reactions to criticism suggest that they fear a reckoning with the electorate which they know will bring up the things they have done to pensioners, school children and the most vulnerable in our society.

A strong contender for top of the public's hit list would certainly be the most awful Convener of Education in living memory SNP Cllr. Lorraine Cameron. She has presided over the most appalling attacks on education that I have seen, the fact that she is obviously completely out of her depth and willing to sign up to anything put before her by the officers is no excuse. I know her well enough to know that she is no fool which means she has washed her hands of responsibility and just taking the money. I know her to be a smart woman so I have to ask myself why someone like her would agree to the demented Primary School proposals, go figure.

The savage cuts to Social Work provision would put Convener Libdem Cllr. Eileen McCartin right up there next to her, to this day she robustly defends cuts in schools music provision, the removal of School busses, the removal of busses for people with learning difficulties, the withdrawal of Grants for pensioners Christmas Dinners and Pantomime Trips and much more including the aforementioned attempt to withdraw teachers from Primary Schools and replace them with unqualified staff, yes she stands by that as well. The anger and vile behaviour stems from the fact that they know that we will be reminding the voters of their record when the time comes.

The following two motions to council were put by the Labour Group.

1/ Demanding that the SNP/Libdem Council withdraw their decision to take away free travel from people with Learning Difficulties travelling to their Adult Training Centres, the SNP/Libdem Coalition lost the debate but won the vote and the cuts will take place. This Council gave senior officers on salaries of £80,000/£90,000 rises of 23% meaning some officers got more in an annual rise than low paid workers get for an annual salary, they also spent more on Christmas lights, Fireworks and bringing the Mod to Paisley than it cost to provide the free travel for those with Learning Difficulties. It is as we in the Labour Group said today a matter of priorities, compare them for yourself; fireworks or free travel for those with learning Difficulties, you decide when the local elections come round.

2/ A motion criticizing the Council for spending £6,700 on commissioning a feasibility study for a statue of William Wallace, seen by the SNP as a Scottish Hero and by many others, eminent scholars and historians included as 90% fiction but; remember the SNP motto "It might be rubbish but at least it's good old Scottish rubbish" Councillor Nicolson at this point made one of his priceless interjections to tell us all about Scottish culture and how we (Labour) did not understand it. What the cultural attaché for Renfrewshire (Nicolson) meant of course was Scottish culture, ye cannae beat it right? him and the ludicrous Libdem McCartin went on to tell us how great a sculptor Sandy Stoddart was he is (our local sculptor) come to think of it I don't think he has any rivals, does anyone out there know another local sculptor? Still being the only one does not maen he is not great, a genious by all accounts and world famous. Visited by pilgrims from all four corners of the world, I thought at one point they were describing a Scottish Jacob Epstein or the reincarnation of Michelangelo.

Alas when I invited Nicolson and McCartin and the rest of the coalition to name 3 of Mr. Stoddarts works they were predictably unable to do so, still don't worry Mr. Stoddart time is on your side. What does this tell us? particularly about the SNP? This is the kind of bogus positions taken by the nationalists, and this c**p leads to Robert Burns being superior to Shakespeare, Sean Connery better than Lawrence Olivier and John Byrne a greater painter than Vincent Van Gogh It's puerile, it's embarrassing and it's Scottish Nationalism at its 'kailyard' worst.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


By a rare coincidence I had the opportunity to go to the Circus on Saturday Evening and; not just any old Circus but "The Moscow State Circus" making this my third post in a row on circuses, most unusual and animal free I hasten to add. I went with my daughter on Sat. because I love watching people who are good and sometimes the best at what they do, it's not always easy to access these things and this group on the doorstep as they were; were too good to miss. They have the reputation of being one of the world's greatest Circus Troupes and they did not disappoint.

The Troupe of mainly young men and women numbered approx. 30 and they all multi task brilliantly; the level of skill; power and sheer enthusiasm displayed was fantastic not to mention the display of courage and nerve required to do some of the activities which I confess in some cases I watched through my fingers. The power and stamina on display confused me a little because despite feats of obvious mind boggling strength there wasn't a single Arnie Swartzeneger among them they all seemed to have quite normal physiques, their training must be awesome.

I was reminded that in some countries a career in the Circus and traditional Opera etc. are as sought after as a place in University, they are highly respected members of society and the process in joining and being accepted is every bit as arduous as joining any professional football team here or indeed becoming a Pro. Tennis Player or Golfer. I would urge everyone to go see them, I think they are here until Thursday and your children will love it, if you don't have any children then borrow some it is a great show.

There is a display of at the end of the show of what is known as 'tumbling' or gymnastics or; as we weans called it years ago "joogling yer wulkies" which is worth the ticket alone. All the performers dress in medieval jester's costumes and put on a mesmeric display of high speed double and treble summersaults; hand springs and cartwheels etc. which you simply have to see to believe. As this is going on if you can take your eyes off it for a second you should take a glance at the children's faces around you they are simply hypnotised and you could not take the look off their faces with an industrial hose.

Circuses like this one are great but I suspect hard to emulate, it doesn't take a genius to work out that training 3 or 4 Elephants or Tigers to run round a circus ring does not measure up to this but I sincerely hope that some Circuses follow their example and try to do what they do. I was left wondering if the fantastic Russian Gymnasts that we see at the Olympics festooned with medals are the ones who didn't make it at the Circus School.

Friday, June 24, 2011


As a young boy I was taken to Calderpark Zoo and had a great time for most of the day until I visited the Polar Bear section, there standing on a rock was a quite magnificent Polar Bear staring back at those of us who had gathered to stare at him; we kids were amused by him as he swayed from right to left in big movements while staying on the same spot. A couple of hours later; I don't know why but I went back to see him before leaving the Zoo for home and there he was still swaying back and forth just as he had been 2 hours previously. I asked the keeper why he was doing that and he told me that he was completely crazy and demented and he did this every day from morning to night and had been doing it for years, this was the result of unending years of captivity he explained, he is an animal which in the wild has a habitat of hundreds of miles and was now confined to a few hundred yards around a fetid pool with junk food floating around it. My brothers and me resolved to come back and break in and release him, we never did of course but I have never forgotten that day and that poor demented wild animal and that was approx. 55 years ago.

I saw Monkeys; Lions; Tigers and many other species all of whom seemed to accept their fate as they lay in the sun staring back at the visitors but; the Polar Bear instinctively made me want to set them all free, a feeling which to this day has never left me. Some 35 or so years after this I wandered out with my dog to have a look round the Circus which was pitched up near my home at St. James's Park this Circus had one Elephant which slept in a covered trailer which afforded it about a metre of space around it and lions which were kept chained in a circle behind a fence which restricted their movement to a few feet, I found it difficult to stand and watch these quite magnificent creatures being treated like this for our amusement that is why yesterday was a great day.

Yesterday the House of Commons banned Circuses from using animals; ending hundreds of years of cruelty which we are all guilty of tolerating; not in a conscious sense because it is a cause which has snowballed in recent years making everyone more aware of what had been going on and making us think more about it and ask if it is justified. Even the Circus owners would argue and still do that they are not cruel to their animals and I have some sympathy with Circus people who have lived this way for generations and most of them do indeed love their animals but more and more the world is realizing that keeping such animals in these conditions is indeed cruel whether knowingly or not and now thank God it will stop.

As always with the House of Commons a mystery arose, it would appear that the Government decided to go to some strange lengths to defeat the bill, turning what was a free vote into a three line whip and threatening Tory MP's with all sorts if they supported it. Enthusiastic hunter and shooter of wild animals Prime Minister Cameron was apparently behind these failed tactics but people now are asking the question why? Why did he go out on a limb against a bill which was so popular, will we ever know?

Animal cruelty still goes on here and in other countries, Bear Baiting, Bull Fighting, Dolphins and Killer Whales in pools and big game hunting is still rife, all for our amusement and all to feed the most voracious beasts of all, Capitalism and the great God money. All of it needs to be stopped; cruelty for profit is not acceptable we are after all human beings are we not? I look forward to the day when these cruel practices are confined to history and all animals return to the wild where they belong. All too late alas for that poor beautiful Calderpark Polar Bear.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Cameron and Clegg breeze into a hospital ward for a photo opportunity complete with camera crew and assistants , all is well until a senior surgeon walks in and says something like "who the hell are you lot and what are you doing in my ward and why are you not properly dressed to avoid spreading germs"?

Cameron tried to make light of this him being the PM and all that but the surgeon completely unimpressed chucked the lot of them out, well done that man I say but I can't help wondering what our balanced press would have done had it been PM Gordon Brown instead; Cameron has escaped with very little ridicule or condemnation, that's because we have a free press and they can write what they choose to write so that's OK then isn't it?


Can I speak directly to everyone and anyone who reads this Blog, I realize that some people quite inexplicably don't seem to like me and even more inexplicably disagree with things I say and causes I support, all part of life's rich tapestry I suppose. I am writing to you all in a cause which everyone of every political persuasion can hopefully support. Next Thursday Parliament will vote on whether to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. Like most of the public, we want the practice of wild animals travelling around the country for entertainment banned. They can't speak for themselves, so we must act for these majestic wild animals. And time is running out. There is an easy way for you to help. Ask your friends to pledge to support the banning of using wild animals in circuses, click here now. It will take only a few minutes>

After a year of delay the Tory-led Government still hasn't banned the use of wild animals in circuses. At first they said that it was because of a European court case – but it didn't exist. And now they're proposing a licensing scheme for wild animals in circuses – a proposal rejected by the RSPCA and British Veterinary Association on animal welfare grounds. We have to support a total ban, and we only have a week to make it happen.
94% of the British public want to see a ban – why hasn't the Tory-led Government taken action? Get your friends involved today– we only have a week to act
We've made a difference before with – we can't waste this opportunity to stop wild animals like lions, tigers, camels and bears being kept in cramped cages, and forced to perform.
There are seven days to act – make sure you play your part today – click here to ask your friends to support the ban on using wild animals in circuses
The vote in Parliament next Thursday is not whipped – it is a backbench sponsored debate – so all MPs can have their say about a ban.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kate and William take one for the team.

British news outlets and particularly some newspapers of a certain kind have been praising the newly married prince William and his new wife Kate; future Queen and duchess of Cambridge, not unusual I hear you say considering the tsunami of delirious toadying which greeted their wedding. Well the dust is now settling and they are about to embark on the particularly arduous task of visiting Canada and the USA, a task made more gruelling when one considers that they will tackle this onerous trip assisted by a niggardly retinue of seven, you read that right; a measly team of no doubt dutiful assistants numbering only seven, I tell you they will be sending tiny innocent children up chimneys next.

William's dad Charles has an entourage of 150 including a man who squeezes his tooth paste on to the brush for him, this gives us pause for thought surely? How can he regularly make such an a**e of himself when he has 150 minders? How many does big Phil have I wonder? The duchess will not have a personal assistant with her; that's the woman who valiantly collects all the bouquets she is given by the idiots who line the route where she will walk, it's a tough gig right enough but, she will at least quite rightly have her personal hairdresser with her, some people are simply indispensible it would seem, perhaps there are no hairdressers in Canada or America who are up to scratch, have they considered such an insult against our colonial hairdresser friends might cause a diplomatic rammy?

Is it possible that you dear reader are thinking like me; what the hell do the other 5 of the team do; and; is this the thin end of the wedge? Personally I don't think that "The Firm" will stand for such 'cut backs' is it possible I wonder that the Royals are showing empathy with those who are suffering cut backs around the country? Of course they know about the cut backs being made, how dare you!

I fancy the future King William is showing his more realistic side as a modern day Royal by sharing our pain and metaphorically saying "if you old chap are losing your job, your house and your pension then it's the least we can do to jolly well cut our entourage back to seven" it makes you proud to be British does it not, proud to be part of Dave's 'Big Society' it's an Idea whose time has come, an idea that 'armies cannot stand against' to misquote Leon Trotsky, all together now with gusto "long to rein over us – an egg between four ae us – thank f**k there's no more ae us, God save the Queen"


Monday, June 13, 2011


"From his childhood onwards this boy will be surrounded by sycophants and flatterers. In due course, following the precedent which has already been set, he will be sent on a tour of the world and probably rumours of a morganatic marriage alliance will follow, and the end of it will be the country will be called upon to pay the bill"

- Hardie, James Keir (on Monarchy)

It would be truculent of me not to acknowledge the 90 Th. birthday of Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen's Consort so consider it done. We should be thankful that he chose to settle in this island when his own Royal Family business went pear shaped, we should be proud that he chose us right? He has turned doing nothing into an art form and demands that he is given credit for doing whatever it is that he does and we are thus reminded by him that "there is one born every minute" Seemingly normal and reasonably intelligent people still queue at ungodly hours in all kinds of weather to gain a vantage point from which they can catch a fleeting glimpse of him and Betty as they pass by in a big car, why do they do it, what makes people so obsequious, do they in their more lucid moments really believe that there is any value in the charade they see before them? The great American showman P.T. Barnum once said "every crowd has a silver lining" that will have to do for now but, we are being taken for a ride by the greatest scam ever inflicted by one group of people on another , Monarchy.

One cannot but be impressed by Phil's longevity, considering the arduous life he has led; the trials and tribulations; the ruggedness of his daily toil. It is remarkable that he and of course Betty have reached such a grand age. Not only that but they are still able and eager to keep on robbing the public for as much as they can get out of us, say what you will but the word for this has to be devotion, some might say greed; off with their heads! it is nothing short of outstanding commitment to the cause of avarice. When you consider that others such as coal miners; deep sea fishermen; firemen; police; doctors etc. do not manage to live as long despite not having to put up with the harshness of life as a Royal you really have to give your forelock a tug and your hat a doff in their direction, Al Capone, The Krays, Ronnie Biggs; Bonnie & Clyde, sorry but you are amateurs when this firm is in town.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Britain is the sixth richest country in the world, very close to number five Germany, almost neck and neck yet the following took place yesterday. At the recent GMB union conference we saw the Tory/Libdem Government prepare the way for more anti union legislation, all for the common good you understand as stated by Mr. Vince Cable of the Libdems and the coalition Government, the biggest bunch of liars and corporate gangsters ever assembled on Government benches. When he threatens legislation against strikers you can depend on it that he has chosen his words carefully, strikers who as we speak are de facto innocent of any crime, men and women who are perfectly entitled to withdraw their labour, they intend to make that a crime, Saudi Arabia? Libya? Bahrain? Britain how are ye? This bunch of millionaires and public school boys most of whom have never done a day's work in their lives will act with all the arrogance and privilege they have been raised with, this is their world and everything in it belongs to them and they are about to demonstrate that.

They are rapacious capitalists to the core and they have all been raised as class warriors, albeit with nice suits and accents and perfect manners; oh they always lift the right piece of cutlery when dining but count the spoons when they have left. The wretched Cable a man whose name is now a byword for dishonesty and cowardice was heckled and booed by the brothers and sisters who struck an attitude of 'bring it on' you lying b*****d we will fight any anti union laws. We need that class war to take place and we must destroy these people, they are parasites. They will casually extract maximum profit by paying the worker as little as they can get away with but squeal when we try to do exactly the same by extracting the maximum wages for the least work, if it's good enough for them then why not us?

Cable sought to justify his threat by explaining that new anti union laws would be enacted if action by workers was seen to be damaging the country. He thinks that that covers it so let's ask the question as often as we can. When the filthy rich move money out of Britain to dodge taxes and millionaire owners transfer companies to where they can find cheaper labour are they damaging the country? If they are why is it only the unions getting threatened? The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimated that the British Government was losing more than £70 Billion a year to rich tax dodgers this is enough to allow people to all pay tax at 10% without damaging services but Cable and the Government are going after the Unions. I hope that Cable the Libdems and the rest of what the great Nye Bevan described as vermin will find there is a battle looming and the unions will be fighting in the knowledge that we have justice on our side and we will never quit, "Bring It On"