Saturday, February 19, 2011


To the 6 weekly Council circus for the Full Council meeting Thursday Feb. 17Th. 11, it was budget day and the first thing to say is that the SNP repeatedly attacked Labour for not producing a budget, what they omitted to say was that they (the SNP) refused to produce a budget when they were in opposition, some 27 years, go figure. It was known that parents angry at the Coalition's proposals to cut Primary Education would be present and that provoked SNP supporters who never attend to show up early to prevent as many parents as possible from getting in, do you think they might be afraid of the parents actually hearing the argument?

SNP council leader Mackay was skewered regularly by questions which he refused to answer he for instance claimed a mandate for their actions based on consultation replies which he said justified what they were doing he stated that 600 people had replied by attending meetings around Renfrewshire, I asked him what that 600 people represented as a percentage of those contacted? no reply! He continued with this ludicrous deceit by quoting percentages of people he claimed supported him, again I asked him to tell us what his quoted percentages were in relation to the numbers contacted, again; no reply. Another example of his lightweight abilities followed when he called on people to stop describing non teachers as the 'scum of the earth' I said to him that it was a terrible accusation to make and he answered "well you should stop doing it" I asked again if he was accusing me of saying this? His answer? Like a petulant child he blurted out "I'm not going to debate with you Kelly" stripped of my title of councillor by King Derek eh? This ridiculous boy is the leader of Renfrewshire Council, oh yes he is. Honestly!

Prior to the meeting starting parents gathered outside to protest and all 3 Party leaders addressed, them the 1 predictably missing was of course SNP council leader Derek Mackay he said he was too busy with business inside the building: he was of course hiding in the toilet trembling and hugging his teddy bear. This overture to the meeting produced another priceless McCartinism she; showing her usual arrogance and stupidity decided to speak: everyone had mentioned the hundreds of emails received by councillors from the parent campaigners, all said they took on board the overwhelming negative opinions expressed of the proposed changes to education provision by the incensed parents . You have heard me describe this wretched bully of a woman (Libdem McCartin) before: heard me lament her arrogance and her vicious lack of sympathy or empathy with anyone or anything, I now offer you further proof.

She took a few steps up the stairs and turned to face the crowd and said (I paraphrase) "I too have received as many as 200 emails and they are about half and half" she was suggesting that about 100 of the emails she had received from parents supported the council decision to cut primary education provision and the other 100 were opposed to the proposals. I think that some people who read this will think I'm not telling the truth here some will say; OK councillor Kelly we know you don't like this woman but really: no one is that stupid surely, is anyone as arrogant as that honestly; as contemptuous of voters and parents as that? Well, that's what she said she tried to tell the parents many of whom had sent those emails that they were balanced about 50% for and 50% against the SNP/Libdem proposals to cut Primary provision, make your own enquiries don't take my word. It might be a good idea to contact her and ask to see the evidence to support her claim, when she made this ludicrous claim she was met with howls of derision and she said she could prove what she said by showing them the emails, someone from the parents councils should take up her challenge, I find her claim disingenuous to say the least some parents present were yelling that she was a downright liar. None of the parents challenges or derisive laughter of course had any effect on her, remember we are talking about Eileen McCartin Libdem leader and deputy leader of the council here, oh yes she is. Honestly.

The budget was the 'same old same old' with more savage cuts in Social Work, Education and Leisure and here is a fact for you to mull over. The Tories produced a budget of vicious cuts as well but there was something of a collector's item about it. The SNP/Libdem budget cuts were more than the Tory budget cuts, go figure that one as well tartan Tories anyone? The SNP/Libdem coalitions in Renfrewshire are more vicious with their cuts than the Libdem/Tories in the British Govt. at Westminster. Here are some rough figures to show the extent of the con trick which the SNP/Libdem coalition are trying to perpetrate on the people of Renfrewshire.

SNP Mackay boasts about 600 people at meetings and claims a mandate from that, he refused to say how many were invited. We know however that 91,249 people were invited to take part in a consultation called "difficult choices for difficult times" and 1,984 responded the percentage he basis his mandate on is therefore 2.17% if the 600 who attended meetings not all of whom supported their proposals but let's be charitable and say all 600 supported him that would be 0.66% we aint talking landslides here are we? Cllrs. Mackay and McCartin and their motley crew must have learned about democracy from a CIA backed dictator of a 3rd. World banana republic, (vote early and vote often! welcome to sunny Renfrewshire Council run by Cllr. Derek Mubarak and Cllr. Eileen Gadaffi)

39 councillors have received something like 6,000 emails from angry parents and SNP council leader Mackay doesn't want to mention that; why? It's only 10 times more than the number (all of whom didn't agree with him) which he claims gives him a mandate to slash primary education.

Over 3,000 signatures on a petition which also does not impress SNP council leader Mackay, that's 5 times more than the magic 600 number which he pathetically clings to again remember all of that 600 did not agree with him and the coalition plans.

One last thing, all of those people who signed the petition and those who emailed can be verified, at this meeting Cllr. Mackay appeared to read out statements from people who supported the SNP/Libdem plans for cuts. He did not verify the veracity of anyone he quoted and he quoted about 6/7 people, again people, go figure for yourselves.

The last word goes to the worst Education Convener in the history of Renfrewshire Council the SNP councillor Lorraine Cameron. In a quite nasty speech she said that children were already being taught in Primary schools by people who are not teachers, when asked to give details she couldn't. She also said that people? Were spreading stories about drunks and drug addicts being brought in to cover primary classes, again when challenged to give details she was unable to do so. She then tried a story about a child coming home in tears because the child had been told that it would be taught by a stranger and; said she; in a moment of complete desperation and utter stupidity "what do we all tell our children? Don't talk to strangers right?" Aye right, "Jesus *&%$"£$*^! @" Christ. Cllrs. Cameron, Mackay and McCartin and the rest of the vicious incompetent mob of nonentities is it not time to put a stop to this stupidity?




Saturday, February 12, 2011


I remember approx. 50 years ago in the first history class of the new term we started with a new unknown teacher at St. Mirin's Academy Paisley. He came in to the classroom and said good morning and wrote on the blackboard "History began when humans learned to read and write" He went on to say "this happened about 5,500 years ago in the fertile valley of the Nile in ancient Egypt where the first writings known to man were found" That might not be strictly verbatim but it's close and it stuck in my mind at the age of 12/13 that teacher whose name now escapes me installed a fascination and passion in me for history which is still with me today.

I thought again of those early lessons and about Egypt with its ancient history; it's Pyramids and the river Nile when I watched the events unfold on TV from Cairo, tens of thousands of people determined to overthrow their tyrannical leader and his motley crew, American Lackeys every one of them, put there 30 years ago by the USA to protect American interests in the Middle East. Brave people demonstrating against a backdrop of murder, kidnapping, torture and the site and sound of tanks, low level jets and helicopter gunships, they were and are simply heroic and they deserve the support of every democratic fair minded person in the world. It is to be hoped that Egypt and Tunisia will only be the start and other regimes in the region will topple as well.

Hovering over the entire area of the Middle East like a malevolent black cloud is of course the rogue state of Israel now even more trigger happy than ever and becoming more jumpy by the day. The perfidious peace deal between Israel and Egypt was of course done to placate America and many Egyptians have long resented it. Mubarak's overthrow was partly because of his defence of Israel and their treatment of the Palestinians, can you imagine the outrage and disgust felt by many Egyptians when they were forced to tolerate the suffering and carnage suffered by their fellow Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine. Particularly in the Gaza Strip where Israel carried out the genocidal slaughter of men women and children in operation "Cast Lead" Mubarak and his Quisling Govt. despite sharing a border with Gaza turned their back on them refusing to let people out an humanitarian aid in, a shameful period in Arab history.

Prior to the dishonourable peace between Egypt and Israel the cost of defence for Israel was 30% of their wealth, this dropped to 7% after the peace deal so the consequences of an Egypt hostile to Israel could be very significant indeed. The benefits to the Palestinians would be vast and strengthen their cause, this could be massive for the Palestinians and it could also destabilise the region to a very dangerous degree. Israel has shown with increasing ferocity lately that they are bordering on being "a lunatic state" (Professor Norman Finklestein) consider what they did to the Gaza humanitarian relief convoy and their barbaric attack on Gaza. Perhaps they will revert to type and slaughter everyone and destroy everything in sight or maybe, just maybe they will see that the state of Israel is an international crime and take steps to rejoin the human race.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Please read the item below and consider sponsoring Joyce in this arduous challenge for a very good cause.

Dear friends and colleagues

As the head of a health and fitness organisation, a keen cyclist and a woman approaching the big "50" I have decided to set myself a challenge
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I will be cycling from London to Paris in July, a total of 291 miles in 3
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I hope you will support me in this challenge. The link below will take you
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Many thanks.

Joyce McKellar
Chief Executive
Renfrewshire Leisure Limited
(Tel: 0141 887 2210
4 Fax: 0141 840 8200
+ The Lagoon Leisure Centre, 11 Christie Street, Paisley, PA1 1NB

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


To the council for the grandly titled "Leadership Board" a rather unfortunate title when one considers that the Leadership board is in fact led by SNP council leader Derek MacKay which is to say that it has no leader worth the name and is in fact rudderless, the council continues to be run by officers with a coalition administration who perform like a row of nodding donkeys. Tory Cllr. Ian Langlands supports them mostly, while he is no nodding donkey he is however consistently wrong on almost every issue.

Today we had an item which cut the money that Local Area Committees (LAC's) were to be allowed to issue as grants, just to remind you LAC's were set up and heralded by the SNP/Libdem coalition as bringing democracy to the people, the people however are not allowed to vote on anything at the meetings, Democracy? This SNP/Lib Dem. sham democracy was further eroded today when they decided that the LAC's would be told what and who were to get grants so this Democratic ? farce does not let people vote and does not let members of the LAC vote as they wish, welcome to what an independent Scotland would look like, Cairo on the banks of the river Cart.

All the SNP/Lib Dem coalition councillors + the one Tory supported the decision that grants would be no longer be available for Christmas Dinners, Lunches and day trips, now who will take the hit for that I wonder? how about pensioners, community clubs and the poor. The attitude of the coalition councillors to the elderly pensioners who enjoy these things was one of scathing contempt they regard our senior citizens and the poor in our communities as scroungers because they apply for grants for trips and Christmas dinners, this is the real face of the SNP and Lib Dems, as hard and right wing as any backwoods Tory and every bit as callous, vicious and mean.

The SNP/Lib Dem councillors are however not so stingy with their own pet projects which allows them to strut around and get publicity, Fireworks Displays, Christmas lights, paying pop stars to turn on lights, bringing Gaelic Choirs to Paisley, they even sent a van to Edinburgh to get a supply of napkins with a saltire design when the "Spiv" Salmond was visiting the council, these are all OK, giving senior council officers a wage increase of 23% while cutting school busses is OK as well, as is getting rid of 310 teaching jobs and bringing unqualified people in to replace teachers, all of the above are fine with the SNP/Lib dem and usually the Tory councillors as well but giving our pensioners a grant for a Christmas dinner is not! These are the kind of people who are running our council doesn't it make you embarrassed to admit you come from Renfrewshire?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Google - 38 Degrees.

And find an interesting site, my guess IS that someone will find a way to close them down.