Friday, January 26, 2007


I've written about this before so this won't take long. To all those Gnats who have been taking me to task on my criticisms of the SNP's attitude to the gay community, what are you going to say now ? We were all against exemptions on gay adoption weren't we ? well, the Catholic Church says it will campaign against any party which does not support it's request to be allowed to carry on discriminating against gay people who want to adopt. Salmond and the SNP predictably slither on to scene with a cowardly and opportunistic quick fire policy which will allow Mother Church to continue with it's homophobic bigotry, Catholics of course make up a lot of voters ! can the charlatan Salmond and the SNP really be as low as this ? is there no depth to which they will not sink ? apparently not. MSP's Cunningham, Ewing and the BYU and now this, I can't wait for the gay SNP apologists to write to me again, come on Bravehearts where are your voices ! will you never speak out ? you cowards.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I was interviewed by a newspaper today who suggested that 51 % of children in my ward of Ferguslie Park lived in poverty, I persuaded the interviewer that the figure was nonsense. Still there are children who are living below the poverty line and that's a scandal. I once used the example of scientific progress ( man on the moon etc ) to illustrate that there is no excuse for poverty, hunger and disease in today's world, we have the technology and the wealth to fix it. That 'clairwil blog' chose to disingenuously accuse me of attacking science for that, ( read it for yourself ) Anyway I ( personally ) would agree with the 'save the children' report which advocates giving these families more help, £100 in summer and &100 in winter as well as £100 extra in winter for fuel etc. using their figures this comes to approx £1 Billion so, how do we fund it ? well I would tax the wealthy far more, simple eh ? I know you are all shocked by that, but it's the decent thing to do and they can afford it. Winter time means extra expense for fuel, so, utility companies should be told, during the worst parts of winter you will be obliged to give concessionary rates to those in poverty. Family allowance should be raised for the duration of school hols. to compensate for loss of free school meals etc - does this make me a dangerous radical or a man of common sense ? there are other ways, we just have to win the argument.

Monday, January 22, 2007


My item below on the execution of Saddam Hussien has been reported in the Paisley Daily Express as controversial ? no one said a word about it to me. The journalist ? even printed my picture next to Saddam's with the word tyrant under his picture and the word ashamed ( completely out of context ) under mine, he could go far with this kind of contempt for truth in one so young, I wonder if he tells his parents that he's a supplier of 3rd world child labour to avoid the embarrassment of admitting to being a Journalist. The truly wretched political coward Cllr. Derek Mackay seemed to be the only person he could find prepared to debase himself by attacking me, knowing as he must that his own leader Salmond and all other leaders agreed with me. When you see a politician behaving in this underhand way you begin to understand why his SNP group are losing members as well as by elections, they, with Derek in charge are rudderless, he has failed the decency test again.


I have never hid the fact that there are some Scots that I can't stand, other countries have these people too, mainly those who choose to display a narrow, romanticised view of their country which doesn't really exist, except of course in the world of marketing where these risible images are used to rip people off. I'd rather tell the truth, warts and all, and take it from there. Tell Jock that he's from a long tradition of brave fighting soldiers and he will charge at the guns, tell Paddy he is from a tradition of the hardest workers on the planet and he'll make you plenty of profit with his hard graft. The bosses have done this throughout history and, some people fall into line with it mainly because they can't handle the truth, which is that their beloved country and it's people have far more in common with people around the world than they would care to admit, such is their desire to feel special, sad but true. Some people don't like me saying these things as well as my claim that my position is far more honest and benefits Scotland far more than theirs. I was told about a blog called 'clairwils' which is a good example of this, read it, and weep for your country, you could not make this poisonous drivel up, reactionary nationalism in it's most puerile form, written it would seem, late on in the pub after a beating by England, if I thought these people were in any way typical of Scots I really would pack it in.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Here's an update from Iraq to get all you right wing hangers and floggers salivating. Two of Saddam's closest government ministers were hanged the other day and guess what ? one of them was decapitated by the rope as he dropped, unfortunately for all you reactionary morons out there, the grisly event was not captured on camera. what a shame eh! just think of all the fun you will miss by not being able to gather together for a drink, do some knitting and cheer while watching the video. Still, with two hangings and a decapitation it's been a fun time recently for all you monday morning commandos, civilization my a---

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The above title means something close to 'good morning/day Poland' from my memory of visiting there a couple of years ago, anyway, it's near enough, and I say this and welcome to those Polish people who have come to Scotland to live and work. Those who would have us believe that workers from Poland and other countries are damaging us are wrong, some are simply mistaken and others more worryingly are malicious and racist, it gives me no pleasure to say it but we do have a problem in Scotland with racism and of course sectarianism. Some Scots, wrongly try to convince themselves and others that this is not the case, this does Scotland a disservice, they are in denial, the problem needs to be highlighted and tackled. The numbers of Poles and others coming here should be celebrated, they bring skills and enthusiasm and they are stimulating our economy and our communities just like Scots do and have done in the past when they go to live elsewhere these emigrants are a bonus and should be greeted and treated as such, I wish them well. I would urge anyone to visit Poland it's a beautiful country with ancient lovely towns and cities and an incredible history, public buildings, churches and museums are simply stunning and a joy to wander around, my favourite place is the historic city of Krakow I intend to go back some day. I have a memory which which will stay with me, in the winter olympic village of Zakopane in the heart of the Tartra Mountains ( V. I. Lenin stayed there once ) I sat at a pavement cafe while my wife went shopping and had coffee with an old, old man who could just about get by in English, it turned out that among a great many other things he had fought as a sixteen year old at the battle of Stalingrad he showed me the medals, an unforgetable encounter, real living history and very happy memories.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The fellow who writes the above blog takes some beating for pomposity - try it out if you are having trouble sleeping. He complains that I spelt his name wrongly and I also spelt the name of our national drink wrongly, ( he has decided that whiskey is our national drink) Anyway I've taken this too far as they say on Still Game, so I will now spell his name properly if he agrees to change his blog name to represent something closer to the truth. How about it Mr. Ferrar ? how about "BUCKFAST & FREEDOM"

Monday, January 08, 2007


The above named site is a self appointed critic of peoples blogs, so what, well, it gives me a chance to let you know what some of these right wing/nationalists/libertarians are like and just how inane and pathetic they can be. Along with some other sites they have made a big ( bogus ) issue of me not posting comments, despite my statement that I would print anything which was not abusive, I also pointed out that I'm not aware of any way to disprove what they say, so they don't have to prove their allegations. Anyway if you read this site which is really quite hard going, you will find this accusation levelled against me, then a wee bit further down you read that they have decided that they are censuring me and I'm to be excluded. Well what are we to make of this ? the brave new world of the libertarian blog didn't take long to buckle did it ? Mr Ferrer of Whiskey & Freedom has done the same, as have others, hardly a robust reaction from these brave ground breakers is it ? give me my old muddle headed mate 'reactionary snob' anytime, he talks absolute rubbish but at least he does it while standing on his feet.

Friday, January 05, 2007


So, who is being quoted above? some Sunni cleric? Mr Galloway MP? Fidel? well, no, it was actually Ramsay Clark, who he? I hear you ask. He's the ex Attorney General of the USA, the last shreds of Western decency were stripped away by this kangaroo court and the subsequent indecent spectacle of his execution. The Vietnam coward Bush described it grotesquely as a "step toward democracy" Come on now, don't be so modest George, it was your blessed saviour the Lord Jesus Christ who delivered him up for you George to smite him, amen. The anti capital punishment countries shamefully hid and did not protest, sordid behaviour or what? how long will it be before we can use 'pay to view' to watch executions? how long before we can pay to be there live? how long before we can pay to pull the lever?, there is an opportunity here for some enterprising capitalist, hell, there's a niche market here boys, what the heck are you entrepreneurs waiting for? Saddam's regime was evil but we in the West are no better after what happened over the last week or so, I feel ashamed of what went on and the blatant dishonesty surrounding the whole ghastly spectacle, I sincerely hope that the cause of abolishing the death penalty is given a boost by these squalid events. As Gandhi once said when asked what he thought about Western civilisation " I think it would be a good idea "