Monday, December 23, 2013


Further evidence of snp duplicity and hostility to the trade union movement arrives just in time for the beginning of referendum year. Not that any was needed but this is special, the Scottish government announced that it would legislate against companies who blacklisted Scottish trade unionists and employers who employed Scottish workers on zero hour’s contracts. Unfortunately it was discovered that some large companies who are close to the snp will be exempt from that legislation, yes you heard that right, companies who are friends of the snp will be able to continue blacklisting Scottish trade unionists and employing Scottish workers on zero hours contracts with impunity because salmond and the snp have decided that their friends will not be subjected to the same rules as everyone else.  If this is not blatant anti union bias I don’t know what is. The snp for all their bluster have never been able to make a breakthrough with the trade union movement and the hatred that that has generated from them to the unions is palpable because of this.
Grangemouth provided a glimpse of the real face of the snp when salmond demanded that the union members should in fact surrender to Ineos. He called on them to accept cuts in wages and pensions, a two tier workforce, poorer conditions and a guarantee of a no strike agreement, he deliberately took those union members back a hundred years, it was the act of a vengeful traitor. Now he provides immunity for blacklisters and exploiters of labour. This man and this party are no friends of Scottish workers, unions would be discriminated against under an snp separate Scotland of that there is no doubt, they would be trampled under the snp jackboot as the snp took the side of management against them to settle scores because of their support for Labour. Scotland would become a country of cheap non unionised labour and a haven for tax dodgers.    
As 2014 approaches I am pleased that the political pendulum is swinging back to Labour and pleased that that applies to Holyrood, Westminster and the independence laugharendum, the NO campaign is rock steady and has maintained a steady and massive lead over the yes camp for well over two years now and I expect it to turn in to a complete rout and humiliation for salmond and the snp crazies.  The behaviour of the separatists is set to worsen as the car crash nears and I confidently predict civil unrest by some of what we used to call the “bampots” in the loony wing of the snp, the streets will not be safe for anyone with an English accent and we can only hope that the “Polis” are ready for it.

At this time of year I always ask people and I do so now to think of the “little town of Bethlehem” and let it remind you of those worse off than ourselves as it nestles on the west bank of the river Jordan in occupied Palestine. A place where inhabitants are surrounded by tanks, barbed wire and check points by the inhuman and brutal bully that is Israel. Offer up hope that it will someday be restored to peace and its people and all the other Palestinians under siege will be granted their dignity and human rights.   

Saturday, December 07, 2013


It is impossible to not think back over the life of Nelson Mandela on hearing of his death. My own involvement with South Africa goes back 45 years or more to the time when I was a teenager and a fledgling activist looking for good causes to support. South Africa was a place we knew very little about because it was an embarrassing secret to so called western democracies that were up to their elbows in it through investments. Slave Labour is one of the purest forms of capitalism there is and that was what provided the rich investment opportunities. It also provided a great standard of living with well paid jobs and all you had to do to get your share of this was to have a white skin. The whole stinking edifice was held together by that most inhuman brutal system called Apartheid, unparalleled in its evil and depravity.   
That so many seemingly nice decent people, (relatives anyone?) Yes it’s a horrible admission isn’t it, were able to go there and make themselves a comfortable living is a horrible reminder of how frail our human condition really is. The Jewish Americam writer  Hannah Arendt coined the phrase “The banality of evil” to describe Adolph Eichman when reporting his trial for war crimes and that sums up South Africa under white supremacist rule as they enjoyed the wages and lovely houses provided by the black population who were treated like beasts of burden. Now of course we see the disgusting spectacle of those who wanted Mandela not only to lose but to be executed declaring their admiration for him. Head of that list is the revolting and amoral Margaret Thatcher who declared him a terrorist and vehemently opposed sanctions against apartheid South Africa while conveniently forgetting to mention that her equally wretched husband Dennis had considerable sums of money invested in that corrupt and evil system, as did churches, The city and pillars of our superior society.  Cameron was also an enthusiastic opponent of Sanctions as was Tebbit and the rest of them, a more thoroughly dishonest and revolting bunch would be hard to find in history’s pages.  

To take on these circumstances and triumph was one of history’s greatest achievements and it is true in my opinion to say that without Mandela it would not have been done. His courage and dignity were quite amazing and he rightly became recognised as one of the greatest leaders in history. He was the mighty indestructible presence in the background as we marched and demonstrated and sometimes blundered our way through the Anti Apartheid struggle, I wonder how many times the South African White Supremacists must have bemoaned the fact that they did not just kill him when they had the chance. He became too big to kill and too well known to slip on the soap and fall down stairs in prison nor would the world believe a tale of suicide in prison, he became more powerful than those who jailed him. He was the inspiration for us and millions around the world. Glasgow was the first place to grant him freedom of the city, something to be proud of. I took my daughter Clare to see him in George Square as he thanked Glasgow for its unstinting support over the years, we were both young enough for me to lift her on to my shoulder to see him speak and then delight the crowd with an impromptu display of singing and dancing a precious memory for us both, as a delirious crowd embraced him while mother Glasgow poured down its relentless gentle rain, a memory she still talks about. He is quite simply irreplaceable but for South Africa there is no going back, the racist beast has been slain and so it must stay. There will be plenty of struggles ahead but they will win in the end and, as the legendary murdered American union man Joe Hill said “don’t mourn me, organize” Madiba would agree with that sentiment.      

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Sunday saw the 58Th. Anniversary of an event that changed history and it was down to a small, poor, quietly spoken African American woman. She was of course Rosa Parks. She has now taken her place among the most revered people in history because of her courage, her resolve and her great dignity. Her refusal to give up her seat on the bus to a white man kicked off a series of events which would change America for ever, the fire she lit still burns brightly today, for proof of that you only need look at the White House and its incumbent Barrack Obama.

Rosa Parks taken from the bus to prison

The story does not need retelling by me but I will say that Rosa Parks took her place in history and she continues to inspire those of us who struggle for a better world. She gives hope as well as inspiration. The repellent racism which blighted America at that time and still does today was not eventually challenged by armies, it was extraordinarily challenged by a small black woman who was travelling home after doing a tiring day’s work as a seamstress, she let the genie out of the bottle and it will never now be put back in.

Along with people like Mandela and Martin Luther King she has taught us that we should never give up, who would have thought that such a minor incident would go on to shake America and the world?. How many thought that white supremacist rule would ever be overturned in South Africa, how many thought that Mandela would die in jail and be forgotten and Apartheid would always be with us?. We all know now that one man did not give up despite the overwhelming odds and he, Mandela, inspires us still.   When you are ready to quit, when you are tired and exhausted, when you are losing hope, think of Rosa parks and carry on. Think also of the song we associate with her all over the world where people are oppressed and believe that right will prevail and that “we shall overcome some day”.  

1999 Rosa Parks is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton  

Sunday, December 01, 2013


The snp/separatist/cybernats have been questioning the veracity of the polls which have consistently told us for over two years that the yes campaign is heading for humiliation. They have constructed a lie around the events surrounding the Holyrood election of 20 07 which the snp won. It goes like this “the polls got it wildly wrong in 20 07 and they will be wrong again in September 20 014”. There is a big lie and a small truth in their narrative, the small truth is that the polls can get it wrong and the yes camp could win but, the big lie is that the polls did not as they claim get it wrong in 20 07. As is often the case their story does not stack up and I took the trouble to check it out. Following an on line argument with an snp separatist who was trying to sell this nonsense there was the following exchange.

Me to him.--- Mr. **** The polls are very sophisticated and mainly accurate particularly when they have been showing a commanding lead for over 2 years. I am delighted with that and of course you would not like to be in the position of the No campaign would you?. You are clearly not worried about making a fool of yourself either are you?.

Mr. X. Replied. -----
"The polls are very sophisticated and mainly accurate " (Terry Kelly)
except when they are clearly absolutely completely utterly transparently fundamentally wrong, like the last time the people of Scotland were asked a political question.
Clutching at straws comes to mind.

I then sent the following.
I assume you are talking about the Holyrood election of May 5Th. 2007. If so this is an snp myth which has been constructed to try to cover up the hammering that the snp are getting in the polls now. The facts do not support your ridiculous claim that the polls were wrong, or as you so bullishly and foolishly put it "clearly absolutely completely utterly transparently fundamentally wrong" no fence sitting there eh?. If you don't want to accept what I am saying I can refer you to the following site. 

Notwithstanding your rather fanciful claim about the accuracy of the polls I will assume that you have heard of IPSOS MORI who are probably one of the most famous pollsters of them all. The contact I have given you shows the following information from them based on those who were deemed 'certain to vote' in the Holyrood election on May 5Th. 2013. It is as follows.

Feb. 16Th. 2013 - 48 days before the election
snp 37% Labour 36%.

March 22Nd. 20 13 - 34 days later and 14 days before the election -
snp 45% - Labour 34% an snp lead of 11% and the result? An snp victory with a lead of 10% not bad eh?. 

I look forward to your reply.

Despite 4 attempts to have this printed the Herald still refuses to print it. I was advised that their refusal might be because they do not advertise other companies or ‘links’ to other sites. I then resubmitted the post minus the reference to IPSOS MORI and removed the link to the other site. They still did not print it!.  In terms of the referendum debate, I’m sure you will come to your own conclusion as to whether you can believe what the Glasgow Herald says.   

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The late Jimmy Reid has now taken on the mantle of an snp secular saint. This has been achieved by doing two things, 1/ dying, and 2/ dying while an snp member with a once illustrious history. He is often referred to lovingly by snp sycophants who hate the trade unions with venom as the great working class leader and heroic Scotsman. Contradictory? absolutely but, this is the snp we are talking about here. He lends his name now to a so called 'think tank' which is nothing more than a nationalist glee club "The Jimmy Reid Foundation". They are trying now to make it sacrilegious to be anything other than obsequious to his memory, needless to say, with me and a great many other Socialists of my generation it will not work. The best they can hope for is a grudging silence out of respect for what he once was but, the snp being what they are are not content with that they want to use him against the Labour Party, the Unions and anyone who does not follow their brand of narrow racist tinted nationalism. 
A recent exchange on the Glasgow Herald's comments net page led to some nationalists comparing him favourably with Arthur Scargill and in doing so chose to besmirch the ex NUM leader. I decided to mention his less than noble behaviour to balance the argument and I wrote the following. The Herald refused to print it.  ___________        

"Under Thatcher the unions and the working people of this country were under unrelenting attack by the Tories and the fight put up by Scargill and the miners was nothing short of heroic. 

When they needed support and solidarity they were let down. People who should have been 100% behind them betrayed them, none more so than Jimmy Reid who attacked Scargill and the NUM. 

When they were crying out for help and comradeship he stabbed them in the back. This was at the height of the dispute and he did great damage to their cause and their morale. 

We have always had to suffer at the hands of "flinching cowards and sneering traitors" and attacks from one such as him were hard to take considering his background. We are still standing though, still carrying on the struggle and despite the behaviour of such people we will eventually prevail. 

The people who stood firm, those who fought the hardest. the ones who did not shirk, they are the ones for whom Scargill was a hero and has remained so to this day. Today we see history repeat itself as leaders like Bob Crow and Len McCluskey get the same treatment as Arthur Scargill got. These men are cut from the same cloth as Arthur Scargill and I hope we see more like them emerging in the future, we are going to need them". 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I have just done my regular laugharendum check with the experts.  The ones who are non affiliated, the experts who cannot be accused of bias, not even by the rug chewing separatists who are becoming even more desperate as doomsday approaches. The man I spoke to smoked a large cigar, wore a fur coat and drove a jaguar, most of you will have guessed by now that this chap was a 'Turf Accountant' or 'bookie' as he is colloquially known.

A genial and prosperous chap, he was happy to offer me odds of 7/1 against a yes Victory and 1/9 on, on a No victory. He kindly volunteered the information that no one, not one f*****g punter as he delicately put it had placed a bet on a Yes victory despite the very generous odds, and very few had betted on a No victory because of the very ungenerous odds. He wondered aloud if the authorities would consider following the example of the "sport of Kings" and handicap the red hot favourite. He kindly suggested a system where a Yes vote counted twice while a No vote counted but once admitting that this would still see a convincing No triumph he thought that the more patriotic separatist might be encouraged to have a go. This he said would enable them to boast that they had in the face of great odds backed the cause of bonny wee Scotland the Brave.

When I report these findings I am immediately tackled by the cybernat crazies who remind me that the crazies won the Scottish election despite the opposition being favourites then as well. Very few though were brave enough then to try a wager so "win lose or draw" as the old song says they won't be effected in the pocket this time either. So we have a situation where some very large wagers have gone on the No campaign but not much by the way of the usual modest amounts normally seen changing hands in the local gambling den. I reckon it's down to a mixture of feartiness and the famous traditional Scottish reticence associated with opening the moth infected sporrans where the 'bawbees are tightly imprisoned. It's looking like Red Rum against the horse that pulls the milk cart.



Monday, November 04, 2013


OK it’s only my blog but I can’t pass up the chance to publicise the behaviour of The Sunday Times. I am reminded of the words of the great Irish writer James Joyce who described The Dublin Times a “The arse wipers weekly”
Statement by Unite the union on the report today by the Sunday Times
03 November 2013
Today's Sunday Times carries an extensive attack on Unite the union, apparently based on emails given to the newspaper by Ineos or its agents.  The Sunday Times submitted a list of questions to Unite yesterday, in response to which the union sent a statement to reporter David Leppard, well within the deadline he had imposed for receipt of answers.  Not a word was carried in the Sunday Times today.  Attempts to secure an explanation for this from Mr Leppard have been ignored. 

We release below the statement sent to Mr Leppard, in order to place Unite's response to the allegations on the record and also to draw attention to the debased standards of journalism now practised at the Sunday Times, little more than a mouthpiece for Lynton Crosby's Tory agenda.

"This report is a rehash of issues already investigated by Police Scotland and the Labour party, both of which found that Unite had done nothing wrong, and had broken neither the law nor the party’s rule book as it stood at the time.

“Specifically, Unite entirely denies any involvement in or knowledge of the forging of signatures on application forms or of any documents whatsoever; the coercing of individuals to join the Labour party – however that might be accomplished; the recruitment of individuals to the party without their knowledge or any other breach of Labour party rules.  Unite called for an independent public enquiry into what happened in Falkirk, and we remain entirely happy to assist such an inquiry – and draw appropriate lessons from it if necessary – should one be established.

“Some of the questions submitted, however, appear to relate to conduct by third parties, about which Unite cannot comment.  Unite would also point out that once individuals join the Labour party they can involve themselves as much or as little in the party’s business as they choose, but Unite would certainly encourage any of its members to play as full a part in the party’s life as they can. 

“On the separate matter of Mr McCluskey’s call to Mr Grant, Unite entirely denies that he used the words cited.  Unite has never made any secret of its support for Stevie Deans, nor does it now, but the suggestion that Mr McCluskey was threatening unlawful industrial action is entirely repudiated.  It is for Ineos to explain its handling of Mr Deans’ case.”


Thursday, October 24, 2013


24/10/13 - "Broken workforce fight for jobs"

The above is today's Herald headline on the Grangemouth dispute, it is designed to destroy the morale of the workers. I have written to their comments site and suggested the following:-

How about, 

"Courageous workforce still standing with heads held high 

and the fight goes on, the message is boycott everything to do 

with this revolting company and join the Union"

Are Ineos paying the Herald? 

Will they print it though? 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


“The trade union should accept the no industrial action demand from the company with no strings attached” (Alex Salmond) 20/10/13 speaking live on ‘Sunday Politics’ show.
Here is the snp’s anti trade union agenda red in tooth and claw, he wants a servile toothless trade union movement where the bosses can do anything they want without having to worry about industrial action and the workers will be no better than slaves. Can you imagine the management regime at Grangemouth tomorrow. Monday morning; faced with a work force whose trade union is completely emasculated? That is what salmond is demanding, a nice place for shop stewards and conveners who have stood up to managers before to work eh? How long would they last without the protection of industrial action when they need it? This statement could only come from a reactionary anti union Tory, in this case one who calls himself a nationalist, Alex Salmond. Will any snp members denounce his treachery? I have heard of an ‘snp trade union group’ but I haven’t heard ‘from them’. Have they nothing to say about this blatantly pro management anti union stance from their toadying leader, he is a disgrace to the Scottish people.     

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Brazil in 8 months time and it's the world cup, we can at last put aside the diversionary activities of tennis players, golfers, rugby players, cricketers and people running round in circles etc. and enjoy not the greatest game in the world but the 'ONLY' game in the world but first there was the small matter of England having to qualify. 

England V Poland, it was for real and the chips were down. The superb setting of Wembley stadium; jam-packed and intense with expectation and not a little trepidation saw the evening start with an emotional tribute to the Polish airmen who fought with the RAF in WW2. As the Polish fans unfurled a massive banner depicting the Polish emblem which adorned their fighter planes when they took on the Luftwaffe, their English hosts paid tribute to the indomitable spirit and heroism of our Polish allies, a wonderful and poignant moment and the match turned out to be superbly entertaining as well. Sometimes the pressure and expectation of the fans can ruin such events but this was always going to be a cracker.

I promptly found myself wondering how England could all of a sudden become such a force after suffering such mediocrity for so long. Players like Rooney, Baines, Townsend and the phenomenal Danny Wellbeck swept forward with strength and skill and threatened to finish the game in a matter of minutes such was their dominance. The Poles however are no makeweights and they started to break forward with skill and the kind of speed that would alarm any defence, after 20 minutes both teams could have had a couple of goals each, pulsating stuff. The camera cruelly honed in on the elderly England manager Roy Hodges every time their goal survived a scare and the poor guy looked like he was ready to faint away, was it my imagination or were his minders keeping a particularly close eye on him?

The longer the game went on the more England started to dominate, a mixture perhaps of their resolve and the fact that psychologically the Polls were handicapped by the fact that they could not qualify but they bravely gave everything until the second goal went in late in the game from the determined play of Gerrad, the first was a classic overlap by Baines and a trademark Rooney finish with his head. Make no mistake about it this was a tremendous show by England against very talented opponents and it augers well for their World Cup hopes.

Mr. Hodges has 8 months to polish up the team and he will be aware that in players like Rooney, Wellbeck, Baines, Townsend, Sturrige and the re-emerging Wilshere he has a bunch of talented young players who would get a game with almost any team in the world. This is the time though when he has to be ruthless if he wants to triumph, there are some players still around who should be replaced such as Cole who is no match for Baines, Milner and Carrick who are strong and willing but can't cope with the skill and pace that is likely to be waiting in Brazil, Gerrard alas no longer has the wherewithal to dominate the midfield at this level and Lampard who in my opinion has become a liability as wily foreign coaches now prepare for breakaway attacks every time he smashes a free kick against the defensive wall and they pounce on the rebound some 40 or 50 yards back to form an attack.
It would be great to see England bring the world cup back to Britain and I'm sure that everyone in the UK would celebrate that. It would be a great party here in Scotland as well, how would wee Eck cope with it though?

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Alex Salmond and the snp at his behest lied about EU legal advice. At his behest also they spent £20,000 of tax payer's money trying to cover up that lie hiring lawyers to keep it out of the public domain. They have finally failed in their blatant attempt to cheat the Scottish people whom they claim to care so much about, that care though does not stretch to telling the people the truth.
How much longer will the snp sheep allow this spiv and political shyster to use them like cannon fodder? What does he have to do to for these poor people to realize that he is a wrong un? Half a million pounds to go and see the Ryder Cup in America for Salmond and his pals! Another half a million pounds for Salmond and his pals to go to the Olympics. What will it take for the snp members to get off their knees?
Could the "affair of the tartan breeks" be the final straw for a long suffering Scottish public? On top of his football hooligan behaviour at Wimbledon, who knows? £20,000 is a lot of money to throw around especially when it isn't your money, in fact it's our money, it's even worse than that FFS it's my money, well a wee bit of it is kinda, and the tiniest wee wee bit of my money going to that baw faced wee bampot rips ma knittin, so it does.
This sum could have bought wee Eck 80 pairs of tartan breeks at £250 a pair, if you are going to be a fraudster and a crook you are as well doing it right, who pays £250 quid for a pair of troosers anyway and come to think of it who would wear such an outfit in public, tartan strides? He looked like Fran or was it Anna. There are weans running about in my ward with the arse hinging oot of their troosers and he's poncing about wearing £250 tartan breeks and trying to skip paying for them. It just isn't good enough.







October 3 rd. 2013 08.50 am, fortified by strong coffee and an unshakeable belief in our just cause I approach the chamber of Renfrewshire council with trepidation,
a full council meeting is about to start and with it the now commonplace 3 ring Circus provided by the assorted opposition members. The snp, + a single Tory, a malevolent pompous Libdem and an independent who has been practicing all his life for the moment when the actor playing Iago is taken ill and the public announcer asks if anyone in the audience knows the lines. As they assemble opposite my world weary gaze, I momentarily think I have wandered in to a casting session for extras in "Pirates of the Caribbean part 3" there are some rum characters here and no mistake, big bruisers, heavily bearded angry looking deviants, rough hewn and foul spoken and as aggressive and mean as Kilkenny Cats who have been on the gargle all night, and the men folk are every bit as bad.

We settled in for the long haul as the agenda was loaded with dim-witted spurious motions from them designed to waste time and cause the meeting to be chaotic. We have some interesting characters in the opposition benches, not I hasten to add interesting in a nice way but interesting in the way we find impossible to train dogs and members of the 'tinned people for cannibal's society' interesting. All above board never the less and it has to be suffered in the name of democracy, although one sometimes feels that Al Capone had his good points.
The meeting promptly descended in to a rabble of low degree largely orchestrated by the snp, they clearly had a game plan which was to see how far they could push the boundaries of decency and normal behaviour without being locked up and in some cases sectioned. Most spectacular was the orchestrated outburst by Cllr. A Doig ( a difficult man to like ) one can't help but sympathise with his good lady wife Audrey notwithstanding the suspicion that she is able for him. He got himself in to a synthetic rage and leapt to his feet roaring and bawling like a fighting mad drunken navvy, gesticulating with a handful of papers and pointing menacingly in our direction, this went on for some time and; by the time he had twisted himself in to a black knot and then sat down we all had to go for a pee such was the sustained laughter in the chamber. As a side issue I took the trouble of asking my comrades and no one heard a word of his incoherent rant let alone had a clue what he was on about but at least he knackered himself with his efforts and slipped in to a kind of nebulous tranquil state for a while. This behaviour was replicated by other snp brave hearts but their efforts were not as funny or indeed so loud, he is clearly a rising star in the snp.
The other side show at such meetings is now being staged by a couple of old codgers who have been round the block a few times and who now present a most entertaining if sometimes sad diversion for our entertainment, I refer of course to our one Libdem who is a she and our one independent who is a he, a more contrasting couple would be hard to imagine as they fight shoulder to shoulder and gaze devotedly in to each other eyes, it's a mutual admiration society as they face the world together from the furthest pitch out at the very end of the pier. The Libdem is a living legend and the independent isn't but as a team they can raise a chuckle, the former is convinced that she matters and cannot be convinced otherwise while the latter knows that he doesn't matter hence the resentment harboured by both. The independent is indeed so needy and meretricious that he is incapable of speaking without littering his discourse with tortuous quotes and references to great writers, poets and people that he has decided are worthy of his praise. It's a cry for attention and a plea for love. Some rather churlish people have started referring to them as the "Chic and Maidie" of the council with the sexes of the great Scottish comics reversed, a cruel taunt I know but it takes all kinds. This show is well worth a visit and it's free which is most remarkable in Paisley.
Finally a sombre note for you the taxpaying public to mull over, due to the self indulgent antics of this crowd of political clowns this meeting ran for 6.5 hours. Based on my own investigations through the council's finance department we have a ball park figure of £2,000 an hour to hold these meetings, any other council in Scotland would regard 3 hours as a marathon but the snp/Libdem/independent opposition here in Renfrewshire (the Tory does not get involved in this) are happy to see in this case 'which is not unique for Renfrewshire' approximately over £6,000 of your money wasted so that they can indulge in this puerile behaviour. Perhaps some people will feel the urge to ask them why they are doing this.

Monday, September 23, 2013


I was a great admirer of Dennis Canavan years ago when he fought on the left of the Labour Party for the causes which meant so much to us both. I also think that the party made a big mistake when they refused to endorse his candidature for Holyrood. That as we now know set in train a series of events which saw him make an equally bad mistake by leaving the Labour Party, thus beginning his sad descent and bringing him to the sad place he is now, ensconced as he is now with egomaniacs, political shysters and hidebound single issue zealots in the reactionary cause of nationalism. From Socialism to nationalism for a potentially great left wing crusader is a tragic journey, very very poignant. He gave his enemies what they wanted, his resignation, if ever there was a man whom I thought would stand and fight and never give in for what he believed in it was Dennis. I could never however be unkind to him though because he gave so much and suffered so much as well in other ways.

I was watching home made films and photos of the independence rally and saw Dennis speaking, the picture was taken from behind and to the side of him. There in much profusion in front of him were the vivid flying colours of various organisations waving in their enthusiasm; he can still move a crowd can former Labour MP Dennis Canavan.

My heart went out to him though when I saw with horror that he surely could not avoid seeing the bright yellow banners of the Flemish Nazis who had come to show their support for the snp, no surprise of course when you consider the snp's history but, Denis Canavan! being cheered on by Scottish Nationalists and Flemish Nazis and fascists, Dennis Canavan!

OK lets be generous; it was after all an old and much loved comrade I was watching, did he see them? I'm afraid so, did he know who they were? I don't know but their presence was well trailed, did he mention them? I don't know. If he saw them; knew who they were and did not mention them what then? I will out of respect for what he once was reserve my judgement but in all my time in politics it is one of the saddest sights I have ever witnessed. I want so much to see him beaten in this struggle and beaten heavily and I never thought I would ever hear myself say that about Dennis Canavan and that made it a very sad day for me.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


The snp's Nicola Sturgeon bullishly and rather comically announced a crowd of 30,000 which is a nice tidy number and represents 0.6% of the population of Scotland give or take a few. The "Harry Margolis" or Polis as we here in the west call them announced a dangerously precise sounding number of 8,300 which is 0.16% of the people of Scotland, heads are no doubt swimming at the colossal figures, imagine the logistics of stewarding such a gathering, I understand the Scottish Association Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides provided the extra stewards required to support the overstretched Polis.

The discrepancy arises of course with the contradictory calculations of the not quite gigantic numbers who attended the so called "march for freedom" led by the snp in Auld Reekie today. There were in fact just to confuse things further 3 estimates of the numbers, 8,300 by the rozzers, 15,ooo by the organisers and 30, 000 by the cerebrally challenged Nicola Sturgeon, it was ever thus I hear you experienced marchers say. The inevitable jokes have started with the pitiless and derisory description of the event as a stroll rather than a march for freedom, people can be unkind can't they? But; on the other hand people do not like political parties so blatantly trying to; as our American friends say "blow smoke up their asses" with "asses" being rewritten to replace the good old British word "arses" meaning of course that the political party in question is lying about the numbers.

A rather meaningless football match at Celtic park today attracted 6 or 7 times the lowest estimate; 4 times the middle estimate and 2 times the highest estimate, woe and twice woe and even bloody well thrice woe for the wretched snp it would seem, ochone, ochone , o'f******g'one, the game's a bogey. The appalling fact is that Hibs and Hearts draw bigger crowds and they are unarguably utter s***e . It looks like car boot sales will see a rush in kilts and wee toy daggers for sale over the next couple of months as the remnants of the snp rabble lug themselves " hameward tae think again" meanwhile the Scottish Police Force will have to endure the indignation of being placed on the burgeoning list of organisations who are part of the great Global anti snp conspiracy, they will be distraught, no doubt about it, Polis heads will roll under an snp dominated separate Scotland.

With apologies to TS Elliot, and for the snp.

"this is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper" this by the way hurts me as much as it hurts them and many other Scots. honest it does.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Prior to the great banking crash of 2007/2008 one of the party leaders was constantly critical of the Government for being too strict with their banking regulations,
can anyone guess who this cavalier clown was? It was none other than Alex Salmond, the financial hustler's friend, the pal of the stock exchange gamblers and shysters.

And today we have a party leader declaring that he will "bring the Royal Mail back in to public ownership if Scotland becomes independent and if it gets privatised by the Tory/Libdem Government today, note with extreme caution that he was asked on several occasions to say re-nationalise and he refused to say it. Can you guess who it is? Yes! It's Salmond again, and on this occasion his finance minister John Swinney refused to give a similar commitment the night before on national TV, when asked the question, oops. The road to Damascus appears to have relocated to Edinburgh's Royal Mile, from right wing monetary enthusiast to left wing Marxist revolutionary in one fell swoop, that's wee Eck, if you believe him?.

Does his desperation over the impending laugharendum have a part in all this? From the man who said "we Scots. did not mind Mrs. Thatcher's economic policies so much" to the crusading advocate of the socialist shibboleth of nationalism in jig time, what a man, what a crook, what a Janus faced swindler, villain, fraudster, imposter, phoney, low life crook, choose your own description folks.

Does anyone still believe anything he says? Vote "No" to separation to get rid of this vulgar embarrassing character once and for all.

Sunday, September 08, 2013


The snp/separatist/cybernat crazies have been repeating their interminable drivel about how the BBC is anti Scotland and anti snp, it's an exercise in getting your excuses in before the laugharendum drubbing happens, then they will cry foul once again to the sound of loud ringing laughter. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the comments column of the newspaper which used to be The Glasgow Herald, a once decent newspaper which has been allowed to deteriorate to a dreadful degree and is now a laughing stock. The lumpen nats have been led by the nose by the Herald's own version of the chuckle brothers the hapless third rate journalists Ian Bell and Iain Macwhirter or just "Bell and Macwhirter" Scotland's own end of the pier comedy duo. I have discovered to my cost that these people will not allow criticism of the paper or these journalists, hence the comment below which they refused to print----------- again. It's a glimpse of what an snp run separate Scotland would be like.

The level of vitriol and paranoia from the kailyard school of Scottish journalism and the nationalist crazies grows in equal proportion to the proximity of the forthcoming laugharendum. The wannabees and third division girners like Bell and Macwhirter and the snp/separatist/cybernat posters have become a pathetic joke and there is still a year to go. Where are they going to end up, what level of bulldung will they end up writing and who else will they find to accuse of bias and anti Scottishness? who else will feel their lash? flower growers, Quakers, dog owners, the scouts, the guides, little old ladies, sun bathers? Enemies and conspirators, insults and abuse for poor old bonny Scotland, real or imagined, where will it end?  

Thursday, September 05, 2013


As their lies and deceit become more exposed Labour are mounting a challenge to the snp's duplicitous stance on the bedroom tax. People are becoming more aware that Salmond and the snp want the bedroom tax to harm as many Scots as possible. Their twisted logic sees that as advantage to their narrow separatist agenda. Put simply and crudely they believe that that will allow them to blame the English for the pain being suffered by Scots. and that is why they have chosen to do nothing to help those Scots caught up in this iniquitous Tory charge on the poor.

Scottish Labour has called for concerted action by the Scottish Government to help protect Scotland's social housing tenants from the impact of the coalition government's Bedroom Tax. Scottish Labour is bringing forward a package of measures which will offer 

assistance to all social tenants now, without having to wait until after a general election or until 2016.

Scottish Labour has previously supported the Govan Law Centre petition which called on the SNP Government to amend housing legislation to protect social tenants from eviction. As the SNP has resisted the petition, Scottish Labour is now bringing the proposal forward as a members' bill. 

As an integral part of the package of support required, Scottish Labour has also asked the SNP Government to provide additional funds to local government and housing associations to help plug the financial gap which is growing by the day as a result of increasing rent arrears. Both offers made by Scottish Labour to work together with the Government to find a consistent approach across Scotland for all social tenants have so far been refused by the SNP.

Labour's Jackie Baillie said:"With the impact of the Bedroom Tax becoming more apparentand every day, it is right that we bring forward a package of measures which will ensure that no tenant who is genuinely unable to pay the Bedroom Tax, loses their home. "With the SNP refusing to act for all of Scotland, I have decided to bring forward a Member's Bill with the assistance of Govan Law Centre, which will ensure that any social tenant who is genuinely unable to pay the Bedroom Tax will not be evicted."The Bill will help ensure that our most vulnerable are protected. It is for times like these that the Scottish Parliament was created and the Bedroom Tax is the perfect example of just how Parliament could act now to make a real difference to tenants across Scotland."This is bigger than party politics and bigger than constitutional arguments. Scots are looking to us for leadership on this issue. It is not too late for the SNP Government to work with parties who want to see action on the bedroom tax. They have the

Labour's Ian Gray said "The financial impact of the Bedroom Tax on Scottish tenants is £50 million. That is less than 0.18% of the Scottish Government budget, a fraction of last year's underspend. But the wider impact is huge. 80,000 households are affected, many with children, many of them including someone with a disability. There are no smaller houses for them to move to. Meanwhile councils and housing associations face the prospect of soaring rent arrears, threatening cuts to other council services and undermining Housing Associations ability to borrow and build."Yes, this is the Coalition government's fault but apportioning blame is not enough. Scots want politicians to work together to protect our poorest and most vulnerable."We can, and we must, act by working together to find the resources to protect councils, housing associations and above all, tenants."
Labour's Mark MacMillan; leader of COSLA and Renfrewshire Council said:"Despite the rhetoric, we know that councils of all political hues are facing growing financial pressures and our tenants and housing association tenants are growing increasingly concerned about what lies ahead as their rent arrears mount. "We've seen SNP councils threaten evictions to tenants who are falling behind as a result of the Bedroom Tax. It simply isn't good enough for individual councils to be left to try to plug the financial gap on their own. Housing associations can't simply be left on their own to try to cope with the financial impact of the loss of rental income."Scottish Labour councils commit that no tenants who fully engages with their local authority to minimise their debts and who make every effort to pay their rent will be evicted. This joint approach is needed as all of our requests for SNP Government action, made both individually and through COSLA, have fallen on deaf ears."So with this commitment from Scottish Labour councils and from Scottish Labour in Holyrood to bring forward the money and the legislation needed to ameliorate the impact of this much-reviled Bedroom Tax, there is a comprehensive approach to ensure action is taken now to help our poorest and most vulnerable. Scotland deserves nothing less.

Thursday, August 01, 2013


My struggles to get printed by The Glasgow Herald's comments site despite having improved are still giving me grief. I replied to a post by my old 'friend' Paisley's own snp/Tory hybrid iain Lawson (more old than a friend of course) about an article written by the Herald journalist Iain Macwhirter, a man who makes Chic Young look like a cross between James Cameron and Alistair Cooke. It is quite difficult for me sometimes to get printed being anti snp and almost impossible if you criticise either Mr. Macwhirter or the other Herald cure for insomnia Ian bell who is guess what? He's a distant relative of the Irish revolutionary Marxist James Connolly, honestly. So being 'binned' again by them was not really a surprise, I have therefore decided to reprint my comments here, to make me feel better. n.b. For the sake of clarity, Iain is Macwhirter and iain is Lawson, I've no idea why.  
The oil flowed south, Scots went on the dole ... no-one cared. Sunday 28 July 2013- iain Macwhirter.

It's the same bunch of words mixed up and recycled like so much fictitious refuse by Iain and iain again, they can't change them because they have nothing to change them with; hence their torpor and crushed demeanour. It was great fun for them when they could wind up the crazy Nat. rug chewers and grasp some counterfeit celebrity while doing so. Now it's gone too far, it's serious and they can't now prevent what they know is going to happen, this is where weakness leads. Hardly an article or a post from them now appears without bets being hedged and premature blame being apportioned; these two though will survive the carnage; don't worry about that; they will endure, they are not the type of fellows to go down with the ship. The people that they led to the top of the hill though? The expendables?. That will be another poignant story but Iain and iain will no doubt survive; with heavy hearts they will carry on. Iain will no doubt be taking notes right now, the better to assist with his best seller about the heroic defeat of the Scots. freedom fighters, his version of course.


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Nautical experts, scientists and my local barber who knows everything are backing a new revolutionary way for bonny Scotland to reclaim its seas around the country's coast, despite the Engurlish bastards claiming them as British. The plan is to excavate muckle big massive areas of the remote highlands (Grannies in "heilan hames" will be offered compulsory purchase by the local council heavies) to create giant underground caverns at huge deepnesses. An enormous pipe will then be inserted in to the sea off the Scottish coast and the other end of the pipe is to be located at the huge excavations where the gallant and dashingly handsome first minister Mr. Alex Salmond snp, resplendent in his genuine Harry Lauder tartan trews with the bottoms neatly tucked in to his fashionable green wellies, the whole ensemble rakishly topped off with hacking jacket and blue bonnet waits patiently to have this other end of the pipe or "outlet" as we engineers call it, inserted in to his mouth or 'gub' as he colloquially refers to it. He has of course been known to use the expression "facial orifice" when he wants to impress with his extensive vocabulary, he insisted on that bit going in.

The theory is according to the experts is that if wee Eck can suck as hard as he can blaw, the water will be shifted in jig time. Rumour has it that the lovable wee spiv has offered to sell the Americans Loch Lomond using the same method. First refusal they say will be offered to a flamboyant chap with hair like a lions mane in a blizzard called Mr. D Trump with options of Edinboro Castle and The Blarney Stone thrown in as a job lot. The pair have set a date to tour the sites chauffeured by a villainous little mountebank with a broken toothed smile like the tin plate on a coffin called wee holy Sooter, honestly! Mr, Alex wants it known that "he can't say fairer than that can he?" He might be on to something here; he's a right wee bugger for this enterprise culture so he is.

With thanks to my anonymous contributor.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Following his now disreputable imitation of a football hooligan at Wimbledon, our first minister; wee Eck (the spiv) has now forced himself on the Isle of Man to use it in the cause of Scotland's freedom from the wicked Engurlish. Drawing economic and financial comparisons between a tax dodging haven of 90,000 people and Scotland with 5,000,000 people seems to have been a good idea to him at the time, and so it goes. More derision has now descended upon him; does he have any advisers I wonder? Probably not, he is not the type to take advice is he?

The first minister's moral fibre or lack of it has been examined again today and brought more mortification and downright queasiness among the population who are now afraid to switch on the news for fear of what he has been up to this time. The cry of "for f**k sake somebody get a grip of that clown" can now be heard across the country by affronted we learn now that he has been sending many sycophantic letters seeking to 'sook' in with leading Scottish Sports stars and other prominent people. Like an obsequious little stalker he hunts down any Scot. who might be of use to him, any unsuspecting person that he can get his picture taken with is fair game and woe betide anyone useful to him who makes the mistake of communicating with him, they become trapped. Shiny faced fervent youths who sell replacement windows with the devotion of teenage brownshirts are not nearly as determined to coral you as wee Eck (the spiv).

To his chagrin wee Eck (the spiv) has been found this time writing unctuous letters to snp/separatist/cybernat hate figure Chris Hoy, Alex Ferguson (honestly), JK Rowling (again honestly) and on no fewer than 8 occasions Andy Murray who is also becoming a hate figure for the demented gnats. All attempts by Salmond to appear friendly and decent have been rebuffed by these people who clearly know exactly what he is, not one single letter in reply did he receive! He did in fact collect one reply, from that well known patriotic Scottish half wit and tax exile; ex racing driver Jackie Stewart. A Laurel and Hardy pair if ever there was one. Regrettably we Scots. will have to go on suffering this narcissistic moron in our midst until he suffers humiliation at his vanity project the laugharendum. Unless he does the respectable thing before then and jumps before being pushed.

Sunday, July 07, 2013


A wonderful day for Andy Murray and incredible drama, well done to him and all his team. Despite his best efforts to do so the (wee spiv) Salmond failed to ruin the occasion with his embarrassing antics. His imitation of the fat drunken uncle that everyone hopes will forget to turn up at the big occasion was excruciating. What a low life chancer.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Following the Dunblane mass murder the wee shyster Salmond struck with indecent haste to get himself on the TV to share his grief with the people, and of course he made sure that he was first to call for a ban on guns. Not all guns of course nor did he know what guns should be banned but he was first that was what mattered. He also latched on to the case of the 3 broken-hearted wives of the fishermen whose boat sank with them on board, he made it his personal crusade to raise that boat, he apparently was convinced against his better judgement that he should not claim that he would bring the men back to life but he took some convincing. The other sea graves, oh yes! there are hundreds in the same circumstances; were ignored, you see the others unfortunately did not have 3 distraught grieving widows who were running a high profile campaign to have the boat recovered, that's just tough luck for the others, strike while the iron is hot said wee Eck. When he was rumbled and embarrassed at taking a wage from Holyrood and Westminster at the same time he vowed to bestow one of the wages on good causes. Then; with rat like cunning he 'found an angle' and came up with an idea for a good causes foundation. It's name? Well; how about "The Mary Salmond Foundation" I kid you not; he made certain that if he was to do something good then the world would hear about it. Hence the idea to exploit his late mother's name, now every time the foundation does good he gets the credit, what a guy, what a super Scotsman, what a low life Del Boy Shyster. As Billy Connolly once said about that other Scottish thug, union buster and capitalist hero Andrew Carnegie "he gave money away as quietly as a waiter falling down a flight of stairs with a full tray of glasses"

Today we hear it trumpeted that he is to "boycott" the open golf at Muirfield in Ayrshire because it is a male only preserve. The most entrenched section of voters against independence it turns out are women; now, call me an old sceptic but could there be a link, would anyone honestly sink that low? Read the first paragraph again please. The story emerged that the snp Scottish Government led by wee Eck (the spiv) would not darken the doors of the offending Muirfield dinosaur park but, there's always a but isn't there. It turns out that they will send a representative in his place similar to a colonial governor if you will to be a symbol of "his eckness" so they will not in reality be boycotting anything, just kind of boycotting it, so as not to cause any offence to anyone ken?

The great leader emphasises his personal sacrifice by telling the world that his devotion to golf is such that he has attended every open championship in Scotland for 40 years and, wait for it, in another exhibition of the famous Salmond hubris he forgot that more than a few of those tournaments have been at Muirfield. Take 40 years away from my own 64 years and I am 24 and I remember at that age campaigning for female equality and women's rights including a 2 month strike which I was proud to help to lead so he can hardly claim that when he was there these things were not important.

In a final piece of delicious irony which completely buries any integrity he might have had Mr. Tom English of the Scotsman newspaper offers a column today headed up by a photo. of the dashing first minister driving out of the rough on a rather splendid golf course named The Royal St. George's Golf Course in the beautiful English County of Kent from where he wrote to "congratulate" the snp supporting Ayrshire couple who won £161 million on a lottery. That golf course he was playing only 2 years ago was guess what? I think you might be ahead of me by now; it was a famous fortress of the male only variety, a proud sexist establishment.

Would you Adam n Eve it? You could not make it up could you? Has any politician ever shown such arrogance? Has any politician ever shown such contempt for the electorate? Has any politician ever treated women with such patronising disdain? Ladies and gentlemen I give you wee Eck the first minister of Scotland and, catch this one; he wants to rule an independent Scotland where his word will be law. Be careful when you vote.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


snp MSP and Scottish Government Minister for paper clips Richard Lochhead has been rumbled, (grassed up by his snp pals no doubt, one of whom insists on referring to him as a "wee heilan stoat") He is trying to cash in on his Holyrood housing expenses by selling his house at a huge profit. It was in the now time honoured fashion
largely paid for by the tax payer. 

Perfectly legal of course but, the snp have been accusing Labour and everyone else of this kind of dastardly thing, portraying it as a hanging offence and trying to lie about it happening in their own ranks, they have gone uncharacteristically quiet about this case, I wonder why? the word for this is hypocrisy, an snp trait for sure.
On another uplifting note from the snp, this time it's ex snp MSP Bill Walker who is contesting his heartless kicking out from the party and who presently sits as an independent has been charged with 24 crimes of assault on 4 women over a period of 28 years. A hugely impressive? average of almost one a year! one can't help but admire his diligence and vigour, some women can be downright dangerous you know, I've heard of other politicians who have gone toe to toe, eye for eye and tooth for tooth with the weaker sex and lived to regret it. He managed despite this charge of a catalogue of violence against women in his background for which he now stands trial to get selected by an snp panel for the job of snp MSP. The snp people responsible for interviewing him said they didn't know about it, and; by the way, these same snp politicians are now running Scotland! no honestly.

No doubt such events as these play their part in the following independence information. The odds set by your local Turf Accountant or (Bookie) on the issue of separation and the forthcoming "laugharendum" are as follows. 

For the NO to separation campaign 1/6 on.
For the YES campaign 7/2 against.

As we say here in Paisley "It's all over bar the shouting" 






Saturday, June 22, 2013


Thursday night, saw an snp majority in the Aberdeen by election slashed by 5,000, and Labour took a council seat in Edinburgh from the snp as well as holding a Labour seat in Fife with an increased majority. Meanwhile the polls continue to record a large lead for the No campaign in the separation referendum, a lead which has been solid for approximately 2 years.

Why should I have a problem then? Well I do; and it takes the form of a battle against complacency. The snp and the separatist campaign are so rudderless and dreary that enthusiasm for attacking them is hard to sustain. The urge to stand back and watch them unravel and suffer the certain humiliation which is coming to them is almost irresistible. I mustn't do that though and neither must any No campaigner, these people (snp) would take Scotland backwards and it would not be long before we were in the midst of parochialism and despair. With the snp nutters no longer able to blame the English and if the country voted for separation our minority communities would soon feel the lash of the snp patriotic gauleiters who would blame them for every failure, problem or insult; real or imagined.

That is only one of the dangers of separation but it is one which should fill every decent Scot. with dread, If you want to live with your head held high, do not let it happen, VOTE NO TO INDEPENDENCE.


A recent poll by Edinburgh University of 14-17 year olds, shows overwhelming support for Scotland remaining a part of the UK. It is the future of young Scots that we are voting for. Their choice is clear.

Another spectacular own goal for Salmond (the spiv) who was banking on support from teenagers who are turning out to be smarter than he insultingly gave them credit for. Will (Del boy) Salmond manufacture a reason for cancelling the referendum rather than face humiliation? That is now a valid question.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Derek Mackay snp msp, does not seem to be aware of how decisions are taken at a Council planning meeting which is quite a gap in his knowledge; since he is what is laughably called the snp Scottish Govt. Minister for Planning. Here is what he had to say, not just about Renfrewshire Council's special planning meeting on Tuesday June 18 2013 but about me personally.

"Renfrewshire Council Labour Planning Convenor ignores hundreds of local views on Local Development Plan submissions at meeting today" I am the Planning Convener he refers to. 

The Local Plan is a document which outlines the council's planning framework for the next 5 years and as such is very significant, hence the large public attendance at the meeting. Visitors to the meeting were there to see what would be decided with regard to mainly green belt land in their area, which they had been campaigning to have retained as green belt. 

This was the third meeting held to discuss the proposals in public and it came at the end of a meticulous consultative process which drew correspondence from nearly 2,000 different groups. These contributions were reduced to 46 distinctive separate subjects which covered all the areas of interest as well as providing a substantial document which dealt with each individual contribution. Despite the consultation period closing some months ago Renfrewshire Council continued to accept communications on the proposals up until Tuesday. 

Planning Minister Mackay regards this as a case of local people's views being ignored by me. 

It might aid your understanding of his rather muddle headed comment if I tell you that Mackay and me have "previous" When he rose without trace to become the leader of Renfrewshire Council with the aid of the wretched Libdem Cllrs. led by the most disingenuous and thoroughly nasty Libdem Cllr. Eileen McCartin in a coalition I had a few laughs at his expense and roughed him up a bit. I quite enjoyed for instance telling him that the snp had never in history won a majority in Renfrewshire and had formed the council administration twice, once with the help of the Tories and once again with the help of the LIbdems. Nothing too serious but he is obviously a sensitive and vindictive soul as his reaction here shows. Unfortunately for him though it also displays behaviour which is petty and unbecoming a government minister. I wonder if the people at the meeting he gave his support to along with the snp Cllrs. and the single Tory really buy their story. I think not, I suspect if they haven't already done so they will read the record and find out that this Local Plan Document was passed unanimously and without demur by the same councillors on the same Planning Board some time ago, that might just leave a bad taste in their mouths. 

Mackay's actions do not shock me however; he has always displayed a lot of ambition and rat like cunning. I refer to him as the snp Government "Planned Minister" rather "Planning Minister" as I suspect that Mr. Salmond having spotted his willingness to be a yes man promoted him in the same way as he has "planned" the progress of other obsequious nonentities whom he has deliberately surrounded himself with, all of them malleable and none of them a danger to him.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Is the separatist campaign wilting? Is it unravelling? Going down the stank?
If today's facebook expose is anything to go by it looks as if they might be "heading homewards tae think again" they might even be thinking now that they should have tried tae think some years ago; thus avoiding such humiliation. You see some diligent No campaign supporter has posted a picture of Renfrewshire yes campaign's latest inspiration! There in glorious colour is a picture of their latest wheeze to get people to support them, the irresistible lure is the offer of a ticket in a raffle to win, and no; I'm not making this up; nor have I been on "the gargle" the beyond belief 1st. prize is £20 worth of 'messages' at the Braehead Centre with a staggering 2nd. prize of £10. You read that right folks the snp are bribing people to support their separatist ambitions with raffle tickets, it's true; honestly!

The exhausted snp numpties urging you to vote for separation are involved in what most people describe as the biggest decision in Scotland's history. It seems that these same people (proud Scots.?) have now decided that this judgment is so momentous that they are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice of of donating the magnificent sum of £30 to turn people's heads. Who said Scots. were mean? "£30 quid for my vote? it's a deal pal, make it 40 and I'll throw in a couple of my weans, now I cannae say fairer than that can I?" 

The next time you hear any half witted braveheart buffoon telling you about how significant independence is remember this humiliating, cheap, and offensive little stunt. Those fighting for freedom all over the world will, when they learn of this be rushing to lay down their arms and embrace this revolutionary new method of overthrowing tyrants and despots. 'To hell with all that rioting, all that slaughter, all that sacrifice' I hear them say, 

Is there an inadvertent message in all of this? Well actually there is. The significance could hardly be clearer, the snp's evaluation of the Scottish people is laid bare. It appears that according to the snp we are the kind of people who care so little about our futures and the futures of our families, neighbours and friends that we can be persuaded to vote in a certain way by the chance of winning a raffle for £20 or if it's the second prize £10. I personally think they are wrong and I also regard their tactics and the implication complicit in those tactics as a grave and arrogant insult to the people of Scotland. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013


Mr. Dickson of the snp/separatist/cybernat tendency has quite predictably waded in to the argument between me and the Herald. He volunteered the information that I was blocked because of my bad language and bad attitude to other posters. I don't know how he would know that but he is an snp fantasist and he is now bombarding me with lengthy comments on my Blog despite saying he did not read the thing, and so it goes.
Here is an example of one of his posts which of course was printed and my reply which was of course not printed. I have asked him if he could have a go at explaining why, I've urged him not to just claim it's nothing to do with him, I said to him "I want your opinion as to what it was in the language or anything else which caused it to be blocked?" since he himself claimed that that was the reason.
The Herald article was headed "Indy Scotland 'would need to guarantee savings" 'Sunday 26 May 2013.
His post which was printed was as follows.

"An independent Scotland will need to be able to guarantee that umbrellas will still be available for purchase in the event of it raining.
We have the right to know this stuff"

And my reply to his post which was not printed was as follows.

"Shock news, snp/separatist/cybernat concedes that Scotland would still get rain even if separation happens. This is serious, what else will he admit to, beer will not be free after all? No cigarette trees? no soda water fountains?
This is quite amusing Robert but; not nearly as funny as when you try to be serious".  









Tuesday, June 04, 2013


On The 28/05/13 the herald printed an article under the heading, "Yes vote would lead to boom in investment , says SNP research" Separatist campaigner Iain Lawson posted saying.

"I believe Scotland through its already high reputation in education and innovation is even better placed to make the most of new opportunities that Independence would create"

I replied as follows,

"Was this "high reputation in education and innovation" achieved as a result of Scotland being part of the UK or was it established more than 300 years ago Iain? Just asking, ken? 

My comment was banned by the Herald! Despite over 300 comments on this article being printed!


Friday, May 31, 2013


Six days ago, Friday 24 May 2013 the Glasgow Herald carried a story headed up "Yes Scotland hail 372,000 Independence Declaration signatures"

I thought they might have been as well calling it 3,000,000 signatures for all the actual impact it had and it carried no details either, in reality it was just a rather lifeless and crude attempt at a pick up for the ever more dejected and crumbling separatist cause. My old friend Iain Lawson (more old than a friend actually) decided to have a little dig as follows. "Just a simple question how many signatures to stay in the Union has BT managed to secure so far? Now take your time now!"
Iain Lawson – 24/05/13, so far so what? I hear you ask. No change there then and not an earth shattering sequence of events OK? I stirred from my complacency brought on by years of snp/separatist/cybernat ineptitude and put pen to paper as I often do when Iain enters the fray. It's cruel I know but irresistible some times, and I sent a rather teasing post reminding Iain about the snp's phantom and rather absurd claim about large numbers of Labour people who support independence and how unreliable that claim is, there are only 3 identified as far as I'm aware at this juncture. Here is what I wrote, see what you think.

"Just wait until you see the list of Labour for independence names, there's millions of them Iain. People like you and the snp/separatist/cybernasts are going to take the crushing defeat the hardest because you are the ones who are most in denial"

44 words! Not exactly Shakespeare or Milton I admit but; believe it or not The Glasgow Herald refused to print them. Is this the kind of thing we can look forward to if Scotland chooses partition? How long will it take them to run out of books to burn? and what will they burn after the books? People be warned, voting for separation is far too high a price to pay for punctual trains.