Friday, February 28, 2014


·        Feb. 28 20 14 - 09.30. The council chamber at Renfrewshire Council has a "buzz about the place" as Councillors assemble for the first time ever under the unforgiving gaze of the TV cameras. The assembled crowd in the public gallery has been noticeably increased to what looked like a swaying mass of four people. The conduct of the snp was noticeably improved, not a difficult thing to do I hear you say but progress nevertheless. The most contentious part of the proceedings was a typically spurious motion by the snp attacking Labour and Tory peers for remarks allegedly made which, according to them politicised the coming referendum by abusing the dead and injured of WW1. The snp have 'previous' for unintentional irony in case anyone is unaware of their fragile grasp on reality. 

The object of their synthetic rage was Lord Lang the Tory peer who suggested that it was insulting the dead of that war by trying to break up the country which they had died for, Labour peers in particular Helen Liddle were also in their sights. Their powers of hypocrisy know no bounds as was witnessed by their own blatant attempts to politicise the conflict by perversely insisting that Lord Lang and Baroness Liddle had insulted the Scottish war dead with their remarks. In my contribution I defended the right of Lord Lang to have an opinion and his right to express it, likewise Baroness Liddle, this brought hysterical opprobrium upon me from in particular snp cllrs. A Doig, McEwan and Nicolson.  These three had decided that my declaration in favour of free speech and opinion meant that I was a right wing Tory and worse, particularly from Nicolson who has a distinct talent for mangling shredding and generally beating up the English language that has not been seen since the heyday of the late great Professor Stanley Unwin.

From these exchanges I believe we were seeing what would happen to people who did express views and opinions contrary to those held by the snp if they had enough power, they simply would not be allowed to express such opinions, the clamp downs would be justified by doing it “for the cause” of course. I am happy to declare that if my defence of freedom of speech and the right to form personal opinions is a crime I am guilty as charged.

The tenuous grasp on political reality and understanding was hilariously demonstrated by snp councillor Mylett who is another ‘brammer’, the snp tried to attack Labour because 47 of our Mp’s did not attend a debate on the bedroom tax, this led to Labour Cllrs. Mark MacMillan and Mike Holmes patiently trying to explain the very easy to understand practice known as the “pairing system” which allows Mp’s to be absent at the same time as their ‘opposite  pair’, simples eh?, well not to the snp it’s not and in particular not simple to the cerebrally challenged cllr. Mylett who bullishly opined that you can’t have a pairing system with an odd number of MP’s (47) cllr. MacMillan heroically managed to keep a straight face as he kindly explained to ex soldier Cllr. Mylett (yes he was allowed around weaponry) that 47 Labour MP’s is equal to 47 Tory Mp’s and no I am not making this up.
On he and the snp ploughed though demanding to know if these Labour Mp’s were paid when they did not show up for the vote. Labour Cllr. Mike Holmes then informed them that snp Mp’s Mike Weir, Stewart Hosie, Angus McNeil, Eilidh Whiteford, Angus Robertson and Pete Wishart had all failed on 5 occasions between them to turn up for votes on the bedroom tax and, yes you’ve guessed it, they were all paid for not turning up, and of course none of them had a pairing arrangement with anyone giving the Tory/Libdem government an advantage which they did not get when the 47 Labour Mp’s were paired.

This was a humiliating day for the snp in Renfrewshire and to top it all it was revealed that when the Scottish parliament led by snp finance minister John Swinney congratulated Renfrewshire Council for it’s actions and initiatives to mitigate the effects of the bedroom tax, Paisley MSP George Adam SNP despite being asked to join those congratulations refused to do so. The really disturbing aspect of all this is that the snp did not seem aware of what an embarrassing and humiliating day they had just had. They want to run a separate Scotland you know, honestly they do!.       

Friday, February 14, 2014


Labour have won the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election taking 55% of the vote. UKIP beat the Tories in to third place and the Libdems were fourth and lost their deposit. The Greens, The BNP and the magnificently named “Captain Chapington- Smythe” of The Loony Party also lost their deposits with the good Captain coming last. The beautifully tailored and moustachioed captain was interviewed after the count and he declared defiantly while brandishing his swagger stick that they would be back and be even stronger and eventually they would ruthlessly govern “for God and her majesty” just like his inspirations and political heroes, Mussolinni, Hitler, Franco and Mr. Alex Salmond.  

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Why do we still insist on sending the Scottish ladie’s rugby team to play against the English men’s rugby team? It’s no fair so it’s no.   

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


 Following Neil lennon’s treatment at Tynecastle many people wrote to the Herald’s comments page including me. Many people had their comments printed but I didn’t, Herald sports journalist Graham Spiers had been giving his opinion on the situation and I decided to make a few points about what I consider to be the reason that Mr. Spiers finds it easy to blame Lennon. This mild and honest criticism of one of their own journalists got me barred so here it is for at least some people to read.

Graham Spiers is as much a victim of the scourge of sectarianism as anyone else in Scotland. He recently wrote a touching piece about his late father, a Church of Scotland Minister who took young Graham to see his beloved Rangers and young Graham was suitably smitten as all wee boys are by their father's favourite team as I was by my father and Celtic. In his heart felt writings about his father however he never finds the courage to go near the fact that his father was quite happy to have him schooled in the Rangers tradition of anti Catholic sectarianism, how could he?. 

His father while obviously not a Jesuit, nevertheless "took the boy and gave us the man". That man now does not apparently recognise the deeply ingrained subliminal sectarianism which informs his views on Neil Lennon. Years ago before this latest worrying contribution from Graham about how Lennon "brings it on himself" he opined on Lennon, then a combative Celtic player about the constant controversy which seemed to always surround him. He suggested that one of the reasons back then that "he brought it on himself" was because he dyed his hair blonde. Make of that what you will.

Spiers is one of our best and most civilised sports writers and it is all the more worrying that he still finds it easy to delude himself about the real reasons for the treatment which is meted out to Neil Lennon. This clever, genial and urbane journalist is an example of how much trouble Scotland is in as far as issues like sectarianism and racism is concerned.