Friday, September 28, 2012



The full council meeting of 27/09/20 12 as I said in my previous post reminded me of the bad old days of snp opposition,
in case anyone thinks that their clowning around is funny I want to mention that in my previous article about the council meeting I forgot to mention the costs.

This meeting; had it been conducted in the appropriate manner would have been over in about two and a half hours, it took more than double that because of the conduct of the snp and this has a serious cost to the tax payer. About 10 years ago when the snp did this kind of thing constantly I asked the director of finance for the council to put a cost figure on these proceedings by the hour, he suggested between 6 and 7 hundred pounds. If it is reasonable to say that 6 or 7 hundred pounds was the hourly cost 10 years ago I think it is quite reasonable to say that that figure will have risen now to approx. £1,000 per hour or more by now.

Thursday's meeting cost approx. £5,500 pounds when it should have cost approx. £2,750 that additional cost of £2,750 or bill to the tax payer has been sent to you by Renfrewshire snp councillors. Over the years the snp have cost the people of Renfrewshire tens of thousands of pounds because of their outrageous behaviour. It now looks certain that the snp intend to behave like this for the next 4 and a half years again with you the people of Renfrewshire picking up the bill.

With approx. 9 or more full council meetings a year that makes 39 meetings before the next election and by my reckoning and based on Thursday's snp behaviour that would amount to an additional cost of around £107,250. If we take in to consideration the fact there are many many more council board meetings where the snp will have the opportunity to disrupt the meetings and waste costly time and tax payer's money it becomes nothing short of scandalous and an example if any more examples were needed of the contempt that the snp have for the people of Renfrewshire.

I urge members of the public who share the outrage of many at this snp waste of your money to write to the snp councillors involved as well as Cllr. McCartin and tell them to start doing their jobs properly and to stop squandering your money.


Thursday, September 27, 2012


To the council 09.30 am this morning for a full council meeting and it is now apparent that we are back to the offensive and expensive behaviour of the snp similar to the last time they were in opposition. Motion after motion mostly spurious and costing thousands and thousands per hour to run the meeting which lasted 5 hours, go figure. I reckon the meeting deserved no more than 3 hours max. But this is the snp at their worst and it's you dear tax payer who is paying for it.

Their behaviour as always was deplorable and held up the meeting constantly, they appear and behave like a drunken rabble and I wish the public could see them. They actually brought a complaint to full council about words spelt wrongly in reports and typographical errors, none of which caused anyone to misunderstand what the reports were saying, that is the kind of thing they are wasting thousands of pounds of your money on, they turned it in to a bear pit, just like old times and just as embarrassing.

For my part I prefer to swap blow for blow with these cretins and I did today. My philosophy is to never start one of these insult trading shouting matches and I am proud to say I never have but I admit that if the snp start this behaviour I will not turn the other cheek and I will retaliate. Experience has taught me that if you do not face up to these nationalist thugs they will stamp all over you with their tartan Jackboots.

I told them during one debate that 28% of snp voters did not support independence, only 30% of the general population supported independence, 75% of the teenagers that the snp were desperate to be allowed to vote in the referendum wanted to stay British and their grand march and rally in Edinburgh attracted only 5,000 adding all this to the last council election result where Labour took 22 seats and the snp took 15, you could tell by looking at them that they were not pleased. As that great English warrior corporal Jones said "they don't like it up em captain, they do not like it up em"

Monday, September 24, 2012


The snp have held it to be accurate for years that the young people of Scotland are pretty dim. Their lazy thought processes tell them (the snp) that because they (young Scots.) are young they are De facto rebellious, awkward and anti the status quo, they typically never researched this nor have they done any work themselves to back this up. This conceit by Salmond and Co. has led them in to another mess as they now find out from a large poll of 2,500 youngsters who could be eligible to vote in the independence referendum that 75% of them want to remain British while 25% do not. Mr. Salmond needs this result like he needs a plague of locusts descending on Bute House.

Hard on the heels of the mortification heaped on him by the mighty rally that didn't happen on Saturday he now sees another crutch kicked away by Scottish youngsters who are apparently smarter than he gave them credit for. It will be interesting to see the snp/separatist/cybernat spin on this one. If they claim that 5,000 at the great rally is a triumph what will they call this poll which contacted 2,500? I don't remember a larger poll than this so how will they go about discrediting it?

Meanwhile wee Eck (the spiv) continues to rub the noses of the Scottish people and his own party in the dirt. He is now in the USA, yes indeed he's as fast as a rat up a roan pipe, the reason? He personally wants to oversee the arrangements for the Ryder cup Golf Tournament to be held at Gleneagles in 20 14 honestly the way this guy puts himself out for us makes me feel quite humble. We can expect to see him checking the nets and the pitch markings at the world cup next.

Having spent some 30 years rubbishing England and everything English who do you think turned up in the VIP box at Wimbledon? him again, forever fighting Scotland's corner is wee Eck. Next in line were the Olympics, the ones he did as much as he could to rubbish because they were in London. Like the true patriot he is he overcame his personal feelings and went to London to take in the games, his heroism and love of Scotland saw him subjected to having to spend £500,000 on a 2 week stay doesn't your heart just go out to him?

Now it's America and the Ryder Cup, he leads a fact finding mission because he must make sure everything will be OK at Gleneagles for the Ryder Cup in 20 14, so much so that he once again takes on yet another arduous task and goes to supervise everything. Some of you might be thinking (rather harshly surely) that if Scotland needs help to put on a Golf Tournament after putting on Ryder Cups British Opens etc. on many, many occasions then they might need someone even more wonderful than wee Eck (the spiv) to sort things.

I'm sure he is doing all this stuff for the good of Scotland and her people, you only need look at his face to see the stress and strain he puts himself under with such tasks, anyone who suggests different is being churlish, aren't they?

Friday, September 07, 2012


06/09/2012 - 18.30pm to the Glynhill Hotel for a political meeting run by the Labour Party and the Unite Union, to be addressed by Jim Sheridan labour MP and Len McCluskie Gen. Sec. of Unite. Those harbingers of poor turn outs wind and rain were in evidence as I made my way to the venue where to my slight surprise I found a healthy crowd which swelled to standing room only as the meeting got underway. I reflected that such meetings were once commonplace and how gratifying it was to be attending here. The crowd was overwhelmingly Labour with enough members of other smaller parties in the hall eyeing each other suspiciously but it was genial enough. There was certainly a mood of common purpose in the room laced with anger; this anger was directed at the Tory/Libdem Govt. closely followed by anger and criticism of the Labour Party.

The theme of the meeting which developed as the speeches and questions went on was one of rebuilding the labour Party or as some chose to put it "reclaiming the labour party" a theme close to my heart as readers of this blog will know. Are you a worker, a union member, a socialist, do you want to change society, do you want to help those less fortunate than yourself, do you want to redistribute wealth in favour of the working class, do you want full employment etc. etc. if you do 'join the party' the party needs you and you need the party so why not.

Maybe its wishful thinking but this meeting gave me hope, there was a tangible feeling of anger, a feeling that things had gone so far against us that we have to unite and stand together. The Labour Party is the voice of the working class and the unions that's why we were formed and we can still play that role. The theory is simple you join and you attend meetings. At those meetings you get to vote on the issues and if you get a majority of the votes you win.

Do you like the Party leaders? If not you make sure your MP will support the candidates chosen by you and those who agree with you, you have a voice and it's time to use it. See what is being done to the poor the sick, the homeless, the disabled by this bunch of knuckle dragging bastards in Government who allow billions and billions to be spirited away from the country by their rich friends, time to hit back? We need unity not division we need to be heard in the Party and in the streets.

I once by a happy accident spent approx. 1 hour in the company of Tony Benn, just him, me, the late Labour Cllr. Ronnie Burns and my Labour colleague Tommy Williams a fabulous never to be forgotten hour and I remember his conviction and sadness as he told us that there were at that time 23 left wing parties in the UK and he speculated about how unity could rule the day and help bring about socialism. This is still the case today but I don't accept that it has to be like this, the fact is that we all want the same things and the only way we will get them is together in unity. There is room in the Labour Party for all of us and what we are about to face over the next few years demands action and loyalty to the cause we can't go on forever splitting hairs and arguing amongst ourselves. We can make the Labour Party a great Socialist Party and we can make it a mass party, it's time!

Thursday, September 06, 2012


Along with many others over quite a period of time I have been speculating about how Salmond (the wee spiv) would go about orchestrating the demise of Nicola Sturgeon, not an easy stab in the back to administer even for one as practiced in the black arts as him. Her willingness to lie and obfuscate marked her out early as a rising Salmond acolyte, she started well before they won power when years ago she campaigned to save The Vale of Leven Hospital in the face of professional advice from every corner because she, and the snp knew instinctively that clinical excellence and care for patients would always come a poor second to snp votes. Here we are now with Nicola being parachuted out and which Hospital is once again in the firing line? OK I'll tell you its The Vale of Leven Hospital, she won't get the flack though, and she has no shame has she?

The betrayal had to come; the question was when and how. She was never competent to do such a job and her public performances, TV appearances and blundering decisions were becoming more and more bizarre, when was the last time you saw her doing a live TV interview? Not only has she been given the poison chalice of steering the independence campaign to its inevitable humiliation but she will now take the opprobrium that Salmond (the wee spiv) was so anxious to avoid when the whole thing goes down the tubes, the wee rodent will have the last lifebelt hidden away somewhere in Bute House.

She was never anything other than out of her depth as Health Secretary, promoted well above her station. The very embodiment of the dearth of talent in the snp ranks; if it's any comfort to her; her successor Alex Neil is an even more desperate and incompetent choice who will add conceit and belligerence to the job as he sets about insulting and bullying everyone who crosses his path, a bit like Nicola in fact; with tackety boots on instead of slingbacks.

Meanwhile the Scottish people mull over every snp 'U' Turn from keeping the Queen through leaving financial control with England to trying to abandon their hostility to NATO. Not to mention their bitter antagonism to the London Olympics which mellowed in time for Salmond (the wee shyster) to spend almost £500,000 for a two week spree in London for the games with some of his fan club. It's looking pretty bad and there is now a growing body of opinion which thinks that the wee swindler Salmond will find a way of abandoning the referendum altogether. He could do this quite easily with the agreement of his flock of snp sheep who are the snp members, we have already witnessed this several times but, what would the Scottish People think?