Friday, September 20, 2013


Prior to the great banking crash of 2007/2008 one of the party leaders was constantly critical of the Government for being too strict with their banking regulations,
can anyone guess who this cavalier clown was? It was none other than Alex Salmond, the financial hustler's friend, the pal of the stock exchange gamblers and shysters.

And today we have a party leader declaring that he will "bring the Royal Mail back in to public ownership if Scotland becomes independent and if it gets privatised by the Tory/Libdem Government today, note with extreme caution that he was asked on several occasions to say re-nationalise and he refused to say it. Can you guess who it is? Yes! It's Salmond again, and on this occasion his finance minister John Swinney refused to give a similar commitment the night before on national TV, when asked the question, oops. The road to Damascus appears to have relocated to Edinburgh's Royal Mile, from right wing monetary enthusiast to left wing Marxist revolutionary in one fell swoop, that's wee Eck, if you believe him?.

Does his desperation over the impending laugharendum have a part in all this? From the man who said "we Scots. did not mind Mrs. Thatcher's economic policies so much" to the crusading advocate of the socialist shibboleth of nationalism in jig time, what a man, what a crook, what a Janus faced swindler, villain, fraudster, imposter, phoney, low life crook, choose your own description folks.

Does anyone still believe anything he says? Vote "No" to separation to get rid of this vulgar embarrassing character once and for all.


Anonymous said...

awe, terrence,

you sound as if you're hurting, again. time for another wee novena for you.

dinnae threat. you can join your Unionist friends in the No Camp, for their march next year on the 12th July

Tiocfaidh ár lá

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Sectarian and racist! the perfect nationalist double. I prefer my friends to those of the snp from the Flemish Nazis and the white American supremacists with their white hoods and burning crosses. You deserve each other Mr./Ms. Anonymous.