Thursday, November 26, 2009


The fact that John Swinney has been awarded the “politician of the year” award leads me to suspect two things 1/ that there is a convention that the award goes to someone in the Govt. and 2/ that Alex (the spiv) Salmond has allowed him to accept it. I can imagine Swinney approaching ‘the spiv’ crawling and scraping while saying he was in the running and would it be alright because everyone knows that he (the spiv) was the real “politician of every year “ with eyes lowered and forelock well tugged. The mighty leader loves having his ego massaged and toadying nonentities like Swinney have practiced it to perfection the guy is a man of straw. In a healthy political party having opposed (the spiv) as leader he would have retired gracefully to the back benches but Alex (the spiv) took him under his wing and promoted him; it is rather obvious evidence of the lack of ability in the SNP that he remains in a prominent position; he also embodies the policy of ‘no dissent’ which also characterises the party; he is the epitome of loyalty with a dash of craven cowardice.

It says it all when the SNP at this moment are on to their 3rd. policy position over the Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL) here in Renfrewshire council the hapless leader Derek Mackay SNP has opposed the link; then supported it and now opposes it again. here is a man of no substance whatever; he has been humiliated by Salmond (the spiv’s) orders to perform U Turns; a lightweight fawning character whom Salmond will encourage because of his sycophancy rather than his talent, we will here more of Derek; Alex (the spiv) always has room for another lackey. Just like the lackey Fiona Hyslop at education; recent figures reveal that under Labour teacher numbers rose by 2,000 and under the SNP last year 1,000 teaching jobs were cut; here in Renfrewshire teaching morale is at record lows and we now have the worst teacher pupil ratios in Scotland for our secondary Schools and the second worst for primary Schools; Fiona Hyslop continues to enjoy the benefaction of (the spiv) Salmond she is another non boat rocker; where is the dissent? Does no one in the SNP disagree?

Perhaps the single incident which best illustrates the vacuity at the heart of the SNP is the Trump affair or Trumpgate as it’s becoming known. The misty eyed maudlin element which makes nationalism so pathetic was brutally trampled on by Salmond (the spiv) when he did his upmost to assist this American to rape one of the most beautiful and remote parts of what the syrupy overemotional bravehearts call our beautiful wild highlands; now the people who live in this remote part of the country are to be evicted because of Salmond (the spiv’s) deference to a super rich Yank who wants to replace people with golf and houses for the rich; Another version of the clearances really; this time we get golf instead of sheep. How does that play with the mawkish ‘grannies heilan hame’ wing of the party; is there no dissent even from them.

“grannies heilan hame and wild beautiful highlands my joe Royle as you say here in England Mr. Salmond” (D Trump)

“Your right on the money as usual boss” (Alex ‘the spiv’ Salmond)

Will no one in the SNP show any backbone; what kind of party is that? can it possibly be that every one of them are cowards? Can Salmond (the spiv) really be more powerful than Hitler and Stalin?


Jim said...

I thought that the SNP position was that GARL was desirable, but not going ahead because other things were more desirable.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 26/11/09

It was ever thus; the SNP/Lib.Dem. administration in Renfrewshire did not take this line when it was debated at full council.

They spoke about it in a hostile and negative way; one member of the administration Cllr. McGurk stated that she “couldn’t understand why Labour supported it as it was of no benefit to Renfrewshire whatsoever” that’s 1,300 jobs which; if paid at the modest salary of £15,000 per year puts approx. £20M. into Renfrewshire’s economy every year. These people are in charge of the council!

Ariel said...

According to the Politician of the Year site,Labour have two winners of the 'Awkward Squad' Challenge Cup. The SNP can field FOUR winners.

Normal people would say this knocks a hole in your headline, Councillor.

Any comment - other than 'FIX'

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 17:12
What would you know about “normal people”

“Awkward Squad' Challenge Cup”

Can’t say I’ve heard of this but intellectual rigour has never been your strong point has it? There is an award called the “Free Spirit/Maverick of the Year” which I assume; knowing your “modus operandi” is what you meant as 2 labour and 4 SNP have won it.

This award is presented by the Parliament and can be won by any MSP from any party whereas my post referred to the lack of an awkward squad within the ranks of the SNP; the lack of dissent or argument; a completely different thing.

I’m wasting my time aren’t I; you really haven’t got a bloody clue have you?

Jim said...

Yes, it is noticable how the argument becomes partisan very quickly. I find myself guilty of the same, but I just don't think that GARL would deliver anything like the sort of long term advantage to the country that having a proper UK wide high speed rail network would provide.

Upgrading the rail links between key English cities and the Scottish central belt, reducing the need for so many UK flights into Glasgow would be a far better ambition in my view.

I don't really see how GARL would actually put the money you quote directly into Renfrewshire's economy either, given that much of the work in constructing the rail line is likely to be contracted out, then all we are left with is a railway line to upkeep. Some station staff, a spot of maintenance - likely to be nationally managed - and a couple of extra train drivers. It's not quite the bonanza it's purported to be.

Alas, the money for GARL isn't being used in the way that I prefer either...

Ariel said...

Can't Politician of the Year be won by any MSP then and isn't that award presented by Parliament? Not a different thing at all.

And so far as your mind works, absolutely right, I haven't got a bloody clue.

The Kelly mentality would give Uncle Sigmund problems and he was a clever man.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 27/11/09
I agree in principle with your suggestion of broadening rail travel; it would be better for the environment and a much better way to travel.
The 1,300 jobs are not my figure; this seems to be a broadly accepted number by all interested parties.
I think that we will inevitably see a rail link to Glasgow Airport making it similar to so many larges cities world wide; the SNP have done this out of spite; I know that sounds outrageous but they are well capable of it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 27/11/09
You need to look at my post and the parliamentary awards again you just don’t seem to be able to grasp what it’s about.
Uncle Sigmund would be a proud man indeed had he lived long enough to acknowledge your endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Kelly @ 4.12 on 26th

Just picked up on this. 'Modest salary of £15,000 pa.'

Modest? You mean we're paying Cannon Fodder Councillor Kelly more than this?

No chance of you getting the 'Awkward Squad Award'Like the Ruler of the Queen's Navee, you always vote at your party's call and... you can fill in the rest

Jim said...

I don't see how the SNP could have cancelled GARL out of spite. They also cancelled EARL. I think that they have been honest on what their priorities are and this 'ripped off Glasgow' campaign is a nonsense.

If GARL was so important, how come it wasn't already implemented anyway?

I know that I think GARL would be nice and yes it would bring us much closer to the type of integrated transport system that most of Europe enjoys, but I don't see why you would support an initiative that would essentially isolate Paisley further. Surely a better idea for Paisley would be to build a top notch transport system between the airport and Gilmour street? That way the airport link is not only improved to Glasgow, but also to Inverclyde and Ayrshire - for passengers at least. Why is there this assumption that all passengers are desperate to get to the Centre of Glasgow anyway?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 10:49
“honest on what their priorities”

Honest and SNP do not go together.

“If GARL was so important, how come it wasn't already implemented anyway?”

Why was the new Southern General Hospital not implemented earlier?

What about the new Forth Bridge? Etc. you could apply this rather strange question to almost anything; it doesn’t really make a great deal of sense.

“Surely a better idea for Paisley would be to build a top notch transport system between the airport and Gilmour street?”

My understanding is that Gilmour St. was included in GARL.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 29/11/09
I think it’s about £400 more.

“No chance of you getting the 'Awkward Squad Award”

Could you please tell Colin Smyth at John Smith house this.

Jim said...

You are right, Gilmour street was included in the GARL proposals.

What I mean I suppose is that whilst the Paisley / Glasgow link is being upgraded and as far as I understand things this is still going ahead and Central station has had extra platforms added or being added to service this, why isn't there currently a dedicated shuttle service from the airport to Gilmour street?

Maybe there is, but it's certainly not well advertised at the airport. I suppose it's in their interest to corral people into the overpriced airport taxis though.

I'm certain that Paisley does not make the most of it's position as the principal town of the airport.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 09:42

“why isn't there currently a dedicated shuttle service from the airport to Gilmour street?”

Don’t know; but people getting off a plane heading for Paisley (not many) would take a cab for a 10 minute ride costing a fiver? The cabbie would not be smiling though.

“I'm certain that Paisley does not make the most of it's position as the principal town of the airport”

Paisley will always struggle in this way because of it’s proximity to Glasgow. There would I think be far more people flying in to Edinburgh who are going to Edinburgh than people who fly in to Paisley and are actually visiting Paisley. I agree however that more could be done to get people to stop off in the town.