Monday, October 29, 2007


They are back, in fact, they have never been away, the Tory backwoodsmen the 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' have been hiding under rocks and now they are resurfacing.

I know that most people won't be shocked to hear that I don't like the Tory party, strangely as I get older I have mellowed toward individual Tories and I find myself talking to some of them and, in fact getting along OK with some of them, I won't name them to protect their reputations.

The 'Cameron bounce' of the last month is fading and the dinosaurs are back, predictably it's Europe and the 'Johnny Foreigner' who is stealing our sovereignty and our traditions and, also that old favourite from the nasty party, 'the race card' yes there we were this morning listening to some shadow cabinet nonentity telling us that the Tories will be making immigration an issue all the way to the election, if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat it's probably a rat as Nye Bevan might have said.

If this doesn't do the trick we can expect a 'bring back hanging' campaign and if this doesn't do the trick, what about 'National Service' that will sort out the cheeky young pups eh ? Is it not time for the decent people in the 'nasty party' to stand up and be counted ?


The row rumbles on - They must provide a level playing field but the white Afrikaner will never give ground in rugby to black S.A.s they see rugby as part of white supremacist culture and they will never change willingly, they will have to be forced.

Opinion is demanding a change to produce more black internationals, to banish for ever the Springbok emblem, a remnant of the evil Apartheid days, the team doctor of Soweto rugby club Qasim Bhorat who cheered on the Springboks when they last won the World Cup said "this time I'll be cheering for England" that sounds nothing like 'the rainbow nation' does it ?

1996 Henry Tromp is capped after killing a black man, 2003 Springbok hero George Cronje refused to share a room with a black team mate, team rep. mark Keohane resigned saying " it's a matter of conscience, I'm disgusted with the racism within rugby, morally I can't be in a squad where racial prejudice is tolerated and excused.

It's got to stop and people here in Scotland and England should be ashamed for turning a blind eye to this poison.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm receiving comments from all over Britain about my views on rugby, dozens of people have written, I've lost count, mostly hostile, only one or two sensible, some predictably unprintable, no prizes for guessing Henry Crun's in there.

Poor Henry, he writes as if he's back in the Townships wearing his SADF uniform where his word is law, I've been thinking about this surge of comments, does this mean that rugby players/fans in England are my readers ? all the comments are similar, coincidence ? none of them, that's right not one of them identifies themselves ? Rugby players are brave eh. Is it possible that all those rugby people all wrote in at the same time with the same sentiments and all ANONYMOUS ? what do you think ?

I think I detect the dead hand and thick head of 'Right for Scotland' here, he's done this type of thing before and even admitted it by gloating about how he kept me so busy by colluding with others, poor guy, you can't accuse him of subtlety can you ? I think he should start wearing a helmet when playing.

Here's a surprise, the rugby bosses are on my side, they have decided that the game is dire and in need of a revamp so they are looking at rule changes, I have a few suggestions, 1/ play with a ball. 2/ ban anyone who is over 25 stones. 3/ stop kicking into the crowd. 4/ force teams to run the ball 5/ introduce mixed sex teams, it needs toughening up. 6/ force the Springboks to 'black up' before the game. 7/ get the teams to gorge on beer before the game, or do they already do that ? 8/ play night games without flood lights 9/ make the players cover themselves in oil before starting 10/ ban the racist S.A. Springboks until they join the human race !

I'm not even asking for payment for these ideas.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


They should never mix should they ? well that has been the mantra for ages of the privileged elite who can afford to exclude others on grounds of race, creed, class or colour, it still goes on in 2007 - I remember watching a documentary on this subject years ago and found out to my shock that the home of fair play and British values 'the All England Tennis and Croquet Association' known to us mortals as 'Wimbledon' were guiltyas hell.

From their creation the club had a tradition of awarding life time honorary membership to anyone who won a Wimbledon title, singles, doubles, mixed doubles etc. the documentary makers found out that one person in all that time had been refused this honorary membership, she was a Dutch woman who happened to be Jewish.
She did not want to comment and the upstanding elite Wimbledon people refused to discuss the matter, I don't know if this garbage still goes on but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

The rugby world cup showed the games ugly face of racism and elitism, England were misrepresented by a majority of toffs and white South Africa's ruling rugby elite showed that they were still entrenched in the Afrikaner mire.
Black and white S.A.s suspended hostilities for a short time until the old Springbok arrogance once again saw them strutting. The team of 15 had 13 whites 2 mixed race and no S.A. blacks this is in a country where S.A. blacks number 19 million 87% of the population, and whites 4.5 million.

S.A. is heading for a situation where players will be picked on colour rather than merit which is wrong but, make no mistake about it, the blame lies with the white Afrikaners who dominate rugby they will not cooperate, they refuse to do the right thing, white opposition politician Helen Zille said " if racism still exists in rugby it must be stopped" note the word 'if'

These are the people who will complain about politics mixing in sport, the Springboks, the white S.A. elite, the answer ? think back to the seventies 'stop the tour' that's the language that the Afrikaner racist understands, that's the language that should be meted out to them again by all rugby playing countries and all rugby people everywhere, it's time for a level playing field in S.A. and here.

Friday, October 19, 2007


First some confessions - I want to see England win the rugby world cup for two reasons because I'm British and because I read about the S.A. players, some of whom are still tainted with racism.

I will not however be jumping around celebrating all that much and, here comes the controversy, only 4 of the England squad of 22 do not come from a privileged background of wealth, private schools and famous universities.
I don't believe that that, is a coincidence, any more than it is in Scotland, the reason that rugby is a non event in Scotland is because it is elitist, it might not be the fault of individual players who would no doubt be happy to play with and against anyone.

The fact remains though that the overwhelming majority of Scottish kids have never played and never will, reason ? more controversy here, millions could be spent on facilities and coaches etc. but the outcome would never justify the expenditure because the game is just not good enough, not skillful enough, too contrived, sorry rugger lads but that is M.O.

Fitba - Scotland were brought back down with a bump against Georgia, they have had a glorious run but it looks exactly as all the experts said (me included) that France and Italy will go to the next stage, I hope I'm wrong.

You might accuse me of raining on Scotland's parade but, the other night Scotland, how can I put it ? were humiliated.
Let's stop kidding ourselves, Scotland, needing every point faced Georgia who had nothing to play for, Georgia were missing their Captain and vice Captain, they played a sixteen year old and two seventeen year old's, one of whom was their goalkeeper who had never played a first team game for his club, he never had a save to make.

This was as bad a result and performance as anything we have seen, we can't play as bad as this against Italy, problem is of course we can play a hell of a lot better and still lose to the Italians who are world champions and don't often lose when the chips are down, still it's 90 mns. and eleven against eleven so ! roll the dice.


Should I be scared ? I have been known to say things about President Bush which could be interpreted as unfriendly, some might even say insulting, I believe that, strange as it may seem there are some people out there who resent me saying these things and, I have had to reluctantly concluded that there are also people out there who have decided that they just don't like me.

They have never met me but, it seems because we hold different opinions and because I won't allow them to use bad language I'm a bad guy.
I also beat them up in arguments but hey ! isn't that what arguing is about, admittedly they are right wing reactionaries which makes my job easier but, I wish they wouldn't be so nasty, it upsets me.

This brings me back to Bush I am reliably informed that someone out there (nameless of course) thinks that I should not be allowed to say nasty things about George, they have, wait for it, complained about me to the American Embassy in London for calling George a 'draft dodging coward' wow ! what to do ? will they draw back from Iraq and come for me ? or is the money the American White House gangsters are making from the war too much to give up.
Maybe this will save me.

Anyway, I'm in the mood for martyrdom so, George Bush you are not a nice man, so there and, furthermore I offer to meet you anywhere and at any time with a view to you and me engaging in unarmed combat. We will then see whether you are a coward, or whether you really are the great John Wayne lookalike who appeared swaggering on the aircraft carrier wearing the flying leathers and declaring "Yurp, my fellow murkins the war is over, we've won."
An insult to military combatants everywhere.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


A statue of Oliver Tambo went up in London yesterday, this makes at least two statues that I know of which are 'worth the candle' Mandela's and his.

These men were prepared to die in their fight against the evil Apartheid regime, a regime which some people still try make excuses for, even today, people who exploited the black population and benefited from it, these racists are beaten and broken.

Those who went there to exploit and those who tried to undermine the ANC are now disgraced, like Neil Hamilton ex Tory MP and others who wore 't' shirts with the legend 'hang Mandela' at Young Conservative Rallies, a bunch of right wing morons.

The 'boycott' the 'demo's' the 'sporting protests' 'world opinion' stirred up constantly by activists, even insignificant ones like me all played their part, a great cause triumphed and evil was defeated.

Unfortunately the evils of S.A. are still with us wherever people are exploited and the struggle will go on. There is a 'Nelson Mandela Square' in Glasgow and that makes me proud I'm also proud to have been there when he spoke at a packed George Square, anything's possible with right on your side.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Apologies to T.S. Elliot for the title, was there ever a more useless political life than this man's. Question - What do you think Ming ? answer - 'First, what do Brown and Cameron think'

His decision to become a Liberal is painted by him as a rebellion when he was in fact at Glasgow Uni. with Donald Dewar, John Smith, James Gordon, D Alexander Snr. and other labour big hitters that's what made him a Liberal, he knew he would have sunk without trace among these guys.
That and a display of rat like cunning that told him there would always be a place for a politician who wasn't Labour or Tory.

He is defined by what he is not, not by what he is, how can anyone tell what he is, he has gone through his political life bearing the impression of the last person who sat on him.
He has survived and lived very well on a philosophy which was never anything more than 'a plague on both your houses' a cringing venal appeal to be liked because the big two were always quarreling and we / me the Liberals are nice people, a shell of a man.

Check this, Hyde Park Anti Iraq War Rally, Charlie Kennedy said he was "not yet persuaded" of the case for war, not opposed ? where was Ming ? no answer no comment ! Kennedy said " a U.N. endorsement would persuade him, the U.N. did not endorse the war, the Lib Dems. backed the war when it started, Kennedy saying in the commons that the 'prime minister can be confident of the genuine support of the Lib. Dem. Party, where was Ming ? no answer no comment !

Ming with that famous 'rat like cunning' followed his instincts, he waited to see if the war would be popular or unpopular, once he saw the way it was going he re-invented himself as the principled anti war champion, a charlatan if ever there was one.
He hid until it was safe to further his own career.
Forget about dead soldiers or civilians that's what motivated him, shameful.

His one attribute was that he had a very catchy nickname 'Ming' at least we in Scotland know what 'ming' means don't we.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The squalid low life character behind the symbol (C4') writes to me regularly, some times I have to reject what he has written because of the language he uses which is sometimes unprintable.

He has written to me again and despite the vile nature of what he has written I have decided to print it, I'm doing this to let people see what this guy is like and what he is capable of.

He has decided in his frustration at not being able to land a blow on me that the missing child Madeline McCann is a suitable subject to make fun of while trying to damage me, some people might think me wrong for printing it and I apologise to them if they do but, I think people ought to know the kind of right wing vermin who are out there.


Monday, October 08, 2007


France 0 Scotland ! Lyon 0 Rangers 3 Celtic 2 AC Milan 1 what is going on ? unfortunately the biggest talking point generated by these astonishing results was the fan who ran on to the pitch and hit the Milan keeper with a baseball bat.

Fantastic results and you can say that Lyon were lucky they didn't have to face Hibs and Milan lucky no to have to face Gretna, I was lucky to catch a TV post match interview with Milan's Clarence Seedorf, a genuinely great player who has won 17 medals and 83 international caps 4 of those medals are European Champions winners, with 3 different clubs, Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan a footballing giant who also showed us how to lose with good grace.

Seedorf praised Celtic and congratulated them and their fans without a hint of rancour, still sweating from his exertions he was the image of dignity and fair play a true Corinthian.

Davie Provan writes appropriately enough for 'The News of the World' he had a right go at the Milan keeper for feigning injury and I was cast back in time to a game between Celtic and Hearts.

Playing on the left wing for Hearts that night was the 38 yr. old (ex Rangers) Willie Johnstone he went to take a throw in and a Celtic player stood in front of him to make the throw awkward, they were nose to nose, Johnstone took the throw and they 'brushed foreheads' down went the Celtic player ' shot by an elephant gun' off went Johnstone who retired from the game that night, the Cheating Celtic player ? yep, none other than the sanctimonious critic of the Milan keeper, Davie Provan, a fine player and a 100 % hypocrite. His main concern when he stepped on to the field of play was not to get hurt, thank god for players like Seedorf !

Friday, October 05, 2007


The above title is only three letters but there is not a corner of the world where they need an explanation, what is the most famous / popular image of the twentieth century ? Hitler, Marilyn, the Queen, JFK, Lenin, Stalin, Ali, or is it this guy ? he certainly has a claim and now 40 yrs. since the pictures of the open eyed corpse were put on show in Vallegrande Bolivia the town has been turned into a place of religious pilgrimage.

Local Bolivians ( devout catholics) pray to 'Saint Ernesto' and claim that he has interceded with 'the chief' to bring them comfort and help, he is right up there with Jesus, Mary, the Pope and the latest thorn in America's side Evo Morales ( power to him )
In Seville at the university some years ago I saw a student carrying a book with a large picture of Che on the cover and I said to her "ah ! Che Guevara" and I was made welcome by the students immediately, not a bad legacy, one of the greats of history.

Fast forward 40 yrs. and, Cubans are back in Bolivia as guests, they are doctors who are working with the Bolivian poor, one of the operations which is commonplace is the restoration of sight by removing cataracts. One old man had this operation and spoke of his delight at being able to see the mountains and flowers again along with his grandchildren.

40 Yrs. ago that old man was a young army sergeant trained by the CIA when he was about to execute a man the victim said to him "calm down and point well you are about to kill a man" the speaker was Che Guevara and the young sergeant was Mario Teran who was the old man who had his sight restored by Cuban doctors.

A victory for Che, for Cuba and, for Socialism.


Under the title of 'redundancies by the SNP" I have been attacked by another 'Anonymous' who asked me this question "do you believe that everyone you argue with is wrong, I answered yes, otherwise I would be agreeing with them and not arguing with them"

He the wrote back accusing me of arrogance ( read it for yourself ) wow ! ! I now have a picture of this person arguing with people that he agrees with and agreeing with people he argues with, is this real ? you bet, why me ? what have I done to deserve these people writing to me.

Guess what ? you've guessed it he/she won't identify themselves, would you ?


SHOTGUN _ as some of you may know is a regular contributor to this blog - inarticulate and irate, he holds odious right wing opinions and usually just manages to stay on the side of what is printable but, he has recently slipped into some kind of frenzy, his last couple of posts sent to my article 'REDUNDANCIES AND THE SNP" have been quite worrying.

He has adopted a threatening stance toward me because, I think he is probably now punch drunk, his last post, again unprintable, uses the chilling old fascist phrase " we (n.b. not I) know where you live, so dear readers if I disappear you might conclude that he has finally gone over the edge, or should that be 'further over the edge' ?

I have to say though at the risk of antagonising him, ( them ) further that if he, ( them ) can fight like he, (they) can talk then I better put my affairs in order.

Maybe we could persuade him (them) to go to Iraq and finish the war in a couple of days for us.