Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here is a rather disturbing little vignette which typifies the SNP led Renfrewshire Council and it’s hapless leader Cllr. Derek Mackay. The row stirred up by the proposed closure of Elderslie and Johnstone swimming pools has seen the SNP council vilified for their sham consultation. At public meetings e.g. no one at these meetings could find anyone who had been consulted, not one person. This you would think might concentrate the mind of Cllr. Mackay and the SNP/Lib. Dem. led council when it comes to further closures and the consultation which is supposed to accompany such things? You would be wrong.

Next up for the SNP / Lib. Dem. hammer is Moorpark Primary School; readers will recall that I predicted that South Primary would not be the last to be closed and here we are again. On Oct 6 th. 09 at a meeting of Renfrew Community Council where the school closure was discussed we find the following in the minute of the meeting.

“Cllr. Mackay confirmed that Moorpark Primary would close at the end of June 2010”

Remember this was said in public by Cllr. Mackay SNP Counil leader on Oct. 6 th. 09- The consultation start date was Oct. 28 Th. 09 - 22 days later.

Yes folks first consultation meeting to discuss the closure of Moorpark Primary was due to take place on Oct. 28 th. 09. Cllr. Mackay states the school will close on 06 10 09 but; the consultation doesn't start until 28 10 09 - 22 days later. . I suppose we should give credit where it’s due; this young man; SNP council leader Cllr. Mackay is able to predict what the consultation process will come up with 22 days before the process starts and feels confident enough to announce the closure also before the process starts; now that’s clever right? I wonder if he does the horses?

Is it possible that he has inadvertently blurted out the truth and the school as well as the pools will close because the consultation process is a sham; is it that or perhaps arrogance of the kind which says “we will do as we please despite what parents, teachers and pupils say” because we have made our minds up and they are now closed just like the schools and the pools will be closed no matter what anyone says.

This is the reality of the SNP / Lib. Dems. in power!


margaret said...

Sorry, remind me, did Labour vote against this closure?????????????

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(margaret) 30/10/09

The decision to close the school has not been taken yet; despite the SNP’s Cllr. Derek Mackay saying that it was to close in June 2010 which is their intention despite the sham consultation. When the decision is taken after the consultation where will be a vote taken.

Meanwhile the Labour Cllrs. for the area are working with the school community to provide what assistance they can. There is support for a joint campus with St. James’s Primary but I believe the SNP will refuse that.

Audrey said...

But why did labour not raise an objection or amendment when it was first proposed?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Audrey) 19:14

We decided to speak to the parents and help them if they wanted to fight the proposal; there will be a vote in due course and we will vote to keep the school open if that’s what the parents decide or indeed a vote to build a joint campus which a lot of the parents seem to favour.

Are you suggesting we should have done something else? Are you trying to divert the argument away from the SNP leader Mackay’s arrogant statement that the school was to close before the consultation had even started? Or are you suggesting that Labour want the school to shut? Just what is it you are inferring; come on Audrey spit it out; are you too embarrassed?

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed about nothing.

I am trying to get you to explain why |Labour did not raise an objection or an amendement to this proposal.

Dead simple.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 30/10/09

You are not trying to get me to explain anything; what you are rather clumsily doing is trying to create a diversion to save the blushes of the SNP Council Leader Derek Mackay who announced the school closure before the consultation started.

Would you like to comment on Mr. Mackay’s announcement?

If you are not embarrassed you should be.

Anonymous said...

Think Margaret nailed you, you old blusterer.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 31/10/09
I could hardly respond more copiously to her question and I asked her a few of my own and she has not answered any of them; that’s a blusterer.

Anonymous said...


I think these contributors are forgetting that Cllr Derek McKay is a God in the eyes of his fellow Councillors.
None of them are worthy enough to be in his presence for more that 5 minutes, McKay is omnipresent.

He forsaw the closure of the Primary School in Advance, he also for sees a seat
For himself in the Scottish Parliament.

Please bow down and seek McKay’s Glory, touch his cloth and be saved.

Tam Spoon Jnr.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:37
You sound like someone with an insiders knowledge of the workings of the SNP; it’s quite clear at local level that their members are scared of Mackay because of his links to (the Spiv) Salmond.

This is a party where not one member voiced dissent or even declared any uneasiness about the Trump affair; not one of them; that’s rule by fear alright.