Tuesday, November 10, 2009


How prophetic the great dramatist was when he made those remarks about the cancer which was to eventually take his life. "My cancer is named after Rupert Murdoch" Spot on Dennis!

The extent to which Murdoch and the Sun are prepared to go to damage the Labour Govt. and particularly Gordon Brown has become obscene; this latest vile charade about his letter of condolence and his bow at the cenotaph is a clear example of the utter contempt that the Murdoch Empire and the Sun and Sky T.V. has for the British People. I watched a press conference today where journalists; none of whom would have had any truck with such lies and poison before the cancer of Murdochism took hold, pursue the Prime Minister over his hand writing; his spelling and his method of bowing at the remembrance parade; these people are the lowest of the low. What do these people say they do for a living when asked? Do they admit to being a Sun journalist or to being employed by Sky? would you? I would lie and claim to be employed at something more dignified like a child trafficker.

The woman who is involved in all of this is not in a position to make any sense of this and the Sun has been publishing her story and the Prime Minister’s phone call has been taped without his knowledge and also printed in the Sun; this poor woman will one day look back on this and regret the day she ever heard of the Sun Newspaper and Sky T.V. Her dead son has been used ruthlessly for political reasons; there is nothing redemptive in any of this; no hope of decency; nothing which can justify the behaviour of the journalists and their loathsome employers; our society can’t go much lower and this woman will have to live with this from now on. The reptilian employees of the Sun and Sky will not be around when she realizes what she has done to her son’s memory.

These odious creeps would have us believe that the Prime Minister is so incompetent that he can’t spell the word ‘yours’ he is so stupid that he called the woman Mrs. James instead of Mrs. Janes a mistake which most of us would make I checked and couldn’t find a single Janes in my phone book. The persecution and vendetta against Brown has now reached the stage where his every move is scrutinised at the remembrance ceremony to try to pick up something to use against him; it’s outrageous behaviour but; guess what? he’s still standing and he still displays more dignity than the whole bunch of twisted media lackeys who pursue him; subjected to what he is going through most of us would not be able to lift a pencil let alone write a letter to a bereaved family.

One good thing which is emerging is the feeling that the British people might be beginning to say enough is enough; do we want our politics to be run by self serving thugs like Murdoch or by the Govt. the discovery that he takes the trouble to write to every family who have lost a loved one in combat was a blunder by the Sun/Sky that plays well for him and it plays even better when people realize that he has always done this without anyone knowing.

A decent honest man is being traduced here and my hope is that the British people will eventually see through the lies and poison being put out by Murdoch and his running dogs. One of the most evil and detested names in the history of politics is that of Senator Joe McCarthy the American witch hunter who gave us the name McCarthyism; a bitter insult when levelled at anyone; we are fast assuming the name Murdochism in to our society; a name which stands for lies; cheating and the corruption of the British political system; If we let it. Brown will stand up to this ‘rat pack’ because he believes in what he is doing; he believes that Labour provide the way forward; if you don’t believe him or me; look carefully at our enemies; would you prefer Cameron and the Eton Toffs backed by ‘Murdochism’ would that provide decent honourable Govt.?


Sprite said...

Councillor, I'm staggered - I agree with you.

I would hang Brown for many things, but not this. The man did something good and decent and is being pilloried.

It leaves a nasty taste.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you on this one. However I am sure Mrs Janes - or whatever her name is - doesn't give 2 dickie birds about it all, she will have been given a nice fat payment from the so called journalists and will be enjoying her 5(if that)minutes of fame.
This recalls to mind another mother who was used quite recently for 'political' purposes, one Rose Gentle.

Allan said...

This will be the same Dirty Digger who Blair flew around the world to kiss... er show that he was Prime Minister in waiting about a year before the 97 election.

Still Rupe always gets what he wants, in this case it'll be a reigned in BBC and the scrapping of OFCOM.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. As an SNP voter I think you and I could find plenty to fight about but on this one you'll get no argument from this quarter.

I fully support anyone who opposes these wars and note that many parents of soldiers killed in these conflicts have been impressive campaigners, Reg Keys in particular springs to mind.

But this mother is not an anti-war campaigner. She is a grieving mother and her rage, distress and desire to lash out will be all too familiar to anyone who has experienced the loss of a family member in tragic circumstances. That doesn't mean she shouldn't be listened to but I would have thought common decency would have prevented journalists parading her around in public to sell papers.

Then again common decency and The Sun are seldom seen in the same room.

There is a lot to criticise Gordon Brown for but the effects of his disability are not one of them.

Shameful behaviour.

Longrider said...

It's not often you will find me agreeing with you, but this time I do 100%. The Sun is a toxic rag that has used the classic "play the man not the ball" approach. It does, however, appear to have backfired as the BBC was reporting yesterday evening that the majority of responses they have received were critical of the (non) story and sympathetic to Brown. Quite an achievement.

Jim said...

As much as I think Gordon Brown is not the right man to lead the country, this nonsense story was the lowest of the low. In fact, so low that I think it may result in a kick back at the media and create some sympathy for the Prime Minister.

Who in their right mind could believe that Gordon Brown wrote that letter feeling anything other than the deepest sympathy for a grieving mother.

I could almost wish there was a God in order that the journalists spinning out this story would get their just and eternal rewards.

Anonymous said...

There is some evidence that this has backfired on The Sun


Oh for the day that sorry rag disappears.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sprite) 10/11/09
“The man did something good and decent and is being pilloried”

He did something good and decent because he is a good and decent man; whether you agree with his politics or not.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Agreed; I made similar remarks about Rose gentle at the time and I still stand by them; there are people here in Scotland who claim to be on the left who should be ashamed of their behaviour regarding Ms. Gentle.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 10/11/09
I would rather lose the election than be endorsed by this Bastard and I don’t speak for Blair; I have always regarded the Sun’s backing as an embarrassment.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10/11/09
I have been in politics for 45 years and I regard Brown as the most decent and capable Prime Minister I have seen in that time. His treatment by the gutter press will backfire on them.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Longrider) 08:35
Brown is an honest decent man doing the very best he can for the country; the Sun/Sky are vile trash and so are their journalists.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 11:28
Whether you think he is the right man to lead the country is your opinion which I accept; whether you would vote for him or not does not alter the fact that he is a decent honest man; I just happen to believe that he is head and shoulders above anyone in British politics by a long way.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:38
The Sun’s very existence damages the dignity and standards of the whole country.

Patsy said...

You haven't seen Clairwils post on this have you?


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Yes I was directed to it; anyone who churns out as much as she does is bound to get something right every now and then.