Thursday, December 03, 2009


My friend and comrade Jim Sheridan has informed me of some rather alarming developments at Westminster; apparently attempts to sort out the expenses scandal have found a couple of objectors; those opposed to the Standards Watchdog are Angus MacNeil and Peter Wishart both surprise surprise SNP MP’s this is the same SNP which tried to claim through Salmond (the spiv) that everyone was guilty bar them; £800’s worth of London pies Alex when Parliament was not in session? we are still waiting; we can’t hear you Alex; Alex we can’t hear you.

Jim Sheridan today challenged SNP leader Alex (the spiv) Salmond to explain why two of his party's MPs last night voted against the setting up of the MP standards watchdog.
Establishing the watchdog was a key recommendation in dealing with the fallout of the MP expenses scandal. Four SNP MPs voted with Labour in favour, but Angus MacNeil and Pete Wishart voted for a minority amendment which would have prevented the establishment of the watchdog and the appointment of its members.

Using a little-known parliamentary device, a minority of MPs argued that the appointments "not now be put" - meaning that Parliament would have been unable to approve the establishment of the watchdog. The obscure procedural device has only been used 3 times since the war - in 1943, and twice in 1989.

The effect would have been that the parliamentary standards watchdog would have no members and not be able to start operating.

Jim Sheridan said, "I cannot for the life of me understand why these two SNP MPs would try to prevent setting up the watchdog. Alex Salmond needs to explain their behaviour fast. The watchdog is an important step in ensuring that the expenses scandal can never be repeated and that we end the gentlemen’s club approach to Westminster. This was a vital vote and the SNP MPs have flunked it. Perhaps the SNP chaos at Holyrood has spread to Westminster.

Wishart; a man guilty of inflicting pain and embarrassment on Scots. everywhere when employed as a drummer with Runrig (Q. What is a drummer? Answer. A guy who hangs around with musicians) He has of course been nicked by the expenses police at Westminster as has MacNeil who charged us tax payers for chocolate bars and booze as well as Hotel stays in the Union Jack Hotel London despite owning a London flat; oh yes! The young SNP freedom fighter stayed in the Union Jack Hotel; it’s enough to rip your sporran. Young Angus also achieved fame as the man who started the cash for peerages investigation which achieved nothing and cost millions. He also found fame and notoriety as the clean cut dedicated young politician who got caught buying drink for an underage teenage girl and then “romping” with her and her pal in a hotel room the press said romping honestly; this last misdemeanour took place behind the back of his pregnant wife; clearly an SNP role model; do you ever wish that there was a stronger word than hypocrite? I’ve met some people from Barra where he comes from; they are lovely folk; very religious and very decent and honest; I wonder what they now think of their MP?


Ariel said...

You called 'Anon' a cretin for mixing up his MSP's with his MEP's.

See your third para....'used three times since the war, 1943 and twice in 1989.'

The rest of us were still fighting a war in 1943, you cretinous clown. What were the Kelly clan doing?

The biter bit, Councillor?

Anonymous said...

Published Date: 03 Dec 2009
"A LABOUR candidate who called the Queen a "parasite" and "vermin" in an online rant about her diamond jubilee
was sacked last night. Party bosses axed Peter White after being forced to apologise. He had been due to fight for a seat on Havering Borough Council."

Oh Dear Terry,
The yeomanry may be coming for you soon you should go into exile.I also think its great that you have refused to take your stipend from the council until Betty's face is removed from the coinage of the realm. Sign of a true Republican.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 03/12/09
No cigar again; for your point to be valid it would have to read “used 3 times since the end of the war.

“The rest of us were still fighting a war"

You fight a war! You are having a laugh right? you are too scared to put your name to your comments let alone fight. If it was raining soup you would come running out with a fork wouldn’t you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10:43
This is a particularly savage attack on me; I must go and lie down in a dark corner to recover.

Anonymous said...

No point in you desperately trying to delete all the "queen is vermin stuff'Terry.

That 'broad church' and bastion of free speech and liberty (new Labour) are sifting through your 'online rants' at Comrade Smith house as we speak. Is that a sweat breaking out at the thought of not getting your wee council wages in the Queens coinage?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:52
I don’t delete any of my own stuff and I never called the Queen vermin I am her subject just like you and I’m sure her majesty would readily defend my right to be a republican and to criticise her; after all I’m one of her paymasters; along with millions of others I pay her to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Terry, Terry, Terry,

Me thinks that you have upset the wee Tartan Tories again.

I really think at times, you let the wee Tartan Tories off the hook.
You are bang on the money though, the Nats are full of contradictions and double standards, the wee folk in Paisley know that the Tartan Nat Cllrs are all republicans and the Scottish folk know that the Tartan Tories Nats are all republicans.

Was it not once said by the big Nat buffoon, Bill (I’ll have double standards with my breakfast) McGuiness who said " the best thing for the Monarchy is to have them swinging from the lamp posts". What a charming buffoon.

The shine is coming off the Nats, the people are not fooled by these people, remember 1979! Need I say anymore Terry.

Tom Flood
(Back again for seconds)

P.s Don’t forget, Provost Lawson (Former Tory) and her husband
Former Tory Candidate,

P.p.s Does the Provost still talk to her squirrel.

Peter said...

Just a few of your gems on the queen. If I had time I could probably find a million more.

Terry said
I have never told anything other than the truth about the world’s greatest parasite the Queen and her inbred idiot family or The war criminal Thatcher or the drink sodden old cretin Churchill.
Tuesday, September 08, 2009 6:52:00 PM
Queen Bess is now hitting on us tax payers for approx. £30m. to renovate some of her many castles, she is the queen of scroungers; a colossus when it comes to trousering other people’s money, MP’s eat your hearts out.
Thursday, June 18, 2009 2:54:00 PM
Whether you actually had any members is of course difficult to say with the loyalty to the Queen etc. I was speaking about their attitudes; they were and still are largely anti catholic and anti Irish, sectarian and racist in fact.
Sunday, May 10, 2009 7:10:00 PM
take for instance the Queen and her family of half witted parasites; surely Ms. Doran’s award is not as bad as the tens of millions that we pay them?
Sunday, November 01, 2009 5:35:00 PM


Byeck - 'pensioners better off in chokey' does that include parasites like the Queen and Prince Philip ? No I'm not prepared bow to his superior knowledge.
Friday, September 07, 2007 12:41:00 PM

In these circumstances the Queen should abdicate, not to do so would be to support racism, in fact she is supporting racism just now by not demanding change so, I’m afraid that your beloved monarch is a sectarian racist.
Sunday, September 28, 2008 3:15:00 PM

Lets see - parasite scrounger and sectarion racist. I think I would be very worried if I were you Terry.

I can feel a PDE article coming on or probably even the nationals will enjoy this

Anonymous said...

What a laugh coming from a Labour party member - which has been the most corrupt party in Scotland for decades. Much prefer the view of your party over on the Paisley Expressions site. When in a cult like yourself it is amazing how you can ignore the truth for dogma.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Peter) 05/12/09

You are a bit late these things have already been in the papers and a lot more; I hope this won’t hinder my political career because at the age of 61 and nearly 40 years in the party I still hope to progress. My goal is to be party leader and then succeed Gordon Brown as PM.

Perhaps you should save yourself the trouble and read the info. on the cover sheet of my blog or even write to the standards commission who have already ruled that I have no case to answer.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18:38

I heard that the author of the “Paisley Expressions” was kicked out of the SNP; a herculean feat by any standards; you are welcome to each other.

“how you can ignore the truth for dogma”

You can say what you like about dogma but his two goals last week against Arsenal for Chelsea were sheer class.

Anonymous said...


There is a review going on about councillors salaries and Job descriptions. Part of that involves an oath of loyalty to Queen Betty for Councillors. I am sure you would do the honourable thing and resign rather than swear allegiance to the 'parasites' in buck palace.
Or is the fight to bring about a socialist republic means too much to you?

Anonymous said...

Mr Sheridan previously rented a flat in London’s Dolphin Square, designating the property as his second home, and reclaiming the rent of about £3,400 every quarter.
In the 2005/06 financial year, he used his second homes allowance to pay a £991.95 bill for a Memory foam mattress and "ivory leather bed". A further £500 spent on furniture and household accessories that year was also claimed on his expenses.
Between January and April 2006, he reclaimed £699 for a three-seater sofa, £829 for a two-seater sofa bed, £219 for a coffee table and £199 for a lamp table.
In 2006/07, he bought a flat in London, designated it as his second home and started reclaiming the monthly mortgage interest of around £924.
A further £359 was claimed on his expenses for a wardrobe in August 2006, along with £299 for a chest of drawers, £159 for a bedside cabinet and £109 for a mirror.
In July that year, Mr Sheridan charged the taxpayer £1,200 for painting the ceilings, walls and woodwork in his second home.
The MP then claimed £1,280 to supply and fit a new shower .
The same month, February 2007, he claimed the £595 cost of supplying and fitting three sets of blinds.
In October last year, Mr Sheridan claimed the £699.99 cost of a 42-inch plasma television, just under the £750 limit imposed by the Commons fees office. He also claimed £219.99 for a four-year warranty.

Anonymous said...

no comment on the 'peoples' party for chucking someone out for merely expressing an opinion? are you not going to resign in solidarity?

Too much effort and all talk no action from an armchair rebel.

did you not once call for the royal family to be murdered? Need to check Keir Hardie/Smith/Blair house if they have got that one.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/12/09

“an oath of loyalty to Queen Betty for Councillors”

Tell me more; did you know that the annual council tax bill for herself and Prince Philip at Buck house is £1,375.24 a year - £400 cheaper than the average bill for families living in neighbouring boroughs in 3 bedroom houses. What chutzpah eh? She should be wearing a mask.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 06/12/09
I do hope this did not put you to too much trouble but unfortunately none of it is relevant to my article; perhaps you should read it again; or maybe if you know someone who might explain it to you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:37

I think it was a harsh decision when you consider that one of Labour’s greatest heroes Nye Bevan called the Tories ‘vermin’ I dare say that would have included lots of important people.

“did you not once call for the royal family to be murdered?”

If you read back copies of my articles you can find out for yourself whether I did or not but; I’ll give you a hint; the story was in the nationals and John Smith House knows about it: as does Party Headquarters in London; I kept the correspondence.

Ariel said...

You called Sheridan, he of the Memory Mattress and Ivory Leather Bed, Friend and Comrade.

That makes Anon's 12.03 comments relevant. Do ask your Friend and Comrade about his strange, exotic and expensive taste in bedroom furniture.

Could be you disagree that his taste is either strange or exotic. In that case, the Kelly boudoir doesn't bear thinking about.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 06/12/09
“That makes Anon's 12.03 comments relevant”

Oh no it doesn’t! the post is about two SNP MP’s both having to pay back money and refusing to co-operate with the Parliamentary Standards Committee set up to deal with the expenses scandal.

Can you not at least try to make some sense; I really am getting fed up swatting flies.

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 12.10

Comrade Sheridan commented on two fellow MP's expenses fiddles.

His best mate was stupid enough to repeat that gossip in his blog, despite knowing about Sheridan's Bordello taste in Bedrooms, bought at our expense. That makes him fair game.

Did you detect a note of envy, when he was telling the tale, Terry?

I'm such a nice guy, I absolutely refuse to cause you further embarrasment by mentioning Mr Devine, despite his expertise in creative expense claims.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 15:40
“Comrade Sheridan commented on two fellow MP's expenses fiddles”

No he didn’t; you are useless.

The post is not about who claimed what it is about these two SNP MP’s refusing to cooperate with the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner; this was your last chance.