Monday, June 30, 2008


SNP MSP Keith Brown, remember the name you will hear it again. This is the man who done the dirty on Wendy Alexander, the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish people and, inadvertently his own wretched party the SNP.

He chaired the standards committee in her case and, when he should have ruled that no further action should be taken because there was a tie he used his casting vote to suspend her. By doing this he turned an independent parliamentary committee into a partisan witch hunt, people are still trying to find out if this has ever happened before, he seems to have done the impossible, he has lowered the reputation of the SNP a truly Herculean feat.

Everyone is talking about the seeming anomaly between two conflicting pieces of legal advice given to parliament, he didn't even see fit to mention that momentous fact in his summing up, do you think he missed it ?
With a tied vote and this legal wrangle in front of him he should have gone no further but, he saw his chance to ingratiate himself with his party and, without the benefit of any legal training or experience he chose the one which ruled against her.

This deceit was not all, he delayed using his casting vote to make sure parliament would not have time to deal with it, thus prolonging the thing over another couple of months, causing her resignation, it's him who should be suspended, the SNP should deal with him but they wont.
In a cack handed display reeking of collusion, all three SNP big hitters Salmond (the spiv) Sturgeon and Swinney declared today it was nothing to do with them, twist in the wind Keith Brown, denied by the people he was trying to crawl to, It's been going on for nearly a year and these 3 amigos knew nothing about this, you decide.
I wonder if he might think in future that people are talking about him in the canteen queue ?

The parliament has been shamed by the SNP and the world sees a crude dishonest Govt. prepared to stoop so low that neither the name of Scotland or Holyrood is enough to make them do the decent thing.
As for Keith Brown ? in most political parties he would be finished, in the SNP he will thrive, his name might even become famous like Boycott or Quisling, I reckon his pieces of silver will be a promotion next term.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Some people are posting on recent events at Holyrood and deliberately trying to disguise the underhand behaviour of the SNP, it is probably worth while for me to try to make the issues clearer, I doubt if the SNP mob will admit to anything but other readers might find it helpful.

1/ Neither me nor anyone else in the Labour Party has said anything other than that Wendy unknowingly broke the law, that is why she did not get taken to court, (unknowingly) is the important word here.
2/ The SNP dominated committee who decided on this sanction acted on political lines despite it being unwhipped.
3/ The chair used his casting vote to impose this sanction, this is completely against precedent where a draw normally leads to no further action.
4/ The chair deliberately waited until the parliament had no time to implement the punishment, thus ensuring that it would rumble on for months.

They (the SNP) are guilty of an underhand politically motivated deception and have brought the parliament in to disrepute.

John Swinney and Alex (the spiv) were trying to wriggle out of this shameful behaviour on TV today by using the red herring that it was a Labour insider who broke this story, it certainly seems so but, how does that excuse the sleekit behaviour of the SNP ?

There is a stench of dishonest trickery surrounding them because of this. The chair in question SNP MSP Brown has enhanced his career prospects while at the same time confirming his reputation at Holyrood for naked careerism, he is creeping his way up, prepared to do the dirty work for 'the spiv' we will here more of this typical Nat.

For those who are still not sure what the SNP have been up to here I will relate this story.
Years ago, along with others I attended a conference when Standards Committees were being introduced and was struck by the contentious arguing between Labour and SNP delegates who knew each other, the Labour delegates were calling for more safeguards to prevent politically motivated vexatious complaints and the SNP weren't bothered about that issue.

I made a point of talking to some of the Labour delegates and they explained their reason for bringing this up.

As an election approaches the SNP or one of their supporters makes a complaint about financial impropriety against the Labour Group on the Council, the fraud squad / police etc. are obliged to acknowledge that complaint and investigate.
The SNP then go into the election with a story about the Labour Group being investigated by the police, that's how the SNP work.
That is similar to what they have been doing here. They have been using the issue to pursue their vendetta against Wendy Alexander, no higher motive than that.

"Alex (the spiv) Salmond for first minister" anyone ?

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Nine years ago I had never met Wendy Alexander, I had heard of her of course in the small world of West of Scotland Labour Politics, anyway she and I met and I agreed to be her election agent.

She was of course elected which was down to her far more than to me, and indeed others who helped, as we seemed to get dragged along in her slipstream. We came from different backgrounds and did not share the same political space in the party but we shared a desire to see Labour succeed and we decided to do our utmost to win.
I think of that time and compare it to a favourite movie scene from "all about Eve" the great Bette Davis says in anticipation of a stormy party beginning "fasten your seat belts it's going to be a bumpy night" I didn't know the half of it.

She was young, well educated and opinionated, just like my own two daughters, I took to her instantly and spent the next 9 years encouraging her, helping her and on some occasions trying to reign her in, again like my own two.
Candidates are always resented by some members for various reasons, more often than not it's because they didn't get the job, in her case this was compounded by the fact that she was a woman and she was young and confident, this was only among a very small group of older male members who were a bit stuck in the past, I'm proud to say I was never of that opinion.
Within a matter of days everyone, even the grumps were admitting that she was something special she won them over with a mixture of good humour, respect and most of all by being "first in and last out" she was quite simply the hardest working candidate I have ever worked with, she led from the front at all times and never shirked any job no matter how menial.

I'm proud to have been her agent on two further occasions where her majority went up both times. I was particularly proud of her when she stood up to the bullying from so called Christians and the campaign run by Brian Souter over clause 28, she showed more courage than some of the senior male figures in the party at the time who wanted to cut her loose, she won because she was right, she believed she was right and, she stood firm, she was prepared to risk her career by doing what her conscience told her was right, an unusual stance which marked her out in my eyes.

Today saw her resign as the result of a witch hunt that would have made Senator Joe McCarthy proud, a partisan campaign of poison by the SNP supported by the reactionary elements of the Scottish media, particularly the Herald which was once a decent paper, many of these people suffered from the same attitudes of the Labour "old grumps" mentioned earlier.

Following a year of the most vicious attacks which were on many occasions horrible and personal she was then stitched up by 'the spiv'
A non whipped committee saw the SNP members voting as a block while the others voted across party lines, this usually means that the decision is not to proceed and people are searching at the moment to see if this decision is unprecedented, this was Salmond's dark shadow coming into play.

Astute observers will note that this business could and should have been settled 2 or 3 days before it was but, the SNP chair delayed his decision until the last day of parliament.

Why did it take him 3 days to use his casting vote ? Well, by doing this he ensured that any sanction, in this case a one day suspension would not be carried out in this session. This meant that the whole vicious farce would continue through the summer recess and the SNP and the press would be able to keep pouring petrol on the fire, I predict a political future for this very typical SNP rising star, I wonder which user of the dark political arts came up with that one ?
I reckon it will be party time in Bute House. Some have already described this as scandalous but, I think it is typical of a party which puts on the ballot paper "Alex Salmond for first minister"

Throughout my time working with Wendy, which I will continue to do, I have found her to be honest, courageous and completely without malice.
I remain confident that she has a big part to play in Scottish political life, Scotland is not so well off that we can ignore the talent and commitment of people like Wendy Alexander.

Scotland slipped backward today, this was not about the good name of parliament or for the benefit of Scottish politics, Wendy decided that it had gone on long enough and it was getting in the way of what parliament should be doing, which is addressing the real concerns of the Scottish people and pursuing this sham of a government, it was a personal vendetta by the SNP and that guy who casts the big dark sinister shadow, he has shamed us again.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today was full council and the SNP/Lib. Dem. alliance sunk to new depths. The meeting lasted for 5 hrs. and it started with cringing and squirming and clear signs of panic, why ? Well we witnessed a new way of starting the council meeting as the provost, who at least had the decency to look ashamed spent ten minutes reading out a list of the administration's achievements since we last met, are they panicking or what ? A simiar previous sign of panic was an SNP paper, rushed out to tell everyone how wonderful they are because of the huge well of criticism they were subjected to over the cuts to services they were making, the public though are on to them. As the late ex Councillor Brian Oldrey once said at a meeting baffling everyone "self praise butters no parsnips" he was from London.

Next on the list of shame we saw the SNP / Lib. Dem. cabal awarding an increase of 16.7 % to the highest paid workers in the council, yes we have to print that again, 16.7 % to the already highest paid group on the council, the dept. heads and executives, this takes them through the £100,000/ yr. barrier and means a rise for some of £11,500/yr.
The council has low payed staff on approx. £10,000, that means that someone gets a rise which is bigger than another workers salary. This is being done against a backdrop of savage cuts in Education, Elderly Wardens, Nurseries, Libraries and Housing Area Offices to name some of them.
"Putting the tin lid on it" as they say is the fact that UNISON are balloting for industrial action over a pay offer of 2.5% over 3 years for the other council workers, that's 2.5% a year or for the £10,00 / yr. employee approx. £350 / yr. while our lucky executive gets a rise of £11,500, this is the caring sharing SNP/Lib. Dems. in control folks.

Shameful attempts to justify this farce were made by the administration who are clearly unable to face up to the senior officers, this is the real SNP in action, as I said in the debate "even for the SNP with their flimsy grasp and the Lib. Dems. with no grasp at all of what is right and wrong let alone what is fair and decent, this was scraping the bottom of barrel"
The administration's message to it's UNISON members is clear, we don't have any respect for you and 2.5 % a year for the next 3 years is what we think you are worth, i.e less than inflation, they call themselves Scotland's party by the way !

Last but not least was a Labour motion calling on Council Leader Derek MacKay to apologise to past and present council employees and the last administration for saying that they had inherited a 'bankrupt council' as well as writing that the council was in the 'red' when he took control.
This is the "big boay done it and ran away" defence, used by him in a most disingenuous way to deflect criticism from him and the administration, his problem for him today was that he was asked to justify his remarks and couldn't.

Council workers and elected members past and present were insulted by his accusation that they were incompetent and left a bankrupt council, needless to say he could not back up any of these insults and resorted to bluster and avoided answering the questions.
Numerous attempts were made by the Labour Group to get the opinions of staff as to whether we were ever bankrupt or showing signs of it, not one single source could be found to support what he had said.
The absolutely wretched Cllr. McCartin tried to rescue him by saying he meant a "bankruptcy of ideas" which raised the kind of guffaws that only she can raise.
Cllr. Mackay and the SNP had a bad day today and there will be more, here and in Holyrood, he showed all the inexperience of a novice by not accepting that he had blundered and only succeeded in making himself look childish.

Which Party describes itself thus ? "We are a left of centre political party" that's right it's the SNP !

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The NHS, Labours greatest achievement is turning 60, massive congratulations are in order, something to be proud of. ‘From cradle to grave, treatment free at the point of delivery’ it’s a towering achievement and it is a constant source of pride.

My earliest memory of the NHS was taking a bus to the hospital wrapped in towels with my dad about 55 years ago, to the old Royal Alexandra on Neilston Road. I had run out of control through a hedge and fell and skidded face first along a black gravel path, arms face and legs were black with red seeping through everywhere, not a pretty sight.
They stitched me up and spent ages taking the gravel out of my face and legs etc. I remember vaguely asking him on the bus back “how much did that cost” and even at that age I detected great pride in his voice and manner when he said “ nothing, we own it” with great emphasis on the ‘we’
What a time that must have been for his generation having fought a war and returned to great austerity, to realize that working people could achieve something like that, as well as living in a huge 3 bed roomed council house with a back and front garden. We had come from a flat shared by two families in the town centre to Glenburn which to us was a wonderland.
He was a staunch Labour voter all his life as are all of his family now and no wonder, it saddens me that some people have forgotten what Labour created in those days.

All of my children were born in NHS hospitals and treated at one time or another in them as were me and my wife, we are for ever in the debt of the people who work in the health system, and those who created it, we must be vigilant and never let it be destroyed. There are those like me who revere it and regard as a socialist achievement to rival anything in the world and there are those who look at it and salivate at the thought of the money that they could make from it, they are mainly sitting across from Gordon Brown at question time.

Let’s remember what life was like for our parents and grand parents before 1948 and ensure that the Tories and others never take us back to those days.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


"A Few Good Men" is a terrific movie IMO. It tells the story of a Marine who is killed by his comrades while carrying out an unofficial internal punishment. This was ordered by the Colonel of the regiment Nathan Jessop ( Jack Nicholson ) who is questioned in the military court by young Naval Lawyer Daniel Caffey ( Tom Cruise )
The climax of the film sees Cruise thundering at Nicholson "you ordered a 'code red' didn't you, and Nicholson roaring back "you're god damn right I did, I'd do it again" The "Code Red" is the unofficial internal punishment inflicted on marines by their comrades, in the movie it leads to the death of Pte. William Santiago. It's just a movie though !

British Army Pte. Gavin Williams age 22 on July 3Rd. 2006, died due to an informal Army punishment known as "beasting"

His 'Comrades' Sgt Russell Price, 45, Sgt Paul Blake, 37, and Cpl John Edwards, 32, all deny manslaughter.
During the punishment Pte Williams pleaded with his tormentors that he was "cooking up", to no avail.
Beasting it was explained was "a form of summary justice" used by the Army, designed to humiliate, push to the limit and hurt the recipient,
Sgt Price, supervised this, he said he regarded Williams as "a disgrace to the regiment"
He also said he was 'willingly' assisted by Edwards and Blake
The jury heard how Sgt Price said in a police interview that his job was to stamp out ill-discipline in the battalion.
Price boasted later to a fellow corporal in the mess that Pte. Williams had got 'the best beasting of my/his life'."
A soldier who saw the beasting taking place said: "I heard the soldier (Williams) say 'I can't go on, I've got to stop'." Sgt. Blake carried on.

Marine Pte. Willie Santiago's death was in a movie, Pte. Gavin William's death was not.

These things go on in the Army, it's a badly kept secret, it is also a disgrace, it is met with a shrug and the phrase 'it's the Army what do you expect' it leads to a complete disregard for people and that in turn leads to the behaviour of some soldiers in action who show no respect for their enemy or the people of the country that they are in.

Who is to blame ? is it Pte. Williams tormentors ? they have probably been 'beasted' when they were young soldiers, it's part of the macho Army culture, they are about to find out exactly what they are worth to the Army.
My guess is that some 'brass hat' will publicly bluster that these things are discouraged and it will carry on, think about "Deep Cut Barracks"
I have shouted often enough about our military leaders and this, along with other incidents shows IMO that the top of the Army tree is rotten, they are the guilty ones not the three vigilanties who carried it out.

I have deliberately not mentioned the reason that Pte. Williams was killed by these events, that is because there is nothing that he could have done that remotely justifies such institutionalised barbarism.

We continue to show the world how to behave the British way, as our soldiers bring civilisation to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


In that weird and sometimes wonderful land called America we have the first ever Black presidential candidate, Barack Obama,

"strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees" so sang the great blues / Jazz singer Billie Holiday, the song is about the lynching of Black Americans, a practice which was still happening in the 1950's so, well done America, this is progress.

Can he win ? after 8 Yrs. of the worst American President ever IMO, he should be a stick on certainty but, recent events show what he is going to have to 'overcome'
Obama and his wife Michelle were photographed celebrating by touching their clenched knuckles together known as the "the fist bump"
The New York Times called it a "closed fisted high-five" as demonstrated by sportsmen and women and, mainly youths who want to look 'hip'
like Mike Russell of the SNP I prefer a 'hand shake'

In a quite stunning and sinister intervention Rupert Murdoch's Fox News called it a "terrorist fist jab" anyone who hasn't seen Fox News should have a look, it makes The Daily Mail look Liberal, it's Joe McCarthy for our modern times.

Despite the progress that I described earlier, America still has this dark shadow over it and it brings shame on the millions of decent Americans who abhor racism.

We have to consider that a national/international news station (Fox News)saw fit to print this, newspapers today are carrying pictures of the following people doing the "fist bump" Bett Middler, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles, Robbie Williams, The Dalai Lama, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods and Prince Andrew to name a few. Are Fox worried about looking ridiculous ? No they are not.

Some people, and I think most of us here would probably think it's a sick joke, we think it's ridiculous, but it's not. Fox News have run with it because they know that a significant amount of Americans will buy it.
This legendary American satirist would have understood, " no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people" - H L Mencken.

Sometimes progress seems like one step forward and two steps back I fear for Obama's chances and more importantly for his safety but I hope I'm wrong, for his sake and for America.
A black candidate is the step forward and what is likely to be the prominence of the race issue is the two steps back, trust me, there is a lot worse to come from the odious owners and commentators on Fox and others who will join in.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I have just been cleared by the Standards Commission of a complaint made about me by a Dr. Gordon MacDonald who appears to be a Lib. Dem. councillor from Lenzie.

He complained about remarks I had made on my blog and in correspondence I had about the Cowcaddens firefighters and the "Pride Scotia Event" June 26th. 06.
Readers will no doubt remember that these men refused an instruction to attend the event and were disciplined as a result, I would have thought a Lib. Dem. councillor would have stood four square behind me in defence of the Gay Community and complained about the display of homophobia displayed, alas no, the word Liberal once stood for something but not now.

He accuses me of undue interference and trying to influence the disciplinary hearings I was confident that his complaint was complete nonsense and I have been vindicated but I am now left trying to solve a mystery.

Why me ? why would Dr. Gordon MacDonald Lib. Dem. Cllr. from Lenzie go to the trouble of complaining about a councillor (me) whom he doesn't know and has never met ? He quotes my blog remarks, is he a reader or has someone pointed them out to him ? Is he concerned about councillors having undue influence over certain things or does he have a particular interest in this case ?

Is it possible that this man pours over countless letters, blogs, speeches etc. by other Cllrs. to see if they are following proper standards, if this is so we are indeed privileged to have such a spirit in our midst, a giant of a public servant in fact.

Perhaps Lib. Dem. Cllr. Dr. Gordon MacKay of Lenzie will read this and make a comment, meanwhile I feel uneasy I really do. Still, I am once again comforted when I consider those who are against me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Even the old reactionary fantasist couldn't have made up the story of "the toff mercenary, the Prime Minister's son, the failed coup and the black black oil" it is certain to become a movie.

The mercenary Simon Mann 'Ex Eton and SAS' stated that Sir Mark Thatcher was up to his neck in it and part of the “management team” plotting a 2004 coup in the tiny West African nation.
Sir Mark in true Etonian and Tory style has denied any knowledge of the conspiracy, he has predictably ratted on his former chums.

Mr Mann admits being involved in plans to overthrow the President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo but he claims he was merely a tool in a plot by more senior figures.
The Equatoguinean President said that if Mann sings then he could get leniency so my money is on Thatcher getting the same treatment as he gave Mann, am I enjoying this ?
The Equatoguineans have issued a warrant for Sir Mark (son of Thatcher) who is believed to be hiding somewhere in Spain like a cornered rat apparently in a secure compound.
They also want the extradition of Sir Mark and Mr Calil another millionaire backer, to face trial in Malabo.

Mr. Calil, Mr. Mann and the rest of them should rot in Jail, these are privileged people who believe that the law applies to others not the rich and powerful, they deserve everything they get.

This is how Mark Thatcher (son of) was described in court, he was “known as a dirty player who lives his life getting himself involved in all sorts of dubious deals that are of benefit to himself . . . Mark Thatcher quickly jumped into this boat and became part and parcel of this plot”
Still, as Mann was heard to say "It was bloody good fun"

There should be lots more entertainment to come in this with so many back stabbing liars and upper class twits involved.

What can you say about Sir Mark ? I blame the parents.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"Tam lo'ed him like a very brither,
they had been fou for weeks thegither"

If the Scottish SNP Govt. have their way a young man or woman can go to cast their vote at election time but wont be able to buy a can of beer, they can also drive a car, get married, raise children, own a home and they can kill and be killed as a member of the armed forces but can't buy that can of beer.

This a stupid knee jerk scatter gun approach to the problem of alcohol abuse.

Young people who voted SNP must be feeling betrayed, they are all being tarred with the same brush and the fact of the matter is it will not work, young people will find a way to get drink, the easiest way would be to get a big brother or sister to get it, that's how stupid the Govt. proposal is. There is also no shortage of people old enough to avoid the ban who will get them the stuff for a small fee.
A 21 yr. old can buy from an off licence and binge drink to his/her content so the problem will go on, the biggest problem with alcohol is not among teenagers it's among mature adults and that's not even mentioned.
This is rather like the misapprehension that ASBO's are mainly slapped on youngsters when the large majority are for mature adults who are invariably problem drinkers.

I have been in about 8 different European Countries and I have never witnessed youths binge drinking so, maybe we should take a leaf out of their book and educate youngsters to behave responsibly with alcohol.
That of course would be difficult and it would take a long time to succeed but it has a far better chance than this half baked populist measure, which is designed more to grab headlines for the SNP than it is to solve the problem.

Alex (the spiv) - "lets demonise the feckless young that's always worth a few votes"
When he makes another deceitful speech about those brave youngsters who wear the proud Scottish uniform in foreign fields, I hope they remember that this man thinks so much of them that he doesn't trust them to buy a beer from a supermarket.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Kelvin McKenzie has "eyes like a poor house rat" as my old man would have said, where no scrap of food however small gets past the hungry rodent, no chance for self promotion gets past the tabloid's king rodent.
He believes in nothing and stands for nothing bar Kelvin McKenzie and, David Davis has served him up a golden opportunity for self publicity, if he decides to stand that is.

Kelvin has 'previous' he ran the SUN and took it to depths that sickened even the most cynical British Journalist and he now eyes up a chance to re- run some of that sleaze and populism in a high profile By Election. The British people should prepare themselves for a campaign which will shame our country.

The blunt plain speaking people of that region are about to be snowed under with every reactionary slogan and knuckle dragging policy they could imagine, and the scary thing is that he could win, he will not be short of funds and he will have the backing of the SUN, it will be single issue politics which is a very dangerous business.

You can see it now, Kelvin will be on the stump calling for 52/62/72 ? days and an end to immigration and the return of hanging and flogging, he'll want to bring back the birch and not only for 'consenting adults'
Davis will be forced to nod to this, all except the No. of days, he could have shot his foot off here, I am opposed to the 42 days bill but I have no sympathy with Davis.

I couldn't care less about Davis because I don't believe him, I don't think he is the honourable man he claims to be. I think this is about two main things which for Davis come before people's rights and freedoms.
These are 1/ Revenge, the dish which is best eaten cold, and 2/ Ambition.

Revenge on the well heeled toff and the hidebound prejudicies of the Tory Party backwoodsmen who still run the show. They denied the leadership to a man from an underprivileged working class background who was reckoned to be a stick on certainty to win the Tory leadership. Then we have ambition, he still wants that top job he's aiming at the 'greasy pole' and he is doing this to undermine and damage Cameron, as well as positioning himself to take over, especially as he thinks they can win the next election.

He will pay the price for this treachery whether he wins or not, there is popular support for 42 days and more besides as the rancid old journalist knows only too well, Kelvin also knows that there are many Tory MP's and supporters who will be hoping for a Davis defeat because they support more detention and more draconian measures. Either way he's toast and he deserves to be.

Most importantly though, will it change the 42 day detention bill ? the "man on the Clapham Omnibus" I'm afraid is clearing his throat to shout no.

Friday, June 13, 2008


With apologies to Orwell, Winston Smith orAnyone else who has been arrested and put in a cell will tell you that it is a very scary experience, the feeling of helplessness is palpable, you do not often find yourself in such a position of almost complete vulnerability, that is why despots have used prison throughout the ages to control and frighten people.

One of the proud boasts of our "free western democracies" is our way of life, I'm mainly referring to America and Britain when I think of the square jawed distinguished politician talking to camera following some bombing atrocity, they come over all Churchillian (without the slurring) and say we here in Britain/America will never allow these people to force us into changing the way we live our lives - this, if you will pardon the expression is a crock of 'Bulldung' they already have.

The British House of Commons has just passed a bill which is designed to allow the state to incarcerate someone without charge for 42 days, while in America (Gitmo) They keep people in Jail for 6 years without trial and they use torture as well.
Unless I've missed something pretty big that is some change to our way of life in fact it's a victory for the bombers and it will recruit more of them.
These proposals are the kind of thing that we used to accuse others of doing and call them uncivilised and undemocratic, it would appear that it's OK for us but not for 'Johnny Foreigner' what hypocrisy.

If this bill succeeds I will be left wondering if there will ever come a time when the Govt. the two faced Tories as well will ever say " well since we are now in a peaceful and safe position we are changing detention without charge back to 3 days " Scotland's victory over Brazil in the World Cup Final would be overshadowed by that news item.


jackart takes me to task for wrongly attributing something to him which he didn't write.
I'm happy to withdraw the piece about him making jokes about the missing child, it was another similar character who hides behind the title c4.

jackart writes in his blog -

"And again for the record too, I don't recall making tasteless jokes about the McCanns, or at least not in print" so that's ok then right ?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Find this guy on the blogosphere, be amazed at what he says while hiding his identity, imagine what kind of person would write stuff like this, try to picture him.

Well we might find out he has reported me to the Standards Commission which means if they decide to have a hearing we will find out his real name and even what he looks like.
I will have the added bonus of going along and demonstrating what kind of creep he is by taking with me my collection of his blog posts which are stomach churningly filthy an abusive.

I can't wait. the light is about to move from RFS and shine on this other solid citizen, gradually they are being winkled out from under their stones.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This might be a good time to recap as RFS seems to have gone into hiding.

A while ago I wrote in praise of Renfrewshire Council's plans for Penilee playing fields and received a string of comments from RFS which were extremely aggressive and abusive, firstly of the council and then of me, these were over a decision by the planning committee not to allow RFS's Rugby Club to relocate to these playing fields, you all thought Donald Trump was a story right ?

A lengthy exchange began of a very bad tempered kind, I suspect that he was probably used to getting his own way judging by the way he set about this 'debate' I know he is not the kind of man to admit it but I think he will now be regretting his actions.
I know that I regret the whole matter but not for the same reasons as him. He may have learned that abuse and bullying can sometimes win the day but it doesn't always work, it certainly doesn't with me, I have done many things in my life which I'm not all that proud of but I'm not yet ready to let someone like him intimidate me, he'll know that by now of course.
Perhaps I should have ignored him as advised by many and perhaps it's a flaw of mine but, he gave me no choice, he chose to go down this road and we both now are dealing with the consequences.

He has now lost all his blogs for the past 3 years because as he puts it his 'finger slipped' it's probably good news for him that my finger has never slipped and I still have them, as well as everything on the 'hate site' called 'terrywatch' that he and the other equally odious characters have been blogging on.

When you read this guy's blogs and comments about himself you immediately realize that you are either in the presence of greatness or 'Walter Mitty' my money's on the latter, 'a vainglorious lout' indeed with apologies to W B Yeats. Based on his reminiscences we should have sent him to Iraq and finished it in a week or so.

The interesting thing now is that we know who he is, we now know the identity of the man who wrote all this stuff, who was so inspirational in the creation and sustaining of 'terrywatch'
He has over the years not confined his 'lash' to me, there are others who have suffered and they are now in a position to revisit his insults and accusations and, unfortunately for him these people are far more powerful and influential than me, all that is needed is for someone to contact them and update them on the present developments, I reckon that the Tory Party have no idea what their Council Candidate has been up to. Someone might fill in the details for them.

Here are two examples of what some of the other members of terrywatch are capable of.

Clairwil deals with and uses Asylum Seekers, she accuses me of hypocrisy for writing sympathetically about them and states that she sent me details of an asylum seeker known to her who was in trouble asking for my help and I did nothing.

The fact is that she was barred from my site which she knew and for that reason I did not even read her comment, it was deleted without it being opened. She did this deliberately to allow her to attack me, that's the kind of person she is, she doesn't think twice about using asylum seekers or for that matter the mentally ill as she did in the past, which got her barred.

She claims to be appalled at the direction of terrywatch but a read through it's past pages makes her a liar.

Will from the SNP did something similar when he condemned me for not blogging about an individual case where a man called Jonathan Ditton was discriminated against because of his sexuality. According to Will I'm guilty because a) it was in the Daily Record and b) because it was in Paisley.
There are about 200,000 people in Paisley and I don't read the Daily Record.

I only found out just how low they were by forcing myself to read terrywatch and I haven't finished reading it yet ! these are examples of the people who are trying to smear me and attack my family, Will also claims to be appalled by recent events but again he is made a liar by reading past posts.

I'm am now in possession of a comment which informs me that 'shotgun' and RFS are the same person, the writer states that Will of the SNP confirmed this to him but would now probably deny it. 'ferrets in a sack' comes to mind or 'rats and a sinking ship' you choose.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


My policy has been to ignore the 'hate site' 'terry watch' which some low life characters set up to attack me, a couple of days ago I was contacted by a Sunday Herald Journalist to discuss the site which meant that ignoring it was no longer an issue, I could talk to him or not talk to him either way he would run the story.

Since that time I have found out that one of the low life characters calling himself RFS, Right for Scotland is, according to the Herald a local Tory and serial failed candidate called Ron Kane, astonishingly he seems to be about to survive as a Tory, how low can they get ?
Mr. Kane plays rugby apparently for Paisley Rugby Club and I confess he is a shock to me, I was convinced he was from the BNP which says something about the Tories.
This guy has a family and is to all intents and purposes normal, only when you read what he writes do you realise the banality of people like this, quite disturbing really.

I have described Mr. Kane as a loud mouthed coward (see my last post) him and a guy who hides behind the name 'shotgun' are the toughest talking right wingers you could ever meet except ! they have both vanished, they have run away, they have removed their sites and the rest of the creeps who listed on the site have gone as well, the lot of them, offsky ! They have left it too late though, there is enough stuff collected to keep me going for ages, that applies to all of them.

These two (Will doesn't count) are spectacular big blouses, shotgun yaps away like a gangster and boasts about his rough tough Army background and MR. Kane is the self styled rugby hard man and self proclaimed 'king of the bouncers' well I have to say this.
I wouldn't like to be a soldier relying on the former as a comrade in a tight spot and I wouldn't like to have to rely on the latter in a really hard game, unless tough talking could win it for them, and I wouldn't like to rob a bank with either of them.

Tough guy right wingers my 'Jim Royle' My guess is they will slither back under different names when they have stopped trembling.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I fear something terrible has happened. A man, no a 'colossus' has gone AWOL I've just been told that the self proclaimed 'enforcer' of the blogosphere, every one's "big brother Silvest" Renfrewshire's 'Rambo' of right wing scribbling, yes you've got it in one.
RFS (right for Scotland) for it is indeed he, has done a runner, his Blog known and reviled by decent people everywhere, purveyor of filth and reactionary bile has vanished.

What kind of force of nature could have caused this ? what kind of devastating blow could bring this about ?
We are all entitled to worry, when we consider what kind of an indestructible, brave, indomitable giant and literary genius he was. At least that's what someone described him as, hold on who described him thus, I can't remember now, could it have been eh ? well never mind he's some guy.

Famed for his fearlessness on the rugby field, his sterling courage on his blog (OK he's anonymous but still) you need courage to talk like that even anonymously right ? his willingness to attack a baying mob of football hooligans, (on his own BTW) he didn't actually do this but says he would have and that's just as good in my book.
His fierce training where he learned how to join with 4 0r 5 or more colleagues and drag some drunken kid down an alley and beat him to a pulp, a bouncer no less, nay, a 'head bouncer' you don't get much braver do you, son of a cop for god's sake.

Put it all together and a sense of foreboding descends on bow tied gorillas everywhere, let's face it something very serious must have taken place to cause this, maybe one of the drunken kids from his past that he enjoyed beating up has recognised him, can his band of sicko warriors carry on without their leader or will he slither back under another anonymous title. ? Watch this space.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


We are about to kick off one of the world's great sporting events, The European Football Championships, like many other Scots. of my generation I was born to play at this level if only this that or the other mishap had not diverted me. Honest, ask my brothers they will agree, at least some of them will, some are still jealous.

Some of the world's greatest players will grace our screens and I hope the magic accompanies them, the 'greatest game' the 'beautiful game' is once again in need of a lift. I look forward to seeing great football nations like Italy - Baresi, Rivera, Riva. Germany - Beckenbaur, Muller, Overath. Holland - Cruyf - Van Hanegen, Van Basten. Will new giants emerge from these countries ?

Meanwhile Scotland, England, Ireland, N. Ireland and Wales can look out their buckets and spades, England regard this as a disaster of course, ignoring the plight of the other four who are equally crestfallen but lets be honest, England don't have Charlton, Moore or Lofthouse, Scotland don't have Law, Bremner or Gallacher, Wales don't have J Charles, M Charles or Mike England, Ireland don't have Brady, Stapleton or O'Leary and N. Ireland don't have Best, Dougan or Nelson.

The costs of foreign players in the British game is being seen at international level and we have no-one to support.
I therefore suggest that Scots. should cheer on the team which has the biggest support in Scotland outwith Scotland's own team.
'Dyin Dobre Polski' which of course means 'good-day Poland' - good players, well drilled and coached and great workers, they might also give us a run for our money which would be unusual.
I've been in the Polish Club in Glasgow and I reckon that the building will need to be supported when Poland are winning a game, let's just say that these lovely people know how to party.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Sat. May 31St. 08, off to the pleasant hamlet of Johnstone. This was their Gala Day and the sun for once was behaving itself, you could not have asked for better weather. The kind of day where people (Scots.) greet each other with comments like "man this heat is desperate" or "this is like a sauna" or "where's the beer tent" alas there was no such tent but we bravely carried on.
From memory this is the 4Th. such Gala Day since it was revived, mainly through the efforts of local politicians like ex Cllr. John Kenny and serving Cllrs. Iain McMillan, John Hood and John Caldwell, all colleagues of mine I'm proud to say.
Most of all though the people of Johnstone are due congratulations for the effort they have put in to make this occasion, once again an unmissable part of the Towns life, well done to all of them.

On entering the park I met old colleague John Kenny resplendent in his white safari suit and panama hat looking like a colonial Governor or 'our man in Havana' I watched from a distance and noted why he is known as "Mr. Johnstone" he knows everyone and they know him, he is entitled to feel pride in what he has helped to achieve for the town.
Ex Council leader Jim Harkins was also there sitting at the side of the 'Labour Party Stall' looking prosperous and contented, as he should, another man who has made a great difference to the rebirth of the town when he was council leader.
While dozens of wee boys seemed to be involved in a mad game of see who can trip over the most tent ropes at breakneck speed and crash into stalls, I was captivated immediately by the 'Falconry Club Display' Red Tailed Hawk, Harris Hawk, Kestrel, Sparrow Hawk, Eagle owl, Barn owl, Tawny Owl and several smaller owls which I did not recognise, there were several others which I can't remember except one.
Seemingly overlooking them all with disdain was a magnificent female adult Golden Eagle which sat mostly stalk still regally watching it all, a stunning display.
The public could get their picture taken holding the birds suitably gloved and gauntleted, so like a big kid I took my place in the queue to get my picture taken with the Golden Eagle.

She was placed on my arm and the weight was the first surprise, she was heavy and incredibly strong, she sat with her claw hammer beak inches from my face staring at the crowd and then she spun her head and stared at me, her right eye about two inches from my left eye and held my gaze, unblinking and utterly fierce, I stroked her breast feathers and it would be safe to say that she was calmer than me, my head is tilted slightly away from her just to give her some space, OK ? this was an ambition realised. Her and her relatives are as old as time, they have never had the need to change, a sobering thought.

It probably sounds corny but I felt privileged that she allowed me to do this without taking a chunk out of me, she is of course like the rest, raised in captivity and is not suitable to be released, the Falconry people made a fortune on the day for their very worthy cause, some ignorant b------s kill these creatures for fun.
There was also a dog show which was hilarious, definitely not Crufts but every bit as enjoyable, a great many of these mutts would not get in at Crufts.
Dogs of every kind and size some expensive and some less so were on parade with their owners.
The occasional fight would break out which had me in stitches with one wee black and brown mongrel always in the thick of it, I think he was a collie/crocodile cross, he won nothing but if there had been a prize for aggression and courage he would have had romped it.

His owner spent a lot of time saying "he's not usually like this" she would scold him and take him away and bring him back where he would start eyeing up his next opponent and growling under his breath at them, I don't know what he's 'usually like' but he was having the time of his life on Saturday.
Good causes benefited from the generosity of the large good humoured crowd and a great time was had by all, everyone went home burnt and exhausted, well done Johnstone.