Saturday, July 30, 2016


Renfrew South & Gallowhill By Election Thursday August 11th. 20 16 – Vote Labour – Vote for Edward Grady.   

Thursday, July 07, 2016


Today I received notification from The Labour Party that my suspension has been lifted. I know that those people who could not stop mentioning it when they wrote to me in glee would like to know the outcome so I thought it right to let them know. This was a classic smear against me and others in the party by a coalition consisting of Israeli Zionist extremists,’ opportunistic right wing Tories and the usual fetid SNP suspects, It failed quite spectacularly. It was doomed to fail because they targeted Labour Party people who had reputations for campaigning against racism and bigotry all their lives. In over 43 years in The Labour Party I have never heard one anti Semitic remark made, it was gutter politics at its worst.

Using tactics that would have disgraced the squalid old Senator for Wisconsin Joe McCarthy they created a climate of fear aided and abetted by the UK media. Despite being wrongly accused by a right wing Tory blogger, I understand why the party put these suspensions in place, the pressure was being built up and to stop that pressure in its tracks the party played safe and they and the other accused have been vindicated. Because of the swift action by the party this vile slur if ever attempted again will gain no traction.

There is a very significant message here as a result of this failed attempt to damage Labour; it’s a message that is very important to the party and the wider country if they care to heed it. The Zionist ‘powers that be’ in Israel are very strong, very determined and utterly ruthless and the last thing they want to see is a Labour Prime Minister in number 10 who has a decade’s long commitment to Palestine, and opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. My suggestion therefore is, the next time you hear anyone say that Jeremy Corbyn is incapable of winning a UK general election, remind yourselves of what Zionist Israel which is one of the most powerful countries in the world backed by American money tried to do to Jeremy Corbyn. The conclusion is clear the Israeli Government know that Corbyn can win and our job is to make sure that he does just that. I want to thank all the people within the party and out with the party for their kind messages of support for me throughout this grubby business.     


 “Labour membership is on course to hit 600,000, a half-century peak”, (The New Statesman). after a second successive day in which more than 100,000 people have applied to become party members.

As far as social media presence is concerned, 'Saving Labour', which is a right wing group funded by private money has over 4,000 likes at time of writing, while 'Momentum' which is a grassroots rank and file Corbyn supporting group has 53,808. 

If this was a fight, the referee would have stopped it by now to save the PLP 

Blairites further punishment.