Thursday, September 06, 2012


Along with many others over quite a period of time I have been speculating about how Salmond (the wee spiv) would go about orchestrating the demise of Nicola Sturgeon, not an easy stab in the back to administer even for one as practiced in the black arts as him. Her willingness to lie and obfuscate marked her out early as a rising Salmond acolyte, she started well before they won power when years ago she campaigned to save The Vale of Leven Hospital in the face of professional advice from every corner because she, and the snp knew instinctively that clinical excellence and care for patients would always come a poor second to snp votes. Here we are now with Nicola being parachuted out and which Hospital is once again in the firing line? OK I'll tell you its The Vale of Leven Hospital, she won't get the flack though, and she has no shame has she?

The betrayal had to come; the question was when and how. She was never competent to do such a job and her public performances, TV appearances and blundering decisions were becoming more and more bizarre, when was the last time you saw her doing a live TV interview? Not only has she been given the poison chalice of steering the independence campaign to its inevitable humiliation but she will now take the opprobrium that Salmond (the wee spiv) was so anxious to avoid when the whole thing goes down the tubes, the wee rodent will have the last lifebelt hidden away somewhere in Bute House.

She was never anything other than out of her depth as Health Secretary, promoted well above her station. The very embodiment of the dearth of talent in the snp ranks; if it's any comfort to her; her successor Alex Neil is an even more desperate and incompetent choice who will add conceit and belligerence to the job as he sets about insulting and bullying everyone who crosses his path, a bit like Nicola in fact; with tackety boots on instead of slingbacks.

Meanwhile the Scottish people mull over every snp 'U' Turn from keeping the Queen through leaving financial control with England to trying to abandon their hostility to NATO. Not to mention their bitter antagonism to the London Olympics which mellowed in time for Salmond (the wee shyster) to spend almost £500,000 for a two week spree in London for the games with some of his fan club. It's looking pretty bad and there is now a growing body of opinion which thinks that the wee swindler Salmond will find a way of abandoning the referendum altogether. He could do this quite easily with the agreement of his flock of snp sheep who are the snp members, we have already witnessed this several times but, what would the Scottish People think?


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