Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The truth is breaking out all over and the snp “do not like it up em” as Corporal Jones would say. Today in a newspaper interview ex Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie releases an embarrassing critique of the snp’s mendacity in response to their posturing about refusing to work with the tories in a hung Westminster parliament. Here is a taste of what she had to say and it does not make good reading for the snp shysters and habitual scam artists.  

“They were quite happy to work with us when they needed to,” Annabelle Goldie Scottish Tory leader 2007 – 2011 during the snp minority government.

“Our position was very clear. In return for supporting their budget, the SNP would include Conservative policies in their budget. It was as simple as that.” Annabel Goldie. Same period of time.  
Goldie said: “It reeks of posturing and it is, frankly, indicative of hypocrisy. Because what suited him (salmond) in 2007 and 2008 and in the ensuing years of minority government is the very thing now that he says he’ll have no truck with.”

When you think it can’t get any worse in blunders Stewart Hosie snp with the following  

“Labour and the Tories have just spent two-and-a-half years joined at the hip in the No campaign” Stewart Hosie snp.

And then, salmond and his successor as first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, repeatedly accused the party of “getting into bed with the Tories”.

If we make the practical assumption that anyone according to salmond, sturgeon and hosie who supported the NO campaign was getting in to bed with the tories, does that then mean that they are also saying that The British Communist Party and their well known newspaper The Morning Star also got in to bed with the tories?. Yes folks the Communist Party supported the NO campaign as did many other left organisations. Can we expect to see salmond, strurgeon or hosie accusing the Morning Star and the British Communist Party of being closet tories?, honestly is there anything dumber or more deceitful than the snp?. This is what you get with people who are involved with single issue politics, like the snp and independence. They will excuse any fraud, lie or dirty trick and justify any atrocious underhand behaviour by claiming it was done for the ‘cause’, just like those guys who famously said ‘we were just following orders’.    

Monday, February 16, 2015


Thursday Feb 12 20 15 09.30 am The Renfrewshire annual budget meeting was convened, as is often the case on these show piece occasions there are protests and demonstrations from fringe groups and minor fringe political Parties. On this occasion there were no fringe groups and the minor fringe parties were represented by Cllr. MacLaren of the Tories, Cllr. Eileen McCartin of the Libdems and Cllr. Paul Mack of The Paul Mack Party, all 3 parties have 1 member each, ergo all 3 are party leaders, this is one of the delightful eccentricities of politics, indeed 2 of the three are well established eccentrics, though “lovable” does not apply to them. The sensible 1 of the 3 being the Tory James MacLaren about whom it is said that he was just pipped for the part of Private Godfrey by Michael Gambon in the new version of Dad’s Army. There was also one member of The Scottish Socialist Party who sat quietly and well behaved in the public gallery, ‘what are things coming to I hear you ask’?. An element of tension pervaded the opposition benches as the snp’s truly awful new leadership team of Cllrs. Nicolson and Cameron took their places with the recently suspended ‘gang of four’ arsonists seated behind them with their eyes watching and 'burning' in to them with undisguised contempt. Having shown themselves as true bravehearts by torching a bin they have been betrayed and ousted, help ma boab the ill feeling was tangible ‘so it wis’ this bad feeling will ‘burn’ slowly as the gang of 4 clearly see themselves a the keepers of the independence ‘flame’ and see the members of the coup as traitors.     

The usual appeals for good behaviour were made by the chair Provost Anne hall who reminded us all that we were being filmed. Budget day is always predictable in that the administration’s budget will always get a majority and today was no exception. Given that historical context it would be reasonable to expect that the meeting would be brief but, remember this is Renfrewshire and, sitting there in opposition across the chamber are the most disreputable and badly behaved snp group in Scotland plus the two aforementioned “unlovable eccentrics” McCartin and Mack who sound like a wretched end of the pier comedy duo in a grubby seaside backwater town.

For those readers of a strong disposition this meeting can be seen on the council’s website, throughout the meeting viewers will be aware of a low rumbling noise in the background which they cannot explain. The explanation for this is that the policy is only to show the head and shoulders of the person speaking who is the only one on the microphone, this is a precautionary measure designed to mitigate the embarrassment to Renfrewshire Council regularly caused by some of the people mentioned above. For your information I can advise you that when you hear the clearly exasperated Provost Hall pleading with Cllrs. Audrey Doig, Andy Doig, Lorraine Cameron and Brian Lawson to behave and stop disrupting the meeting she is addressing snp Councillors, the dark mysterious snp Cllr. Mags Maclaren continues to fascinate as she diligently keeps herself hunched over her desk while continuing to heckle, all we see is the top of her head and we hear her high pitched squeak constantly, when she leaves her chair the heckling stops, oh well I suppose it takes all kinds. Then we have the famously arrogant bully ‘Big Mac’ McCartin Libdem, not to be confused with ‘Wee Mack’ independent, she who continues to contribute to every subject from dog fouling to brain surgery, there are very few nasty, ugly situations that the arrival of this charlatan cannot make worse.

At the end of the meeting I was left considering 2 main points. 1/ the cost to the tax payer of the behavior of these people which caused the meeting to overrun by approximately 3 hours which is about £5,000 paid for by you and me folks and 2/ Audrey and Andy Doig of the snp are man and wife and I was wondering again if this was the way they usually behave and if so are their neighbours entitled to any recompense for having to live next door to them?. I urge everyone once again to get along to witness this at the next full council meeting.      

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The title I have used for this post is a quote by the great German Marxist writer Bertolt Brecht in his play "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui" and "THE BASTARD" he refers to is Adolf Hitler. He puts it better than I ever could and the quote came back to me as I have now started to again receive squalid and evil emails from anti Semitic Neo Nazis, all anonymous of course, they still talk tough but prefer to cower in hiding like the scum that they are. I will repeat what I have said before to these creeps, I remain a supporter of the Palestinian cause, as I have for approximately 40 years but I am in no way anti Semitic and I never have been. I remain implacably opposed to the State of Israel but I do not accept that the Israeli state represents Jews ‘per se’, I believe in fact that Israel is losing the enormous support and sympathy that it once enjoyed and that includes among Jewish people.

I also remain implacably opposed to discrimination against anyone based on race, creed or colour and I have the same respect for all, I have no doubt that I will continue to receive this poisonous garbage from these sick in the head fanatics but they will not change what I believe in. I urge everyone to be vigilant and report any instances of anti Semitic abuse or discrimination to the police, these are dangerous times and we must be vigilant and aware of past atrocities against the Jewish people and others.