Sunday, December 06, 2009


Here is another example of incompetence from the Renfrewshire Council SNP led administration; these people need both hands to find their own a***s; honestly they do. Last Thursday Dec. 3 Rd. 09 the Paisley Daily Express carried an article which would have brought great comfort to the ‘Save our swimming pools’ campaigners from Johnstone and Elderslie. The article reported that council officers and councillors were considering a change of mind over their plans to demolish Johnstone Swimming Pool; the campaigners had taken advice from an expert who had come up with a plan to knock down the pool and replace it with a new one on the same spot. This is great news for the campaigners who have run a great protest against SNP plans; Elderslie folk would have taken great heart from the story as well and it will strengthen their resolve as they battle to save their own pool.

Most significantly the SNP councillor who has demonstrated the greatest opposition to the campaigners Bruce McFee was quoted as saying “I have seen the plans and I liked what I saw” considering his past attitude and outright contempt for the objectors this is the equivalent of finding out that the road to Damascus runs through Johnstone Town Centre and SNP councillor
McFee has been walking on it.

Make no mistake about it the SNP’s Cllr. McFee is not a man who changes his mind easily; the most persuasive argument will not suffice. Only one thing works with this man and that is fear; in this case fear of losing his council seat because of the campaign which has been run; self preservation is his game and he knows the feelings of the voters would be reflected at the ballot box. He’s not the kind of ‘braveheart’ to risk that no matter how much he believed in the council’s original plan; the metaphorical drowning rat has found a lifebelt; even if the original plan to close the pool goes ahead he is already working on his survival with the cowards defence of “it wisnae me I supported yer plan, it wis the big bully Mackay”

The PDE article and McFee’s apparent volt-face conversely raises a strange contradiction between him and his own leader Cllr. Derek Mackay who in that day’s Glasgow Evening Times in a strongly worded letter attacks PDE journalist Derek Parker for his criticism of the council decision to close the pools. He puts forward the case for closure in a most robust way; he even throws in the old chestnut about the pools being outdated and underused despite the fact that the oldest and least used pool in Renfrewshire; the Victory Baths in Renfrew is to be upgraded and kept open; guess who is the councillor for the ward where the Victory Baths are? oh yes he is! Cllr. Derek Mackay SNP leader of the council; for it is he. SNP Cllr. Mackay is delighted to have the pool in his ward saved; nice one eh?

Is Cllr. McFee having a go at his leader or is he doing what comes naturally to him; protecting himself; avoiding the blame? “uneasy the head that wears the crown” Derek. Having McFee at your back doesn’t bear thinking about. What are the people of Johnstone and Elderslie to think? Which of the flower pot men knows what they are doing? Bruce or Derek or is it as many people now suspect neither of them.

These people are running Renfrewshire Council; honest they are it's no joke! Bill and Ben would be more competent.


Alec said...

So are you now saying that everything that the Paisley Express says is gospel truth

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alec) 08:49
That’s a tough one Alec you obviously spent a lot of time on it but; after careful consideration I would have to say no. And no cigar for you; again!

Anonymous said...


I recently walked past Paisley Town Hall, I was amazed and surprised at the poor condition of the building, scafolding hear and there, indeed almost everywhere.

Then low and behold, I was in the town of Renfrew visiting my olde granny and to my amazement, the Renfrew town hall, "oh my, what a building". It would make Walt Disney blush or indeed give him a run for his money, could this be, call me olde fashioned but Cllr McKay, Leader of the Council resides in Renfrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pied Piper has now asked Olde London Council if he could get a flat in Renfrew,
Because the streets are indeed paved with Gold.

Tom Watson.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:04
The swimming pool; the town centre and now the town hall; is there no end to the lad’s ambition. Some say these three projects will be renamed “The Derek Mackay Aquatic Centre; Derek Mackay Boulevard and the Derek Mackay Towers”
For one so young he is a legend; a Scottish Donald Trump if you will.

Ariel said...

Tom Watson @ 5.04
THE Tom Watson? Is he the one who delivered Christmas presents to Gordon in Fife, shortly before Blair was screwed?

Surely not. But if it is, Councillor dear, you keep very strange company.

Then again, with Sheridan and Devine welcome on the Kelly sofa, what's one more piece of unpleasantness.

Anonymous said...

This will be the same shower that were against the closing of the Stanely Centre etc. Say one thing in opposition and do the opposite when in power. Surely when the government wants to get more people swimming and healthy they should be keeping all of these pools open.

Derek MacKay shows his inexperience, the fact that he has never worked in his life, by the drivel he spouted in the Times about how the Johnstone and Elderslie pools should be closed completely contradicting himself by his argument for the Renfrew pool. The wee boy is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

whassup terry?
Posts not going up?
Was it the positive image seared into your brain of an administration that works as a democracy that upset you or the mention of your old china Tommy whom one hears very little of this weather.

could it be that he is about to make a comeback as the prince across the sea and turn the Labour group back into the incisive and intellectual powerhouse we all know and love?


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/12/09
Internet connection restored 10 12 09 - 18.50 pm.

No one has ever written anything to me which I was afraid to print unless it was abusive or obscene including you; I’m printing this even although it is drivel.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I don’t mind printing this; you do a better job than I do at ridiculing yourself.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/12/09

I think that there are a great many people looking askance at Derek Mackay’s situation in terms of the swimming pools position.

Renfrew Pool is by far the oldest and the poorest attended and it is to be kept open and renovated; the fact that it is in his ward and he is the council leader inevitably leads to speculation about his role in this.

His inexperience and incompetence are a constant source of dismay for some and laughter for others; someone with a bit more experience in a position of Council Leader would not have allowed himself to get into such vulnerable circumstances.