Friday, April 25, 2014


The fashion for ex Party luminaries overtly criticising those in charge of their own parties today seems to be spreading rapidly to the former “big brother” controlled SNP, no doubt the dissidents were always there but they were clearly too petrified of salmond’s  “reign” of terror to raise their heads above the parapet. They are now becoming emboldened by the approaching referendum and the recognition among many members that they are going to lose, despite all those years of biting their tongues for fear of accusations of treachery or even  “unscottishness” as some of the snp bug eyed loons would call them.
We have seen in the past where attempts to defy salmond can lead, consider the banishment of Margo MacDonald for daring to give up cheek to wee Eck, cast aside to wander in the political wilderness by him and the same people who have been on TV and Radio telling anyone daft enough to listen to them how much they liked, nay, loved her following her recent demise. Then just last week we had the great leaders ex financial guru and bag carrier Prof. John Kay who blatantly rubbished wee eck’s financial and economic gibberish and in doing so he showed how much he was enjoying being out of the sinister malevolent shadow of the great dictator. Even the “mister cellophane” of Scottish politics Patrick Harvey eventually stormed out of the snp cabal known as the yes campaign, proving that worms can indeed turn. Jim Sillars has of course been in a bad mood for years and now he is looking chipper as he sees the edifice starting to crack, he stands to the side gloating with his ever ready big bucket of bulldung to throw over the first minister at the appropriate time.
Then a mister Stan Blackley appears, Stan who? I hear you ask, well, he was one of the chosen ones by the eckster to guide the Scottish ship of State to its Scottish Valhalla as one of the yes campaign’s  influential leaders, all 5 of whom are no longer around, all offsky, like a bunch of rats up a roan pipe.  This guy (an enthusiastic tree hugger apparently) took his revenge all right, he went public with a withering eye witness account of the shambles that is the yes campaign , his analysis sounded like they couldn’t organise ‘a turn of the wash house key” or a “turn of the close cleaning bobbin”.

There are very few situations that the arrival of a past snp leader can’t make worse and right on cue, last week  we saw the arrival of the snp’s very own ‘Bertie Wooster’ ex leader and prehistoric anti gay bigot Gordon Wilson. He announced a novel discrepancy with one of the many mantras of the snp brain dead, the idea that (for the sake of the argument) they would automatically stroll along as before as members of the EU under a separate Scotland. “Be that as it may”  (and not many are wacky enough to believe it) opined Gordon as he brought the point to the attention of the snp flock that it was hardly fair to expect the great mass of the Scottish people to have a referendum on separation without having a referendum on EU membership as EU membership is a UK thing and, a separate Scotland would be kind of not a UK thing, that’s a sore yin right alex?. The question is now of course how will ‘del boy’ salmond wriggle out of this one?. My guess is that salmond will employ all his ruthlessness, his ability as a practiced liar and his rat like cunning to ensure that Gordon Wilson will end up ‘sleeping with the fishes’ but someone will follow him.             

Saturday, April 12, 2014


In response to my last post called “THE POLLS CONTINUE TO SAY NO AS THE CYBERNATS GET READY TO RUMBLE” I have received predictable and typical responses from those snp/separatist/cybernats that I referred to, I sometimes refer to them as the “tartanshirts” since they are so fond of copying Moseley’s “blackshirts”.  

Most posts are unprintable for the reasons I outlined, their language is abusive and crude, they are of course anonymous as they always are because they are cowards, but I suppose these people would probably say “we might be a bunch of cowards but at least we are good old Scottish cowards”, they are not very bright either. Anyway I will repeat here yet again for the avoidance of doubt and in language that even they can understand.

It is my intention to print and answer everything that is sent to me as long as it’s printable. Anyone who wants to use abusive language or try to bully or make accusations can also be printed and answered with the proviso that they provide a checkable identification, that’s easy to understand isn’t it?. So “bring it on” if you can find the bottle.     

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Just in time to rain on alex salmond’s parade at this week’s Nuremberg Rally AKA the snp conference comes a poll released today showing the ‘No’ campaign with a 10 point lead which becomes a 12 point lead when the don’t knows are not included.
Evidence also shows that alex (Del boy) salmond’s women trouble continues with support for separation among women voters tumbling to 28.5% a fall of 4 points.
Not only is this result a big blow to salmond and the snp crazies it is also a massive blow to the credibility of the (snp / ‘Wings over Scotland’s’)  absurd  pet polling company ‘panelbase’ who are so out of step with all the other pollsters that they could well have travelled here from the planet Zogg.
Looking extremely statesmanlike and sounding determined and composed the Better Together leader Alistair Darling said, “It's increasingly clear that people in Scotland want to have the best of both worlds - a strong Scottish Parliament, with the guarantee of more powers, backed up by the strength, security and stability of being part of the UK. While the SNP spend every day talking about how they want to break up the UK, devolution is clearly the settled will of the Scottish people”.
It appears that the snp attempts to deceive the people are coming back to haunt them. The Scottish people can remember how salmond rode roughshod over them by announcing that  ‘he’ would make the Queen the Monarch of a separate Scotland, how he lied about taking EU legal advice, creating a new shameful saying “in terms of the debate”. The NATO U Turn, the bluster over sterling, the inability or unwillingness to answer serious questions about jobs, borders, currency and pensions etc. but most of all the open disdain that they have shown for the Scottish people by treating them like idiots has played very badly and rightly so. Sneering and laughing along with rubbishing every opinion that he doesn’t like no matter how expert that opinion is is simply not good enough and nowhere near convincing to the people and it does not work.

In addition we have a very grim and growing crisis on our hands with the activities of the so called ‘cybernats’.  snp/separatist/cybernats, credulous individuals who have been worked up in to a frenzy of anti English hatred over the years by salmond and the snp. Their hate filled rancour has been unleashed on anyone who dares to argue against independence, they are also bullying and harassing people and making threats against anyone whom they deem to be a “traitor” to Scotland. This bunch of morons were created calculatingly by salmond and the snp and they are now out of control and can no longer be reined in. When the snp/separatist/cybernats get beaten at the referendum as they surely will we can expect civil disorder and violent behaviour by this mob, we can only hope that the authorities are prepared for it. This is the true face of nationalism, not since the days of Moseley and the fascist blackshirts has British politics seen anything like these thugs save for their fellow nationalists in the BNP.  

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Yesterday was the snp's 80th birthday and the snp/separatist/cybernats have vanished like 'snaw aff a dyke', what is going on?. 
They are happy to talk and indeed sing about events hundreds of years ago but not their own creation a mere 80 years ago. There must be some pretty ugly skeletons in their cupboard by the looks of things. What are they ashamed of?, what has scared them into uncharacteristic silence?. Do they not want people to know about the creation of the snp? do they really think that sticking their heads in the sand will make their shame go away?. Anyone intrigued by this display of shyness should research the history and pay particular attention to the squalid characters who created the party and read about their attempts to stop young Scottish men from fighting Hitler and fascism. It's quite a story and they richly deserve to be haunted by it, a certain Mr. Arthur Donaldson ex leader of the snp, founder member of the party and Nazi sympathiser who was jailed for his pro Hitler activities casts a long dark treacherous shadow still. Despite this sordid past the snp still hold an Arthur Donaldson lecture annually. Is that perhaps the reason for their silence?.