Tuesday, December 01, 2009


So that was it; Salmond (the spiv’s) road to freedom; the white paper on the freedom referendum. ‘free by 2003’ ‘we’ll jump with glee when Scotland’s free’ ‘we’ll go on a spree when Scotlands free’ feel ‘free’ to make up your own catch phrase because it has never amounted to anything more than that; a succession of catch phrases; stunts and stoking up hatred of the English. No questions on it! a white paper that’s a bit like having a meeting to discuss meetings; the big question is not about the cod independence crusade which the SNP have wrapped themselves in; it’s the question of how much longer will the Scottish people put up with the deception which Salmond (the spiv) has spun to them for years. Wendy Alexander’s challenge to him to “bring it on” looks more and more like the moment he will rue for a long time; people are increasingly mentioning it now as they watch the disintegration of his party’s raison d’être. Put quite simply the more astute Nats. and there are some; look back at that capitulation as well as many others and ask if he (the spiv) is so confident of the inevitability of independence why did he bottle Wendy’s challenge and why has he been watering down the very meaning of independence since? This disintegration has been going on almost since the creation of the SNP; people look at the future under independence and come to the conclusion that it’s a ‘hill of beans’ It has however served to provide SNP politicians with careers but it has never taken off and those careers are now what matters most; I don’t believe there is a single one of them who thinks Scotland will become independent but they still have their careers to think about so they will never admit it; it’s a long stretched out political con trick and Salmond (the spiv) is the king of the con men.

Under independence the SNP would have * the same currency as England * no borders or border controls * the same monarch; the Queen of Britain * English armies would continue to be stationed on Scottish soil etc. etc. this is the ‘independence’ that this remarkable quack has managed to get his party to accept; even the so called fundamentalists; they are the biggest cowards of all. Those loud mouthed saloon bar warriors for freedom who would have had us believe over the years that they would man the barricades ‘and Scotland will be free’ all that claptrap; what has happened to them? They turned out to be good at fighting with their mouths; these warriors started out claiming freedom and independence for Scotland ‘end of’ and they have kept shtum while one humiliation after another has been heaped on them by the likes of Salmond, Swinney, Russell and Sturgeon. The SNP bears no likeness to the party of 30 or even 20 tears ago the apolitical yuppies are now in power and can’t be recognised as people who authentically desire independence they know the games up but it’s a good life; a cruel deception.

In a recent U Gove poll In a list of seven priorities for the Scottish Parliament independence came in sixth out of seven; that is as a result of Salmond (the spiv’s) spinelessness over the years putting Independence on the back burner; the men and women in the gray kilts who hang on his every word are equally culpable; I have no time for Sillars and Margo who rate as highly as Salmond when it comes to deceit but I can see why they jumped ship. Salmond has brought out the white paper to appease those who might find the courage to grumble; all I can say is they are easily bought. Make no mistake about it the referendum is another stunt; “let the people speak barks the con man” I ask what is he afraid of? We live in a functioning democracy which will provide the opportunity in the near future to “let the people speak” in elections for Westminster and Holyrood why does he (the spiv) not turn one or both of them into a single issue campaign for the SNP why do we need a referendum when two nation wide votes are imminent. He wants to be in a position to stage-manage the the question and the outcome that’s why; he is a shyster. Let him go the country on independence; let him ignore the economy; the NHS; Education and let us see what the people will say, has he got the bottle? Aye right!

The odious foul mouthed thug Mark MacLachlan bag carrier for Mike Russell SNP MSP a man paid from the public purse; has been caught writing a blog under an alias which was a catalogue of filth and poison; aimed at anyone who did not agree with the SNP. Mr. Cellophane Mike Russell claims to have known nothing about it despite the fact that the rabid hooligan was his office manager; I find that strange. This comes hard on the heels of a similar Nat. blogger; Bruce Newlands calling himself ‘wardog’ being caught as well and losing his job as a college lecturer; yes I did say a college lecturer! I have crossed swords with this creep before and he is a nasty piece of work; he would never however reveal his identity; a true braveheart. I have been subjected to this kind of thing myself and SNP thugs were involved in that as well so I know how bad it can get. I wrote at the time about the revolting SNP attacks and also about the cyber nats as they are now called who orchestrate vicious and foul mouthed attacks on anyone who does not toe the SNP line; this is done on newspaper comment blogs and also directed at other bloggers and it has to be seen to be believed; these people call themselves proud Scots. and supporters of ‘Scotland’s Party’ they are the lowest of the low and anonymous of course; what did you expect; this is the SNP Bravehearts after all. The SNP have; at the highest level known about these goons for years and have condoned their behaviour by their silence, shameful but typical SNP.

This is a deeply repulsive political party; typical of nationalism “the measles of the planet earth” (Albert Einstein) these people would turn Scotland into a 3rd. world banana republic and they would start “coming for the Jews, the communists, the gypsies, the trade unionists” etc. all done to the background sound of screeching bag pipes and rumbling punctual trains; perhaps we are starting to see the whole nasty drain beginning to overflow; let’s hope so for the sake of decency.


Ariel said...

'The odious thug MacLachlan, bag carrier to Russell, SNP.'

Remember the Nadine Dorries smear, Councillor? Would MacLachlan be related to Labour's odious thug Damian McBride, bag carrier to Gordon Brown, or the equally odious Derek Draper, or did Mark just take lessons from them?

Like Russell, Cellophane Gordon Brown also denied all knowledge of their scheme, didn't he?

What goes around, comes around, Councillor, so dont whinge when it hits you

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 01/12/09
Comparing the two SNP bloggers with McBride and Draper simply proves yet again that you really don’t have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Kelly @ 3.11

You are so right for once, Councillor, there is no comparison.

MacLachlan is the attack poodle for a very unimportant MEP, while McBride and Draper took orders from a Labour Prime Minister.

The Labour Party is a cesspit and Scottish Labour is the stinking midden that keeps it well stocked

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 02/12/09

“MacLachlan is the attack poodle for a very unimportant MEP”

You might think that being the Scottish Govt. Minister for Education makes someone “very unimportant” but I’m sure that Mike Russell would disagree.

Russell is of course an MSP not an MEP you cretin.

And of course being a 100% moron you would know that Gordon Brown was instructing McBride and Draper; it’s tough when you get found out isn’t it.

David said...

What a vile diatribe.

This was white paper on constitutional change not just independence.

Labour has come up with Air gun control and speed limits and a totally unworkable tax system. Is this what the Scottish public are crying out for? Good luck with that.

Instead of attacking the SNP. What is Labour offering Scotland? All I can see is a record of decline and a chance to trough from the pretendy champagne socialists.

Why can we not have fiscal control to see exactly where we stand in the Uk? Is is that just too accountable for fakey socialist New Labour?

Why would fiscal control be bad for Scotland?

Anonymous said...

That 'MEP' was an obvious miscue,is obvious to anyone but Kelly.

And ALL members of the Scottish Parliament are unimportant.

And I have the same factual evidence that Brown instructed McBride as you have that Russell instructed MacLachlan.

Interesting that we agree Labour is a cesspit.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David) 13:52
“What a vile diatribe”

It describes a vile party and their vile supporters.

Scottish Nationalism and its supporters are sustained by one thing above all others; hatred of England; the rest about fiscal control and being nuclear free etc. is B******t. It’s the politics of grievance against the big neighbour and it is pathetic.

If you don’t recognise my description of them go and read the comments of the so called ‘cybernats’ on blogs and newspaper comment pages, they are a howling racist mob of thugs; them and the party they support are a disgrace to Scotland.

Did you know that the SNP MSP’s at Holyrood all had signs on their desks during the campaign to host the Olympics which said “Anywhere but London” that is the mentality which you are part of; no doubt you are proud of it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:30
“That 'MEP' was an obvious miscue,is obvious to anyone but Kelly”

Not when dealing with someone who states that the office of education minister is very unimportant; then you have to make allowances for the idiot you are dealing with.

“Interesting that we agree Labour is a cesspit”

Yes of course and you don’t know the difference between Holyrood and The European Parliament do you? Clearly you are not very bright; best to remain anonymous with that kind of intellect and reasoning.

Ariel said...

The Times: 'One in five Scots unable to read or write' and 'About 13,000 primary school children leave wihout even reaching basic levels.'

Labours education policies working, are they, Councillor? And you can't blame Russell, MSP. The children leaving Primary schools were born and educated under Labour.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 16:46

You haven’t a clue; so it’s Labour’s education policies is it? Where do these children come from have you considered that? Is it too complicated for you? schools are only one part of it.

When you have a society where everyone has a job; a house; food; clothing; health care and education you will find a very high degree of literacy; let me think; what about Cuba!

Jim said...

I didn't know you'd been to Cuba Terry. My pals got married in Cuba and they enjoyed it so much that another couple went on honeymoon - funnily enough one partner from each couple was from Paisley... must be a buddy thing!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 04/12/09

Some misunderstanding Jim; I’ve never been to Cuba but I would dearly love to go; the problem is getting there without flying which I can’t do without tranquilisers; hypnosis and strong drink.

Jim said...

Sorry to hear that Terry, my best mate's mum has a similar problem, but when he married a Queenslander her GP prescribed what I'm led to believe would be known as 'jellies' in your neck of the woods. Seemed to do the trick!

I'm not too bad with flying , but I have to confess to some serious trepidation over the take-off and landing bits... Red wine and an Andy McNab paperback on route usually make the landings acceptable, as I've become a full blooded SAS war machine by then, with the heart of a Lion and liver of a foie gras goose ;-)

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 7.56

On the money again, Councillor about our failing education system.

As you say, 'Schools are only part of it,' so lets look at the other parts that help make good responsible citizens.
A stable, normal marriage - but that isn't Labour policy. Employment - that's a Labour failure. (Remember the 'Labour isn't Working' poster?) Health Care - Are you saying the NHS is unfit for purpose? Malnutrition - Folk are starving to death under Labour? Surely not!

Kelly, caught with your pants down again! You provide a target even a Celtic striker could hit!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 05/12/09
I really wish I could get on a plane; maybe some day when I’ve won the lottery I’ll take the slow rail/seas route.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 16:43
I’m simply saying that we need socialism to achieve these things; that’s why I’m in the Labour Party; that’s why we should look to Cuba and their glorious revolution. Viva Fidel.

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 5.02

No, Councillor, that's why we need Cameron.

Floreat Etonia!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 06/12/09
Prima facie you show again that you are de facto an idiot; like the rest of the Eton donkeys you are as always ex parte; and wrong again. Can you tell I’m getting bored with you, do something for Christ’s sake.