Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Great Britain is compliant with torture; despite denials we are. We stand four square behind our ‘special’ American allies who torture people and hold them without charge or trial for years. This is in preparation for trials which could see them face the death penalty; I think I have got that much right but; I’m sure someone will take issue with it. I want to make one thing absolutely clear here before I go any further; Mr. Akmal Shaikh the British National who was executed in China should never have been put to death; he should never have been executed under any circumstances; references to his mental health condition are neither here nor there it should not be relevant; had there been no mention of a mental health problem would he have been left to his fate? A job remains to be done to find out exactly what happened here; this man was allegedly set up by Polish Gangsters to smuggle heroin to China; it all sounds like an over the top caper movie; we need to pursue how this happened. My position on Capital Punishment remains resolutely against which means of course I am also against the possible execution of those prisoners whom I mentioned earlier whether they are found guilty or not they should not face the death penalty; no one should.

It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that the West is having a go at Communist China here and is guilty of Hypocrisy; look again at our “special friends” in America. During Clinton’s run for presidency he interrupted his high profile campaign in a huge blaze of publicity to fly home to Little Rock Kansas where he was governor to sign a death warrant for a convicted murderer who had a mental age of eight years; all to prove he was tough on crime; did Britain protest? ‘the hell we did’ This kind of hypocrisy has a habit of rebounding on you and it is now; China can say who do you think you are lecturing us when you behave as you do to foreign prisoners; just as Iran can say why is Israel allowed illegal WMD’s and we are not; no matter which side you support there is a certain logic in the questions.

China is an ancient place where change has been incredible over the last 200 years; from the time where Chinese people were exploited all over the world especially America where they worked and died like slaves on the railways. They are now a world super power and will not be ordered about; Britain did it’s usual colonial exploitation and destroyed millions with the Opium Trade and the Chinese haven’t forgotten.

We should try as always to learn from such a tragedy; we along with other like minded countries should try everything we can to persuade China and other countries that Capital Punishment is wrong and also importantly it does not work. We need to have China more or less on line with the rest of the world and that means compromise from them; from us; from America and the other countries; none of us are perfect and we should be prepared to admit that. Capital Punishment is barbaric; it solves nothing and improves nothing it simply lowers the levels of decency which we should all aspire to, the whole squalid business of putting our fellow human beings to death should be confined to history and put somewhere alongside the burning of witches and the stoning of sinners.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Having access to a computer is stopping me from going mad; I read lots of newspapers and magazines and watch the tele. I watch the tele. less and less that’s why I appreciate the computer; the internet and U Tube are my saviours. TV is now dominated by drivel; there was always a fair amount of it on the box but the growth of shows like the Big Brother House; X Factor and We’ve got Talent has almost destroyed the medium; destroyed it for me that is because there is no denying the popularity of these shows; the “Big Brother” show even has the cheek to plagiarise Orwell to get it’s title adding insult to injury.

There is of course a theme which runs through them; the humiliation of contestants and those who take part; its car crash TV and the mob loves it; “the mob” is of course a reference to ancient Rome and they liked nothing better in Rome than watching people being executed in public; just like some countries today. Some countries chop off heads while America for example shows it’s more morally superior side by offering no less than 5 methods of doing the deed; hanging; shooting; chemical injection; gas chamber and the electric chair, some of the more devout among the Christian Right Bible Thumpers still get misty eyed about making it 6 by bringing back Lynching for black people; at the McCain election rallies the mention of Obama's name provoked shouts of "kill the nigger" heard on TV oh yes they were! we are lucky indeed to have a “special relationship with such friends. I predict that America will show executions on prime time TV with highly priced advertising slots in the not to distant future; the numbers of people allowed to be present at such events has grown steadily over the years; in America that means there is a market for it which in turn means it will happen; its “The American Way”

Television once showed plays; films and news and current affairs; they still do of course but the ‘junk’ is taking over why commission a play hire directors producers actors etc. rehearse it and stage it when you can get more of an audience by encouraging the public to volunteer to humiliate themselves; throw in a couple of 3 Rd. rate washed up celebrities and Joe Public is hooked; its all rather sad. Simon Cowell beats Harold Pinter and Davina thingmy beats Judi Dench.

This rather eccentric post will no doubt have some people wondering what has happened to the usual political content; “has he gone doo lally” I hear you ask; well not yet actually. What has happened is that I received a Christmas present which hammered home to me the difference between what TV is capable of and what it is becoming. The latter is cheap nasty and exploitative with no values and one aim; profit; and the former is the full series on DVD of “The West Wing” a gift from my daughters who on this occasion are a gift from God. Since I often criticise America its only fair that I offer praise where it’s due and the West Wing fits the bill, the standard of writing and acting would be difficult to improve on, it is top quality entertainment and sizzling drama. Try if you will to sit through a full episode of Simon Cowell’s show and follow it with an episode of TWW and see what I mean.

Meanwhile as we slide toward another decade we have the consolation of watching the SNP self destruct as the cybernats are exposed for the filth that they are; they have been hidden long enough. Nationalism is a deeply ugly business and this mob proves it; that’s why the leadership have been willing to tolerate them as long as they kept their official distance. The anti English racism displayed by these people should have been gutted out years ago and they turned a blind eye to it and now it has popped up to bite them; people are peering behind the tartan veil and it’s not a pretty sight. Exposed are the many blue faced knuckle dragging anti English bigots who are an embarrassment to Scotland.

I would also like to offer best wishes for another decade to the Cuban revolution and it’s leaders including El Commandante himself Fidel Castro 94 years would be a good innings for one of history’s true giants; will Obama be the man to see the light and get round the table? Let’s hope so; to put Cuba into perspective perhaps Obama should consider the fact that America kills more illegal immigrants from Capitalist Mexico in a year than died during the existence of the Berlin Wall and also consider why America celebrates people defecting from Communist Cuba while still shooting dead those Capitalist Mexican illegal’s; it’s the American Way ‘YURP’ and it’s a strange world. I predict that the Mike Russell blogging scandal will prove to be the tip of the iceberg in 2010; if you don't believe me talk to some of them; see and hear for yourself but; be warned it won't be pleasant and could get really ugly if you let slip the word Engurland!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Tonight people all over the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus and the focus as always will be on Bethlehem. Part of the town is surrounded by Israel’s apartheid wall and it has a refugee camp for Palestinians who have been thrown out of their homes by Israeli settlers; they can’t move without the Israelis say so. This is the birth place of the King of Peace today; some two thousand years on; today; this is the Holy Land.

December 27 th. 09 will see the first anniversary of the Israel attack on Gaza which was largely destroyed, the Israelis have not allowed rebuilding to take place and they maintain an inhuman and vicious blockade. Thousands live in tents; maternity and neonatal wards are desperate for blankets and electric heaters to prevent infants from dying of hypothermia; they don’t have cattle to breath on them and keep them warm like the infant Jesus.

Thousands of children in Gaza are at risk because of contaminated water; Israel will not allow them to renew pipes. The education system is crippled. And thousands of children remain traumatised and in need of psychological help. The prevalence of anaemia among children 9 - 12 months old is 61.6%; and prevalence among pregnant women is around 29%, Israel continues to block the medical equipment and medicines they need and won’t allow the materials in to rebuild bombed hospitals; nor will they allow sick people to leave and seek help.

The World Health Organisation states that 80% of Gaza’s water is not safe to drink; Britain demands an end to the blockade but nothing seems to happen; we need to do more it is a humanitarian disaster, we are talking here about helpless innocent children just the same as the celebrated new born all those years ago.

You can do two things which are not at all difficult; you can make a donation following the instructions provided and you can also contact your MP; MSP; MEP and complain about the lack of action on this desperate situation; we can all do something and we must; otherwise what is the point of all the Peace and Love to all mankind stuff?


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Thursday 17 Th. Dec. 09 to the council chambers for another session of bear baiting with an administration which looks like a collection of maudlin drunks at a funeral; a mere two and a half years into it’s car crash of an attempt at running a council. The increasingly shrill screeching from them is becoming more and more predictable as they stumble from blunder to blunder; the pathetic and orchestrated cheering and banging of desks likewise; I seriously think that they will soon start banging and cheering when apologies are given for one of their number at the start of the meeting.

Their attempt at self congratulation this time was to suggest that large crowds at Christmas festive events such as switching on lights and fireworks were proof that they were winning the battle to regenerate the town centre. Some SNP/Lib. Dems. suggested several times that there was a noticeable ‘feel good factor’ among the crowds; proof positive they say that Paisley Town Centre is on it’s way up. This of course ignores the No. of ‘for sale’ and ‘rent’ signs which are everywhere in the town; these of course were Labour’s fault according to them and nothing at all to do with Braehead; Silverton or the superstores like Tesco and Asda taking away custom; the fact that Paisley Town Centre’s problems are replicated all across the country fails to register with them either. A bit of advice for the administration; if you can’t detect some ‘feel good factor’ after spending large amounts on fire works and lights then you are a lost cause; what did I miss? Oh yes it’s Christmas! ‘feel good’ how are ye! The old guy in the red suit with the beard and the sleigh might have something to do with the ‘feel good’ thing as well; just a thought. This is an administration which is either plain stupid or in complete denial or; what’s more likely both.

The meeting also closed with the now ritualistic mauling of the administration over its disgraceful mishandling of education provision. The second last motion condemned the administration for its lack of information provided to the Labour Group; this in turn led to accusations of disrespect by Labour of the council education officers. I had to intervene to point out that one of their number Cllr. Nicolson who enjoys favour with the leadership of the SNP was suspended for a year by the Standards Committee for just that; he got suspended for a year for smearing the then Chief Executive and several senior officers of the council; accusing them of bias toward Labour when appointing employees; as far as I am aware he has never retracted this accusation; perhaps he will read my blog and do the right thing.

The final motion of the year condemned the SNP led administration for it’s terrible stewardship of education; the failure of the promise on class sizes has been well documented; likewise the lack of materials which teachers are not allowed to talk about and among other things the shameful position of Renfrewshire having the worst teacher pupil ratio in Scotland 32Nd. out of 32 councils none of them showed any remorse for causing this situation; nor any shame. The worst Education Convener in living memory Cllr. Cameron SNP decided to abandon Renfrewshire and concentrate on the national scene. Evading the real issue she retreated into convoluted facts and figures supplied by the officers. She frantically waved sheets of paper about and yelled that the figures proved the great job being done by the SNP Govt. there they were; numbers; fractions; percentages; forecasts and recasts it was quite certain; “we” she said were “doing a fine job” Having led with her chin I could not resist asking her to explain why if her stats were right and the Scottish Govt. were doing so well was Fiona Hyslop sacked as Education Secretary. Cue some anguished low level growling but; answer came there none. A classic case I’m afraid of “Lies damned lies and statistics”
( Benjamin Disraeli P.M.)

So ended another miserable year for the people of Renfrewshire courtesy of the SNP and the political vacuum that props them up for 30 pieces of silver the Lib./Dems. Our children are suffering and their futures are being damaged; teaching morale is at an all time low but I predict that next year at this time the report card will be even worse; with people like these running things how could it be otherwise.

Last Christmas the SNP/Lib. Dem. present to the parents and children was the closure of South Primary; this Year their present is the closure of Moorpark Primary; which school will be on the SNP Santa list for closure next year?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Can it be possible that the Queen has at last decided to change her ways and give the long suffering British Tax payer a break? There she was photographed boarding a train on her own. She was flunky less and there appeared to be normal people already on the train; considering that I have been critical in the past of her and her workshy family’s cavalier attitude to spending my money and yours; it is only fair that I congratulate her on seeing the error of her ways; well done Mam and I hope that this dose of reality is catching among your family.

Could it be possible that the royals have actually noticed that we are in a period of austerity; I doubt that but those who actually run the Royal circus have probably drawn it to her and her family’s attention; they are learning that they can’t nowadays tell the breadless hungry to “eat cake” I believe the train ride; first class of course cost in the region of £44 a massive saving on using the Royal Train or getting one of her self-indulgent grand sons to pop down and give her a lift on an RAF helicopter.

I wonder what ‘one’ chats to fellow passengers about on such a journey and do her fellow passengers act normal as they discuss the weather or the upkeep of several palaces perhaps or the delicate business of preventing ‘one’s’ gaff prone spouse from escaping his minders. Still it’s one step forward and two steps back as the Royals are now insisting that photographs can not be taken of them when they are relaxing or killing furry animals and wee birds which begs the question, what are they for if not to be photographed and gawked at? Still a train ride with the possibility of talking to one’s subjects is a start. Did she really pay for the ticket though?

The poor woman unfortunately can still rely on Charles or ‘luggy’ as he’s known to his chums to cause her grief; as we learn that he is writing personal letters to Govt. ministers telling them how to run their departments; as you do. He is clearly a concerned citizen and we must all assume that his opinions are given the same weight as all of ours right?

Friday, December 18, 2009


The recent explosions on the blogosphere are long overdue; when I started writing a blog I was absolutely stunned at some of the stuff which was printed on blogs and on comments to blogs; as well as the comments to newspaper pages which made me wonder why newspapers were allowed to print such stuff. I still do not completely understand how it gets through without the papers being held to account it is a mystery to me. I understand that if someone writes a comment to me which is offensive or libels me or indeed someone else it is my decision whether to print it; those who read my blog will know that I insist that such comments must be accompanied by an identity which can be verified; I can then make a decision about whether to print knowing the person being abused or accused can see who their attacker is and respond as they see fit. Needless to say I’ve had thousands of comments but never an Identification from anyone who falls into that category; they all choose anonymity. I personally had trouble some time ago when a group of like minded reactionaries decided to target me and my family and created a hate site all for me; it was brutal; squalid and very painful for me and my family; I did consider quitting but they insisted that I should not let the bad guys win. Anyway the whole squalid bunch of them eventually folded after a Journalist exposed one of them who was an ex Tory candidate called Ron Kane from Renfrew as one of those involved; a genuinely nasty piece of work; I’ve kept lots of stuff about him in case he surfaces again. The rest of them with false names like Clairwill, Wardog, Shotgun and Will ran for cover like the cowards they are and the site ended.

Recent events involving the SNP and some of their more rabid supporters once again highlight the problem; known as the cybernats they have been active for some time and they are a mob of blogosphere thugs. If you want to check them out research the comments which were sent to the Scotsman and the Herald in the wake of the Glenrothes and Glasgow North East By Elections. The foul mouthed abuse of the electorate for voting in Labour has to be seen to be believed. The SNP’s Mike Russell’s former aide has been rumbled as one of these nasties and Mr. Russell has been forced to deny that he knew about his aides ‘other life’ the problem for the oh so charming and urbane Russell is the aide Mark MacLachlan is refusing to go quietly and accuses Russell of knowing about his activities and even giving him ideas to write about. This situation has deteriorated so fast that Russell is threatening to sue and MacLachlan is threatening to tell all to the news papers; I’m loving it; even although Mr. Russell and I share the same goal of doing everything we can to undermine Alex (the spiv) Salmond.

Adding petrol to the flames flicking around Mr. McLachlan’s bahookie are some of those traduced by him such as a married MSP who had suggestions made about their sexuality; Labour’s top man in Scotland who had his conduct brought into question and last but not least the truly terrifying presence of one Paul McBride QC who is a well known legal hard case; I’ve heard it said that Mr. McBride is a dandy maker of yoghurt; apparently you place a pint of milk in front of him and he stares at it and he presto – yoghurt. Life might become a bit rough for the Education Secretary shortly and him such a nice cultured man as well; the unusual tone of the laughter you can hear is coming from Labour types with more than a few of the Bravehearts thrown in; to them he is a kind of SNP Peter Mandelson.

Salmond (the spiv) to Pringle “we will just have to circle the wagons and dour it out; it will be tough but we can find some diversions; I’ll enter a pie eating contest or something” Pringle to (the spiv) “ boss where the f**k is Dumfries and Galloway?” Salmond to Pringle “you are winding me up?” Pringle’s lip begins to tremble.

It would appear that Rob Davidson SNP leader in Dumfries and Galloway Council has been accused of something similar; this guy is also an aide; perhaps the SNP should think about providing aides for their aides. The (spiv) must sack this man shout Labour; not satisfied with Mike Russell’s discomfort; what a heartless bunch! Mr. Davidson expressed shock/horror at the Mike Russell affair and declared solemnly that he and his group would have no truck with such alleged behaviour. Perhaps his colleagues in the big bad world of politics will assume he suffers from amnesia when they read that an email has been uncovered by a national news paper which urges the blogger to write about the alleged misdemeanours of Scottish Labour’s General Secretary; the sender? Rob Davidson! Would you ‘Adam n Eve’ it eh? Bonnie Scotland dragged once more into the mud by the SNP; her tartan frock smudged and torn; her Braveheart reputation ridiculed; what can be done?

What can be done? People should stop using false names and hiding behind anonymity; like for instance let’s see; how about me! I have never written an anonymous note in my life and I don’t intend to now; if I can’t face people in person and state my opinions then I keep them to myself. This looks like it will run and run and I am ecstatic about it particularly when I consider the treatment I’ve received from them in the past.

People of Scotland; this is the SNP government; these are the people who insist on calling themselves ‘Scotland’s Party’ what did I do and what did you do to deserve that. Look at their leader! What do you expect.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


When someone is prepared to exploit the name of his own mother for his own gain; when they are ready to exploit tragedies like Dunblane and drowned fishermen; when they are prepared to change the name of their political party to get their name to the top of the list of names on the ballot paper; why would anyone be surprised when that person exploits and twists the Christmas message for political gain, I refer of course to (the spiv) Salmond and the repellent Christmas Card scandal. The Christmas message is that the SNP and independence are a good thing; forget all that happy Christmas junk that’s for wimps; Alex (the spiv) tramps on all that; he regards it as a right load of old pony. The SNP that’s what
Christmas is all about ; the baby Jesus wrapped in tartan swaddling.

When disasters happen; when people’s lives are torn apart by events; we; most of us that is; feel a great sense of pity and instinctively look at how we can help. With Salmond (the spiv) there is a different mechanism which automatically kicks in; it’s one which says with rat like cunning “what’s in this for Alex (the spiv) Salmond” that always comes first. Now we see that even Christmas is to be subjected to his dogmatic arrogance. The first minister described the offensive painting as evocative; evocative of what? it’s certainly not Christmas that’s for sure; I found it quite disturbing in a way which I struggled to understand. I then realized the reason for my disquiet, it was evocative right enough. It was evocative of the kind of military propaganda art much loved by the Nazis; it reminded me of all those paintings and posters showing photogenic healthy young Germans marching in to “the new future” I wonder how much was subliminal? does the artist accept the similarity in the images. Did Salmond (the spiv) not notice it? This is a profound insult to Scots. and should be withdrawn; this is more a political stunt than anything to do with Christmas; Salmond (the spiv) has no shame.

The young tartan clad girl holding the flag and gazing into the wintery middle distance would have been more appropriate on a political poster similar to those which circulated in Germany circa 19 38. I wonder if this wee girl might someday look back on this and realize that her uncle and the first minister have used her to politicise Christmas. It may or may not be of comfort to her but she might also reflect on the fact that she is not the only one.

The first minister was forced to speak about the lunatic SNP fringe lately; the hooligan SNP element that pollute the comments pages of newspapers. He effectively gave them a slap on the wrist and now boosts their cause by pandering to their resentment and paranoia by sending out this disturbing message; I would wager that a great many of that mob would have noticed the similarity with martial propaganda and revelled in it.

At a traditional time of goodwill; Salmond (the spiv) has dragged Scotland into the gutter again; he is incapable of seeing a belt without hitting below it. Having such a seedy and disreputable character as Scotland’s first minister is dragging everyone down, he ought to go and stop harming Scotland’s standing; he has now gone to Copenhagen and stank the place out; he can empty a hall faster than a bomb scare. He can always say that he chased the Terminator (big Arnie) out of town; killing hundreds of people single handed is no bother to Arnie but the shame and embarrassment of sharing a platform with (the spiv) was just asking too much; they all have their reputations to consider.

Here are the images; I find them comparable and disturbing; the idea that a senior politician could look at the painting of the young girl and not equate it to the bellicose fascist propaganda circa the 19 30’s is extraordinary indeed; people I’ve spoken to spotted it right away; make up your own minds.





Monday, December 14, 2009


"I support the boycott and here's the reason why; I can taste Apartheid in an outspan lemon pie.
I can smell the Verwoerd in a Capetown Sherry wine; I support the boycott all along the line"

I sang the above anti Apartheid song along with millions around the world when we campaigned against Apartheid in our youth and we won; international solidarity won; oh yes we did!

Israeli settlers are certainly not short of chutzpah, first they steal the homes; farms and land of the Palestinians by force, and then they mislead the world into buying their goods when many people think they are purchasing Palestinian produce and helping the Palestinian economy. Illegal Israeli settlers in the “West Bank” have been selling produce around the world including British Supermarkets marked “Produce of the West Bank” people consider the West Bank to be Palestinian which of course it is, except for the Israeli gangsters and fundamentalist nutters who have illegally stolen large areas of it. They are duping people into thinking they are buying Palestinian goods when it is actually Israeli goods; nasty nasty! I wonder why the Palestinians will not give up eh? Just how underhand can these Israeli criminals get?

The dept. of the Environment have now issued voluntary guidelines; they now advise that such goods should clearly be marked “Israeli Settlement Produce” or “Palestinian Produce” half a million Jewish settlers live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in defiance of UN resolutions; the D of E have stated that traders selling Palestinian goods marked “produce of Israel” when it came from the occupied Territories would be committing an offence. What they should have done is banned the sale of any Israeli product from the West bank because the West Bank is not Israel. If the settlers were right instead of being international criminals they would not be hiding the fact that their goods come from the occupied territories.

It would appear that the settlers are only too well aware of what the rest of the world thinks; they are pariahs who are guilty of crimes against humanity and their treatment of the Palestinians is as bad as any other nasty regime; reminiscent of South Africa under the evil of Apartheid. Here is an opportunity for people who care about their fellow human beings to act; it might seem small but it can grow; just like the South African Boycott grew and eventually made a massive contribution to defeating Apartheid.

Simply read the labels; that’s what millions of us did all over the world to defeat the South African White Govt. it’s that simple and it has to start somewhere. Don’t buy Israeli goods; don’t have dealings with Israel; don’t visit the place; ban sporting contacts with them; shun them for the vile racists they are; force them through an economic blockade to do the decent thing. Force them to act as they once did; when their treatment under the Nazis won them the respect and affection of most of the world; many people like me remain livid at the Behaviour of the Israeli State; behaviour that has made many of us move from being massively sympathetic to the suffering of the Jews to being livid at the way they continue to treat the Palestinians. Conceivably it’s not too late; perhaps it can still be done; the prize is peace in the middle East and fairness for Palestine; for as long as I can remember I have never knowingly bought anything that was from Israel; nor have I ever knowingly given any kind of succour to their settler state; the reason? When an Israeli moves in an Arab has to move out and that is wrong. I urge you to do the same.

Friday, December 11, 2009


The determination to blame everything that they think goes wrong on the English and particularly “London Labour” has for long been a particularly distasteful constant in the lives of the SNP and it’s elected members; ordinary members; and supporters. During the campaign to host the Olympic Games the SNP MSP’s at Holyrood had cards displayed on their desks which read “Anywhere but London” make what you will of such a mentality; I find it disturbing and also racist. What reason could they possibly have for doing such a thing? Scotland were not bidding to stage the Olympics so why? anti English racism that’s why.

Each time I see something like that I feel embarrassed and ashamed to be Scottish; it is vicious and undignified to most Scots. when people hear about it they can’t understand such vitriol. It seems that sometimes you think the SNP can't sink any lower; that’s the time for someone like SNP MSP Christine Grahame to raise her head and display her deeply repugnant personality. Her incomprehensible hatred for all things English can always be relied on to lead her to excess and so it proves again.

She was last seen snarling about too much Cricket on Scottish TV; yes that’s her level “Cricket = English” to this boor; she later found out that Cricket is more popular in Scotland than in England but let’s not dwell too much on her intelligence. She was also lately growling like a mad dog about grabbing Berwick back from the English as well; I know it looks funny but believe me she is serious; she really is.

Today she goes further; most people have standards some of course are more exacting than others; some are low some are non existent and then there are the standards of Christine Grahame SNP MSP which don’t register in any way; anywhere. I have watched with growing distaste as Salmond (the spiv) stitched himself to any cause which might win a vote; Dunblane, Drowned Fishermen, Dead Soldiers etc but even he has stopped short of what Ms. Grahame has now come up with.

Wearing her most truculent sneer she makes the case that Scottish Soldiers are more likely to be injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan than those from elsewhere in the UK , she claimed that Scots. represented a figure of 9.4% against 8.6% for the rest of the UK. The Army attacked the figures as wrong but; that’s not my problem with her; my concern is with what she was trying to do. Notwithstanding the leader of the UK Govt. who speaks for the country when he makes his comments about those injured or killed I find that when politicians get involved with the casualties and deaths of individual soldiers they are exploiting them for their own ends; just like the wretched SSP when they manipulated and exploited the mother of dead soldier Gordon Gentle. Grahame is trying to imply that Scottish soldiers are in some way being used as some kind of cannon fodder by the hated London Labour and the English establishment; how else do we explain the comparison she makes. Her concern and that of the SNP is not for the welfare of the soldiers that she cruelly and ruthlessly manipulates her raison d’ĂȘtre is to damage the Govt. and the English and boost her own contemptible party and by doing so she again betrays and embarrasses Scots. everywhere.

Mothers; fathers; spouses and children and friends of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan; don’t be fooled by this pitiless political mountebank, this is a truly awful example of cheap and nasty opportunism but it’s an example that could only be countenanced by the lowest political operators, queen of whom is Christine Grahame SNP MSP.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

" Plant your rows straight and long; season with a prayer and song; Mother Earth will make you strong if you give her love and care"

The above are lines from "the garden song" by American David Mallett

Dec. 5Th. 09 to Barochan Crs, in the Ferguslie Park Estate on a cold still morning; the fenced off open space behind the houses is strangely busy with children and adults planting trees and shrubs at a frantic pace. Children from Glencoats Primary and residents from St. Ninians Church Social Club along with Ferguslie Park Housing Association and Renfrewshire Council are working like beavers and they are trying to beat a record by planting 800 saplings in an hour; we had to leave before the hour was up but; it looked as though they were going to manage it; apparently they will be in the Guinness Book of Records if they do.

In addition to breaking the record they will have taken the first step toward creating a community Garden which will eventually have a circular walkway around a manicured grassed area surrounded with plants; trees and flowers. There will also be a naturally wild area for birds and insects etc. and picnic areas as well as plots for fruit and vegetables; it is a brilliant idea and the people of the area are showing great enthusiasm for the work.

The main “mover and shaker” in all of this is a local activist named Ian Williams who; along with a couple of like minded friends from St. Ninians has been involved with some fantastic initiatives to help educate and entertain the local youngsters; they are in their own quiet way quite inspirational; they are ordinary local people who are doing something to restore the area they live in to the fine and decent place that it once was. Like most mainly working class areas Ferguslie Park suffered badly as industry was decimated in the eighties and these guys are fighting back. One of their great successes is a fishing club which takes youngsters away every second Sunday on a fishing trip; they teach them the skills of fishing and it is very popular.

With a keen and clever eye to the future; Ian and his team have managed to link into an educational initiative which can train youngsters to Standard Grade level in river protection and conservation skills which in turn can be pursued further at college which opens up career opportunities; these guys are right ‘on the ball’ they are a great credit to themselves the kids and their area; I hope they go from strength to strength.; well done to all concerned.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Here is another example of incompetence from the Renfrewshire Council SNP led administration; these people need both hands to find their own a***s; honestly they do. Last Thursday Dec. 3 Rd. 09 the Paisley Daily Express carried an article which would have brought great comfort to the ‘Save our swimming pools’ campaigners from Johnstone and Elderslie. The article reported that council officers and councillors were considering a change of mind over their plans to demolish Johnstone Swimming Pool; the campaigners had taken advice from an expert who had come up with a plan to knock down the pool and replace it with a new one on the same spot. This is great news for the campaigners who have run a great protest against SNP plans; Elderslie folk would have taken great heart from the story as well and it will strengthen their resolve as they battle to save their own pool.

Most significantly the SNP councillor who has demonstrated the greatest opposition to the campaigners Bruce McFee was quoted as saying “I have seen the plans and I liked what I saw” considering his past attitude and outright contempt for the objectors this is the equivalent of finding out that the road to Damascus runs through Johnstone Town Centre and SNP councillor
McFee has been walking on it.

Make no mistake about it the SNP’s Cllr. McFee is not a man who changes his mind easily; the most persuasive argument will not suffice. Only one thing works with this man and that is fear; in this case fear of losing his council seat because of the campaign which has been run; self preservation is his game and he knows the feelings of the voters would be reflected at the ballot box. He’s not the kind of ‘braveheart’ to risk that no matter how much he believed in the council’s original plan; the metaphorical drowning rat has found a lifebelt; even if the original plan to close the pool goes ahead he is already working on his survival with the cowards defence of “it wisnae me I supported yer plan, it wis the big bully Mackay”

The PDE article and McFee’s apparent volt-face conversely raises a strange contradiction between him and his own leader Cllr. Derek Mackay who in that day’s Glasgow Evening Times in a strongly worded letter attacks PDE journalist Derek Parker for his criticism of the council decision to close the pools. He puts forward the case for closure in a most robust way; he even throws in the old chestnut about the pools being outdated and underused despite the fact that the oldest and least used pool in Renfrewshire; the Victory Baths in Renfrew is to be upgraded and kept open; guess who is the councillor for the ward where the Victory Baths are? oh yes he is! Cllr. Derek Mackay SNP leader of the council; for it is he. SNP Cllr. Mackay is delighted to have the pool in his ward saved; nice one eh?

Is Cllr. McFee having a go at his leader or is he doing what comes naturally to him; protecting himself; avoiding the blame? “uneasy the head that wears the crown” Derek. Having McFee at your back doesn’t bear thinking about. What are the people of Johnstone and Elderslie to think? Which of the flower pot men knows what they are doing? Bruce or Derek or is it as many people now suspect neither of them.

These people are running Renfrewshire Council; honest they are it's no joke! Bill and Ben would be more competent.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


My friend and comrade Jim Sheridan has informed me of some rather alarming developments at Westminster; apparently attempts to sort out the expenses scandal have found a couple of objectors; those opposed to the Standards Watchdog are Angus MacNeil and Peter Wishart both surprise surprise SNP MP’s this is the same SNP which tried to claim through Salmond (the spiv) that everyone was guilty bar them; £800’s worth of London pies Alex when Parliament was not in session? we are still waiting; we can’t hear you Alex; Alex we can’t hear you.

Jim Sheridan today challenged SNP leader Alex (the spiv) Salmond to explain why two of his party's MPs last night voted against the setting up of the MP standards watchdog.
Establishing the watchdog was a key recommendation in dealing with the fallout of the MP expenses scandal. Four SNP MPs voted with Labour in favour, but Angus MacNeil and Pete Wishart voted for a minority amendment which would have prevented the establishment of the watchdog and the appointment of its members.

Using a little-known parliamentary device, a minority of MPs argued that the appointments "not now be put" - meaning that Parliament would have been unable to approve the establishment of the watchdog. The obscure procedural device has only been used 3 times since the war - in 1943, and twice in 1989.

The effect would have been that the parliamentary standards watchdog would have no members and not be able to start operating.

Jim Sheridan said, "I cannot for the life of me understand why these two SNP MPs would try to prevent setting up the watchdog. Alex Salmond needs to explain their behaviour fast. The watchdog is an important step in ensuring that the expenses scandal can never be repeated and that we end the gentlemen’s club approach to Westminster. This was a vital vote and the SNP MPs have flunked it. Perhaps the SNP chaos at Holyrood has spread to Westminster.

Wishart; a man guilty of inflicting pain and embarrassment on Scots. everywhere when employed as a drummer with Runrig (Q. What is a drummer? Answer. A guy who hangs around with musicians) He has of course been nicked by the expenses police at Westminster as has MacNeil who charged us tax payers for chocolate bars and booze as well as Hotel stays in the Union Jack Hotel London despite owning a London flat; oh yes! The young SNP freedom fighter stayed in the Union Jack Hotel; it’s enough to rip your sporran. Young Angus also achieved fame as the man who started the cash for peerages investigation which achieved nothing and cost millions. He also found fame and notoriety as the clean cut dedicated young politician who got caught buying drink for an underage teenage girl and then “romping” with her and her pal in a hotel room the press said romping honestly; this last misdemeanour took place behind the back of his pregnant wife; clearly an SNP role model; do you ever wish that there was a stronger word than hypocrite? I’ve met some people from Barra where he comes from; they are lovely folk; very religious and very decent and honest; I wonder what they now think of their MP?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Reply for Audrey 30 11 09

Audrey you people seem to be getting very angry but you still insist on accusing someone and won't identify yourself; that can't be printed; if someone made serious accusations about you from an anonymous position and I printed them what would your reaction be?

You still haven't told me why Sharkey is guilty despite no evidence or witnesses; why is that? what do you think a judge would do; find him guilty. That's what happens in Banana republics where they have dictatorships is that what you would prefer?

Reply to Pauline 30 11 09

Pauline you have written making serious accusations against someone; I will print your allegations if you identify yourself; that will allow me to pass your allegations to the person being accused by you and that will allow them to react as they see fit.

Any other course of action on your part would be dishonest and cowardly.


So that was it; Salmond (the spiv’s) road to freedom; the white paper on the freedom referendum. ‘free by 2003’ ‘we’ll jump with glee when Scotland’s free’ ‘we’ll go on a spree when Scotlands free’ feel ‘free’ to make up your own catch phrase because it has never amounted to anything more than that; a succession of catch phrases; stunts and stoking up hatred of the English. No questions on it! a white paper that’s a bit like having a meeting to discuss meetings; the big question is not about the cod independence crusade which the SNP have wrapped themselves in; it’s the question of how much longer will the Scottish people put up with the deception which Salmond (the spiv) has spun to them for years. Wendy Alexander’s challenge to him to “bring it on” looks more and more like the moment he will rue for a long time; people are increasingly mentioning it now as they watch the disintegration of his party’s raison d’ĂȘtre. Put quite simply the more astute Nats. and there are some; look back at that capitulation as well as many others and ask if he (the spiv) is so confident of the inevitability of independence why did he bottle Wendy’s challenge and why has he been watering down the very meaning of independence since? This disintegration has been going on almost since the creation of the SNP; people look at the future under independence and come to the conclusion that it’s a ‘hill of beans’ It has however served to provide SNP politicians with careers but it has never taken off and those careers are now what matters most; I don’t believe there is a single one of them who thinks Scotland will become independent but they still have their careers to think about so they will never admit it; it’s a long stretched out political con trick and Salmond (the spiv) is the king of the con men.

Under independence the SNP would have * the same currency as England * no borders or border controls * the same monarch; the Queen of Britain * English armies would continue to be stationed on Scottish soil etc. etc. this is the ‘independence’ that this remarkable quack has managed to get his party to accept; even the so called fundamentalists; they are the biggest cowards of all. Those loud mouthed saloon bar warriors for freedom who would have had us believe over the years that they would man the barricades ‘and Scotland will be free’ all that claptrap; what has happened to them? They turned out to be good at fighting with their mouths; these warriors started out claiming freedom and independence for Scotland ‘end of’ and they have kept shtum while one humiliation after another has been heaped on them by the likes of Salmond, Swinney, Russell and Sturgeon. The SNP bears no likeness to the party of 30 or even 20 tears ago the apolitical yuppies are now in power and can’t be recognised as people who authentically desire independence they know the games up but it’s a good life; a cruel deception.

In a recent U Gove poll In a list of seven priorities for the Scottish Parliament independence came in sixth out of seven; that is as a result of Salmond (the spiv’s) spinelessness over the years putting Independence on the back burner; the men and women in the gray kilts who hang on his every word are equally culpable; I have no time for Sillars and Margo who rate as highly as Salmond when it comes to deceit but I can see why they jumped ship. Salmond has brought out the white paper to appease those who might find the courage to grumble; all I can say is they are easily bought. Make no mistake about it the referendum is another stunt; “let the people speak barks the con man” I ask what is he afraid of? We live in a functioning democracy which will provide the opportunity in the near future to “let the people speak” in elections for Westminster and Holyrood why does he (the spiv) not turn one or both of them into a single issue campaign for the SNP why do we need a referendum when two nation wide votes are imminent. He wants to be in a position to stage-manage the the question and the outcome that’s why; he is a shyster. Let him go the country on independence; let him ignore the economy; the NHS; Education and let us see what the people will say, has he got the bottle? Aye right!

The odious foul mouthed thug Mark MacLachlan bag carrier for Mike Russell SNP MSP a man paid from the public purse; has been caught writing a blog under an alias which was a catalogue of filth and poison; aimed at anyone who did not agree with the SNP. Mr. Cellophane Mike Russell claims to have known nothing about it despite the fact that the rabid hooligan was his office manager; I find that strange. This comes hard on the heels of a similar Nat. blogger; Bruce Newlands calling himself ‘wardog’ being caught as well and losing his job as a college lecturer; yes I did say a college lecturer! I have crossed swords with this creep before and he is a nasty piece of work; he would never however reveal his identity; a true braveheart. I have been subjected to this kind of thing myself and SNP thugs were involved in that as well so I know how bad it can get. I wrote at the time about the revolting SNP attacks and also about the cyber nats as they are now called who orchestrate vicious and foul mouthed attacks on anyone who does not toe the SNP line; this is done on newspaper comment blogs and also directed at other bloggers and it has to be seen to be believed; these people call themselves proud Scots. and supporters of ‘Scotland’s Party’ they are the lowest of the low and anonymous of course; what did you expect; this is the SNP Bravehearts after all. The SNP have; at the highest level known about these goons for years and have condoned their behaviour by their silence, shameful but typical SNP.

This is a deeply repulsive political party; typical of nationalism “the measles of the planet earth” (Albert Einstein) these people would turn Scotland into a 3rd. world banana republic and they would start “coming for the Jews, the communists, the gypsies, the trade unionists” etc. all done to the background sound of screeching bag pipes and rumbling punctual trains; perhaps we are starting to see the whole nasty drain beginning to overflow; let’s hope so for the sake of decency.

Friday, November 27, 2009


When is 28% a better electoral turn out than 33%? For some newspapers it’s when the SNP win apparently. A piece was carried recently Nov. 13 Th. 09 in the Glasgow Herald headed “Democracy is the loser in by-election” this referred to Labour’s victory on a 33% poll at the Glasgow North East By Election it describes Jim Murphy’s optimism for a possible 4Th. term as ‘opportunistic politicking’ claiming that 33% makes predictions unreliable. It praises the Tories for scraping past the BNP; The message is that Labour should not take much from this because YOU can’t extrapolate future results from a low poll such as this; not a completely unheard of suggestion but!

Rewind to the Herald of June 8Th. 09 and we find the headline “Euro Elections: SNP humiliates Labour in Scotland” by ‘heraldscotland staff’ labour’s humiliation is reflected by their percentage of the vote 20.8% - the SNP got 29.1% on a 28.6% turn out. Without demur they (The Herald) quote the SNP; "This is a fantastic result for the SNP and a ringing endorsement of our success in government” "It's a vote of confidence in our record speaking up for Scottish interests in the European Parliament." "Communities across Scotland have stood up and given us their confidence in our ability to lead Scotland forward." "We will also work to take Scotland to the normal status of independence for this nation." Salmond is quoted as saying "This is an historic result for the SNP, up 10 points on the last European election and the first time we have ever won a UK-wide election in Scotland." And "This is Labour's worst share of the vote since before World War I and the emergence of the modern Labour Party." The Herald gave the SNP the freedom to say anything they wanted without any argument.

What has happened between June 9 09 and Nov. 12 09 to make a 28.6% turn out OK and a 33% turn out not OK? Is it any wonder this once decent newspaper is on its knees? On a 28.6 % turn out everything is going great for the SNP winners and labour are finished while some 5 months later in almost identical constituencies with a 33% turn out the victorious Labour party have nothing to shout about what is going on here?

I would describe the Herald today by paraphrasing James Joyce; I think; it sounds like him anyway; when he described the Dublin Times as “the a**e wipers weekly”

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The fact that John Swinney has been awarded the “politician of the year” award leads me to suspect two things 1/ that there is a convention that the award goes to someone in the Govt. and 2/ that Alex (the spiv) Salmond has allowed him to accept it. I can imagine Swinney approaching ‘the spiv’ crawling and scraping while saying he was in the running and would it be alright because everyone knows that he (the spiv) was the real “politician of every year “ with eyes lowered and forelock well tugged. The mighty leader loves having his ego massaged and toadying nonentities like Swinney have practiced it to perfection the guy is a man of straw. In a healthy political party having opposed (the spiv) as leader he would have retired gracefully to the back benches but Alex (the spiv) took him under his wing and promoted him; it is rather obvious evidence of the lack of ability in the SNP that he remains in a prominent position; he also embodies the policy of ‘no dissent’ which also characterises the party; he is the epitome of loyalty with a dash of craven cowardice.

It says it all when the SNP at this moment are on to their 3rd. policy position over the Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL) here in Renfrewshire council the hapless leader Derek Mackay SNP has opposed the link; then supported it and now opposes it again. here is a man of no substance whatever; he has been humiliated by Salmond (the spiv’s) orders to perform U Turns; a lightweight fawning character whom Salmond will encourage because of his sycophancy rather than his talent, we will here more of Derek; Alex (the spiv) always has room for another lackey. Just like the lackey Fiona Hyslop at education; recent figures reveal that under Labour teacher numbers rose by 2,000 and under the SNP last year 1,000 teaching jobs were cut; here in Renfrewshire teaching morale is at record lows and we now have the worst teacher pupil ratios in Scotland for our secondary Schools and the second worst for primary Schools; Fiona Hyslop continues to enjoy the benefaction of (the spiv) Salmond she is another non boat rocker; where is the dissent? Does no one in the SNP disagree?

Perhaps the single incident which best illustrates the vacuity at the heart of the SNP is the Trump affair or Trumpgate as it’s becoming known. The misty eyed maudlin element which makes nationalism so pathetic was brutally trampled on by Salmond (the spiv) when he did his upmost to assist this American to rape one of the most beautiful and remote parts of what the syrupy overemotional bravehearts call our beautiful wild highlands; now the people who live in this remote part of the country are to be evicted because of Salmond (the spiv’s) deference to a super rich Yank who wants to replace people with golf and houses for the rich; Another version of the clearances really; this time we get golf instead of sheep. How does that play with the mawkish ‘grannies heilan hame’ wing of the party; is there no dissent even from them.

“grannies heilan hame and wild beautiful highlands my joe Royle as you say here in England Mr. Salmond” (D Trump)

“Your right on the money as usual boss” (Alex ‘the spiv’ Salmond)

Will no one in the SNP show any backbone; what kind of party is that? can it possibly be that every one of them are cowards? Can Salmond (the spiv) really be more powerful than Hitler and Stalin?

Ronnie seems to be stuck.

The person writing to me calling himself Ronnie has had the reason for him not being printed explained several times yet he continues to write with unsubstantiated allegations against people without yet finding the nerve to say who he is. If he says who he is I will print his accusations and forward them to the accused along with his details; thus giving the person being attacked the chance to respond; I think that's the fair way to proceed don't you?

This your last chance Ronnie; go on I dare you; stop quaking and do it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A message to Ronnie.

Read the post below this and either comply or you don't get printed; you are censoring yourself if you remain in hiding and accuse someone of doing something illegal.


At 11:26 am today I received yet another anonymous blog from some creeping coward calling himself Ronnie. So let me write it down again for the avoidance of doubt among the community of people out there who can’t summon the nerve to identify themselves; to the great quivering shadowy anonymous writers.

Anyone who writes to me accusing someone of any improper behaviour or impropriety will only be printed if they give full and verifiable details of there identity. You must put up or shut up; I think that is the fairest thing to do.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The lines above from Newbolt's famous poem were used as propaganda to tell the world that the British Empire always played the game i.e. would never cheat; it was of course a crock of bulldung; the sentiment that is not the poem.

Technology similar to that used in tennis and cricket would have certainly disallowed France’s winning goal in the World Cup play off with Ireland; Thiere Henry’s pass for the goal was certainly preceded by a hand ball. There is now a clamour for the game to be replayed; this is understandable from the fans and players but not from those who should know better; those who are responsible for the rules should know that the precedent that it would set would turn every game into a farce. Does Henry deserve to now carry the label of cheat? I don’t believe he does; he certainly committed a deliberate foul and he got away with it but he is not a cheat. I regard a cheat as someone who decides consciously to cheat before any opportunity happens in a game; the prime number one example of this is Sir Alex Ferguson; he has a deliberate policy of intimidating officials to gain unfair advantage for his team; he has been doing this for years and the only word for it is cheating and in his case it’s premeditated. The legendary Angelo Dundee deliberately cutting a rip in the then Cassius Clay’s glove to buy time when he was dazed after Henry Cooper knocked him down was premeditated cheating while Mike Tyson biting off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear is a foul but not premeditated cheating; OK an extreme example but that’s how I see it.

Henry’s reaction was instinctive; in a fraction of a second he handled a ball which was going out of play and missing the goal by inches; this was an instinctive reaction not in any way planned by a great player and a true sportsman he has always been a model to look up to and I hope he survives this with his reputation safe. I will always remember him facing down a crowd of rabid bastards who were giving the black French players racist abuse when they played Spain. He scored a goal and then did something which I think was premeditated; his team mates strangely did not rush to congratulate him; he walked slowly over to his abusers and stood arms akimbo and head held high and stared at them. with unconcealed contempt he gazed at them for about 10 secs. a defiant figure of grace, power, courage and pride; he then turned to be greeted by his team mates; absolutely electrifying; time stood still.

The simple fact is that these things happen in most sports; many Scots. football fans were in denial when Joe Jordan handled the ball against Wales and Scotland were incredibly given a penalty; big Joe knew it was taking Scotland to the world cup and kept shtum it took some fans years to admit that he had cheated. The great Maradona did something similar to England on the way to knocking them out of the world cup; he still claims it was God’s hand and not his; the fact that he scored a genuine wonder goal later in the game merely rubbed salt into English wounds and many many Scots. of the moron variety still cheer when they see it now on Tele.

Unless and until technology is introduced (as it will be) we will have to continue with the rule we all learned as kids “the referee is always right; even when he is wrong he’s right” OK. France were lucky on two counts in Paris the other night 1/ they were fortunate to beat an Irish team who matched and often outplayed them against the odds and every prediction and 2/ in more general terms they were lucky that it was Ireland who were the victims of such misfortune. The Irish fans in their thousands in the face of terrible treatment and in the play off for the World Cup and in extra time took it on the chin; I can think of other fans who would have left their mark on Paris had it happened to them and it would not have been pretty, well done Ireland and well done the Irish fans.

At the risk of upsetting my Rugby Friends I will comment on Ireland V Australia ; don’t worry I didn’t watch the game; only the last ten minutes and guess what they were a very exciting ten minutes. The excitement did not entirely come from the play; it came from the closeness of the score and the fight against the clock by the Irish. These guys seemed to do very little except wrestle with each other and I thought sometimes the tele. picture had frozen; it was like the taxi rank at County Square late Friday night; then the drama which only sport can supply happened. With 20 secs. Left this bloke called O’Driscoll for Ireland took a pass and ran through a big gap and planted the ball between the posts; then someone; maybe him; booted the kick over the bar to reach a score of 20 – 20 with 2/3 secs. left an incredible finish so; if they can find a way to make the rest of the game as exciting as this I might go and watch it; I’ve given up looking for skill but this was good fun; it has not been all bad for the Irish this week.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"The old men march slowly all bent stiff and sore.

Forgotten heroes from a forgotten war.

And the young people ask what are they marching for.

And I ask myself the same question"

anti war song; (The Band played Waltzing Matilda) Eric Bogle.

The marching bands; the proud veterans; the cheering crowds; the silent tributes; the sea of poppies; it was all on show as it is every year. These are the usual things we bear in mind from Remembrance Day but I will remember something else from this year and it wasn’t something I seen it was something I read and it was truly horrendous. At a Remembrance Day Parade in Essex a local Scout Troup of boys aged 14 to 18 started shouting death threats and racist abuse at group of Jewish Second World War Veterans. Fully dressed and on parade when they saw the Jewish Ex Soldiers they started chanting “lets kill the Jews” the Police are investigating allegations of racially aggravated harassment” the Scout Association has ordered one of the boys to apologise to the local Rabbi; I am left to wonder about the local Scout Association; perhaps a life’s ban and a hand over to the Police might have been more in order but what do I know I’ve never been a scout or a Cadet of any kind nor have my kids; if I wanted to teach them militarism I would just let them watch old John Wayne movies. I am rarely lost for words but what can anyone say here; Nick Griffin would applaud the young Anti Semites with a Sieg Heil but what about the humans what do we have to say?

These well adjusted Essex boys are on the side of the Nazis and Holocaust perpetrators! Can that be right; is there some other way I can put that? I wish there were; I really do; I don’t want to accept that this happened but it did. One has to wonder what their families are like; what are there attitudes to the handicapped to Gypsies to black people; I’m no expert but are Scouts not supposed to be Christians? Do they not swear allegiance to God and Her Majesty? How isolated is this; it seems Just incredible that this happened. It is an extremely serious and worrying incident and should be treated as such; I don’t know how to deal with it; it is just so awful I haven’t got a bloody clue but I hope someone takes it on.

I confess that I long for the day when the war dead can be remembered in a less militaristic way; the last survivor of the great war Harry Patch did not fall for the propaganda and shortly before his death he gave us this quote “war is legalised murder” those who glorify war were given a massive thumbs down by this old soldier; he had a long time to consider what he had done and seen in the trenches and he showed his contempt for the whole squalid business; “well said that man” had he said this in uniform in 19 16 he could have been shot such was the mentality of those of our ‘betters’ who were running the show; some of them; too many of the same clowns are still running the show. Consider this omission from the Remembrance Day parades; it was decided that the war would end at 11.00 am. This was decided several hours before 11.00 am but officers continued to order men to attack right up to the exact hour while knowing it was all about to end and men lost their lives at a couple of minutes to 11.00am. Would it not be more truthful and relevant to read out the names of the officers who gave these orders when the dead are being remembered; ‘lest we forget’ remind everyone of the futile stupidity of the war and those who thought it was the honourable thing to do to fight until the last second; in the history of stupid futile behaviour by men in war this should be for ever highlighted when better than on Remembrance Day?

Training groups like Cadets and Scouts are part of our society and there has never been any doubt in my mind that they instil militarism in young minds and that is dangerous and wrong; marching; drilling and saluting officers is not a healthy way to pass leisure time for young people. Many of their activities are no doubt valuable but playing at soldiers is not one of them what influences did these Boy Scouts come under?

The armistice events are also heavily biased in favour of militarism; the emphasis is on heroism; medals and valour. I hope for a time when Remembrance parades will be less triumphant and more realistic. War should be remembered for what it is ”man at his most base” reduced to no more than a savage; perhaps if the world was reminded more often of the terror and horror of war there would be less of them. Do you want responsible adults to develop from today’s teenagers or would you prefer adult versions of the Essex Boy Scouts?

Friday, November 13, 2009


In the hall where electoral votes are being counted those with long experience of such matters can tell long before the result is announced who has won and who has lost; the communications revolution also makes it possible for studio guests to know as well. The expressions and body language therefore of Alex Neil and Nicola Sturgeon were a right give away in the studio; they are a graceless pair at the best of times and last night they were like a couple of particularly bad tempered night club bouncers. Anyone who wanted to wallow in an SNP victory could have gone to bed hours before the declaration if they had realized they had lost; it was obvious; why? well; someone was missing from the coverage; someone who would have been sitting there strutting and bragging had they won; I refer of course to Alex (the spiv) Salmond.

(The spiv) doesn’t do defeat he’s had enough of that over the years; he holds the record for a leader who received the most gubbings and still kept his leadership; no one brave enough to face him. His absence was an act of cowardice and a dereliction of his duty as a leader; how painful must it have been for the SNP supporters most of whom don’t actually understand politics to have to witness their leader cut and run. No swagger; no boasting; no strutting; no insults; no arrogance; no bottle and no wonder; an empty chair was all there was, like most bullies he is not really so tough when things get difficult he remembers he has to be somewhere else. This is the man who would lead an independent Scotland on the world stage; the man who would represent Scotland in the conference chambers of Moscow, Washington and Berlin; he’s having a bloody laugh right? If he can’t handle last night’s drubbing what chance has he got of facing Putin; Obama and Merkel; they would swat him like a fly.

Single issue politics sometimes spends some time in the sun but in the long term it’s the serious parties who prevail; I believe that that is what is now beginning to happen with the SNP the novelty of independence and the infantile slogans and anti English rhetoric eventually will fade and when they do there is nothing left to sustain a political argument; populist slogans eventually get exposed as empty jargon. This was a very good night for Labour and a serious defeat for the SNP; the Tories just managed to save their deposit and the wretched Lib. Dems. were beaten by the BNP vermin; it was a cracker of a result; “A brammer” of a By Election as Salmond (the spiv) said a wee while ago when his mouth ran out of control again.

Down among the dross of the parties who regularly stand for election we find the Greens; only just breathing because of PR. And also we see the death struggle between the SSP and Solidarity; destined to fight over who will eventually accumulate the larger amount of lost deposits; despite the flamboyant and completely specious intervention of Mr. Galloway who makes Benjamin Disraeli look like a ‘rough sleeper’ Mr. Sheridan provided a ‘no show’ maybe they are not using enough make up. What this result and the Glenrothes result tells us is that the next general election will again be Labour V Tory and the stakes will be high; the Tory Toffs are waiting with the knives to cut deep into the services which people rely on and Labour are committed to protecting them.

Above all it tells us that it aint over not by a long way; that’s what the Tory media have been trying to get you to believe; that all is lost the Tories have it in the bag but they haven’t; Brown incredibly after the worst onslaught of lies character assassination and vilification by the right wing establishment is still standing and he will lead us into the election; what a victory that would be; a 4 th. successive Labour Govt. it can be done; it will be tough but we can still win; we must give it everything; imagine waking on the morning after the election to the realization that Cameron and his cabinet of braying Eton donkeys are the Govt.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


How prophetic the great dramatist was when he made those remarks about the cancer which was to eventually take his life. "My cancer is named after Rupert Murdoch" Spot on Dennis!

The extent to which Murdoch and the Sun are prepared to go to damage the Labour Govt. and particularly Gordon Brown has become obscene; this latest vile charade about his letter of condolence and his bow at the cenotaph is a clear example of the utter contempt that the Murdoch Empire and the Sun and Sky T.V. has for the British People. I watched a press conference today where journalists; none of whom would have had any truck with such lies and poison before the cancer of Murdochism took hold, pursue the Prime Minister over his hand writing; his spelling and his method of bowing at the remembrance parade; these people are the lowest of the low. What do these people say they do for a living when asked? Do they admit to being a Sun journalist or to being employed by Sky? would you? I would lie and claim to be employed at something more dignified like a child trafficker.

The woman who is involved in all of this is not in a position to make any sense of this and the Sun has been publishing her story and the Prime Minister’s phone call has been taped without his knowledge and also printed in the Sun; this poor woman will one day look back on this and regret the day she ever heard of the Sun Newspaper and Sky T.V. Her dead son has been used ruthlessly for political reasons; there is nothing redemptive in any of this; no hope of decency; nothing which can justify the behaviour of the journalists and their loathsome employers; our society can’t go much lower and this woman will have to live with this from now on. The reptilian employees of the Sun and Sky will not be around when she realizes what she has done to her son’s memory.

These odious creeps would have us believe that the Prime Minister is so incompetent that he can’t spell the word ‘yours’ he is so stupid that he called the woman Mrs. James instead of Mrs. Janes a mistake which most of us would make I checked and couldn’t find a single Janes in my phone book. The persecution and vendetta against Brown has now reached the stage where his every move is scrutinised at the remembrance ceremony to try to pick up something to use against him; it’s outrageous behaviour but; guess what? he’s still standing and he still displays more dignity than the whole bunch of twisted media lackeys who pursue him; subjected to what he is going through most of us would not be able to lift a pencil let alone write a letter to a bereaved family.

One good thing which is emerging is the feeling that the British people might be beginning to say enough is enough; do we want our politics to be run by self serving thugs like Murdoch or by the Govt. the discovery that he takes the trouble to write to every family who have lost a loved one in combat was a blunder by the Sun/Sky that plays well for him and it plays even better when people realize that he has always done this without anyone knowing.

A decent honest man is being traduced here and my hope is that the British people will eventually see through the lies and poison being put out by Murdoch and his running dogs. One of the most evil and detested names in the history of politics is that of Senator Joe McCarthy the American witch hunter who gave us the name McCarthyism; a bitter insult when levelled at anyone; we are fast assuming the name Murdochism in to our society; a name which stands for lies; cheating and the corruption of the British political system; If we let it. Brown will stand up to this ‘rat pack’ because he believes in what he is doing; he believes that Labour provide the way forward; if you don’t believe him or me; look carefully at our enemies; would you prefer Cameron and the Eton Toffs backed by ‘Murdochism’ would that provide decent honourable Govt.?

Thursday, November 05, 2009


To Renfrewshire Council for the full council meeting; valedictory addresses were made for departing lead planning officer Crawford Russell regarded as a “lifer” with the council and a most genial and helpful officer. You knew you were on safe ground when you were taking his advice and he was scrupulously fair in his dealings with everyone; he will be very difficult to replace. The council business goes very smoothly and meetings are better behaved and much quicker now; this is because Labour is in opposition and we are far more reasonable and have better manners than the past SNP opposition who were a howling spitting mob of hooligans; it was a regular occurrence to have the police called in to quieten them down and sometimes eject some of them. The police have not been called in once since Labour became the opposition; make of that what you will; during the 8 years that I was part of the administration I reckon the SNP cost you the tax payer tens of thousands of pounds with their outrageous behaviour disrupting meetings and calling spurious emergency meetings to try to get headlines; a thoroughly obnoxious and disreputable bunch of thugs.

Today there were a couple of items which you might find interesting; on the Glasgow Airport Rail Link the SNP/Lib.Dems. voted down our motion of support for the link; the hapless Cllr. Mackay SNP leader had to sit through the humiliation of having his cowardice thrown in his face when it was pointed out to him that he was first against the link; then for it when Alex (the spiv) Salmond told him he was now for it and; he is now yes; you’ve guessed it against it again because Alex (the spiv) has changed his mind again and when the (wee spiv) changes his mind so does Derek and the rest of the SNP; not one dissenter; again. Derek made the point that although we had lost a £450M project and 1,300 jobs we had gained 2 football pitches that’s it from the council leader the ‘quid pro quo’ for the rail link and 1,300 jobs is 2 football pitches; this man is the council leader honest. Just when you thought the administration could not look any dafter in stepped Cllr. Mc Gurk of the Lib./Dems. an SNP collaborator; getting rather excited she blurted out “I don’t know how the Labour Group can support this rail link; there is no benefit to Renfrewshire from it” lets see Marie;1,300 jobs let’s say £15,000 per annum each; that’s approx. £20M a year going into the Renfrewshire economy which Cllr. McGurk thinks is “no benefit” her party in Holyrood support but; lets get real here what's in it for them if they back their party? she is also running the council; honest she is.

A motion was put forward by the Labour Group which demanded safety improvements on the Erskine Bridge following the recent suicide tragedy of the two young girls; we all thought this would not take two minutes as it will be agreed on but; guess what the SNP/ Lib. Dem. administration opposed it and changed the wording with an amendment. They made some embarrassing excuses for changing the motion which were lies; the reason they changed it was because they had not thought to mention the tragedy and they did not want the council decision to be made by a Labour motion. That is how contemptible the Renfrewshire Council SNP/Lib. Dem. administration is.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public" (H. L. Mencken) Mr. Mencken as usual was spot on. The extent of the hatred against President Obama has to be seen to be believed by sections of American society; try going to U Tube and typing in “Tea Bag Protests” Using the Boston Tea Party as their inspiration crowds of red neck Americans are assembling at so called “Tea Party Protests” against big government, high taxes, free health care etc. A spontaneous outburst of protest against the Obama Govt. that’s what Fox News and the sewer full of right wing radio jockeys want us to believe. We have all heard the one about “the majority of the people being more likely to believe a big lie as a little one” (A Hitler) that is what’s going on right now in the “Home of the brave” which is more like “The Home of the Gullible”

You will find on 'U Tube' a guy who has been visiting these protests with his video camera and tape recorder asking completely bland unremarkable questions and letting the protestors say what they want; the result? You can only stand and stare and listen; the depth of ignorance and hatred is astonishing. On taxes he tells them that Reagan had higher taxes than Obama; as did Bush and so would McCain; they don’t answer they stand and mumble and try to get away; they mention the war; he tells them it was Bushes’ war same reaction it is very worrying indeed that the world’s richest country has these levels of unawareness and; they are as mad as hell and blaming things which are untrue; why is this happening?

Teabag crowds are invading town hall meetings; they are well funded and they are not local, they are being financed but; they won’t say by whom. The truth is that they are being paid by invested interests who will lose out under Obama, 98% of people will not pay higher taxes under Obama and those remaining 2% are mad as hell. Many of them have been asked where they come from and whether they are being paid and they won’t answer. The corporate gangsters who hate the President are seething and fostering hate; fear of minorities; hatred of Govt. and the glue to keep them together Racism is there in abundance.

Among these people there is a deeply ingrained racism which some do not admit to but it is there and those who are manipulating that latent racism know just the right buttons to press to see it emerge; they know just how stupid these people are and feed them stuff like Obama is a communist; a Stalinist; a Nazi; unpatriotic; an anti white racist; he is not really an American; he is a terrorist etc. these slogans can be clearly seen on the demonstrations. The problem isn’t health care; it’s not taxes and it’s not big Govt. otherwise we would have seen these morons on the street long before Obama; I think we all know what’s left; race and he can’t change that; this is “The American Nightmare” As they did when they took the heroic step of electing the first black American President Barak Obama the majority of decent Americans will once again be required to show their courage and confine this evil to the scrap heap.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


There must have been many elderly Jewish people watching Nick Griffin on Question Time; Jewish people aged 85 or so would have been around 20 years old at the time of the Holocaust. They lost too many loved ones and Family members to count and here they were watching the leader of a Fascist Political party taking part in a political debating show being watched by millions of British Viewers. How many second world war veterans sat and watched this man argue with other politicians and pretend to be reasonable; many of them would have longed for their service days when the solution to fascists was readily available to them and now they were watching one on T.V. wearing a suit and tie and sniggering at the accusation that he was a Holocaust denier which he is.

In other homes and places where people gather members of the Gay community would have sat wondering what had become of our country when a man who peddles hatred and violence against them is sitting on national T.V. putting on a stomach churning display of normalcy. Add in Asylum seekers who have fled to this country seeking safety as they look aghast at a man who would treat them as badly as any despot that they fled from. The BNP candidate in the current Glasgow By Election stated the following “I will go to my grave believing that non white people should be allowed to join the BNP” Also when asked if he would admit an Asylum Seeker who could prove that a failed asylum claim would return him to torture and death he said “no he should go to neighbouring countries” what impression did they form?

Think of the devoted parents of children with mental and physical disabilities; watching Griffin and wondering what is going on when an evil man who represents a party which fields candidates who claim that their children are worthless and should be allowed to die looks back at them from the screen in their home. A party who’s supporters were writing to the party news paper saying that Tory leader David Cameron’s late son Ivan who was handicapped was a complete waste of space, what was going through their minds at the site of the evil Griffin being welcomed by the BBC.

What was the mood of Britain’s Black Citizens everywhere around the country as they watched the man who would deport them if given the chance; a man who would gladly destroy their families who have been here for decades?

Griffin has been on a local radio station in Hamilton; some creep has seen an opportunity to raise his listening figures just like the BBC with their viewing figures; today we find the emboldened BNP Fuhrer knocking on doors in Glasgow. Hopefully he will get a “Glasgow Kiss” for his arrogance but this is where the Q.T. appearance leads us.

For those I have mentioned above and many more the Q.T. shame will have made their lives a little bit more unpleasant and scary; people will say what happened under fascism couldn’t happen here but most who say that are not elderly Jews; Asylum Seekers; Gays; Blacks; the Handicapped; Gypsies or any other minorities; tell it to them.

The harm done to our diverse and multiracial communities and those who would be vulnerable to these poisonous thugs far outweighs any so-called benefits that giving them a platform might bring.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here is a rather disturbing little vignette which typifies the SNP led Renfrewshire Council and it’s hapless leader Cllr. Derek Mackay. The row stirred up by the proposed closure of Elderslie and Johnstone swimming pools has seen the SNP council vilified for their sham consultation. At public meetings e.g. no one at these meetings could find anyone who had been consulted, not one person. This you would think might concentrate the mind of Cllr. Mackay and the SNP/Lib. Dem. led council when it comes to further closures and the consultation which is supposed to accompany such things? You would be wrong.

Next up for the SNP / Lib. Dem. hammer is Moorpark Primary School; readers will recall that I predicted that South Primary would not be the last to be closed and here we are again. On Oct 6 th. 09 at a meeting of Renfrew Community Council where the school closure was discussed we find the following in the minute of the meeting.

“Cllr. Mackay confirmed that Moorpark Primary would close at the end of June 2010”

Remember this was said in public by Cllr. Mackay SNP Counil leader on Oct. 6 th. 09- The consultation start date was Oct. 28 Th. 09 - 22 days later.

Yes folks first consultation meeting to discuss the closure of Moorpark Primary was due to take place on Oct. 28 th. 09. Cllr. Mackay states the school will close on 06 10 09 but; the consultation doesn't start until 28 10 09 - 22 days later. . I suppose we should give credit where it’s due; this young man; SNP council leader Cllr. Mackay is able to predict what the consultation process will come up with 22 days before the process starts and feels confident enough to announce the closure also before the process starts; now that’s clever right? I wonder if he does the horses?

Is it possible that he has inadvertently blurted out the truth and the school as well as the pools will close because the consultation process is a sham; is it that or perhaps arrogance of the kind which says “we will do as we please despite what parents, teachers and pupils say” because we have made our minds up and they are now closed just like the schools and the pools will be closed no matter what anyone says.

This is the reality of the SNP / Lib. Dems. in power!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


17.37 pm and in a couple of hours time the country will sit down to watch Question Time. The audience will be bigger than normal the BBC have already figured that out and no doubt some of their executives will be congratulating themselves on their coup. They have embraced evil and claimed they were only “following orders” their charter alludes to fair and equal treatment for all; that’s the weasel words that they have wrapped themselves in; fair and equal; even for those who are genuinely evil. If you believe that Hitler and the Nazis were evil then it follows that Nick Griffin and his followers in the BNP are evil as well because they are the same type of scum that decent people died fighting against some 60 odd years ago.

Griffin will try to appear reasonable and some people will be surprised at how good he will be at doing that but; what he stands for is anything but reasonable; anti Semite; racist; pedlar of hatred. All this and more and people say he is entitled to his opinion; I say he is not. We have a thing called hate crime and he ticks all the boxes; if you say things which constitute hatred against someone because of their race; creed or colour it is a crime; if you are abusive or aggressive to that person it’s a crime; that is why the deviant BBC bosses should have said no.
If a political party is based on hatred of others and its behaviour threatens certain people because of their race etc. then we are not obliged to treat them as a normal political party, would we accept a British Nazi Party with outright fascist dogma and all its bile? The Nazi in this case has been changed to Nationalist but that’s what they are; fascists. The people who stopped the British Blackshirts thank goodness did not debate with them they took them on head to head and drove them from the streets that will in my opinion happen here if the authorities don’t deal with them; these rats now think it’s the right time to crawl back out of the sewers where they have hidden for years and the BBC is partly responsible for their confidence.

My sympathies go to those who will feel a little bit more unsafe when they see Griffin on TV the black communities; the Gay community; any foreigners; any Jews; anyone who could be accused by these creeps of being ‘different’ that’s what will happen tonight thanks to the BBC. To those who suffered and made the ultimate sacrifice in the past the BBC have said. The Nazis you fought and died against are entitled to their opinion and we will give them a platform to spout it. It is the most shameful night in British broadcasting ever.

Monday, October 19, 2009


It’s a simple question; who is telling the truth; Royal Mail or the Communication Workers Union (CWU)? Both sides agreed to modernise the industry and signed up to that; well done the CWU. Was that seen as a show of weakness by management?

The union now says that they (management) are abandoning the spirit of that agreement and becoming more and more ‘gung-ho’ as jobs wages and services are cut; that’s the question; would the CWU have agreed to something like that? I think not. The union actually accepted that there would be job losses and that they would cooperate to handle them in the most just way so; something is clearly going wrong. Here is a crucial question from the CWU “how will the changes to be made affect the men and women who actually drive the vans and push the letters through the doors” a reasonable request from any union charged with the responsibility of protecting its members surely? The Royal Mail have decided that they either don’t know the answer or they are not saying, this stinks as far as I’m concerned; a massive aspect of any deal and they are silent about it; would you trust the bosses if you were a ‘Postie’ it’s a no brainer. The union fears 60,000 lost jobs; the management don’t agree but will not say how many, do you believe them? Perhaps it’s more.

The union agreed to arbitration and management said no; why not? Is this what management mean when they agree to cooperate? The Govt. according to some sources accused some post workers of going home early without trying to provide proof; perhaps the PO Workers should adopt the same standards of diligence and honesty common among those ‘workers’ who represent us in Parliament! The CWU is looking for a sum of £10bn. to protect workers pensions; critics should think about what was done for the filthy rich bankers and fly by night ‘Del boys’ in the city before criticising this request.

Lord Mandelson wanted to sell off part of the Royal Mail before but; it became obvious that the idea did not have public support and crucially for him and the Govt. it had little or no support in the Labour Party; he backed down. This situation has not changed; I have been a member of the Labour Party for approx 35 years and I don’t know one single party member who does not support the CWU and the PO Workers; the union can win this and we must support them.

The miners were criticised by the establishment media for not holding a national ballot and here we have an overwhelming ballot victory for industrial action and guess what? the media seem to be ignoring it; it wasn’t the result they wanted and the workers all 100,000 who will strike are now according to the press “stupid and suicidal” my advice is to ignore the media; no matter what you do or say they will never support you; when it comes to the crunch it’s always the same it’s “we are sympathetic and we all love the posties but; enough is enough; come on now lads and lassies let’s not have everyone’s Christmas ruined” it’s never “come on management address the posties rightful concerns”, never, they are a bunch of quisling b******s.

The Govt. are the sole share holders in Royal Mail; get on to your MP’s and express your support for the people who deliver your mail every day in every kind of weather; the people who don’t just deliver mail but also provide a life line to many people who rely on them they are a great British institution.


Saturday, October 17, 2009


On the defeat of hitler - "Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again" (Bertolt Brecht - The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui)

Should we permit those who would deny free speech to others because of their colour or religion to enjoy freedom of speech themselves? I am speaking of course about the decision of the BBC to allow the leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin to appear on its so called flag ship political discussion programme ‘Question Time’ The BBC have decided that having 2 MP’s elected to the European Parliament makes them legitimate and therefore they should be allowed on the programme. I think the BBC are being disingenuous here; on the one hand they say that being elected by the voters gives the necessary legitimacy but; only it would appear if the BBC decides that the political body you are elected to is deemed by them to be one that they in some way favour; if they are saying winning a democratic political election in Britain gets you their approval then why have they never allowed democratically elected BNP local councillors to appear on Q.T. or the many left wing parties who get elected? does anyone remember Sinn Feinn's democratically elected politicians being banned from everywhere including the BBC, this stinks of Janus faced double standards; Orwell's ministry of Truth based on the BBC for whom he worked is still resonating and the clocks are once again striking 13.

This is another step in the downward spiral of the once great institution. They could not allow a mercy appeal for medical aid for suffering children in Gazza after its partial destruction by Israel and they allow a fascist organisation to be represented on their programme. Our money will be spent on allowing this racist malcontent to speak to the nation, they could have refused on the grounds that they discriminate against non white people who are not allowed to join the collective bunch of bullies and thugs which they call a political party, something that they are now being forced to rectify; or better still they could have just said no!

What are we agreeing to when we accept Nick Griffin on to Q.T. this is a man who denies that the Holocaust existed, he is a self declared fascist and a convicted thug. Survivors who fought Hitler; Jews who survived and lost loved ones to fascism and many other decent people are outraged by this the BBC has gone for a ratings rise and are shamed by this. Those who say that they should be exposed to publicity are wrong the BNP will manipulate this and people will not be enlightened by the programme. People never are; it is not a serious political programme it is a three ring circus despite the pathetic attempts of the oh so talented Dimbleby family member David to lend it gravitas; he simply can’t lend what he doesn’t have; his dad Richard will be spinning in his grave.

The way to deal with scum like this is not to allow them on to TV and to ban them as an illegal political party and jail them when they raise their ugly heads to protest; we don’t need to wait to be shown how evil and depraved they are we already know; do you wait for a foaming rat to bite you or do you just kill it before it gets the chance? These knuckle dragging goons would have supported the Nazis in the last war what more do we need to know.