Friday, May 24, 2013


His greatness wee Eck is now in far off America enjoying the benefits of a 'wee jaunt' (yes another one) to the coloniesestimated to be costing £350,000. It is indeed big-hearted and gracious of him to allow us to finance his wealthy habits like this but; that's the kind of man he is, generous to a fault. His main purpose it seems; apart from guzzling rich cuisine and sinking pints of fine wine in the most fashionable restaurants is to reassure the Americans that under independence bonnie Scotland will be offered as Uncle Sam's main European landing strip for its finest weapons of war.
He is flashing his smirk and acting like an old tart in an attempt to suck up to the Yanks in the hope that he can get them to forget his egotism and conceit over the Megrahi affair. While at the same time trying to get his hands in to their deep pockets. The outcome he seeks is to dump our 300 year old UK partners and substitute the American domain in their place. We Scots. it seems are for sale to the highest bidder that the wee spiv Salmond can find, doesn't it make you proud to be Scottish? He is now getting frantic and is unravelling; the now blatantly shambolic failure of the separatist campaign is making him desperate to the extent that he has slipped in to his default character of "snake oil salesman".
We also learn in today's news that Salmond and the snp in spite of impressions created by them to the contrary have had no discussions with NATO of any kind, despite their extravagant claims about what they would do and how NATO would accept their demands.
My repeated questions look increasingly more pertinent; will he jump or wait to be pushed? will he find some way of abandoning the whole separation charade to save his skin? The latter would be a pitiless desertion and an assassins knife between the shoulder blades of the many loyal; easy to fool followers he has gathered around him. Come on though; let's get real here, as we have already seen with Sterling, the Monarchy and NATO that would be the least of his concerns. There only is and ever has been one single concern, and that is Alex Salmond.

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