Monday, January 22, 2007


My item below on the execution of Saddam Hussien has been reported in the Paisley Daily Express as controversial ? no one said a word about it to me. The journalist ? even printed my picture next to Saddam's with the word tyrant under his picture and the word ashamed ( completely out of context ) under mine, he could go far with this kind of contempt for truth in one so young, I wonder if he tells his parents that he's a supplier of 3rd world child labour to avoid the embarrassment of admitting to being a Journalist. The truly wretched political coward Cllr. Derek Mackay seemed to be the only person he could find prepared to debase himself by attacking me, knowing as he must that his own leader Salmond and all other leaders agreed with me. When you see a politician behaving in this underhand way you begin to understand why his SNP group are losing members as well as by elections, they, with Derek in charge are rudderless, he has failed the decency test again.

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