Thursday, October 22, 2009


17.37 pm and in a couple of hours time the country will sit down to watch Question Time. The audience will be bigger than normal the BBC have already figured that out and no doubt some of their executives will be congratulating themselves on their coup. They have embraced evil and claimed they were only “following orders” their charter alludes to fair and equal treatment for all; that’s the weasel words that they have wrapped themselves in; fair and equal; even for those who are genuinely evil. If you believe that Hitler and the Nazis were evil then it follows that Nick Griffin and his followers in the BNP are evil as well because they are the same type of scum that decent people died fighting against some 60 odd years ago.

Griffin will try to appear reasonable and some people will be surprised at how good he will be at doing that but; what he stands for is anything but reasonable; anti Semite; racist; pedlar of hatred. All this and more and people say he is entitled to his opinion; I say he is not. We have a thing called hate crime and he ticks all the boxes; if you say things which constitute hatred against someone because of their race; creed or colour it is a crime; if you are abusive or aggressive to that person it’s a crime; that is why the deviant BBC bosses should have said no.
If a political party is based on hatred of others and its behaviour threatens certain people because of their race etc. then we are not obliged to treat them as a normal political party, would we accept a British Nazi Party with outright fascist dogma and all its bile? The Nazi in this case has been changed to Nationalist but that’s what they are; fascists. The people who stopped the British Blackshirts thank goodness did not debate with them they took them on head to head and drove them from the streets that will in my opinion happen here if the authorities don’t deal with them; these rats now think it’s the right time to crawl back out of the sewers where they have hidden for years and the BBC is partly responsible for their confidence.

My sympathies go to those who will feel a little bit more unsafe when they see Griffin on TV the black communities; the Gay community; any foreigners; any Jews; anyone who could be accused by these creeps of being ‘different’ that’s what will happen tonight thanks to the BBC. To those who suffered and made the ultimate sacrifice in the past the BBC have said. The Nazis you fought and died against are entitled to their opinion and we will give them a platform to spout it. It is the most shameful night in British broadcasting ever.


Ariel said...

If I wasn't a Tory, I'd feel sorry for the Labour party.

BNP votes are coming from Labour voters in traditional Labour heartlands - the 'Little People' Terry,who have worked hard all their lives and feel let down by Labour.

The Labour vote is being eroded in these areas. Stand by for a train crash of an election, Councillor

Anonymous said...

I find this a tricky one. As I understand it the BNP could have taken legal action against the BBC if it hadn't invited them on.

On the one hand this could have led to the cash strapped BNP bankrupting itself which I can't say I'd lose any sleep over. The problem is they might have won.

The BNP, led by public schoolboy Nick Griffin, like to portray themselves as the authentic voice of the white working class. A victory over the BBC aka the liberal elite in BNP/tabloid speak would have been a great propaganda coup for them.

I am not unsympathetic to the no platform stance but I feel that with the BNP now sadly having two elected members a more pragmatic approach should at least be considered.

As for the programme itself, I don't think many minds will have been changed one way or the other. Griffin came across as sweaty, evasive, nervous and downright dishonest in places, in particular when he was exposed over his holocaust denial and the comments he made when sharing a platform with David Duke of the KKK. That said none of the panel managed to land the killer blow.

The BNP are crowing about a surge in support and donations following the programme and are desperately trying to spin it as a triumph.This is par for the course with this dishonest shower. When reality doesn't suit them they re-write it. A good example of this is their membership list. It is numbered so that once memberships pass 33,000 and extra one hundred thousand. This is designed to make the people who join this shower feel that they're part of some mass movement rather than a curious bag of the mentally ill, nazi fetishists and racists. Any 'surge' in support the BNP have seen as a result of QT will be short lived.

Similarly any victories the BNP have won in local elections have been victories for BNP tactics not their policies. Time and time again the BNP have mobilised all their activists in key seats and done the hard work. They've even gone as far doing odd jobs for the elderly or making sure they are seen picking up litter and helping out in community projects.

Of course as soon as they are elected they vanish until election time comes around again. It's a pretty smart tactic.

To illustrate with an example from my own life, if you'd asked me a year ago about my local Labour councillor, MP and MSP I'd have turned the air bright blue calling them all the useless careerists under the sun. If you were to ask me about them now I'd say we have some differences in our political outlook but I have no doubt that they are hard working people with the best interests of the community at heart. All that's changed is that I now have a job that brings me into contact with them and I see some of what they do. I know which community projects they back and how hard they fight for the area.

Most people do not have a job that brings them into contact with councillors, MPs and MSPs so they have no real idea what they actually do for their areas. If it is a poor, rundown area with few opportunities this creates perfect conditions for the BNP. To counter this all the mainstream parties need to be more visible, activists need to be motivated and constuients should be left in doubt that they are working for the area. This means not only the usual stuff like canvassing but visible community spirited action -before elections and between elections.

The battle against the BNP will be won. It'll be won on the streets of our communities by filling every last vacuum to stop the BNP from filling it. Sure community and voluntary should be undertaken for it's own sake but I can think of no better service to a community that stopping the nazis gaining a foothold.

Keep on fighting the good fight, however you decide to oppose the BNP and hope to see you at the Scotland United demo against the EDL.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 23/10/09

A Tory who finds it difficult to criticise Griffin and the BNP, as I said before we’ve got your number.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 23/10/09
Based on the BNP membership rules the BBC would have won over a ban but; the problem would have returned when they change the rules. I don’t agree with including these people in any democratic forum I want them banned and if the authorities don’t do it there will serious public disorder.

Ariel said...

Councillor, if I didn't criticise the BNP, neither did I praise them.

What I did, was spell out that they are taking votes from Labour in Labour strongholds - Bolton, Blackburn, Rotherham - and suggest some reasons for that.

You may not like it, But it's happening.

Jim said...

With thanks to your anonymous commentator - I'd forgotten about the bit where Giffen first tried to deny sharing a platform with the KKK guy, then to the amusement of the audience (they certainly laughed at this point) tried to claim they were a non-violent section of the KKK.

The QT team should take a long hard look at themselves though, as the show mainly played into Giffen's hands and has facilitated all the extra press coverage he's now getting as a 'victim' of a lynch mob - of course the newspapers are now just as culpable as the BBC for giving the odious wee creep all this oxygen of publicity.

It would have been much better if we'd had a normal QT forum with members of the audience asking topical questions on subjects such as the postal strike, the recession, health care, hospital parking... Instead it was closer to the playground than any sort of adult debate.

David Duff said...

"I don’t agree with including these people in any democratic forum I want them banned"

In which case it would cease to be a "democratic forum".

Glad to see that in a fast moving world your powers of logic, Councillor, remain what they have always been.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 24/10/09
“didn't criticise the BNP”

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 09:58
There is a fundamental difference in our attitudes although I can understand the points you make.

My position is that we should not allow people like this to form a political party or take any part in public life.

I predict that now that they have taken hold there will be serious disorder; it is similar to Hitler; Mosley etc. get rid of them; don’t show them any tolerance; being democratic does not mean that everyone no matter how dangerous and evil they are is entitled to air their views.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 16:38
Would you give a platform to a party who were called the ‘Bring back Slavery Party’? How about the ‘Popular Party for the Legalisation of Child Sex Abuse’? Try the ‘Tinned People for Cannibals Party’

Would they get in to your ‘Democratic Forum?’

David Duff said...

Yes, all of them, plus anyone who wished, say, to propose the removal of our royal family which some people might even construe as close to treason - but I wouldn't vote for any them.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note here is what Griffen said before QT

Yet he denied on the programme that he agreed that black people walk like monkeys.

He and his disgusting followers are trying to spin QT as a victory but it's the beginning of the end for that scummy sect.

You state that you'd ban the BNP and parties like them -does that include the other nationalist parties SNP, Sinn Fein and PC?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 25/10/09
“Yes, all of them”

Like most right wing forelock tuggers you are a quisling.

“close to treason”

not at all just common sense; Republicanism is not a crime; vote for Griffin if you want it to be.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 25/10/09

“You state that you'd ban the BNP and parties like them -does that include the other nationalist parties SNP, Sinn Fein and PC?”

The BNP are racists and Nazis that’s why I would ban them; the

SNP is riddled with anti English racism but its official stance is devious enough to avoid that accusation.

If the SNP stood up and admitted that they hated the English then they would get the same treatment as the BNP.