Friday, May 31, 2013


Six days ago, Friday 24 May 2013 the Glasgow Herald carried a story headed up "Yes Scotland hail 372,000 Independence Declaration signatures"

I thought they might have been as well calling it 3,000,000 signatures for all the actual impact it had and it carried no details either, in reality it was just a rather lifeless and crude attempt at a pick up for the ever more dejected and crumbling separatist cause. My old friend Iain Lawson (more old than a friend actually) decided to have a little dig as follows. "Just a simple question how many signatures to stay in the Union has BT managed to secure so far? Now take your time now!"
Iain Lawson – 24/05/13, so far so what? I hear you ask. No change there then and not an earth shattering sequence of events OK? I stirred from my complacency brought on by years of snp/separatist/cybernat ineptitude and put pen to paper as I often do when Iain enters the fray. It's cruel I know but irresistible some times, and I sent a rather teasing post reminding Iain about the snp's phantom and rather absurd claim about large numbers of Labour people who support independence and how unreliable that claim is, there are only 3 identified as far as I'm aware at this juncture. Here is what I wrote, see what you think.

"Just wait until you see the list of Labour for independence names, there's millions of them Iain. People like you and the snp/separatist/cybernasts are going to take the crushing defeat the hardest because you are the ones who are most in denial"

44 words! Not exactly Shakespeare or Milton I admit but; believe it or not The Glasgow Herald refused to print them. Is this the kind of thing we can look forward to if Scotland chooses partition? How long will it take them to run out of books to burn? and what will they burn after the books? People be warned, voting for separation is far too high a price to pay for punctual trains.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind." ― Mahatma GandhiI

I bear no ill will towards Lee Rigby, I deeply regret his death and offer my sincere sympathy and condolences to his loved ones who have been overwhelmed by these shattering events. I cannot however in all conscience support the idea of a state funeral, this would be subjected to the danger of being high jacked and exploited by those who are motivated by racial hatred in an attempt to target all Muslims. I believe that all victims of conflict should be treated with dignity and this I feel would be more like a jingoistic circus than an occasion of respect and it would at the end of the day make matters worse. It is unpalatable but undoubtedly true that had this young murder victim been an innocent young British Muslim the idea of a state funeral would have been regarded as absurd.

We now have the obscene sight of the British gutter press stirring up hatred and displaying the worst kind of insidious racist bigotry in an attempt to whip up a storm of anti black, anti Muslim hatred. And now in a quite grotesque display of sickening double standards, once the seeds of reprisal and violence have been sown by them, they piously denounce those hate filled lumpen morons who are attacking minorities and setting fire to Mosques, the British news media needs a giant enema.

Don't fall for Press lies, look behind their reactionary hate filled agenda and malignant chauvinism. Depend upon it, savagery on the streets and the burning of places of worship will only lead one way, that is to more deaths and more hatred, make no mistake; there are serious malcontents among us who would welcome that.

I have further reservations about state funerals in general but right now is not the time or place to air them.



Monday, May 27, 2013


I continue to alert people to the way The Glasgow Herald runs it's so called contributions web page.
An article appeared recently in the herald under the title, "Wanted: referendum editor to head new £5m BBC unit" Written on Saturday 25 May 2013 By Marcus Gardham Herald Political Editor.. 

Separatist supporter Dorothy Devine posted referring to what she saw as the bias of the press and TV against the separatist campaign, a typically dull predictable post. She finished by saying "and (I) assume I am far from alone"

I posted the following reply.

"I'm in no doubt that the posts which we read on a regular basis on this topic will reassure you that you are indeed not alone. How you deal with the fact however that you are also not alone in your paranoia and dread of the referendum humiliation coming your way is another matter entirely. Blaming all and sundry while casting smears and baseless accusations about prejudice and deception will be of little comfort to you when the reckoning comes. Then you will have to add discredit to your feelings of bitterness and defeat"

This has been going on for a long time, they continually refuse to print my posts, they are of course entitled to do this. I would however urge everyone to read the standard of some of the posts from the snp/separatist/cybernats which do get printed and decide for yourself whether this business stinks or not, your decision. 

Friday, May 24, 2013


His greatness wee Eck is now in far off America enjoying the benefits of a 'wee jaunt' (yes another one) to the coloniesestimated to be costing £350,000. It is indeed big-hearted and gracious of him to allow us to finance his wealthy habits like this but; that's the kind of man he is, generous to a fault. His main purpose it seems; apart from guzzling rich cuisine and sinking pints of fine wine in the most fashionable restaurants is to reassure the Americans that under independence bonnie Scotland will be offered as Uncle Sam's main European landing strip for its finest weapons of war.
He is flashing his smirk and acting like an old tart in an attempt to suck up to the Yanks in the hope that he can get them to forget his egotism and conceit over the Megrahi affair. While at the same time trying to get his hands in to their deep pockets. The outcome he seeks is to dump our 300 year old UK partners and substitute the American domain in their place. We Scots. it seems are for sale to the highest bidder that the wee spiv Salmond can find, doesn't it make you proud to be Scottish? He is now getting frantic and is unravelling; the now blatantly shambolic failure of the separatist campaign is making him desperate to the extent that he has slipped in to his default character of "snake oil salesman".
We also learn in today's news that Salmond and the snp in spite of impressions created by them to the contrary have had no discussions with NATO of any kind, despite their extravagant claims about what they would do and how NATO would accept their demands.
My repeated questions look increasingly more pertinent; will he jump or wait to be pushed? will he find some way of abandoning the whole separation charade to save his skin? The latter would be a pitiless desertion and an assassins knife between the shoulder blades of the many loyal; easy to fool followers he has gathered around him. Come on though; let's get real here, as we have already seen with Sterling, the Monarchy and NATO that would be the least of his concerns. There only is and ever has been one single concern, and that is Alex Salmond.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Some snp/separatist/cybernats were going crazy about a member of the odious UKIP using the following insult.

"Scots r subsidy junkies whingeing like a trampled bagpipe" My initial reaction to this gibe was to laugh, because it is a 'good' insult and the image conjured up by it is funny, part of the rough and tumble of politics in fact, so I wrote the following to the one who was "black with rage" which The Glasgow Herald again refused to publish.

"This; in point of fact is quite a good line in invective and far funnier than your "intolerant tube" Michael Foot once described Norman Tebbit as a "semi house trained polecat" to booming laughter from all sides including Tebbit. Dennis Healy described being attacked by Geoffrey Howe as like "being savaged by a dead sheep" again unanimous laughter. Many Shinwell on the other hand crossed the floor and punched a Tory MP for calling him a "dirty little Polish Jew" and he was justified IMO, do you see the difference? The snp and you badly need to grow up and show some maturity, your reactions to this kind of insult only make you look needy, paranoid and childish. You spend quite a lot of time yourself in "the kitchen" Paul and you ought to be able to handle the heat by now"


The Glasgow Herald refused to print this post on their web page.

The bitterness and abuse that Gordon Brown provokes from the snp/separatist/cybernats is rock-hard proof that they fear him, hence the campaign of lies and smears about his stewardship of the economy. An snp campaign which bizarrely manages to discuss financial and economic events which happened during Brown's time in office without mentioning the Global banking crash and the international financial collapse. Nor of course do they reveal that Alex Salmond was at the time critical of Brown because he was too stringent with the banks, wee Eck was campaigning for "less regulation" have they forgotten that? Have they forgotten that the truth matters?   

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I am proud once again to tell people about the distinction between Labour and the snp.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind run a project which provides 'Talking Books for the Blind' Previous Labour Councils in Renfrewshire have subscribed to this, no explanation should be necessary for this but, for some people an explanation is indeed essential and those people are the snp. The explanation? It is the right and civilized thing to do.

The previous Renfrewshire Council Administration which was a coalition led by the snp and included the deceitful and gutless Liberal Democrats withdrew the council's subscription from this laudable project meaning that the blind or partially sighted residents of Renfrewshire would be deprived of the facility of talking books. This is the reality of snp rule and what happens when Liberal Democrats have the balance of power, they do the will of the highest bidder.

Today May 5th. 2013 Renfrewshire Council Labour administration's Education Board restored the council's subscription to the "talking books for the blind" project. There are some things that you should just not have to do and this one of them but; when the snp have power you never know what squalid decisions they are likely to make, they also removed the "death in service benefit" from the council's lowest paid workers during their dishonourable stewardship of Renfrewshire Council. The present Labour administration who kicked them out also restored this benefit.

This is where nationalism leads, where you find yourself when you give clout to people with no integrity and who are driven by illogical hatred, in their case for the English. In political terms they stand for nothing and they believe in less, Scotland should be mortified that they have the name Scottish associated with them in their party.

Monday, May 06, 2013


Is there any truth in the story that Roseanna Cunningham is now dating Eric Joyce?
As their unfocused eyes met over their sixth glass of Buckfast it was a fatal attraction. Anthony & Cleopatra –Romeo & Juliet – Mary doll and Rab. Shee me, shee Sco'lan, shee romance, it's a Wullie Waddell (a doddle)

Saturday, May 04, 2013



Thursday April 25 2013 09.30 and the curtain rises at the palace of varieties in Cotton Street as Renfrewshire Council gathers for a full council meeting. The power struggle which is raging among the snp crazies is as noticeable as it ever was and it now seems that the edge is with the bombastic and incoherent Cllr. Nicolson rather than the quieter though every bit as bizarre Cllr. Lawson; still the present and only just hanging on leader of the snp rabble. He has now perfected the art of walking backwards hence his survival; perhaps the snp bravehearts will break with tradition and stab him in the front, "uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" Henry 1V by William thingmy.
What happened? Not a lot unless you count the customary display of puerile behaviour from the snp and the stomach churning pontificating of the truly dire Cllr. Eileen McCartin Libdem who continues to fly in the face of all that is decent and 'Christian like' by defending the cold-hearted viciousness of her party and their Tory partners. Perhaps she finds succour in the tainted words of the truly immoral tyrants down through time who are fond of saying conceitedly, "this hurts me more than it hurts you but it is necessary"
Two interesting and all too characteristic items for any snp members followers or supporters who are reading this (I know you are out there) at this meeting the snp group on Renfrewshire Council voted against Labour's motion to Provide "the Living Wage" and also voted against another Labour motion designed at "Preventing Blacklisting Companies from getting public contracts" all together now Jock, Hamish, Sandy, Andy, "Oh flooooor oh Sco'lan when will we see oor like again" what would a separate Scotland be like with this gang in control.
Saturday May 4th. 2013 and I am absorbing the results of the English council elections. This is a good time to bear in mind the past links between nationalism and fascism as we see UKIP making large gains in England. When we set this beside the past electoral gains by our very own UKIP (the snp) and their squalid past connections with nazi right wing ideology it should serve to remind us not to become complacent, the price we pay for freedom is constant vigilance. Read the posts and emails by the snp/separatist/cybernats and you cannot fail to see the danger.