Saturday, May 18, 2013


The Glasgow Herald refused to print this post on their web page.

The bitterness and abuse that Gordon Brown provokes from the snp/separatist/cybernats is rock-hard proof that they fear him, hence the campaign of lies and smears about his stewardship of the economy. An snp campaign which bizarrely manages to discuss financial and economic events which happened during Brown's time in office without mentioning the Global banking crash and the international financial collapse. Nor of course do they reveal that Alex Salmond was at the time critical of Brown because he was too stringent with the banks, wee Eck was campaigning for "less regulation" have they forgotten that? Have they forgotten that the truth matters?   

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Anonymous said...

Hello Terry
I don't think Gordon Brown's
contribution to the Better Together Campaign helped them in
any way. I cannot understand why
such a strong socialist like yourself is so much against independence. I always followed
the Labour Party lead in thinking
Scotland could not stand alone but
my view on this is beginning to change. An independent Scotland
is likely to be fairer than what we have now. Peter Hain said at the weekend it was unlikely Labour would achieve overall control at the next election. If that is the case it is going to be more of same...
...benefit and welfare cuts.
If it can be proved that we would be no worse off with independence
we must go for it and I am surprised you don't see it this way. I usually agree with most of what you say, but on the independence question I cannot understand your view.