Monday, March 31, 2008


10.5 yrs. and millions of pounds later and he's offsky ! 'Big Phil' known to his friends and flunkies as 'Duke' has cleared his name, Dreyfus, Sheridan and now him.
The news headlines at 6 o'clock tonight on every bulletin is that the Duke of Edinburgh is innocent of any involvement in the death of Princess Diana, it was a damn close thing they are saying but, thank god he will be able to 'reign over us' a little longer. You just can't make this up, can you ?

I listened in vain to hear if the 'Harry Margolis' were closing the case or if there were any other suspects because, I think there are others around who are more likely plotters.
Big Phil. lovable old rogue that he is, is not a real Royal in the sense that the English Royal Family are, and that is what worries me as far as the pursuit of villains is concerned.
I don't know that much about him and his family other than they are Greek and his 4? 5? sisters all married high ranking Nazis, still as the saying goes 'you can pick your friends but not your family' right, be fair now.

So, if looking for clues maybe the rozzers should look at that side of the family or 'Firm' as their friends call them, the English side, what do we find ? Well we've got murder, mayhem and all kinds of violence and murderous plotting going on in the family closet, maybe Phil got a bad rap because he just isn't 'one of us' I can think of no other reason as he is an elegant, urbane, charming man who has never made an enemy, loved by all in fact.

Look at the family photos. and another motive jumps out, jealousy, she not only looked human she was beautiful, that would have made her many enemies at Buck. House, that and a seeming ability to be popular.
I fear this matter is not yet over, there are many thousands more news stories, conspiracy theories, films, interviews, Big Phil's inevitable book
"my Diana agony" or some such, serialised in the 'News of the World' pages 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. etc.

This family is dysfunctional enough to keep an army of social workers busy for a lifetime and, (check Harry) it will 'run and run' it will at least see off Coronation Street.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know that some, maybe many SNP people have been dreading today.
Some wise councils have been saying that their McArthyite muck raking could backfire, 'OK we're having a great time but, what if they find one of ours who they can use to get back at us'.

The money they didn't declare sneaked by, Souter's 30 pieces of Silver got him and them what they wanted in a shameful 'quid pro quo'
"businessmen give money to political parties to buy influence" ( Ian Macwhirter The Herald )
Sean (take that you bitch) Connery's bought influence didn't shame them, SNP MP plying underage girls with drink to molest them was let go etc. etc.

The wise councils in the SNP are saying 'we should have left it alone' We went over the top, someone was bound to hit back, someone has, and horror of horrors it's wee Alex ( the spiv ) in the dock, the great 'braveheart' leader himself, ( a special price for you Donald my son )

How many homes does 'The Daily Record' go into ? second only to the Sun I believe. Banner headline page 2 "£20,000 A DAY FOR SALMOND EXPENSES" yes folks Alex (the spiv) has knocked his rivals into a cocked hat.

His rivals are amateurs, they are just playing at it, the wee spiv. doesn't do things by half, his motto is 'if you're going to do something, do it right' If he did a full 5 day week that would be £100,000, £400,000 a month, over £5 million a year with interest, what can you say ? he's a great Scot. indeed.
Val Doonican used to sing this line "Delaney lay exhausted hanging round it's throat with a grip just like a Scotsman on a "£5 note" wee Alex ( the spiv ) enhances that famous reputation.

When next they meet that other legendary operator 'The Trump' will doff his cap and wig and say "Alex, soul mate, I salute you"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


For as long as I can remember there has been a 'Benefits Scandal' a 'Social Security Scroungers Scandal' beloved by right wing newspapers and reactionary right wing politicians.

Remember the odious Tory Peter Lilley at Tory Conference paraphrasing Gilbert & Sullivan's song from the Mikado 'I've got a little list, none of whom would be missed'
These included young girls who "get pregnant to get a council house" and people on incapacity benefit who "should be working"
All of it with no proof but on he went with his fantasy which the Tory faithful loved and cheered, it was ever thus, disgraceful.

The Dept. of Work & Pensions have admitted that up to £9 Billion a year of benefits are not being taken up and, they have also admitted that they won't pursue take-up targets, as it wouldn't be "value for money".
That is a scandal of huge proportions and someone should be considering their position, the DWP minister surely.

A single benefit fraudster caught playing golf while claiming incapacity benefit can make the front page of the gutter press while tens of thousands of people are missing out on benefits to which they are entitled, the disabled, the elderly, the chronically ill, all missing out on what is rightfully theirs.
People like my parents and their generation did not like claiming because they could 'get by' and because the system is so complicated, despite working all their days and paying their dues.
This Govt. this Labour Govt. tolerates this, even worse, while knowing it's going on it has set it's face against doing anything to rectify it.

That's the real benefits scandal, instead of pouring so much money into catching the ones who abuse the system, this far bigger problem should be tackled, benefit fraud is serious and has to be stopped but, those who are in need and are entitled to benefits who aren't getting them are a much more pressing priority, it's a question of decency and doing the right thing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here's something from someone who shared my opinion of our incompetent military rulers and this guy knew a thing or two about soldiering.

Soldiers talking about an old buffer who happened to be a general.

Now the soldiers he smiled at are most of em dead,
And we're cursing his staff for incompetent swine.
'He's a cheery old card,' grunted Harry to Jack.
As they slogged up to Arras with rifle and pack.

But he did for them both with his plan of attack. (Siegfried Sassoon)

Monday, March 24, 2008


I've just realised that I'm not receiving any comments, I have either been boycotted or there is a problem.
I'm afraid that me with a technical computer problem is rather like a 'Giraffe with a soar throat' I'll have to persuade my daughter to rescue me.


I share a contradiction with a great many people. I am an animal lover but, not to the point of vegetarianism. This lands me in a dilemma, I've just read about the game keepers on the Highland Estates who have been charged with poisoning 'birds of prey'

This of course is an exercise in making money, rich people come to these places to shoot birds and these bigger birds like to kill and eat the same smaller birds that rich people kill in the name of sport.
Deer hunting, fox hunting, dog fighting, bear bating, cock fighting, badger hunting etc. etc. all come into the same category, I detest them.
I have never been able to understand where the enjoyment/pleasure comes from in killing these creatures.

In various parts of Scotland, mainly the highlands I've seen these magnificent birds hunting, I remember being stretched flat on the side of a high ridge in the Cairngorms at a place called 'Glenfeshie' watching two Eagles circling at such a height that they were just black dots and only visible through field glasses.
My patience was rewarded as they dropped lower and lower until one of them was low enough to have a close look at me before gliding back up to it's mate, an incredible experience. I've also seen an Osprey hit a fish on the surface of a Loch Garten and carry it off, a huge thrill.
I sat gazing out of my office window in Glasgow one day and a Sparrow Hawk hit a pigeon no more than 6 ft. away and 6ft. off the ground, when the cloud of feathers settled, there he was with the dead pigeon in his talons staring straight at me defiantly, a lofty neanderthal stare, utterly chilling, even from a winged creature no bigger than the pigeon he was about to eat.

That Sparrow Hawk was a perfect miniature of the mighty Golden Eagle, fearsome and beautiful just like his ancestors thousands or maybe millions of years ago and only a fraction of his bigger cousin's size.
The poet Ted Hughes imagines the thoughts of a 'Hawk roosting' like this :-

"It took the whole of creation to produce my foot, my each feather:"

"I kill where I please because it is all mine"

"My manners are tearing off heads"

"Nothing has changed since I began"

"My eye has permitted no change. I am going to keep things like this"

I can never remember if the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest land creature, but I know he's right up there, I watched two Ospreys in an exciting tussle with one near their nest until the Falcon got bored, done a couple of circles round them, as if to show his superiority and left.
There were several 'twitchers' there in a hide and their enthusiasm for the mid air ballet they were watching was incredible, more excited than football fans watching a winning goal.

If game keepers are found guilty of poisoning/killing these birds they should be dealt with severely and their employers, the privileged rich who own these estates should be thrown in jail.
If the Scottish Govt. did this, SNP or not I would congratulate them, now where's that burger.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Cardinal O'Brien is a clever man, he chooses his words carefully, he deliberately uses words like monstrous and Frankenstein to describe the 'Embryology Bill' He clearly feels passionately about this and he is obviously sincere, and so am I when I disagree with him.

It would be silly of me to start a scientific debate with him or anyone else who reads this, the matter is awash with detail and complicated arguments which I don't claim to have mastery of, I do however have some heartfelt opinions on this and I try to express them without prejudice to Church or Science.

The Church says it's wrong to create a cell using part of an animal, I haven't been convinced by that, I want to know why. Would there for instance be any opposition to a part of an animal bone being used to graft two parts of a shattered human bone together ? how about a tiny part of an animal's eye to replace a part of a human eye which had stopped working ? these are hypothetical of course but, I have to confess that the idea of such a thing doesn't horrify me at all.

The Cardinal believes in the sanctity of life and so do I that's why I take this position. I also believe that this argument was lost a long time ago, probably starting with blood transfusions and on through organ transplants etc. I believe that this type of experimentation and more will continue as science follows it's unstoppable path for more knowledge and progress, it was ever thus.
Cardinal O'Brien says that this is being done "using the excuse that cures will possibly be found for serious diseases" does he not believe their reason ? or is he saying that that, is not a good enough reason ?

Would the Church say to someone who has a loved one who is dying that God would not want a cure found for their condition in this way ? I honestly think that would be wrong and, it would be untrue IMO.
I don't believe with respect that the Cardinal has any better contact with the almighty than any of the rest of us and, it might be the case that God would look at the plight and suffering of those who might benefit from these experiments and give his blessing.

There are many many people out there who will be praying, yes praying, that this bill is passed, they need our help and our prayers if you have them.
We need to find out more about disease, science is our best hope, today we learned of a man in a Glasgow hospital with an incurable case of TB, something we thought we had beaten.
More knowledge is required to defeat these terrible diseases, would God disagree with that, this quote sums up my attitude to this.

"The more we learn, the less we fear" ( Marie Curie )

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Good old Dubbya of the Bush crime family seems intent on leaving a legacy which decent Americans will find unworthy of their great country.

He has just vetoed a bill which would have made it unlawful to use torture, we sometimes overlook things because they are coming thick and fast at us but this, this bears repeating, the President of America the leader of the FREE, yes FREE world, a guy who claims to be guided by god is now officially on record as admitting that America uses torture and will continue to use torture.

Hell folks it's the Murkn way, kill fer peace, zap those Turrsts, zap em fer Jeeeesus yeehah ! Murkah is the land of the brave yesuh and we kin kill anyone who disagrees yow.
Anyhow what's wrong with waterboardin ? all them waves n sunshine n purty galls some folks are never happy.
Anyhow, when kin ah git started on that Ayeranian SOB he's just f- - - - d with the wrong Marine, he's an axis of evil n we're gonna fix his waggon furm okaydokay.

This aint gonna be another veetnam yow ! this time ahm a gonna turn up n fight, you bet, if that kid Harry the King of England can do it well shucks so kin I.

Holy Moly I got lossatime left to waste millions of them there axils of evil fore ah retire to good ole Texas, where's mgun n saddle hoss ?

" happy trails to you, til we meet again" "Wadja say there Lord" ?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It started almost as soon as the SNP formed the administration and to date it looks like this.

Elderly Wardens - Out of School Learning - Supported Study for Higher Pupils - Computer project for unemployed - Homeless Hostel - Area Housing Offices - Libraries - Museum - and now Park Rangers and park Keepers.

All of the above are SNP cuts in Renfrewshire and it won't stop here, the Central Library is now under threat as well.

What will it be next ? ask the SNP at Renfrewshire Council, I'm not sure if even they know other than to say that it will be whatever the council officers tell them to cut next.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Souter & Ewing, sounds like an end of the pier vaudeville act doesn't it but there is nothing funny about this pair.

'Wee holy Brian & big Butch Fergus have 'previous'
Souter spent a shed load of money when God told him to smite that homosexual mob and lost over clause 28, he seems to have taken against labour and Wendy Alexander ever since.
Big Butch Fergus, gilded son of the North East right wing Ewing dynasty of course showed a similar bent when he rushed to the defence of the Cowcaddens firefighters who famously showed their bigotry and disgraced the service by refusing to attend a Gay Pride event.

F Ewing is now involved in drugs with the SNP and has called in an organisation of Souters to advise him on what he should do.
My understanding is that his remit is to tackle the wider drug problem and not as some people have cruelly suggested to find a drug which will 'cure' homosexuality, still they can dream right ?
I wonder if wee Brian and big Fergus are talking to old holy Joe Devine ? Ewing, Souter and Devine eh ! a midfield trio to die for.

Fergus (a practiced lawyer) can prosecute them, old holy Joe can find them guilty in the eyes of the lord, and wee Brian can run them to hell in one of his coaches (at a concession fare) business is still business after all.

What does £500,000 get you nowadays ? according to Macwhirter of the Herald it gets you influence, it gets your feet under the table when politicians are forming policy, it's money well spent, if I were wee holy Souter I would be taking Macwhirter to task for such a scurrilous remark.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Friday March 14. 2008. 7.30 pm. The scene is the Tannahill Centre in Ferguslie Park, the occasion is the retiral 'do' for one of Ferguslie's best loved and respected characters Isa Erroch, 65 Yrs. young, a bitter sweet event as it turned out because Isa loved her job and did not want to retire.

She worked at the library for 25 yrs. starting as a part time worker and through self study and hard work became a full time library assistant and fulcrum of an excellent facility which is so much more than a local library.
She was a familiar site on the estate as she always cycled back and forth to work in her bright cycling gear and crash helmet, a very fit and energetic lady indeed.
Some people in estates like Ferguslie do not see the library as being for them, no-one done more to dispel that idea than Isa, when someone took the reluctant step to enter the place and saw her smiling and waiting to greet them they knew they would be alright, they knew she was a friend.

The education authorities could have made 'a day with Isa' a part of the curriculum for student teachers.
Watching her work with children was an education and a pleasure which no textbook can offer, she was quite simply a natural.
Isa in a meeting with children was a genuine gathering of equals where mutual respect was always evident, a joy to witness.

She made them welcome and helped them to get everything they could from what was on offer and, all done with her trademark smile and good humour, she knew everyone and everyone knew her.
She was a constant in the lives of the people of Ferguslie park and we all owe her a debt of gratitude for her service.

Isa decided to try to work on and was encouraged to do so by everyone who knew her, me included. We all wrote letters of support and argued her case but the powers at the Council turned her down, a strange decision considering a) what she had to offer and b) the general consensus which agrees with people working past retirement.

Anyway lots of her friends and colleagues were there last night to give her a send off and everyone had a great time, it's no more than she deserved as she will be impossible to replace.
We, all of us were lucky to work with her and I hope she enjoys a happy and active retirement.

The smile and the good nature are not gone though as I'm sure we will be running into her when she visits the library as she whizzes back and forth on her bike, good luck to her, the library is going to feel strange without her.

Friday, March 14, 2008


The above title should remind us that we can forgive Bishop Joseph Devine for his latest anti Gay outburst.

"they are giving that Gay actor Ian McEllen a knighthood for helping the gay community while Oscar Wild got the jail for it, whatever next" ? "that gay mob are trying to stitch themselves to Holocaust day to get sympathy" and " don't shoot the messenger it's him (pointing upwards to God) who's saying it no me"

At this point several people are heard to say 'hey landlord we've listened to enough of this old eejit's rambling, can you no bar him" if only this were true but, alas it's not the local bar room bigot talking it's Bishop Joseph Devine, leader of the Catholic flock in Motherwell and man of God.

Old Joe, wasn't at the seminary the day the student priests got the lecture about (loving one another) and (treating others as you would have them treat you) he might also have missed that bit about gentle loving Jesus as well.

He stands four square behind that other Christian SNP activist, 'Holy Brian Souter' both vehemently anti labour ( we must be doing something right ) or is Brian behind Joe ? anyway is he right ? is the church right ?

It's worth remembering that the Church can be wrong, take Galileo for example, generally regarded as a guy with some smarts, he fell out with the Pope when he said that the Earth circled the Sun while the Pope said it was the Sun that circled the Earth because God created the Earth, this wasn't a philosophical discussion over a beer BTW.

Galileo was shown the latest torture methods and asked to reconsider which he did and concurred, as I said he had some smarts.

So does Old Joe still think that the Sun goes round the Earth ? (that was rhetorical in case anyone jumps on it) The Church was wrong then and it's wrong now.

The Bishops remarks are an insult to Christianity and to many, many Catholics, is it any wonder so many churches are now 'cash n carries' ?

Does he stop to think of the effect of such rabble rousing, does it ever worry him that someone might suffer physically because of his diatribe ?

The Catholic Church states that we should treat Gays with Respect, Compassion and Sensitivity, weasel words, insinuating something is wrong with them.

The Church will continue to be guilty of bigotry until it scraps this statement and replaces it with something much more simple like,

"Some people are gay some are not but, we are all equal"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


When I see people in America saluting the flag and stating their allegiance to their great country it brings on laughter, mainly because it's so false, it's cringe making.
The suggestion that we should have a citizenship ceremony as is being suggested is right up there with the crazies, it's a whole load of garbage.

Lord Goldsmith suggests Citizenship ceremonies at the age of 18, he wants everyone to swear allegiance to Queen and country.
The words swear and Queen often come to mind but not in the way he suggests, he did concede however that this would be impossible in Northern Ireland.

There are many republicans in Britain who would never accept an allegiance to the Queen or anyone else who is unelected, many are of course obliged to do this by force or they would not be allowed to join the Military or the Police or become MP's etc.
Perhaps though this would get wee Alex (the spiv) to come off the fence, it would be hilarious to see him come up with some hoax which would allow him to remain a humble servant of the British Monarchy, and the Prime Minister of an independent Scotland.

When I'm abroad I tell people I'm British for 3 reasons 1/ it's true and 2/ it saves time and 3/ I couldn't care less about such matters so I just make it as easy as possible.
When at home or in England I say Scottish and if English people knowing I'm Scottish ask me where I'm from I usually say Glasgow just to save time so origins don't mean a lot to me.

Flags, Allegiances and Anthems are divisive and cause no end of trouble, I would scrap the lot and replace every flag with 1 depicting the planet earth and replace all the anthems with 1 which celebrates our common humanity, I would gladly swear allegiance to that.
This would put an end to all bickering about origin and race as the last time I checked we were all from earth and were all human, "if you prick me do I not bleed" said Shylock and he was right. I say this despite some of the people who write to my blog.

We should dump this idea before it starts.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The death of Francis Pym and the health scare with Mrs. Thatcher during the week got me thinking about the relationship between me and the Tory Party.
Apart from a few local Tories there would not be many if any of them who have ever heard of me but they have been a constant in my life for 50 yrs.

My dad used to quote Nye Bevin with great relish when saying that they, the Tories, "were lower than vermin" this later became "the Tories are vermin" which Nye didn't quite say.

I changed a bit as I got older and met Tories, some of whom managed to change my attitude, I managed with great effort to be civil to them and even enjoyed the company of some and then along came Thatcher, and bang ! I was back to quoting Nye.

The tele. showed pictures the other night of what looked like a sweet old lady doddering around like a normal person, getting on a bit with failing health but, a closer glance showed it to be her, the destroyer of lives, jobs and whole communities, the cause of hundreds of unnecessary lost lives in the Falklands.

The woman who more than any other in modern history done more to create class hatred and political warfare.

The passing of Francis Pym was another part of Tory history passing away.
A patrician one nation Tory who, unlike Thatcher oozed decency and fairness, upper class ? certainly, a beneficiary of nepotism ? no doubt, but also a holder of the Military Cross who defied her over the Falklands Just like the Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie, another Military Cross holder who defied her wishes by praying for the Argentinian dead at the Falklands war memorial service at Westminster Abbey.
That's right, you read that correctly, she did not want prayers said for the enemy dead, what does that say about her ?

When her time comes she will be lauded by the hypocrites and cowards who couldn't stand up to her but, she will be despised and forgotten when people still admire Pym and Runcie and their generation of Tories.

Which one is / was the true Tory ?

Monday, March 10, 2008


What is the most stressful time in the life of a 17 yr.old ?

For those who stay on at school hoping to go to university I would say the run up to the higher exams, these are the first major hurdles to academic success for a young person.

These exams determine what course if any will be available to them in their university career and consequently will shape their whole lives.

Candidates worry and fret about the exams and the pressure builds relentlessly, I remember my own kids going through this and it was tense stuff, along with their friends they availed themselves of every assistance that they could.

Homework, study groups, past papers, supported study etc. were all seized on and used.

Easter Revision is a system which our schools used for this purpose and was very popular, the school would open during the Easter break for those Higher Candidates who wanted to take part in intensive Higher Revision supervised by voluntary teachers, youngsters looked on it as a very valuable aid so close to the exams.

The SNP controlled Renfrewshire Council have cut this provision, the schools can no longer provide this because of education cuts by the SNP.

This is a devastating blow to these young people, made worse by a callous lack of warning, the pressure, already intense has been stepped up by those who are meant to provide for them.

The last Labour administration in Holyrood 'ring fenced' this money, Salmond (the spiv) has removed the 'ring fencing' and his SNP poodles in Renfrewshire have done the rest by cutting the service.

This is what their budget really means, they are a disgrace and have no shame, it was previously -

Nurseries, Out of School Learning, The Elderly Wardens, Libraries, The Museum, Area Housing Offices and now this.

A devastating blow to our young people in Renfrewshire by the SNP what is going to be next ?

Sunday, March 09, 2008


The Sunday papers are strange when you find yourself in them and I can confirm that they don't like criticism, The Sunday Times carries a story about me and the Harry business which condemns me quite strongly.

Other papers TV journalists and letter writers such as The Guardian, New Statesman, Jon Snow, Max Clifford etc. are on record as sharing my scepticism over the whole affair so I ask myself why do these mighty Sunday blats want me dead ?

The Times says nothing new and continues to call me a Labour Aide but here's what it's about.
He, (Kelly) is an associate of guess who ? yes Wendy, she should sack him they say ! from what ? I say, I don't hold any position and they know that, they are in the gutter again, the persecution of Wendy is running out of steam if this is what they are reduced to, The Times, once called "The Thunderer" used to have a good reputation.

The Guardian carries a piece by an ex Army soldier who seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan and has written a book about it which has him saying ' the Harry at war adulation has caused anger at the grass roots where the hero prince doesn't wash'

The new Statesman carries Harry's spoof diary where he says the following among other things :- "I hate England, I hate the fact that I might never kill again, and I hate those poo-shites in the press, even though the only reason I got to fire the big gun was because they were filming me" and "I wish they'd left me there alone taking out the Taliban one Terry at a time. A lone mercenary can definitely win an Afghan war, I saw it in Rambo 3. Doesn't sound as if they buy it does it ?

One part of this elaborate confidence trick according to today's papers is already beginning to work, army recruitment figures are on the rise ! The second part of the 'quid pro quo' though, Harry's rehabilitation from gossip column fodder to soldier prince is stuttering, that will be harder as more and more people rumble the con trick.

The SNP had to get into it right ? MSP and protector of British Royalty Keith Brown (Falklands Veteran) said my remarks were "appalling" and "this man has no idea what it's like to serve on the front line" he also tries to link it to Wendy.

Where are these modern nationalists coming from ? the real SNP would not lift a finger to help the British Monarchy and now they put forward this forelock tugger Brown to help the prince, what happened to independence ? where are the real SNP ?
He is of course right about one thing I've never been on the front line, so I will defer to his military experience and ask him this question -

SNP MSP Keith Brown (ex Army) can you confirm to me that front line troops all operate with their own personal bodyguard of Gurkhas and SAS men just like our own 'one of the lads' Prince Harry ?

Friday, March 07, 2008


Now that the desert dust has settled a bit I have looked again at the Soldier Harry fiasco.

He wanted to do the job he was trained for and go to war on the front line, some say this is laudable, laudable or not I say it was naive.
It was naive to think that a Royal Prince would be allowed to be a normal soldier.

It was dishonest of the establishment, the Army, and his family and advisers to let him believe this fantasy, it says something about him I'm afraid that he actually bought it.

He then threw the toys out of his pram and backed the army into a corner and the army backed down, quite simply they knew that his resignation would have been on every newspaper and TV bulletin in the world and the dishonest farce of royals being real soldiers would have been exposed.
That collusion would have been bad for the army and bad for the royals.

What about the man himself ? he tried to rescue his reputation as a dissolute playboy with no real job and has ended up worse.

It can be summed up like this, he came back saying "it was great just being one of the lads" and a sycophantic media led the cheering, conveniently forgetting that the rest of "the lads" didn't have a team of personal bodyguards made up of Gurkha's and SAS men protecting them.

He has been made to look even sillier by trying to claim he was just another soldier, did he actually see himself as that ? how could he, what was he thinking of, and the Army ? just think about these top brass commanders and shiver.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Tony Blair - Middle East envoy, where the hell are you ?
Why the uncharacteristic silence ? Why the even more uncharacteristic shyness ?

In the past week 4 Israelis were killed, 3 were soldiers and 1 a civilian, at the same time 120 Palestinians were killed 60 were civilians, I believe that figure of 60 should be much higher because every time the Israelis kill a Palestinian they describe him/her as a terrorist, without proof.

Some people regard these figures as a proper response when it really amounts to a war crime, and Israel threatened worse by saying that Gaza could face a 'holocaust' that emotive word and what it means cannot be underestimated, this is genocide, the kill ratio for 2007 is 40 to 1 in Israel's favour.
Make no mistake, this is state terror by Israel, Britain and most other countries shamefully look on and do nothing.

Gaza is the world's biggest jail it's people are being collectively punished for democratically electing Hammas who have offered a truce which 64% of Israelis now support, Bush doesn't though so the brutality continues.
If Israel abandoned it's illegal occupation and gave refugees displaced by them the right of return the violence would stop, but still they continue the slaughter.

Collective punishment - targeting civilians - cutting water and electricity,
does the state of Israel have no shame ? no mercy ?

Gaza and it's people are desperate, children are now suffering from
malnutrition and the wounded and sick are not receiving treatment, people who can't get specialist care in Gaza are not being allowed to leave. This is Israel today, "The Holy Land" it has to stop, it has to be condemned, write to your MP and MSP to demand a halt.

The memories of those Jews who perished in such dreadful circumstances in WW2 are being besmirched by the behaviour of Israel today. Along with many Jews I find myself asking how, given their past can they treat another people in this way ?

M.A.P.( Medical Aid for Palestinians) is an organisation which is there on the ground in Gaza, they desperately need financial help to buy medical equipment, I have sent a donation and I urge everyone to do the same, send to :-

Medical Aid for Palestinians,
33a Islington Park Street,
London N1 1BR.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Afhganistan and the Taliban are not quite Agincourt and the French are they ? still.
I made a recent comment saying that had the Taliban known about the soldier prince in their midst, they would have issued an instruction to the 'Terrys' to look out for a ginger haired man staggering about drunk dressed as a Nazi and guess what ? some people have taken offence.

It would appear therefore that some people are gullible enough to believe this guff, if I can paraphrase 'Mencken' 'no-one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the British public when it comes to Royalty'

Some time ago I wrote some scathing comments about the 'Brass' who lead our armed forces and took flack for it, nothing too difficult to handle though, I knew that I had history and the future on my side, I knew that something would come along quite soon to show I was right and here we are.

I say that because "an ordinary every day soldier, treated no differently from anyone else" has been able to tell the highest command that he will be sent to a battle field or else and the military leaders have said to this "ordinary soldier" "yes sir, 3 bags full sir" note the 'sir'

As Jack Nicholson (Nathan Jessup) once said 'what kind of an outfit are you running here' ?

What does that tell you about the chinless nonentities who run our forces, put their by privilege not talent, weak, spineless leaders create poor results.
From dim witted oafish playboy, to national hero in one bound, Harry was free, 10 days in Afghanistan, fiddling with a computer in a heavily fortified base some 6 miles from the front line.
Surrounded by a personal bodyguard made up of arguably the world's most accomplished fighting men (the Gurkha's) has made him into a hero.

The cynical 'quid pro quo' was the rehabilitation of an embarrassing Royal Prince and good publicity for the army in a conflict which is going badly.

All the ready prepared cloying films and interviews which were so false as to be laughable convinced me that he was never in any more danger than Tony Blair or Gordon Brown when they visited 'the front line' this was an exercise in cynicism which I think and hope will backfire on them all.

I will come back to this farce but one last thing at the moment before all you badge kissers and forelock tuggers start, Harry is not to blame for this debacle, he is too young, too inexperienced and too dim to know what is going on, he , poor lad, is being used.